Edgar Lungu Unmoved by Parentage Schemes

Edgar, HHPatriotic Front Secretary General Edgar Lungu says questioning his parentage will not help his political adversaries as several former Heads of State had been subjected to the same harassment and survived it.

Lungu whose aunty in Petauke was besieged by immigration officials on Friday to question the PF Secretary General and Justice Minister’s heritage said that he was not worried about the turn of events as his parents were Zambians making him eligible to contest the Presidency.

The PF Secretary General has been a target of harassment from acting President Guy Scott and his puppeteers who are looking to strengthen the weak case of disgraced Wynter Kabimba to bounce back.

Lungu even suffered a 24 hour expulsion that had to be reversed almost immediately following a rebellion within the party ranks against Scott.

Despite a cosmetic truce being declared the backstabbing and power game has continued in the background.

“I can confirm that I received a report from my relatives in the village that my father’s only surviving sister was called in for questioning to establish where my father came from, my parents and so on,” said Lungu.

“I wish to know which authority, traditional rulers, and immigration people and so on and so forth. I received a report from my sister I have really started compounding it.”

He said parentage talk was not new in the Presidential game and that he would survive the harassment.

“This has happened before in the past remember Mr Sata’s parentage was brought into question when he was racing for presidency, I think it also happened to one Levy Mwanawasa as President may his soul rest in peace, it also happened to Dr Chiluba it is a bad trend,” he said.

“It will come to pass because I was born in Zambia, my parents were Zambians. There is nothing to worry about.”

Lungu is viewed as a front runner in the PF Presidential but has to sit within the space of acting President Scott who has not hidden his loathe for Lungu.

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