Edgar Lungu Immediately Gets Down to Work

Edgar Lungu2President Edgar Lungu has immediately got down to work on his first day of election appointing former Home Affairs minister and respected lawyer Dr Ngosa Simbyakula as justice minister to spearhead the process of enacting a new constitution.

In his acceptances speech at Heroes Stadium where he has just been sworn in as 6th Republican President, Lungu said; “There’s no honeymoon for us. Tomorrow, I will swear in ministers whom I’ll be appointing in the course of the day.

“I want to hand you a new constitution. We’ll ensure we give you a people driven constitution and to this effect I wish to appoint one respected lawyer Dr Ngosa Simbyakula as Justice Minister to oversee this process.”

President Lungu deplored the tribalism exhibited during elections and urged healing among Zambians urging political leaders to preach one Zambia, one nation.

“Politics is not about winning and celebrating. It’s about meeting the aspirations of the people. I’m humbled you elected me as 6th Republican President. You are my masters, I’m your number one servant. Some of our colleagues stooped so law to appeal to tribalism but we must realise that we are one family and move forward,” he said.

Lungu also paid tribute to Fourth President Rupiah Banda for endorsing his candidature, a development that many in the country credit to his victory, saying it was an act of unity.

“Thanks to Mr Rupiah Banda and MMD members for the endorsement which fostered unity. The journey was fractures and acrimonious sometimes. The just ended elections shows that there’s still work to be done.

“To those who are dissatisfied with my election, good luck there are courts of law there,” he said.

Lungu congratulated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for a formidable campaign and performance.

“I promise that I will serve with diligence and submit myself to your collective wisdom. Poverty is unacceptable, it hurts me. We must work hard not through dazzling rhetoric but hardwork to fight it,” said Lungu.

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