UNZA Students Riot over Edgar Lungu Sacking

UNZA Police truckUniversity of Zambia students at the Great East road campus have staged a demonstration over the manner acting President Dr Guy Scott is managing the affairs.

Dr Scott on Monday fired Edgar Lungu as party Secretary General a move that has not gone down well with the PF hierarchy.

Some cabinet ministers have openly spoken against Dr Scott using the national broadcaster ZNBC.

The students took to the Great East road campus but quick action by the police quelled off the riot with students retreating to their hostels to regroup.

Further demonstrations over the decision are expected by Patriotic Front youths and members who are mobilizing themselves.

Lungu who willingly handed over the instruments of power to Dr Scott after President Sata who had left him in charge has been on the receiving end of unprovoked disparaging editorials by Fred M’membe’s Post Newspapers.

The Justice Minister has taken all the bashing in his stride and opted to lay back which has not gone well with his adversaries.

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