Lungu Forms Tribunal to Investigate DPP

President Edgar Lungu, who today has traveled to South Africa for medical treatment, has issued an order to constitute a tribunal to investigate Zambia’s embattled Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito on corruption allegations.

As a result, Nchito has been suspended from his position pending the outcome of the Tribunal, marking a dramatic turn in the long-running scandal taking place within Zambia’s criminal justice system.

President Lungu has constituted the tribunal in accordance Article 58, sub-article (2) and (3) of the constitution of Zambia.

This relates to the case in which Former Finance Deputy Minister Newton Ngúni has been pushing to have Nchito prosecuted on a series of allegations which include forgery and false issuing of documents. The matter has been held up in the courts, however, after Nchito made a move to issue a nolle prosequi in his own case. Whether this nolle will stand up to appeal is another question, as the Lusaka High Court later ruled that Nchito could not take over the prosecution of his business partner, Post Newspaper Owner Fred M’membe, because it would represent a “personal interest.”

The appointed members of the Tribunal include the following:

1. Hon. Mr. Justice Annel Silungwe (Former Chief Justice) – Chairperson
2. Hon. Mr. Justice Mathew Ngulube (Former Chief Justice) – Member
3. Hon. Mr. Ernest Sakala (Former Chief Justice) – Member
4. And Mr. Mathew Zulu (Secretary)

During Nchito’s suspension Mrs. Lillian Shawa Siyuni has been appointed to discharge the functions and powers of the DPP during this period.

Mutembo Nchito was originally appointed as DPP by the late President Michael Sata, and has found himself drawn in to a number of hotly contested political disputes.


  1. You and Me

    About time. The shooter now faces the barrel of the gun.

    • Luchembe

      Yapya munzi. Politics at its best. Politics of the belly. Yaba….we are in for more surprises.

    • 'e' the independent f (x)

      i just wonder what screams we would get in a case where all appointees happened to be Tonga!? i guess we wouldn’t even sleep. ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION!

      • CAYZ

        Please leave serious issues for serious responders. This a serious criminal allegation.

    • UPND supporter

      Turu turu. Itizi Turu. The shooter will be made to dance naked. It is high time he faces the judicial probe and clear his name or resign and say bye bye to government job. Enuf of sycophants.

  2. zedoc

    Good move indeed. Let Mutembo Nchito be heard, and judged by a neutral body and not himself. He is no 16th or 17th century King.

  3. yabA

    nchito. Was the downfall of all the members of the tribunal. Wapya. Munzi

  4. Wilz

    EL never lets us down. Good 1 your Excellence!

  5. Chivunda Samusungwa

    …..and Lungu has appointed the notorious Copperbelt province PF cadre Sturdy Mwale as Lusaka province Permanent Secretary!This is misplacement of staff.Lungu is no longer serious in his job; he is acting like late dictator Michael Sata.

    • rock

      how can you say that our late president sata was a dictator and much less president edgar lungu is acting like him.for sure he is acting like him cos he is doing a great job.keep it up your excellency

  6. Kambachabe

    The Eastern Block Rules mirror seluR kcolB nretsaE. In short RB is back, Lungu dancing to his tune. They’re trying all the crooked tricks in the book to hound out Mutembo Nchinto and the lineup so far is impressive. All Eastern Block but one. Mathew NGULUBE, Enerst SAKALA, Mathew ZULU and of course the “Guinea Pig” Edgar Lungu and his boss Rupiah Wakoniwako Banda. They talk about tribalism in UP and DowN UPND and yet they practice it to the core. What a fallacy and a shame that instead of concentrating on the economy, free. Fall of the Kwacha Lungu is just politicking since he came to power. Dismantling the legacy he said he will uphold. If Sata was to wakeup today, only satan knows what Lungu will become. Incinerated.

    • cadre

      Iwe uli chipuba sana chikamba chobe ataaase

    • chikamoneka

      You forgot to Mention Mutembo Nchito : Eastern Province in case you did not know. The panel is based on their qualification and integrity they have built over a long time. It matters less where they come from.

  7. rock

    How can you say that our late president was a dictator have some decency.and of course president lungu is acting like him cos he is doing an excellent job.keep it up ba kateka besu may you live long GOD bless you

  8. Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

    Bravo my president.

    Flush out all the Sata & Family riffraff.

    Good job RB. Edgar is under good guidance.

    Hallelujah. Zambia needs a cleansing from Sata and his cronies.

  9. Native

    It’s an opportunity for DPP’s accusers to make there case much as it is Mutembo’s opportunity to prove his innocence. The Newton Ng’uni formula was a waste of everybody’s time.

  10. Simoonga David

    What President Lungu has done is the best way. Thats what is called the ruler of law. Let him now defend himself. You can not investigate the sitting DPP as the law states.

  11. housemaid


  12. kafahakurambwe

    What did you expect? Garbage in garbage out.

  13. loadist

    Elo mwala dancer Nyau Tune! I know the PF is loving this KUMAWA MAFIA takover. (NGULUBE, SAKALA, ZULU) of course he hope is to out vote Silungwe and try to indict at all cost. I love the way the PF is transforming into an all you inclusive government. All are included just aslong as you are a ZULU, MWALE, SAKALA, BANDA and of course LUNGU. Chapwa basenda PF.EL MWALA DANCER NYAU TUNE.GOOD

  14. Chitutuma

    Everything, there’s a time!

  15. 'e' the independent f (x)

    in arriving at the neutral decision, what shall be used, ngoni, chewa or tumbuka?

  16. Wamusegede Salema

    This is a good team. Now people cannot say RB is behind the appointment of this team. Sakala is the only one who worked with RB, the rest Silungwe worked with KK, Ngulube worked with FJT. These are good lawyers, one could not have asked for any better team.

  17. Mule

    Where are the bembas?now ecl has taken pf ku mawa.sata rest in pieces!

    • Observer

      Ba Mule – trying to stir despondency in the Bembas wont work. Concentrate on the merits of the case.

  18. Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

    Mmembe’s article has opened a can of worms!

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