M’membe Is Blackmailing Guy Scott – Source

Acting President Guy Scott is under pressure to de-link himself from Fred M’membe, Rajan Mahtani, and other members of the cartel, but is unable to do so because of compromising materials they hold against him, a source tells Zambia Reports.

According to an impeccable source inside State House, top level security officers are advising Acting President Scott to keep his distance from the cartel following the failed dismissal of Edgar Lungu as party secretary general, but efforts have so far proven futile with President Michael Sata’s former press secretary George Chellah illegally attaching himself to the Office of the Acting President.

The cartel leader Fred M’membe, the owner of the Post newspaper, continues to wield tremendous control over Dr. Scott because he has allegedly threatened him with releasing “compromising materials” that would destroy the acting president’s reputation.

According to the source, M’membe has blackmailed Scott into acting for him by threatening to release photographs of him “with young girls.”

The security officers are not certain if the photos really exist or are a bluff by M’membe, however they say that Scott may believe the threat, given his past record of alcohol abuse and carelessness. Scott once gave an interview to the Guardian newspaper while he was intoxicated, and insulted South Africans, causing a diplomatic incident.

“I hate South Africans,” Scott told the Guardian in May 2013, allegedly during a drinking binge. “The South Africans are very backward in terms of historical development. (…) I have a suspicion the blacks model themselves on the whites now that they’re in power.”

M’membe, who was also an enthusiastic champion of President Sata in the 2011 election before falling out, has a known reputation for collecting dossiers of corruption and other alleged immoral acts of politicians, which he uses against them to gain leverage and make himself a kingmaker within the ruling party.

When M’membe last tried to force through his preferred candidate to the top of the PF, former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, he was stopped short by President Sata when he summarily fired Kabimba for plotting behind his back. The firing of Kabimba was greeted with popular celebrations among the PF faithful, including a riotous group of cadres who approached the headquarters of the Post to deal with M’membe. The newspaper owner was forced to chase them off by firing shots in the air.

It has now emerged that the dismissal of Edgar Lungu and the offer of the appointment of Davies Mwila and later Nixon Chilangwa was done in a meeting attended by Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba, Deputy Minister of Commerce Miles Sampa, DPP Mutemb Nchito, Attorney General Musa Mwenye, and George Chellah, with Fred Mmembe directing matters from a conference call.

In fact, the appointment of Nixon Chilangwa was done at the Post Newspaper headquarters on Bwinjimfumu Road. The State House source says that Guy Scott only became aware of the appointment of Chilangwa via the newspaper announcement the following day.

Following the failed dismissal of Lungu, the Cartel is also harrasing journalists from ZNBC accusing them of disobeying orders given to them by George Chellah, the source says.

The security officers have advised Guy Scott that as Acting President, the “System” will protect him if only he engages himself in activities that promote public interest instead of the private interests of private persons he has been advancing.

Earlier in the day, Scott fired 11 officers from the Office of the President (OP) in a bid to gain more influence in the administration.


  1. Jacob

    Please if you don’t have anything to write don’t .

  2. Jacob

    That’s the west report in the world ba zambia report . Start twitting about the economy , got better things to write about , zambia kwacha is weak , so what should we do .

  3. Kawax

    What type of an animal is the cartel kanshi? Who can tame m’membe kanshi? Am sick and tired of this cartel.what m’membe doesnt realise is that he is nolonger the king maker. If not stopped one day our country will be on fire. M’membe and wynter form your own political party if you think you are popular. Shopet.

  4. anold simwawa

    Let edger be leader of zambian plz I can’t wait

  5. John kabengele

    This is a true lie, Z.Reports, whatever, you have been report, no truth in it, including OP, officers been dismissed.
    If you don’t have anything to report on, just keep quiet, than barking, Shame on you ZR.

  6. Njungu Julious

    Njungu Julious
    November 6, 2014
    The truth is this guys call scort is not a sincere colonolist. he has no interest of the zambian people. remember that this is the guy who when things did not work well for him he left this great mother zambia and wnet to his father’s country where he even started lecturing at a universty. his colleagues who were fired together bena Dine where suffering in prison whilst he was at his home country. he has no interest of this nation other than that of the catel. he is supposed to unite us and work for the poor like his late boss did. i was one of the people who was going around homes that we should quickly enact the new constitution so that he guy scort should stand till 2016. and i even went on to suggest that during nominations the opposition should just allow him to go unopposed to avoid wasting too much money. but what he is doing firing OPs because they are telling him something good. what wants to destroy our country. our children are the ones who will suffer whilst his are in his fathers country, So sad. please let the people see this

  7. TEK

    These re just lies.Sober up guys.Sata humiliated u yet you continue misleading the masses.This time your edgar will shut you down.don’t be mini minded ZR,

  8. The Zambian Observer

    This article is trash made by opposition members of PF. Guy scot is currently holds the highest office in Zambia. what is the post and mmembe to zambia’s state security wings and the intelligence? the only fear of the people promoting the so called cartel is that the post will campaign for Guy scot and PF in the elections and their UPND and MMD will have nothing.

    we should also consider the fact that alot of opposition are still bitter of the post for almost single handly wrtestling MMD and Rupiah Banda out of winning the 2011 elections.

    there is no sense in this cartel thing. it is hatched and believed by little minded people who believe so much that post and membe has so much power to run statehouse. what a falacy clement malambo. you behave like you love PF but you are UPND and HH. leave PF alone

    • ngana

      Zambian observer you proving to show that you don’t observe, just a week ago Edgar Lungu made reference to the cartel when he was dismissed. The cartel is real is it Fred Mmembe who recorded Oldman Alexander chikwanda wake up guys. Zambians forget easily welcome to real politics.

  9. mezo

    If mmembe was in europe he could have been locked up for inciting tribal rivalry .Mmembes incessant attacks on Bembas is pure hate crime. This primate journalist should hang

    • Tutsi

      @Mezo, when Mmembe was calling Tonga’s bantustans and tribalists where were you ?? You only seem to notice his faults when he speaks against bemba tribalism !! You are no different from him

  10. 4 logs

    Cut and Paste -@Zambian Observer, You are spot on. I am a supporter of MMD and would love to sit down with my friends at the top and work out a strategy to get back to statehouse. ZR, I get the impression that you are for MMD (or at least not for PF, M’membe, Kabimba and Dr. Mahtani). By cooking up unbelieveable stories, you are denting your credibility and when strategists will need friendly media, we will not be able to present political Truths and Facts through your media as the Truths and facts will carry the shade of (in)credibility.

  11. Mwaume Chanda

    You chaps are liars. Having worked in government you know very well that no civil servant can ever tell let alone a President that we won’t protect you. Please learn to contact good lies

  12. freedom fightef

    Mmeeembe is overrated, he is only pseudo journalist whose made larger than life, this bullshit



  14. Him

    This report is just crap

  15. nature girrl

    You need to learn how to report responsibly since you are the 4th Estate. What is your game plan? To sow seeds of confusion and disarray when the country is going through a transition period. So what if there are compromising photo’s. Who cares. Write about substantive stuff, instead of taking cheap shots. You may just find yourselves in the dock with questions to answer if you keep this up.

  16. Child of the Sky

    Guy Scot must cone to terms with himself and with God. Only Scot and God know exactly what it is. come out ti terms with it. Zambians are a forgetting and forgiving lot.

  17. Child of the Sky

    Why not seek the services if the Watchdog who seem to have data from inside Mmembe’s bedroom.

  18. figo

    This time m’membe will directly be fighting God & the earlier he realises the better 4him & his family. God is in CONTROL of Zambia & has the final say over this great country.

    • Najudah

      @Figo I couldn’t agree more. In fact the entire PF and its aspirants have completely missed the writing on the wall. God did not let Mr Sata finish even one term of office in a world of medical advancement and despite his access to the very best medical attention the one who gives life allowed him to die like the thousands in UTH who died as a direct result of His governments negligently sacking medical personnel and failing to fund and equip the zambian health sector. ..go figure

  19. change

    who is this animal u call mmembe whose aim is to bring disputes in Zambia he is just nothing we will challenge him though the vote of our choice

  20. mrs m

    Meembe stop your blackmail for once.we know most of our ploiticians inside out.who doesn’t know for example that they like young girls & beer. Disband your cartel & form your own political party if you think you are famous.& do you think you will live forever? For once stop it you irritate zambia!

  21. nkole

    ba cartel mwanya muleke ifyo muletontonkanya mwe mbushi mwe mwa yamba nokwipaya abanenu?

  22. Ukip

    ignore mumembe at your peril. in fact it seems he has already planted people yo write comments on online media. for example the majority of comments on this story are sympathetic to mumembe, which is sudden and a bit unusual. but mumembe doesnt seem to learn that the masses no longer have faith in him.

  23. Sakkur Geloo

    In all honesty i see nothing wrong with letting Guy Scott run the country… don’t worry about dictator ship he is just one man and Zambia is large he can not be a problem to deal with, let him stand and let him lead Zambia after all its said that all who were living in Zambia at the time of 1964 automatically became Zambians so what part of him is Not ELIGIBLE??? i don’t understand why we all want to hate based on silly things such as color… he was there when sata formed the PF and he knows a lot more about the plans dreams and goals that PF has… all these other fellows are new chaps to the PF let the elderly men with a plan take over office and make Zambia a better place…

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