Lusaka in Lockdown Mode

Kaseba-ParleyLusaka is in lockdown mode as most roads are closed today and tomorrow on the final two days of late President Michael Sata.

Meanwhile, the body of late President Michael Sata was this morning taken to parliament for a special session that will accord lawmakers an opportunity to conduct body viewing for the last time.

All major roads in the city are closed as the body of President Sata will made its final rounds starting with parliament and later State House.

Parliamentarians viewed the body in the morning before visiting Heads of State also get their chance later at State House where the body will lie in state prior to burial tomorrow.

The major roads in Lusaka that are closed are Great East, Great North, Church, Addis Ababa, and Chikwa roads among others.

President Sata will be laid to rest tomorrow at Embassy Park at a highly restricted event that will have only 2, 200 attendees.

The former Head of State died on October, 28 in London where he had gone to seek medical treatment.


  1. Pretty

    The”lockdown mode” was announced yesterday, if my memory serves me right. Bring interesting news please – not boring repetitive news. What about what is happening at the parliament gates for example.

  2. Blago

    Such an inconvenience is totally unnecessary and unreasonable. Will Sata`s body be going round Lusaka roads for Government to block the roads? Let the people go about their business.

  3. Thrash Metal

    The dude must be petrified at the prospect of going back to being a minibus conductor with the impending implosion of the Party for Fools (PF)!

  4. Walhelha Ochavo

    Too sad may his soul rest in peace

  5. Picture Frame

    Its time for change!

  6. Chils

    Roads closed, businesses paralyzed for 2 days and the government expects employers to pay employees for 2 days not worked. The cannot happen in North America.

  7. Zimba's finest

    Looks like lsk will be a restricted city tomorrow

  8. Cosy sister

    Brothers, what a relief it will be on 12th November. 11/11 will be burying of Satan of Zambia and reclaiming of the land of our ancestors. Henceforth it will a Zambian ruling Zambia.

  9. emmanuel sikazwe

    I would like to know other roads that are closed in lusaka besides the mentioned ones please.

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