Zambian Army Forces Guy Scott to Back Edgar Lungu

Edgar-Scott AgreeThe Post Newspapers has finally confirmed a report published by Zambia Reports on November 24 quoting sources in the Zambia Army that Acting President Guy Scott had been given an ultimatum to sanitize the ruling party or cede power.

By then, the Army were ready to take power five days after the ultimatum was issued but following announcements that the ruling Patriotic Front was to elect its candidate at the General Conference, the soldiers stepped back.

When the in-fighting in the PF continued and threatened the party to be without a candidate after two factions emerged from the General Conference, the soldiers stepped back.

According to sources, senior military personnel from across service lines have been monitoring the situation and were unsettled that PF may not have a candidate filing – a situation they feared will trigger unrest.

The Post, who owner Fred M’membe is accused of belonging to the Cartel that has had control of state power, is reporting in its Sunday edition of December 21 that the reconciliation between the Edgar Lungu camp and that of Guy Scott was as a result of pressure from defence chiefs.

According to the article, defence chiefs also asked Miles Sampa to withdraw from the Patriotic Front race. After Zambia Reports published two articles in relations to activities of army, a group of Zambians launched a campaign claiming the publications were false.

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