Kabimba’s Rainbow Party Mirrors Gay Grouping, alleges Mwamba

Kambwili-MwambaEmmanuel Mwamba, a senior Zambian journalists aligned to activities in the Patriotic Front, has alleged that the newly formed Rainbow Party by former Wynter Kabimba carries formal symbols and colours of homosexuality groups worldwide popularly known as gays, lesbians and transgenders.

Posting on social media, Mwamba allegs that Kabimba – PF Secretary General – belongs to a group now known as the Cartel where certain members are suspected or known to be gay.

He says Kabimba’s bold move to adopt the gay symbols and colours is being regarded as a secret message to his perceived sponsors, that if the party won elections and assumed reigns of power, it would enact gay/lesbians friendly laws and allow the open practice of homosexuality as a fundamental right.

The blogs and social media, according to Mwamba, have already lit up with numerous bloggers exposing the link between the new party and it’s relation to symbols of homosexuality and gay/lesbian groups.

Mwamba, however, says supporters of the party claim that the party’s name and symbols refer to a party practising multiracial values.

Last week, Kabimba resigned from the Patriotic Front citing happenings in the party.

On 28th August, Kabimba who carried himself as the apparent heir to President Sata was unceremoniously and suddenly fired by President Michael Chilufya Sata.

Mwamba states that in today’s Post, the paper reports that the Rainbow Party is for the people although he suggests that probably the headline now can be refered to as “Rainbow is for Gays”.

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