Shakafuswa Survives Hypertension Attack

Shakas, NkomboUnited Party for National Developmet, UPND, Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa has announced he survived a hypertension attack on Thursday which required medical attention at CFB Clinic in Lusaka.

He posted on social media that he spent the weekend starting Thursday after his blood pressure shot alarming high but expressed gratitude to the medical intervention.

Shakafuswa praised his fellow UPND parliamentarian Garry Nkombo, medical personnel and extented his gratitude to President Edgar Lungu. A certain known UPND online mouthpiece has recently subjected President Lungu to ridicule including publishing false information about his health.

The Head of State, however, put aside politics to gentlemanly and humanely tend to Shakafuswa’s ailment.

“Spent weekend, from thursday, in Cfb with high BP. My readings on admission was 235/145.Thanks Hon. Gary Nkombo for being there for me. My wife, children, friends, and relatives who came to stand by my bed side.

“HE. Edgar Lungu for your comforting message and pledge to visit me tomorrow. My mother-in-law Dr Dorothy Kasonde for marshalling the team of physicians who attended to me especialy my new in-law Dr Davey. Fortunately I have been discharged. To God be praise,” Shakafuswa stated.

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