Zambia’s First White President

Guy Scott speaks at Sikatana funeralFor the first time since 1964, Zambia will be ruled by a white man – Guy Lindsay Scott – for 90 days leading up to a presidential by-election triggered by the death of President Michael Sata who succumbed on Tuesday at a London Hospital.

Dr Scott was given the instruments of power to act as President at a Cabinet meeting this morning but he is barred to contest the substantive position. The constitution prohibits Dr Scott because of the infamous parentage clause that requires such candidates to have parents born in Zambia.

The PF Central Committee will now be charged with the responsibility of electing the ruling party’s candidate. Edgar Lungu – the current Secretary General – who acted as President when Sata left for medical check will have some semblance of control in the process of appointing a successor.

However, the factions in the PF are more likely not to give an easy fight to the succession battle. Dr Scott takes the advantage of incumbency and has openly sided with the cartel which is led by Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe, Wynter Kabimba, Mutembo Nchito and is bankrolled by Finance Bank owner Rajan Mahtani.

Dr Scott is also not in good books with President Sata’s son, Mulenga – the Lusaka mayor – who he says does not qualify to contest the presidency because the mother is from Malawi. Mulenga has distant presidential ambitions.

It’s not clear who the mantle to lead the PF will fall on but some people feel President Sata has left behind unorganised mess for failure of choosing a successor or at the worst providing a clear path to the throne in his absence.

Sources have told Zambia Reports Dr Scott, Kabimba and M’membe were locked up in a meeting to strategise on who will be the PF candidate in the forthcoming presidential by-election. However, the cartel is one of the most unpopular assemblage in the ruling party and may spell trouble if it attempts to force or impose a candidate, sources say.

“There is reliable and credible information that Edgar Lungu will be replaced as Secretary General,” the source added.

Mahtani’s lawyer John Sangwa, who is known for fraudulent activities, this morning rushed to the media to defend the appointment of Dr Scott as Acting President.

Sangwa was however cautious to state that their candidate does not qualify to contest the election because of the parentage clause and bemoaned the PF’s failure to enact the new constitution within 90 days as promised during the campaign. Sangwa says the new constitution would have resolved the issue of the by-election and saved the country from spending huge sums of money.

Featuring on Muvi Television Sangwa said Zambians should know that democracy is not cheap and will have to live with having a Presidential by-election within 90 days and still go to the polls in 2016 for the general election.

Meanwhile, Sangwa also said there was general consensus that Dr Scott does not qualify to run for Presidency.

He said if the country enacted the new constitution they would have avoided the presidential by-election. The Vice President being a running mate under the proposed constitution would have taken over until the end of President Michael Sata’s tenure.

“You have to understand democracy is not cheap it is an expensive enterprise and also that is what the constitution says, you have no choice have to respect the constitution,” Sangwa said.

“That is why these things are happening at an opportune time, it is a period for the people of Zambia to reflect as to whether this is the kind of constitution we want, we need or we want a constitution that could provide a different scenario all together.”

“But as far as the law is concerned now you have no choice but to have elections in the next 90 days. That is what the law stipulates. But if there is a general consensus you have to understand one thing the ultimate authority in any country rests with the people.

“If there is consensus that there is no need for an election and we better waiting until 2016 which I very much doubt because I am sure other people would like to have a Presidential by-election,” Sangwa said.

“But assuming that was possible and there was general consensus around that subject there is nothing that stops the National Assembly from amending the constitution to say the national election will be held in 2016 but that is a very farfetched proposition.”

The proposal to sway the people not to have an election in the name of general consensus is another subtle plan to keep the cartel in power and is being considered among themselves, sources have indicated to Zambia Reports.


  1. Milestone Consultancy

    Just to add to hAlF truth (conjecture), Guy Scott is going to call elections within 30 days not to allow opposition to gather steam and market itself. Their real fear is Rupiah Banda and not anybody else. They know that RB is supported by the Chinese, Indians , many African leaders and of late many opposition parties within Zambia. The cartel is going to use the fear of RB bouncing back to power and settling scores with Thieving PF ministers to impress upon them to agree to their chosen candidate. Opposition shall start organising finances, cadres and a win strategy immediately. They shall not waste time waiting for burial of Mr. Sata and acting president to announce the date.
    Anybody from UPND or MMD that is willing at the highest level to discuss and agree a winning strategy for the by-elections shall be ready to engage my firm at US500,000 on “No cure, no pay” basis.

    • The Priest

      @Milestone Consultancy-Years ruled by each of the 5 past presidents:KK-27,FTJ-10,Mwanawasa-7,Rupiah-3,Sata-3-Grand Total:50 Years-Last Jubilee Season.Rupiah belongs to the last Jubilee Season.This next Juibilee Season requires new Leadership.So for me Rupiah is out.Those advocating for Rupiah comeback are spiritually blind.Maybe if he can be a transition leader for 1 year 8 months before the 5-years Full Term 2016 General Elections.Only than Rupiah can not be trusted as he acted when Levy died.He said,he will complete the remaining 3 yrs,but he lied-he contested the 2011 polls,and caused the MMD to lose.

      • Charles

        @The Priest iv missd u YES u r 100% Right.That ll be like going back to VOMITE we need new people as for now lets PF just continue.Though we are in a dilema now.

    • Mubita

      The prophesy has come to pass.One Prophet from Mongu prophesied few months ago that a White man shall rule for at least 90 days.

  2. m2020

    Every party leader believes this is the opportunity they have been waiting for. I can’t see any compromise between UPND and MMD. PF could fall apart if Kabimba is imposed as Bembas want one of their own. Interesting mess ichipuba chabo has left us in.

    • Afrocentric

      I couldnt agree with you more… why he kept a white man barred by a parental clause is really beyond me. Kwena! As the glowing eulogies come in, why is it that ba Zambia we enjoy praising the dead? The man left us in crisis, plain and simple!

  3. Michael Mwanza

    During the rule of the late sata, we have witnesed dictatorship. he interfeard in traditional affairs andhe delayd the constitution, so lets vote for MMD a party that is the peoples party.

  4. Michael Mwanza

    This white man(scot) he is a decendant of our colonial masters(the british) so why appoint him as president? lets vote for a black who is real zambian.

    • Roy santos chitapu

      Mr man if u dnt hav anything to comment just shut ur phone.otherwise….if it were possible i wud vote for scott waumfwa iwe mbuli.

    • Fellow

      There is no need to leave a racist comment like this. That is no way to behave in such a manner. We have won our Independence outright. To become racist in such a manner proves to the country how much you havent grown up.

    • Godfrey Ephraim

      Seriously?! Now that is racial discrimination…

  5. waltmbax

    Clearly Zambian men have been patently and utterly infected by that endemic disease ‘corruption’. We need a total overhaul meaning, nothing of ‘business as usual’ or ‘out for money’ leaders like those MMD have-beens or UPND opportunists. Edith Nawakwi or our very own 1st lady, I’d support without batting an eye. if only there’s enough time! Radical change is needed. Let’s go Zed!!

  6. Nshiki

    Fellas,just be coz u can’t trace each other does not mean insult each other,can we be practical and debate!I come on this site to get views and contribute,,,other than that we all know why we are male and female because of the fact we shave the hairs between our legs!So what’s the point in emphasizing our expert analysis through insults.guys their children who have access to Internet what more are exhibiting to young People.Elections will certainly come and the future of this country is the hands of a Scotsman for 90days only.We must accept that this situation was created by the same choices we made in the Ballot Box.Lets reflect and have credible leadership to take over for the benefit of all Zambians.This confusions is not the best but must be a lesson on how we choose leaders!

  7. mwansa chapatuka

    Let God choose the leader through zambians

  8. mwansa maulawo chapatuka

    @nshiki point, very true.

  9. Chinese supporter

    Let us have a Chinese President. With billions to invest the Chinese can make Zambia a Heaven.

    • Afrocentric

      and rape your country and women while at at… Dont be naive… until the day a black man can rule China, your ideas are just far fetched. Are you that brain dead?

  10. Freebird

    Let us not replace one useful idiot with another educated idiot. Vote for a competent person, without ethnicity and tribe.

  11. Norris

    The only way in which PF can continue to rule the nation is by pointing Given Lubinda as the president of the party

  12. Mwaben

    I see no other person in PF and opposition parties who can take over.

  13. Zam Pundit

    A very sad day for Zambia. First we lost a president and second, we have someone born out of colonial privileges in the name of Scott as president….all this in a Jubilee year. I find this hard to fathom. I am hoping after 90 days, all Zambians will be proud of the new president and we will no longer be a laughing stalk for our neighbours

  14. Musha

    @Michael mwanza.Y do u think of taking us back it’s opinion but it’s shallow thinking for u to propose MMD coming back to power, this time let’s all think of bringing a new crop of politicians in power the young & energetic not the recycled politicians who have tested power for their selfish gains. ABASH PF & MMD they just waste our time no proper roadmap in governance.

  15. JY

    Thank you, the current PF cabinet for respecting our current law of our land. The present constitution, Article 38 & 39, allows Dr. Scot to rule Zambia for 90 days prior to by-election. But, my question is: where was the same cabinet when our late president could not allow Dr. Scot too act in absence. What was going on for him to bend or to break our law? Dr. Scot has never been incapable to carry out his duties or that of presidency.
    The current constitution on the issue is very clear.
    The problem is really with the PF and not Zambia.
    There is no need to be compromised with suggestion of consensus of not having By- election. Despite being costly to hold elections, personally I feel we need to vote and then go to polls again in a year time. Let us respect our constitution for our sake now and in future. Let’s just be ready to come and vote in large numbers. Youths, come and vote.

  16. ba muntu

    Too bad to the family …

  17. Mwine Mushi

    May your Soul Rest In Peace our president. There are no cartels, no factions or difference sects in PF. Let’s learn to be positive. How has Sangwa and his Mahtani come in? If Sangwa comments in an interview, then it’s should be twisted. Not at this time fellow country men. This is time for unity and love as we mourn our beloved president

  18. Charles M

    People of ZM as for arguements lets reserve now but do wats surposd to be done.Dr Scot is a Zambian regardles of Parentalhood.So Scot being Acting Presidnt
    or Even Presdent is NO deal,we are NOT RACIST.But de HELL we have is the MAN MADE THNG,THE FLESH i.e the Constitution (democracy)people’s rights.Instead of the SPIRIT,GOD`S Inspiration The BIBLE.

  19. Ba Kolwe

    Watch this very interesting just copy and paste in your brower http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHQLQ1Rc_Js

  20. Savageamusement

    Let this be a lesson to ALL Zambians vote very wisely AND DO NOT vote for Kuanda era dinosaurs. Wise up and LEARN otherwise this nightmare shall continue. Don’t be fooled by so called western democracies – most are plundering racist colonial police states. You have been WARNED!

  21. 'e' the independent f(x)

    do not go back to symbiotic colonization. so called RB is for that. he lacks imagination to lay a national capacity bedrock upon which real development can be founded.

  22. Hu

    That’s the real jubilee people were celebrating silently the coming back of white rule after 50 years not freedom people talked about the late new it was coming without doubt.
    Go Zambia back in white man’s rule can even wonder why so much has been spent to educate people but uneducated people still win support even tell educated people how to use constitution . Too much corrupt minds no integrit and pride to serve the nation.

  23. majata

    John Sangwa is one of Zambia’s foremost Constitutional Law Scholars having taught the course at UNZA for over 15 years – but you obviously cannot publish that because he is Rajan’s lawyer. To be objective, impartial and devoid of ‘agendas’ are key tenets of journalism. With Rajan making your every story, always as villain and with anyone he has as much as had a cup of tea with being maligned with him, we wonder what brand of journalism this is. The Nation is mourning it’s beloved President. The Law has been followed in installing Guy to perform the functions of President. If Rajan and you alleged curtail are responsible for the law being followed, should they not be applauded?

  24. C@$H=b

    Musha Wila Pena!! Musha U Are Suffering From Ebola? Y Are U Telling Us Rubbish PF Tailapwa Waufwa

  25. emmanuel ys

    we zambians have to stay strong and morn our leader .coz he is our hero .who stands in next as president ???

  26. manase phiri

    its so shameful that after 50 years of independence we have decided to hand over the nation back to whites.we have lost our dignity and pride.

  27. mkonto

    What ur NO about ‘shameful’!! Zambia will be ruled by a white man – Guy Lindsay Scott – for 90 days that’s all!!! Big deal. Ur are just down rite racsisT!
    Just look @ the USA>majority WHITE>presidO africaN american.

    • kate

      Mkonto its not about resicism if we do this we are opeing a door for more confustion and sending a wrong msg to the internation community the we cnt take care of our sleves.we already made him vice per and thats it!!! no more it cnt go fearther..

  28. kate

    They is no way this cn happen u cnt let another white man come ro our nation and rule it..we cnr aforde to let this happwn rhis is what kaunda our forfather fought against

    • kate

      They is no way this cn happen u cnt let another white man come ro our nation and rule it..we cnr aforde to let this happwn rhis is what kaunda our forfather fought against

  29. ine wine

    Actually lawyer sangwa is wrong GS can vie for presidency. Problem in zambia is we forget easily. Go back to the ruling of lewanika et al vs chiluba of 1998 where it was ruled that there was no country called Zambia before midnight 24th October 1964.

  30. Kamwale

    From a legal standpoint, Scot cannot contest the presidency as his parents are not Zambian by birth and descent, very simple. He can contest in Scotland. Politically, he cannot represent an African country in international fora, just not possible. If he imposes himself as it is being suggested, fine we shall have to wage a second war against white rule!

  31. Uwakwisano

    Guy is as Zambian as the next guy (excuse the pun) but seriously he was born here, lived here, fought for democracy and campaigned with Sata across rivers, down in valleys, over mountains. Simply put, he has been to all nooks of our country and seen poverty, which probably makes him even more Zambian than most of us armchair critics, citizens whose interests start and end with me, myself and mine. Nuff said!

  32. Nonde

    we need to be organised and be prayerful for we have to choose wisely.all i say is that May God be with us Zambians.

  33. tc soccerman

    All you people bitching about scott should be ashamed of your shallow minds. The equation is balance. USA = black president ,Zambia=white president so quit bitching and respect the law morons.

  34. mrs m

    Why have we gone against the wishes of our forefathers,kaunda,freedom fighters & president sata & also our own wishes?white rule again? Musa mwenye was it envy for edgar’s position or wat? Whyyyy?I have a lump on my throat bcoz of u.I can’t wait for the 90 days to expire.may God almighty comfort & protect us.Lord we need you now more than ever.

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