President Michael Sata Has Died

The Fifth Republican President of Zambia Michael Chilufya Sata passed away this evening in London, as confirmed by multiple sources among the delegation.

President Sata, who had been receiving medical care in London for the past week, died at approximately 2100 hours local time on Tuesday night.

Just two days earlier, he had checked out of the Harley Street Clinic to receive private medical care in a central London hotel room.

The president’s health had been the subject of numerous conflicting reports in the media and contradictory statements by Patriotic Front (PF) government officials for many months. Recently the president was unable to address the United Nations General Assembly, and was forced to depart Zambia just two days before the the 50th anniversary of independence.

Michael Chilufya Sata was born in 1937 in Mpika, Northern Province. President Sata was a significant figure in Zambian politics for more than 20 years. The former trade unionist defected from Kenneth Kaunda’s United National Independence Party (UNIP) in 1990 to join the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), and later became Minister for Local Government (1991), Minister of Labor (1993), and Minister of Health (1994) under President Frederick Chiluba. He was elected president in September 2011 under his own party, the Patriotic Front.

Upon departure from Zambia, his Minister of Defence and Minister of Justice Edgar Lungu was appointed Acting President, though it is not clear who will serve following his death given a constitutional clause on parentage which may nullify Vice President Guy Scott.

Zambia Reports will continue following this breaking story and provide updates here as they become available.

UPDATE 4:43AM – A source close to the government tells Zambia Reports that in the early evening on Tuesday, President Sata experienced a sudden onset heightened heart rate and nausea. He was then admitted at approximately 1800 hours to King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes, an elite private hospital in the City of Westminster, however the doctors were unable to help for very long, as the president expired at 2100 hours, the source says.

UPDATE 8:45AM – A prerecorded statement by Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska was recently aired on state broadcaster ZNBC confirming the death of President Michael Sata in King Edward VII hospital in London.


  1. New Yorker


    • wu

      i have been waiting for the news item from other world sources for more than 2hours since this news item. Still, no confirmation from other sources. I’m not sure. Until BBC home to the host country where he is allegedly to have died confirms I can’t comment.

      • Jonathan banda

        I really can’t coment
        Am not saying he can’t die but i really need bbc crew to give us the news also to confirm

      • matutu

        and isthisnot a comment

      • Conie

        Will miss my president :'(

      • Humphrey

        The funny part is BBC has confirm but link the source as Zambian Report. No independent media has been able to comfirm this news so far.

    • Chimfwembe mwiko

      May his Saw Rest In please….

    • wanzelu

      What killed him? PF was saying he just went for a medical check up. Was he involved in an accident ? Lies catches up with PF at last

      If its true MHSRIP.

      • Nostradamus

        @Wanzelu, kanshi ulasangwa na kuno. Lets go back and lead people in mourning.

      • wraxy

        Nzelu ulibe, this is not time to say that when a human being is said to be died letter on the president of the nation, you should show remorse as a normal human being.

        • Stanley Siko

          Let me rewrite your statement:
          Nzelu ulibe; this is not time to say that when a human being is said to have died, let alone the President of the nation. You should show remorse as a normal person.

      • shiMwaba

        God have mercy upon you my friend. Your hate need not follow a man even after his death.

      • PM

        Exactly my point as well!! Someone dying while undergoing a medical check up? This is a first, but again with liars like Sata, anything is possible. Good riddance though. Warning to Zambians; God has seen your suffering under Satan and he has given you a second chance, vote wisely in 90 days time. Let us make the 90 days work this time. Bye bye Mr Sata….I wont miss you as you mingle with maggots..you piss of shit.

        • CC

          You will never injoy anything in this nation for calling our Prasdint who was elected by zambains and chosen by God by that name. My your futelr mingle with maggots.

        • Nana M

          You are not a Prophet and even if you were Prophets don’t speak with pride. No one knows the deep things of God unless his spirit. You don’t know what tonight will be not even tomorrow. Repent of your words. God will meet you at your point of need.

        • pascal. simbao

          Pm you are an idiot don’t rejoice over somebody’s death stupid.

    • Dokotor2

      Zambians have now had their Golden Jubilee gift!

      FROM GOD!

      • Unknown

        You sound so evil. Don’t celebrate over someone’s death, he was a president for Christs sake

        • shiMwaba

          With this kind of HATRED, how do these people ever hope their president to rule over our nation? God forbid!

        • I still have faith in Zambians

          He may have been Pulezidenti but he brought so much misery. Adios Sata. Never to come back! You were a nightmare…

        • Dokotor2

          This ID!OT was never a “President”. He was just a LIAR that cheated his way into State House and then proceeded to steal our money.


      • Edward

        Are you happy of what has happened for you to say this is one of the great leader who used of our late president mwanawasa

      • Mr B

        You must be sick in the head. How do you celebrate loss of life. You are evil.Dont forget that every soul has its appointed day. Your day will surely come .

        • PM

          Yes, you can and should celebrate the passing of a useless devil

        • I still have faith in Zambians

          if celebrating the death of an evil man is being evil, so be it

      • PM

        I agree!! And what a priceless gift. Zambia can now go back to normcy and start working.

    • stephen mwaba

      Ba sata if its true you ar dead then you have finished me,ba sata you were the only hope to change ar our nation we always remember you.

    • Chimfwembe

      Its so sad for as Zambians to lose the President Michael.C.Sata!!! M.H.S.R.I.P

    • David Mudenda

      Our thoughts, are not his thoughts and our minds too are not his mind that’s says the Lord. people may say negative things but that does not change the fact that the our president is gone. one question you need to ask yourself is, are you right before God if you were to die today? M.H.S.R.I.P

    • steven chanda

      we miss mr micheal sata good presindent of zambia

    • The Priest

      @New Yorker-The total number of years the 5 presidents have ruled added together.KK-27,FTJ-10,Mwanawasa-7,Rupiah-3,Sata-3.Total:50 Years(The last Jubilee Yrs).Rupiah belonged to the last past Jubilee.So those advocating for his comeback are spititually blind.The 50 Jubilee Year Season will have it’s own Leadership.So Rupiah does not fit in the next Jubilee Presidents.

    • muma

      MHS HP

    • zk

      Some idiots got no brains nor morals. This is the time to reflect and encourage each other. We have zambia to protect and safeguard. Think before your comment. Mr Sata had his weaknesses and his strengths. Focus on positives. Grow up you morons. Rest in peace Mr Sata. We will miss u

      • Aaron P

        Ladies and gentlemen, and indeed fellow Zambians: real men and women are not just a matter of trousers and dress, coupled with a brainless skulp. We all make mistakes so Did KING COBRA. LETS GUARD OUR TONGUES BY SEING HIS POSITIVE SIDE AS WE ALSO LEARN COMMITED MISTAKES TO AVOID MORE MISTAKES. GROW UP ZAMBIANS

  2. Bukwe

    Best news all day.

    • G-man

      You’re pathetic!

    • Mpeza

      How can you say best news ever. Death is not something to be happy about. Are you a witch! You are crazy..

    • Lloyd

      nigger,death is something we cant run from.just sympathise if its the truth,blessed is he who mourns others .why rejoice in someone’s crisis?

    • Cc

      Your a dog

    • John Mubanga

      You are a mad human being how can you be happy of a death of a God creature?

      • I still have faith in Zambians

        Even if you are a vegeterian, everything you eat is God’s creation. So what is your problem?

    • wraxy

      You can’t say that. That’s bullshit. He was a human too…

      • Dokotor2

        HE WAS A SNAKE!

        A LIAR and a CHEAT. A CROOK and a CRIMINAL.

        The world is better off without such scum!

        Good riddance!

        • Mb

          Am not a political person but I can tell u when I went to zambia I was very proud with alot of work he has done. Look at how many roads , hospital etc he has opened. The plans he had about building more hospitals, fire stations etc these r the necessities that zed needs. Dokotor2 pls lets learn to appreciate wot he has done for the country. He may have had weakness but he ‘s done a well job. President sata may your soul rest in peace. For zambia lets mourn with due respect and find another president who will continue Sata’s work

          • shiMwaba

            Mb, do not mind such scum as Dokotor. These are brainless, disgruntled Tongas who can’t see the world beyond the cow’s ass. How can a normal person rejoice over someone’s death?

          • Selina

            Which roads and Hospitals? All those were done by MMD! if you dont know what to write, dont write!

        • sunka

          Dokotor2…this won’t change your life.you will still remain as dull as you have shown us and may be suffering.you dont sound like a hard worker…

        • Litremwa

          People have sense in you

        • Mposa Mabwe

          Next it is you. You think death came for Sata alone ask yourself where is your mother and your grandpa. They are all dead and I will be praying hard that you or your wife die within the period we are mourning our Beloved President

          • WK

            Pse people lets be human beings when commenting.May the soul of our beloved president rest in peace

          • Maleson Shangazi

            Let me join you in prayer Mposa Mabwe

    • burwell

      May God forgive u my friend for those who find joy in ones death are lost soul u re no different from the devil coz only satan finds it pleasing one dies so my friend have repented heart

    • Mr B

      From him is where we came from and to him is our return. Every soul shall taste death. Repent before your appointed day approaches. He was a good president.

  3. racheal

    I cant believe that Sata is gone,may condolences to the family nd the whole nation,may his soul rest in peace

  4. racheal

    I cant believe that Sata is gone,my condolences to the nd the whole nation,may his soul rest in peace

    • Mr banda

      You have to believe because he’s not God

    • zim

      l am not Zambian but l just want to say to all those people who are giving negative comments Leaders are elected by God so its God himself who had put president Sata in that position, Just celebrate what God did for Zambia through him. May his soul rest in peace and may God give you another good leader.

      • Ndinoda nyika yangu

        You stupid Zanu pf apologist you know now that your pathetic leader’s time is coming. And when that day comes words will not express the joy all our country men will feel.

      • the future

        Pliz my bro, if God has allowed certain situations to prevail it does not mean he is the one who did it. God has allowed men to elect leaders, since men can choose for themselves there z nothing like God annointing some1 to be president. By his own choice, man shall lead this world to the end.

  5. Kaacha Mumba

    Sad news for the family.

    • Kay

      May his soul rest in eternal peace_my heart-felt condolences to both the family & the nation…That’s if the news is true.

    • zim

      We are mourning with you Zambians, may God comfort his family and the whole nation

  6. Chivunda Samusungwa

    Good riddance.
    Sata,the tribal and corrupt brute who ruled Zambia as if it were his private property,won’t be missed by people who believe in democracy.His violence,nepotism and lack of empathy made Zambia a divided nation along tribal lines.
    We are looking forward to a presidential by-election where we will choose a president for all Zambians.

    • Bukwe

      Goodbye Tyrant.
      Your tribalism will go down in history as the worst.
      Your cadres are killers.
      Your 90 day lies will be remembered.

      • wraxy

        You are such a disgrace bukwe or whatever you call your self, a kaonde can not talk like you, strip off that kaonde name from this page, wikabwa sana waubvwa?

    • Kaacha

      Sad but true. I’m with you there.

    • wraxy

      Be wise chivunda mangana muka unakuzachisa how can you be so foolish to coment like tht? Uchileya yobe…

    • Dokotor2



      • Litremwa

        Don’t look at other people’s weakness, look at yours Dokotor2.

    • Mr B

      My brother, are you a believer? Your utterances are very disgusting. We all came from nothing. you were a single clot of blood.He that created you taught you how to stand, talk eat etc. From a clot of blood you grow old . The end result is that you return to him in whose hands your soul is. Every soul has its appointed day to return to him who created you. Therefore every soul shall taste death at its appointed time.Leave everything in the hands of the creator because he is full of knowledge the exhaulted and the wise. He was a good president.

  7. Mapalosittercares

    You fought your way through and ruled Zambia as a President. King Cobra the Hero. May your soul rest in eternal peace. I salute you even in death, you achieved your goal for Presidency.

    • Dokotor2

      He achieved his own goal to be President, but did he do anything positive for the ZAMBIAN PEOPLE?

      • Mb

        Yes he has. I have seen alot of chance personally . Learn to appreciated

      • kazmam

        @Dokotor2, you are shallow minded, you mean you have never seen the capital project our president started in this short period of time he has been the president. Learn to be appreciative. He could not archieve everything that he promised but he had put in some effort. MHSRP

        • Mr B

          Dokotor, Go back to school and try and complete the remaining 5 years.
          You also have your appointed date and it shall surely come weather you like it or not. Who knows it may be 5 minutes from now. Repent before your day.

      • u r the worst human being I have ever come across...ninshi u r immortal? have some manners,man! guess u all grown up and have surely lost family members and friends before,r u telling me u all head-over-heels when u lose someone? the Lord shall strike u d


  8. Gordon...

    My condolences to the family, and zambia as a whole……

  9. Moola

    I can’t believe this is happening to our motherland again. My condolences. May God watch over Zambia.

  10. EndOfAnEra

    As someone who has lost a father, my heart is with the family @ their sad loss. As a citizen, time to move on and use our franchise wiser- this was a failed presidency that has definitely left a blow on our national progress…

  11. Francis Chishimba.

    Irresponsible journalism?

  12. Dickson Chisata

    Death is death one day you will die therefore respect death.You must learn to forgive every one make mistakes ,its only God who can judge.

    • I still have faith in Zambians

      Those who directly suffered from his brutality, may find it hard to forgive. But let’s wait and hear from Scotch or who ever is constitutionally mandated to “act” confirm this.

  13. Paxina Mumba

    To bad if this is for real. MHSRIP

    • daniel mbao

      Atleast in yo biography its ticked that u ascended to presidency in 2011 . Now, its sad that u are gone, I weep deeply for our president. May God comfort us as your children u have left behind.u may have nt bn perfect bt that’s just part of Man, we all imperfect. MHSRIP.

      • DragonFly

        That is true maturity, that divine wisdom dear. God bless u. We as humans have good & dark sides, we are not perfect, its true dear.

  14. AngelaI

    Mhisip. God watch over Zambia and let the peace continue

  15. george chilekwa

    I can’t believe, anyway everything has got time MHSRIP

  16. anonymous

    What sources are these??? Some people just enjoy causing mass hysteria mwe! QUIT this garbage!!!

  17. nalu

    Rest in peace ba tata wil miss u

  18. mr. dizo

    Wikipedia has done that

  19. LU SA QO

    The trend has been that once it happens in Zambia, here in Malawi it will also happen.. Patiently waiting..lol

  20. eyeline


  21. Zimbo Guest PhD

    God really loves u my fellow Zambians. Seems like down south here, God is like I can’t help those with scandalously gotten PhD’s.
    How can u reconcile this, like 6 republic presidents since like 1990, whilst south here we are stuck with the single elected political hero. For God so loved Zambia that He gave them ……. !

  22. Walhelha ochavo

    Nonsense! You are not God.what a shame ugwira zako zomwe ndithu.

  23. Dave Mwila

    I live in London and I cannot say or confirm whether or not the Presifent has died. But the roamers wewre strong thstvhe was unwell and was not even talking and that some of his next of kin had actually come into London from Lusaka. All these were unconfirmed reports. However considering his length of illness, one cannot completely brush this sad news aside except to wait for conformation from the family. We pray for our country to remain united under these difficulty times.

  24. Mr Henry Kamvafwile

    A sad day for Zambia, whilst the sadistic minded celebrate, we should all hang our heads in mourning. He was indeed a great president, contrary to adverse comments from tribalists!

    • Lyelela Lyambai

      You can only say Ukwa was a great president if you are a tribalist yourself! The man was evil and his dying is never going to change that fact! Condolences to the family for losing a man they loved and for loosing access to the national coffers but for Zambia, this should be the beginning of redemption for the national hysteria exhibited on that fateful day in September 2011 when the country elected an uneducated, womanising, untruthful,conceited, and machete wielding tribalist demagogue who would somehow miraculously give them heaven on earth in 90 days!

    • stanley Musa

      Sata,You were our hero,its too soon to be taken away by death.Its so painful to us the Zambians who had just enjoyed your able leadership at its pick.Fellow Zambians, let avoid passing silly comments on our beloved president and mourn him in harmony.Its not time for politics guys ,pls learn to behave at times like this one.M.I.S.R.I.P.

  25. Agusto Agats

    And some people here are happy. Like really!
    Eish Im saddened by his death…

  26. Florence kangwa munthali

    You will be missed by many .we love you rest in peace

    • Lyelela Lyambai

      Yes he will be missed by many but I think many more will not miss the uncouth thug that ruled Zambia for the past three years and who was so contemptuous to the nation that he could not be bothered to articulate his ideas through any meaningful speeches or press conferences on the few occasions he was not receiving the best medical care paid for by the Zambian tax-payer whilst profiting from shady road deals!

  27. Omawe

    Sad news. RIP

  28. Memory

    The man who has done the best to scrub Zambia from the stains of corruption. You will be missed papa hero. May u rest in peace.

    • Lyelela Lyambai

      You are living in a parallel universe right? The man who single-handedly controlled road contracts from his hospital bed in state house was scrubbing Zambia from the stains of corruption? The man who unconstitutionally paid his wife money she was not entitled to and who created countless by-elections marred by violence and massive vote buying was scrubbing Zambia from the stains of corruption? Is it not corruption to deny your illness and waste tax-payers’ seeking treatment abroad whilst babies are dying at UTH?

  29. m2020

    This is the best news ever for Zambia’s Golden Jubilee. God is Zambian!

    • Lyelela Lyambai

      Could not have said it better myself. Kasebanya will have the last time in the limelight at the funeral before she faces charges for that slush fund she was unconstitutionally awarded by parliament to gallivant around the world to accept ‘awards’.

    • Mr B

      Dont blasphem God. You may end up inviting a curse upon yourself. Are you really sure of what you are talking about?

  30. Webbymubita

    I cnt believe this

  31. mukeya

    And thre shall be confusion in zambia

    • Augustine

      We will always remember you, king cobra may your soul rest in peace. See u on the other side Mr. President.

    • HH

      Grow up!!!

  32. Bupe Chifokola

    Sad news, I am still hoping its not true. If it is then deepest sympathy go to his family and friends. RIP

  33. I still have faith in Zambians

    To quote M’membe (The Post) on the day of Chiluba’s burial: “Let his friends bury him.”

    Ba ZR, can you reproduce that Post editorial?

  34. Chewe C Mulenga

    Death is still death and it hurts to family and friends alike no matter what a person did when he was alive. We have all fallen short in so many things in life, nobody is perfect. Heartfelt sympathy and condolences to our Nation, family and friends. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  35. Tabu

    I don’t believer he is dead, am still hoping for goods new. not again dear LORD

  36. kimbo

    Whenever we hve a constructive president,he is taken away.am so devastated.mhsrip.god bless and protect zambia.

    • Lyelela Lyambai

      Sata constructive? Are you referring to the retirement house he was building for himself soon after he assumed office at about the same time he gave himself a massive pay increase in complete contrast to the noise he was about salary increments whilst in opposition?

      • Dega

        I like your line of thought and honesty. Some Zambians are pretenders. Even when they despised and insulted Chiluba daily with their PFost Newspaper, they went to line up at hia funeral. Let’s be real and call a spade a spade..

  37. RoyK


  38. Isaac

    Death is the destiny of all of us-too bad some immature people find it funny…the country you had better start praying for peace during this time as i see no capable leader at this time and everyone wants power and we have seen how nations have destroyed themselves for greedy people in the ruling party and in opposition all want the sit of power. Its the people that suffer…BRACE YOURSELVES…this isn’t going to be like the previous presidents passing

  39. Derail dem

    Road network,infrastructure development and conquered corruption
    Will miss Sata.

    • Lyelela Lyambai

      Conquered corruption how? By not allowing investigations into allegations of corruption if you were a minister but allowing investigations to proceed if you fell out with him? If he conquered corruption how is that the Post did not buy any corporate tax for 3 years? And you think putting your relatives in positions of influence including your wife’s sister with no qualifications whatsoever is not corruption? No wonder Zambians believed in the magic ink that led them to proudly take their own pens to willingly vote for the butcher of Chawama in September 20111.

      • maradona

        From the tone of your voice I can tell you are Tonga a follower of HH who will never rule this nation!!! I bet by the spirit of Michael Sata

  40. AWAN



    May his soul rest in peace.. Prayers with the family and Zambia. One Zambia One Nation. God bless Zambia

  42. Mr Henry Kambafwile

    Zambia has lost Mpalume if indeed he’s gone! While fearing the worst, let’s hope for the best! We who fought side by side with him know his greatness. Those muselela kwakabas will have a field day while the nation mourns!

  43. Joel

    Your Prayers And Our Prayers Have Been Answered Becoz God Has Done What Is Right For Us And For Him

  44. someone who cares

    All those pipo who r sayin crap about the president hav got s**t in their minds and am sure those r the same pipo who hav killed him.

    • Lyelela Lyambai

      No what has killed him is smoking 40 fags a day for 40 years and kukonda vigololo- in other words anazipaya ekha. Even during the last election campaigns there numerous stories of him collapsing due to fatigue and illness but his hunger for power would not allow him to retire quietly which would have been a win win situation for him and the country but he wanted to be president. He thought that being president was just about riding helicopters and was completely ill prepared and ill suited for the pressures that come with the job so the only thing to blame for his death ni nthota zake chabe.

      • m2020

        Teine namwipeye!

        We await the next Bemba sicko fool for a President.

  45. Chimbokaila prison

    May his soul rest in peace if it is true. He was a great man with a vision. As for his followers who went to parliament to declare that he was fit when they very well know that their master was sick they should be punished for lying under oath.

  46. Toivo ya toivo

    Mmembe.. Let chiluba be buried by his friends… Sata:… chiluba is not worth greeting……ooops this is great news ..we should not burry him but feed his body to the kayotes

    • someone who cares

      @Toivo ya toivo u r the same pipo who put cham for him. For u to say that u must be a tonga and upnd supporter

    • Lyelela Lyambai

      Why would you want to poison innocent coyotes by feeding them that putrid flesh (pf)?

    • Dokotor2

      He wanted an ANIMAL DRIVEN CONSTITUTION, so we should give him and ANIMAL BURIAL!


  47. Enka

    Good riddance to a tyrant and a “know it all” with no empathy.

    • Nostradamus

      Don’t come to my website with that attitude…. Nalikwebele tabulwapo

  48. Prince Williams

    It is too bad. May God help us, please.

  49. edward chips

    It is too early for any comment.

  50. Harris Domingo

    Too bad dat hz died wit da spirit of a snake witout confesin ad repent MHSRIP.

  51. stephen

    Sad news hope Zambia will quickly come to terms with this draw back or hurdle and continue with nation development for majority hopeless citizen including young ones coming. Zambia has already experienced this sort of situation before when levy died while in the first office.


    wat a bad news again…..


    I really loved my president!!!!!!!!

    • Dokotor2

      What President? Zambia has not had a PRESIDENT since 2011!

  54. Derral

    Why why did he have to die? Why Sata couldn’t you resign and maybe just maybe you could have prolonged your life. Now Zambia has another presidential funeral, why Zambians never learn its just mind boggling. Now they are going to vote for either the old and tired Guy Scott or the guy with a finished liver Lungu. 3 years down the line you don’t have to be a statistician to predict what will happen. Sata did not have to die!!!

  55. Harris Domingo

    My father,my father i pray dat u may restor luv,peace ad unity as zambian,dat we may stand even in des situation holy spirit guard ad protect us in ur own special way in da name of jesus Amen!

  56. mukumpa

    May his soul rest in peace let’s pray 4 mother zambia…..

  57. c-jay davids

    May the lord forgive all the ignorant people celebrating the sad news, with normal brain functioning, how does one celebrate the sudden demise of their president?. If you are that old to know how to read and write then you must be old enough to act responsible & reason. May God forgive you. Honestly you think its humorous to post such comments? Get a life guys and start doing product things with your time, rather than exposing such mass undesirable ignorance..PF or not PF the soul of man is the lords,how do you celebrate the loss of a soul christ died for?

    • Elias m sichilima

      many God be with u mr michael sata’s many yo soul rest in peace

  58. CHOMBA



    Xtremely sad news. Condolensces!!!

  60. c-jay davids

    Oh God bestow peace, harmony and tranquility within our motherland, as we face this storm, you are our strength, let peace reign, let peace reign…

  61. mene


  62. wajimona


  63. mene

    Here i was thinking zambia was a christian nation…even God himself would not talk the way some people have talked here,sinners…atase…busy judging…go and get purified for your own sins also,blasphemers


    My Heartfelt Condolences to the Chilufya Family… M.H.S.R.I.P. This Is shocking! Its a sad loss for Zambia.

  65. calyn kapenta

    you idiots are you even zambians for real?…how do u find happines in such news?……..we ll miss u….rest in peace our president.

  66. Yoti Chola

    this has happened at a cruicial time…..
    lets pray for peace and harmony to overrule. Almight God see us through

  67. mwansa

    Zambia is saved once again..Natures way of removing despots.Gods work ?.MHSRH (rot in hell)…let fools mourn his death…

    • HH

      You clearly the bigger fool! Stand for president and let us c if ur shallow mind can do anything apart from thinking crap. I dare you if you consider urslf worthy, but I won’t hold my breath!!!

  68. prudence

    Oooh my GOD still can’t believe my president has died,you were indeed a legend, we will! Miss you greatly mhsrip

  69. Nairobi eyes

    Thought Kenyans are uncouth…..at least we have not gone too low to celebrate the death of another person

    • buru buru

      Am also here with my mouth wide open too mate.We’re better off by far

  70. wajimona

    Sad indeed.Simuusa said something the other day.

  71. Hallmark Mununga

    May Your Soul Rest In Peace King Cobra :'(

  72. Paka

    indeed soon to happen.

  73. Outthere

    Well, we can’t say we didn’t this coming. Sad for his family that they have lost one of theirs. Let’s hope there wont be too much confusion over the next few months while things are figured out and let’s hope Zambians vote WISELY. We need someone who’s reason for getting into politics is to line their pocket with cash at the expense of all the other citizens.

  74. Outthere

    *Whose reason ISN’T to line their pocket with cash…correcting that typo

  75. kondwani

    mmmmmmmmmm I wont say anything caurse i didn’t watch any news about this death thing and I just hope its not true his stil alive

  76. lizzy

    i dnt tik its true.coz up2 nw they ddt metion it in our local news,hw cum??post samthn wch u re sure of…..

  77. Twixx


  78. moze

    I thought I was alone.A bad person who turned the clock of democracy back should not be mourned.All this poltical violence we are seeing in zambia ends on his doorsrtep.In a civilised countries you dont mourn a bad person.

  79. mwika

    May his soul rest in peace

  80. J chibesa

    A sad news to the nation mother zambia,this is shocking may the almight God see us through, our beloved king cobra has gone, M.H.S.R.I.P.

  81. Emmanuel

    may his soul rest in eternal peace!

  82. Norman Conrad

    Our President its too early for this to occur. Bye for now we shall meet later. Your good will to the people of our nation we shall remember you. MYSRIP.

  83. Voice of Reason

    If true MHSRIEP, Very passionate about our gr8 Nation bt failed by the body…..Only Passionate President since KK.
    Big shoes for the next First lady.
    Big shoes for the next First lady

  84. suwi

    Waitin for bbc iam nt sure

  85. Geochemist

    My father, my father, the chariots of Zambia and the horsemen thereof!

  86. suwi

    Iam nt sure stil watin 4 bbc

  87. yawama

    I fear some PF thugs will take advantage of the situation.My earnest appeal to edgar lungu .violence costed MMD the loss from power.Pass a draconian law now.Death to any politically instigated violence.Panga wielders should be caged ..totally unzambian

  88. Waps

    Only a fool can celebrate the death of the president.
    we will morn you and be forever to you our dear president. we thank God for the time he gave us you to lead us.

  89. Dobo Man

    T.b. Joshua has not confirmed

  90. luyando mooya

    MHSRIP…… thats sad to hear its a great loss

  91. orrect

    Zambian u cant change the truth we just need to pray for the family n peace be upon our land if it is true.

  92. Will£

    Just wonder who the next President will be, he had a heart for mother Zambia beyond comparelable . Your works will surely follow you Rest In Peace.

  93. Richard

    Thanks goodness the one left acting president at least exhibits signs of humility.All what Zambians ask for is respect for the rule of law.Edgar it is our last chance to save this country from a troubled 50years.DEMOCRACY!!!!!!

  94. Gillian Mwansa

    MHSRIP – Its a great loss

  95. Roy

    that’s too bad for Zambia.M.H.S.R.I.E.P,but i would like Zambia to introduce the health examination to the upcoming presidents to see whether they are health and eligible to carry the presidential seat,the problem is we vote who are already sick and allow ’em to take over,that’s no good at all_Zambia has shed alot of blood at that seat.We are doing nothing but just embarassing our country.We need health people to carry the elections.

  96. marjorie

    May God strengthen Zambia. Rest in peace Satan, we love you even in death.

    • marjorie

      May God strengthen Zambia. Rest imarjorie
      October 29, 2014
      May God strengthen Zambia. Rest in peace Sata, we love you even in death.

  97. marjorie

    May God strengthen Zambia. Rest in eternal peace Sata, we love you even in death.

  98. chanda m

    Oh please be real what hero fuel is at its highest the dollor is high mealie meal is high idiotic cadres grabbing land from owners corruption at its highest please nigger keep the hero fantasy to yourself dont lie to us or the world

  99. Conie

    Its really sad

  100. thedon

    To all meaning Zambians let us mourn our president he was a garant en great man,may his soul rest in peace

  101. Amani kalomba

    Am sorry for all Zambian citizens and we have no objection on that let him rest in peace we love him but our lord love him more.(Pole sana Amani from Dar es salaam Tanzania)

  102. Sakati E

    Am totally speechless,he was my president and He’s still my president.

  103. macdonald

    Rest in peace my president

  104. Patriot

    Lyelela Lyambai u are a fool and your upbringing is full of shit, dont you have eyes for once to see wat the man has done even in your motherland you cant take away Sata’s achievements for mother zambia……he was human and med mistakes, i mek mistakes, u make mistakes, we mek mistakes worse still your parents med a mistake of giving birth to uncultured being like you a greatest fool without reason!!!

  105. Mama C

    Rest in peace my President. Your good works you did in this short time will be remembered. SAD day for mother Zambia again.

  106. marjorie

    Rest in peace Mr President. We shall miss you.

  107. mwansa

    Look at our zambian state news acting like it is North Korea.There is no such thing as top secret when someone has died you Idiot reporters.Hyenas. we are so depraved that close people to the late president will again steal millions of dollars (funeral expense)from the people.This country desrves to close.

  108. Child of the Sky

    Day light murder. We were called haters when we advised HEMCS needed space to recover his normal wellbeing. Now PF ‘lovers’ must pay,each single one of them, for sending HEMCS to an early grave.

  109. Quincyjones Chungu


  110. m2020

    Teine namwipeye! Good riddance!

  111. Norris


  112. Zig44

    This Doctor2 guy rejoicing on the death of our president should have a mental illness, how can someone surely celebrate the death of another person when he himself is just a transient being meaning he could be the next one in line,rememmber that nobody will stay alive forever,infact my beloved president may be gone but most of you monkeys will most likely not even archieve the way he did,he served a number of ministerial positions,and he become president through his party formed by himself,and by the way,his died at 77 years old,which most of us will never even make it to that age.

  113. Uber

    It’s so sad so very sad that I am not sad about the passing of Sata. I am happy about the death of someone and this is sad , very sad

  114. Charles M

    My Zambins the sad news we v recevd abt PRNT Sata is not to b celebrated.DONT come here and EXPOSE your FOOLISHNESS
    Im giving a warning to evry ZM posting RUBISH here
    Some of you are DEMONS nowarder ur humans
    hav the nature of God
    God sends rain,sun,air on the Evil and Good people.Even on you people sendng NOSENSE.Imagine it was yo mother,father,sister,brother or wife and husband?How r u gona feal ?
    Waint, SOON its gona be on YOU!!!

  115. Chichi

    May his soul rest in peace!


    May his soul rest in perfect peace

    • Josephine

      May His Soul Rest In Peace – At least he achieved his dreams of being President. Farewell

  117. ashie

    I wonder why all of you are busy shouting at each other instead of praying to God to help our nation to get a succesor peacefully.

  118. psalmgeezy la accere

    May his soul rest in internal peace.

  119. Cherryl Burgess

    Until the Zambian government makes their announcement I think we should remain peaceful with our words as true Zambians we are.

  120. zambian fellow

    After all the he has gone through,i think he needs to rest and hope he finds that in his death

  121. BENSON

    To bad MHSRIP we mourn again zambians

  122. Michael Bwalya

    MHSRIP. Thanks for the contribution he did for the national. May God comfort the wife and the family.


    We are going forward not backwards, if you are true Zambians like me let’s now go forward for we can’t change anything PF is just another die hard for nothing, we are now handing the light to JANZA KUMBELE!

  124. marjorie

    U will never be replaced, you were unique. You proved to the nation that you were a good leader.
    May God strengthen Zambia. Rest in peace Sata, we love you even in death.
    R.I.P. President Sata.

  125. Kamwale

    Whatever goes round comes round! I wonder the reception Mwanawasa, Mazoka and all those he abused and scandalized are giving him? And why Mmembe has not yet commented? Strange!

    • malani henry

      Are you mad?
      Are you really Zambian?
      Moto upita kwasara thengo, u r next on the line

  126. Wasswa Isaiah


  127. LEO

    Sata brought sanity back to zambia. I know most of you are haters cuz u never will rule zambia, but truth be told we can see his work all round us. Zambia lost its control during lupiya rule, God gave u someone to stabilize the nation. Thank Goodness this didnt happen when winter was acting, am confident edgar lungu will do a great job. All things work together to those who love the Lord. Sata was my hero and a gift from above, this was his destiny to die a president, he stayed true to himself. I will truely miss u. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

  128. malani henry

    May the soul of our father REST IN PEACE
    here in malawi we are mourning with you our neighbours this is a great loss to Zambia and us as well we are one its only borders that separate us
    My condolences should go to the sata family n and all zambians May God be with you pipo in this trying n difficult times

  129. chabala kennedy

    Sorry to our President for passing away…..Only play that God help mother Zambia on this…..

  130. zekman

    2 bad,he was aman of action.wil mis him as a nation.may his soul rest in peace.

  131. Sabalaa kapala swagggg

    Alo mwebalelanda ifyupuba pali father mwala ponokwa…mwaumfya

  132. diggs

    May your soul rest in peace Mr President and only God will judge you.

  133. LEO

    Americans are so proud of their president, whether u voted for him or not. Its that pride that builds a strong nation. Respect whoever God has appointed for you! You may not like him but respect him, dont let anyone disrespect your president, ichipuba chipuba chobe. Zambia is a christian nation for a reason and not by accident. Please lets pray for peace and that God guides this nation once more.

    PS: for all of you with dark intentions, for as long as zambia remains a christian nation, you shall never step your foot in the state house! count on that!

    • Chissulo

      American presidents are not dictators like Kaunda and his mentored boy Sata, that’s why American stand for their presidents. In the US there’s two thirds majority rule not the stupid constitution your president refused to adopt.

    • m2020

      Zambia celebrates today for God’s deliverance from the grip of Satan. Let God’s name be feared. His people cannot be subdued and laughed at by a tribal and corrupt cartel. Sata was a blot on the Zambian landscape to be erased forever. Let’s United now and start afresh after these three years of stupidity.

  134. Nox

    MHSRP! The era has begun for undoing all what Sata stood for- tribalism, corruption, and violence. It is now time to distribute the national cake equitably and to demolish the evil cartel that has been hijacking presidents once and for all.

    • LEO

      are you going to distribute the national cake in equality fool??? why are u so sure, whoever is cheating u to vote for him will be a fair man once elected? you are an idiot and a blind fool who is easily manupulated! u need Jesus!

  135. MC Demuse

    It is indeed true that your president is dead, but contrary to your daily reports and that of the watchdog, he did not die of a natural cause. The details of his sickness will soon surface and all those involved will be exposed and hopefully face your country’s jurisprudence. Your president was killed because of his stance on the mines. He was intent on repossessing the mines. He was poisoned by his wife who agreed to do the deed on behalf of the mines and was given $220 Million. The plot initially was chaired by Xavier Chungu and the treasurer was Edgar Lungu. From the day he was inaugurated, he was a dead man walking. The same people who killed Mwanawasa, are the same ones who have killed your president for the same reasons. Mwanawasa was killed for windfall taxes and his intentions to reposes the mines when he learned about price transferring. His wife was involved in his death and she was handsomely rewarded. The actual Zambian who poisoned Mwanawasa is still alive and lives in Lusaka your capital. The latest healthy hiccup Sata had, was due to a patch his wife was given and was instructed to use a health center called Umoyo who she brought to state house to apply the patch on Oct 16, 2014 and by Sunday evening she kidnaped him to a British military hospital where she and her handlers had made prior arrangements. All the people involved are known, but unfortunately, are well paid. Your president was duped by Chungu’s agent who happened to be his relation because he owed Chungu some money. This happened on the day, the military doctor was off. Don’t be fooled, your army commander, was given $70 Million to let this happen and if fighting erupts between those who are with the dead president and the traitors that have sold the country, he is going to take over on behalf of those who paid him.

    • LEO

      DEMUSE u have a very huge imagination. Please use it for fiction in holywood, u can actually make money out of that. On a serious note, dont u ever make stupid comments about any of our first ladies UNDERSTAND! These women have something u will never have, thats dignity and intergrity! My advise to u is please pack both your balls and screw yourself!

    • Mama C

      This is interesting…tell us more. Remember if what you are saying is true, God will avenge our President’s death. It is well.

    • Mama C

      Lets remain calm fellow country men and women and remember to pray for the first lady and the entire Sata family. It is very painful to lose a dear one. May peace be still.

    • asan kvz

      God the best jugde

  136. Henry

    He is the only man in this country who started a political party, all the way until he becomes a president , surely that is being a great man and great accomplishment. RIP

  137. zoo

    we all shall meet death at one point. its reality. sata was put in power by the pipo who blived in democracy and change. am one of those. he may v made promises he dint fulfil but who hasnt. tho his impact was at snails pace, there was a positv change. he dedicated his life to this nation and today am dedicating this minute to mourn him. you were a great man. thank u

  138. Harry

    Key issues for the campaign that has started to plot 1 is first: equitable sharing of the national cake unlike Sata’s creation where Bembas are getting 90% of the national cake. number two is dealing with the cartel: who ever will promise to demolish the evil cartel, will have advantage; third is constitution; we need a people driven constitution now.

  139. yellow mellow

    Ooh…! No…NOT AGAIN

  140. AKM


  141. Stanley

    We will miss our president…..

  142. Mutu your Munsu

    Today is a national mourning of the Gwembe tragic, let join our fellow Zambians who are putting their beloved ones to death. Stop it and wait. there is always time for everything.

  143. Joseph


  144. Stanley

    What is happening in zambia death is taking away those who wants to change zambia into a better country…

  145. MC Demuse

    Leo, just wait and see. The details are coming. Those women have no dignity at all.

  146. Mutu your Munsu

    Today is a national mourning of the Gwembe tragic, let us join our fellow Zambians who are putting their beloved ones to rest. Stop it and wait. there is always time for everything.

  147. Rich k.com

    Another cry for mother Zambia. Where did
    this nation went wrong for it to have presidents dying while in power!! it is really shocking the world!

  148. Mutongoki

    Sad to lose a father of the nation if its true but this might an opportunity for other regions to HIV a share of the national cake. Lets vote wisely this time for a young and healthy person.

  149. trisha

    :'( I can’t belive this….I just can’t…worst mornin eva!!!! I just wish dis isn’t true! He can’t be dead…no! No! No! No! No! Its a lie :-(! :'(! Y does death do this to pipo….if its true…may his soul rest in enternal peace…. :'( as I feel d pain of today…a ruind day! Another pillar has fallen…hope the roof balances well wit d absence of yet anada pillar

  150. Tiesi

    May his soul rest in eternal peace. I think he did great things in Zambia.

  151. polisa

    Sad loss for Zambia. All leadership is appointed by God. No one comes on earth, except by Go’s appointment. We thank God for the life of President Sata.

  152. Christopher Siduna


  153. Moffigo

    it’s amazing how that people are still talking about Bembas even after a wonderful Jubilee Celebrations. Lets just mourn our Dear President, No Tribalism in Zambia

  154. elstepzee

    Too bad for the family and our country Zambia at large. With very heavy heart I receive this sad news of death of our President. He has lost his life while fighting against the many things that we where un able to see and those we saw. He was a brave soldier and has great sentiments for the country. He had fought against supsidy, unemployement and corruption so many times and saved the nation from them but to no avail. We can never forget his contribution in saving the country.

    Please accept my deep condolences on his unfortunate death.

    With Thanks and Regards

  155. kenyan fellow

    It is sad, however death is unavoidable, my point though is to loose two of the best cared for individuals in office? 2 presidents through denial of their medical conditions? This is the root of the problem, openly discuss medical issues to avoid such grief and sense of loss

  156. Globetrotter

    Let us mourn peacefully.

  157. fm the dust u came

    u ar loosers, rejoicin over one’s death, its just time u oso wll go and someone wll rejoice even more!

  158. Ronnie Mwewa

    MHSRIP for he has been a bounfied leader nd a developer for our country.His works will be rememberd to many zambians we thnk u for your good works u did mr President

  159. maiwa

    death is so painful .if happy with death today remember tomorrow will be you . be happy if u know that death will not reach . we all going to die sad

  160. polisa

    O God, give us another leader, who will be firm against corruption, who will foster development, who will unite the country. Give us a new leader who will love the country and do the best to leave it better than it is now. Give us a leader who will love Zambia like KK, open up the country to development like Chiluba, hate corruption like Mwanawasa, …bring in infrastructural development like Sata…Forget about Rupiah!

    • Chissulo

      You maniac polisa, what has your dead dictator done? Looting our economy and acruing huge dates? You call that works? Sata stole the presidency with deceit and God has saved Zambia from dictatorship. Leave RB alone he is a gentleman I respect.

  161. Ronnie Mwewa


  162. Katapa

    You have run your race, you have reached your mark. RIP we will miss you

  163. opportunist

    Tongas are coming! worst fear of all
    HH – Hakainde Haleisa Haleisa

  164. Chissulo

    But the Government said he went for medical check ups does some die out of Medical check ups?!!!!!!? This should serve as Lesson to liars and those who govern by deception, PF is a party of liars and now they are caught in the Webb of lies. He is was in perfect health just a few weeks ago and today Sata dies. Do we give these liars more mandate? I guess he answer is no. No no no to lies again.

  165. Ranjith Amarasinghe

    May his Saw Rest In please….

  166. Mwaben

    May his soul rest in peace.

  167. joseph mwale

    may your soul rest in peace mr president. u have suffered alot…………..

  168. Boyd Chizulye

    May His soul rest in Entenal Peace

  169. mashonga justin


  170. Michel Chiwisha

    God can never bring something that zambia can fail to handle sometime God allows things to go in order to bring new revealation, new things the best is yet to come.

  171. Bana Mapalo

    The entire country will surely miss you, even those who may sound happy, those who hated you will have nothing to hate. Death is a mistry. This Nation shall forever remember you. May God strengthen mama Kaseba and the entire country.

  172. LM

    may his soul rest in eternal peace

  173. Hu

    You Zambia reporter news you are liars the president you said was discharged and according to you was at a different hospital .
    Which op are you using just dreams and you get excited

  174. chaaker Tanzania

    May Almighty God The Creator Of All Living Rest Mr Sata Soul in Eternal Peace . He was a great Leader and Loved His country and People of Zambia . He wanted to see Zambians life at par with other nations . He had the greatest vision and nationalist like H. E. K K the first President of Zambia . His legacy will be remembered forever. One Zambia One Nation .

  175. TheRock

    Bob Sichinga apulumuka.

  176. collins pulanji silungwe

    To bad to us to rose another president God please give us another strong one who can work like him or more than him God we pray in your name and mey his soul rest in peace.

  177. Bob

    There is panic in the diplomatic service where staff who did not qualify found themselves earning fat salaries that they do not deserve. I am watching the space.

  178. Keter

    May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  179. blessed

    he has done a lot for zambians . good president so far!

  180. Best Banda

    Mamamamamama! Ayoooine

  181. esnor

    since jehovah god is the creator of all things and is all almight, many be inclined to hold him responsible 4 everything that takes in the word including all bad.god in heavens he does whatever he pleases. so let mourn our father in good manners.

  182. blessed

    God has used this man to rebuild zambia.

  183. Best Banda

    The precious egg has broken

  184. chiko

    i am finished…. ba sata you were the best president ever. the best gift this country has ever had. rest in peace.


    TO BAD

  186. US Army & Jews

    We can rebuild Zambia, like we rebuild Libya, Iraq….

  187. mwansa

    No to a president who wanted to tarnish our Bemba heritage.We have always fought for rights of every zambian..I’m not going to weep for this one.He remained mute when a Panga fell on a poor zambian .Only Mandela can hold his head high

  188. max dougie sikazwe


  189. zimbabwe

    A head of state receiving healthcare in a foreign country says so much about his leadership. During his rule he could have built better hospitals and other institutions which not only would they have benefited him and his tribesman but also the general Zambian population. Unless of course we as africans are saying that nothing good can come out of Africa!

  190. the Davey

    MHSRIP. WOW people here are heartless although I can understand the points upon which they base their opinions, though I don’t think the PF don’t stand a chance in the elections , lets see maybe it could be because of the 90 days rubbish that they told the Zambian people, or it could be the fact that there is no money in peoples pocketed or maybe its the wage freeze, Sata’s family have lost a member of their family, the Zambian people have lost a leader or at least that’s what it looks like. Finally we have an opportunity to choose a leader who is not old and feeding away.

  191. whiteson

    Too bad for us Zambians to lose our President


    BBC is consipicuously missing from giving us the news on our “late president”


    we will miss you president SATA.


    BBC is surprisingly quoting “the ZAMBIA REPORT” as the source of the news on the death of our president

  195. Tk

    Condolonces our neighbours across the Zambezi. We are with you in our prayers.

  196. asan kvz

    r.i.p peace mr you fought your turn its somebody’s turn we shall meet.my condolence to the zambians

  197. Honouraly Grand Daughter

    RIP Grandpa Sata, at least now you will be at rest. Thank you for all you have done for our nation and what you put into place for the coming years. Another Great Soul lost, Heaven just gained another angel….You will be greatly missed King Cobra xxx

  198. William

    Very sad news indeed. The entire nation of Zambia needs to mourn the untimely death of one of her greatest sons. We will miss his courage and his vision for Zambia and the Zambian people. I am not a Zambian per se but as an African I am part of the African family that has lost a great leader in him. I also sympathise with his close family and friends in these moments of particular pain. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  199. polisa

    As we mourn…let us also pray that God gives us a leader who will have a heart for Zambia. Zambia is rich, but greedy and heartless Zambians have been looting the country. We need someone who identifies with the poor and is concerned for their welfare. Sata was for Zambia, but the majority of loudmouths who were simply hangers on made sure we stagnated. I weep for Sata and for this country. God has heard!

  200. james k.

    Dokotor and your crew you are the most stupid idiots I’ve ever heard of. Surely I thought the devil was the most wicked person but you have proven wrong. A disgrace to the zambians and your entire generation. Zimbabweans and others are wishing us well buy you a zambia utter such horrific words. You are trully disgusting and very very very shallow minded and dull.. We don’t need negative pipo like u

  201. kunda chanda

    Am 46, I want to say wat I saw do in his time as president.He worked so hard that Zambians shud have patriotism toward Zambia as a diverse nation….wat we had on 24th october is what used to happen wen we were young,we all converged at independence stadium to celebrate with our leaders unlike wen democracy came were independence was celebrated on ZNBc TV cameras from state house…soon our children wud hav been eager to go to school coz during break we had a free pint of milk.He was changing peoples mind set to value our land….his development agenda was everywhere u can even ask the westerner who are difficult to please they all say we hav never seen govt works as they have seen under Sata…..MHSRIP…..I was surely becoming a proud ZAMBIAN!

  202. cjay

    Personally didn’t like Satan and cronies. But if anybody should shoulder the blame, it’s his wife and family. Maybe he could have survived a bit longer had he resigned to go and attend to his health. One word, greed!

  203. Mposa Mabwe

    Doctor2 you appear like you were raised in the streets and you do not know your father hence the bitterness.

  204. Daywalker

    Sata tried very hard god bless him but he just didn’t have what it will take to lift us out of this self imposed cultural, political and economic poverty.

    A lot of this reminds me of the late Chama Chakomboka who sounded like an idiot but was actually onto something.

    PF is now gearing up for the lazy way out since it is beloved that their inner circle will settle to front a dodgy but possible Guy Scott candidature for President. They are on Check….. We wonder if they will sit idle and wait for the Checkmate.

  205. knox


  206. cjay

    ZWD reports that Scott-free has taken over as presido. Not sure what the constitution says, but we may be hearded for trouble as Mmembe seems to be at the fore-front of the shenanigans in pf! Another focile at plot one, thanks to one late Satan..

  207. Faith South Africa

    Rest in peace big man . Job well done

  208. nck

    its a sad development, may his soul rest in peace

  209. YOLO

    Sad News indeed; but hey – the only thing we are guaranteed when we are born is death, the rest is just a journey.

  210. Mo

    Dokotor2! I think our presido grabbed you mother from your father. You are not dull. You just don’t have brains. Water rans in your head!

  211. Gift Zuze

    l am not Zambian,am an Angolan, but l just want to say to all those people who are giving negative comments to late president,look Leaders are elected with the help of God and he was chosen by Zambians people, Just apreciate what late presidente did in Zambia and you should know that other projects which he planed will go back .May his soul rest in peace and may condolences goes to the family and to all Zambians prey had for you to have a good leader.

  212. man of God

    May God alone comfort u family and the nation if this news is true.

  213. abandoned child

    you people are just commenting.

    the death of sata is the beginning of change in zambia, how it will come, i dont know. it is a tough time.

    But God is doing something to this country, destroying the PF and avenging the people that Sata mistreated.

    All people are made the same in the image of God, and he loves them all, and equals them. No man can man, and tribe, can escape God’s hand if they mistreat people. This is what sata did. he had faults, but i fearfully say he lied to God, and totally disregarded Him, much to the detriment of our land.

    God is avenging these people, and a curse has been unleashed on His sectarian creed, and it will happen swiftly.

    It is a beginning of unfortunate things to come, i feel it, for some indeed, for they did not love their brothers and sisters.

    they are now looking for a way to create a constitutional crisis and justify planned anarchy, but they will fail, through it, he will whip them, and a lesson shall remain in the minds of this nation, even as it breaks apart.

  214. Zambia is a Christian Nation

    May the peace of Christ reign over Zambia. Believers let us take time to lift up Zambia in prayers and cover it under the blood of Jesus. God still has a purpose for Zambia and he is still Good, in everything we should give thanks no matter how painful.

  215. simbi

    I just have to condole with the people of Zambia for the death of our beloved President. May GOD alone comfort the family and the entire country at large. I pray that God will give Zambians the wisdom to choose a good replacement who will move the country forward.

  216. Benard Nabiswa

    The President’s resolve, courage and devotion to his country was and will continue to be an example of strong leadership and patriotism for all. In this hour of deep sorrow, I wish The people os Zambia strength and fortitude. May his soul Rest in Peace (R.I.P)

  217. Benard Nabiswa

    The President’s resolve, courage and devotion to his country was and will continue to be an example of strong leadership and patriotism for all. In this hour of deep sorrow, I wish The people of Zambia strength and fortitude. May his soul Rest in Peace (R.I.P)

  218. Vyakulola vye

    The demise of the HOS is no good news at all. It is sad development. But what is painful is to learn of his death as though it was sudden. The cabinet could not raise to the occasion to put matters straight. Even when it was evident the man was not well, they kept emphasizing that he was fine and well. At one time even in the worst protocol in this country, Mulenga Sata must address the nation in a bid to assure us that the HOS was well and live. Now that he has died, what has killed him? What is it that we didn’t know? Did he collapse, was shot or poisoned? what ‘sudden’ death is this for one on medical check up as we were told when he left the country incognito on 20th october, 2014? The cabinet must own up. Someone should be blamed for the death of the president. If the nation was informed of his ailment, he would still be living. For Zambians would have prayed objectively.

  219. Blackwell

    May Almighty GOD protect Mother Zambia!!!

  220. Lulu dee

    Thou shall not judge , least you shall be judged. Y’all saying bad things about your president, are you so perfect that no one has ever said something bad about you? Think twice coz what goes round comes around. Imagine he was your father and people are saying bad things about him , how would you feel? Such a shame and embarrassment.

    • Lulu dee

      Do not pay evil got evil. Michael Sata MYSRIP

      • Lulu dee

        Why don’t people understand, when they say his illness was undisclosed, it’s confidential. Please understand English. Even if you know the cause of death are you going to bring him back? Please people respect the dead.
        You are the same people who don’t even contribute to the development of the nation , all you do is poke your nose in other peoples businesses . And waiting to receive handouts, if you want to know how he died wait for him at the airport and ask him what killed him. You guys need to grow up and stop being ignorant , this is so annoying

      • Lulu dee

        Why don’t people understand, when they say his illness was undisclosed, it’s confidential. Please understand English. Even if you know the cause of death are you going to bring him back? Please people respect the dead.
        You are the same people who don’t even contribute to the development of the nation , all you do is poke your nose in other peoples businesses . And waiting to receive handouts, if you want to know how he died wait for him at the airport and ask him what killed him. You guys need to grow up and stop being ignorant , this is so annoying . Even if you know his illness what difference is it gonna make to you? Am sure this isn’t the first time you ve heard that sata is ill and you could see that he list weight.


    some of you sound so happy yes he z gone if that’s wat you want 2 hear but now ask yur selves in the turn of events we have just celebrated our last year of peace.they betrayed him bcoz of wanting to cease him of his power.postman M’MEMBE the chosen one KABIMBA the director of public prosecution MUTEMBO rich fat boy GBM no brains KABWILI these people are all Babylon. believe DAT


    ”CRY CRY CRY CRY” with me my brother’s and sister’s it is a shame on this Christian nation the Babylonian cartel has succeeded in killing your own elected president.shame sing with me the song of death.BELIEVE DAT

  223. Lulu dee

    Death is everyones destination . Rich or poor, big or small, young or old, black or white , chinese, whatever the gender your , one day we will all die .

  224. YOLO

    Lulu Dee – true story. The late did what he could good or bad he his human.. Now everyone wants to comment as if they would do better… Just live you life peacefully and wait for your time too; and whoever remains will comment about you.. Life goes on… One Zambia One Nation. God will bless us with another President.

  225. mr chibuye D

    I’m deeply saddened, the world has lost a leader. GOD help us!! (MHSRIP)



  227. Lulu dee

    Yolo, I second you.

  228. Gideon Mwasabwite

    Very sorry to the people of Zambia.

  229. tarisai damales

    We will live as God as planned thou at times we may not understand

  230. Nshiki

    Country Men,there is no good death or bad death!Whatever our feelings were,put aside ,mourn and reflect on ourselves as Zambians.Cobra’s death should give us a thought on how we ought to perceive things in the interest of all Zambians.Cobra has never been my favorite President but As a person who has lost both parents and siblings,it’s a painful experience to loose a loved one.After we have buried him,let’s pick a leader who we know will continue taking the country in reverse as Cobra did.MHSRIP.

  231. Nshiki

    Sorry,a leader who will not take the country backwards.

  232. KENYAN 4

    Surely the saying that the more things change the more they remain the same now gets better meaning ,history repeating itself ?


      Rest in peace and may God bless you for the part you did for the Zambian people.

  233. Nana M

    Nothing in this world can satisfy our but only Jesus being the cup that won’t run dry. Condolences to a man so wise and changed the political status of this nation and always valued who God was and always desired peace to reign in Zambia. May your soul rest in peace our father and our friend.

  234. Malapropism

    Let his friends bury him – M’membe at the burial of Chiluba

  235. dawn chalamanda

    Sad news, rest in peace mr president. Very sorry to our neighbours

  236. Moses Kapala

    rest in peace our president we shall follow your goods.

  237. YOLO

    I rest my case for now !! chat with all you good people tomorrow,,,Who knows ? only God. “i might be the next president”… have a blessed evening.. Fellas !!

  238. Jonathan

    May God bless the Works of His Hands. May God see Zambia thru this period Just after 50 years of Independence. Condolences to the family and the Nation at Large. MHSRIP. God Bless

  239. Mr Henry Kambafwile

    It’s amazing the levels this generation has sunk to! We’ve become so petty as if our brains are those of morons! Even the tallest tree has an axe waiting at its foot. When a man dies, why be petty? Clearly, one can see how tribalistic and & mentally retarded the nation is! Are we educable are we? Forget petty hates and show maturity!

  240. Modest l. Kamenga

    It is sad to read some texts from people who will hate someone who has passed on. Mr. Sata wasn’t the Messiah but a human being who tried hard to contribute to the well being of the country in a very difficult situation. Zambia’s problems are like wound “easily inflicted but takes longer in healing”. No one will ever solve those economic problems like a magician. But working hard together as a nation could restore the lost prestige we enherited from independence. May his soul rest in peace. Manzini, Swaziland

  241. mr president

    rest in internal peace mr president

  242. someone who cares

    Politics and tribalism don’t mix,coz if they do they cause nothing but distraction. I knw tonga’s hate bemba for an unknown reason,so there is no way u should insult someone who has died. Oh! And one more thing, UPND will never win.

  243. Patience

    May HSRIP

  244. mary matandy

    we will miss u our ever loving president M.Y.S.R.I.P

  245. Kyapusana

    Fear that kills both the soul and the body. Lets Prepare our lives for the becoming of Jesus

  246. Nshiki

    Fellas just becoz Mumemba wanted FTJ to be buried by his Freinds does not call on that idiotic mentality to be embraced by noble thinking and all Zambians seeking a better Life!King Cobra will forever remain a President elected on Hopes that he failed to uphold to the electorates.Zambians put him in State House,we accept his personal failings including putting more money in our pockets!That has been his life race!Besides that,he was human with a soul and now that he is no more,let’s do what All Good neighbors do,accept the loss as a Zambian Burden,let’s behave the way we behave at a typical Zambian Funeral Home.Politics will resume after Burial!

  247. mj

    Excuse me shimwaba am tonga & am not rejoicing over his death.think abt wat u re writing okay my man otherwise i will be showing some of us that u re a brainless bemba man who blames tongas 4 ur poverty.gudbye

  248. u r the worst human being I have ever come across...ninshi u r immortal? have some manners,man! guess u all grown up and have surely lost family members and friends before,r u telling me u all head-over-heels when u lose someone? the Lord shall strike u d


  249. Dalston

    if you can’t say something nice about the man, then say nothing.

  250. My Info

    I am not a zambian but when someone dies, at least lets say RIP especially the head of a nation. Let us learn to forgive and forget

  251. Kaps

    I think people of Zambia have commented a lot. Some have wished our beloved President good rest and others have passed on silly comments. those that who did like him, should get back to school and then campaign for the position so that we can see if you will make it to rule your fellow Zambians. Remember your day is coming very soon.

  252. Kaps

    My condolences to Mother Christine Kasebe and the family (Children) Writing from Angola.

  253. chalaza

    Yours was better. He has helped the Zambian people from the time of President Kaunda. He has done a lot for guys appreciatooooo. Talk of ours now in the western side of your country. uuhu

  254. Pauls Matuta

    May Zambia continue experiencing God’s peace.

    • loveness losaru

      Am a Tzanian but love i love ur country so much coz I hv found smthng from there so my God be with you guys dis had time.

  255. William jeds

    Tongas wake up ,you tribalists .learn to mix with other tribes.with your altitudes you will never be given chance to rule Zambia. We don’t want to hold guns and kill one another. To Zambia we belong. One Zambia One nation.God bless Zambia.

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