President Sata’s Health is Normal, Claims Guy Scott in Parliament

Guy Scott speaks at Sikatana funeralVice President Guy Scott has claimed that the health of President Michael Sata who is attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York is normal.

According to Yatsani Radio, Scott told Parliament this morning that President Sata is well adding that international media reports that the President is unwell are unfounded.

He says it is not true that the President has under gone emergency medical attention in New York this morning.

The Vice President was responding to Monze Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to know why the head of state has not made any address to the UN conference from the time he went there.

Dr. Scott said, as at this morning, the health of President Sata was normal and that reports that he has undergone specialized medical attention in his hotel room are not true.

Speaking to Zambia Reports, a second source close to the delegation denies the Newsweek rumour of President Michael Sata’s death. The president did however receive emergency medical care at his hotel and is currently not well, the source says.

Strong reports captured by a respected US news magazine, Newsweek, reported that a well-placed source at the U.N. told said Sata died in his hotel room on Thursday.

The Associated Press reports that the 77-year old president was treated at his hotel by State Department doctors and then rushed to a hospital. A police spokeswoman had no details on his condition. A spokesman at the Zambian mission declined comment when several reporters inquired about Sata’s health.

However, a source close to State House later told Zambia Reports that the Newsweek report of President Sata’s death is was “false” although a medical emergency was noted but not fatal.

“Yes the president is not too fine right now as we speak, but he is around, the death stories are just rumors because today nobody saw him, as he received treatment like almost all day long, things don’t look good at all my man,” the source said.

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