Does Anyone Understand M’membe, asks Kambwili

Lungu-KambwiliThe bad blood between government and The Post Newspaper has pushed chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili to declare that state advertising and buying of the paper may be withdrawn if the paper continues attacking government.

An incensed Kambwili told a media briefing that The Post Newspapers may pay a high price for alleging that President Edgar Lungu collapsed on International Women’s Day because of an alcohol problem.

He said that the state would not tolerate unfair attacks by Post editor Fred M’membe through his editorials and news reporting.

Kambwili was angered by the papers’ coverage of Lungu’s fall where they crafted a bizarre headline saying “Chagwa Agwa”.

“Does anyone understand Mr M’membe’s thinking to put in his newspaper such a childish headline? For him to write that the President collapsed because of alcohol is not only evil but also untrue,” he said.

“If he continues on this self destructive path we will have no choice government will have no choice but to stop buying and also advertising in The Post.”

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