Wear Black, Reflect on 50 Years, urges Hichilema

hakainde-hichilema-zambia-reportsOpposition United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema has asked Zambians to wear black on Friday as a part of a protest of how poorly governed the country has been 50 years after independence.

Hichilema told a media briefing that Zambians should reflect and not celebrate during the event as their lives were worse off as the freedom fighters may have envisaged when Zambia got independence.

He said there was increased intolerance of divergent views with political violence on the rise while the majority Zambians had no reason to rejoice.

Zambia marks 50 years after Independence since 1964 when they were freed from British colonial rule.

“We believe in the UPND we are justified to commemorate, to remember, observe this event but not to celebrate not to rejoice because as you will see there is not much to celebrate around but to remember, observe what should have Zambia been?” he said.

“What did the freedom fighters envisage this country will be 50 years down the road? Is it what it is today? Since the PF came to power on a platform of lies and deceit the country has witnessed repression, the country has witnessed violation of fundamental human rights, freedoms and liberties, bias public media coverage, police brutality, political violence of unprecedented levels I never thought I would live post 1991 to see a country that has so much political violence.”

He said that Zambians should carry placards as part of the protest of the state of the nation.

Hichilema has also asked government to lift the wage freeze that has attracted widespread condemnation from the majority workers.

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