Inter City Bus Terminus to Introduce Electronic Ticketing

The Lusaka City Council will soon introduce an electronic ticketing system starting this year at the Inter City Bus Terminus.

Lusaka Mayor George Nyendwa said this today during an information session workshop.

Nyendwa said the council was currently generating revenue from bus operators by charging a gate fee for every bus leaving the terminus, a system which he said was fraught with challenges.

“There is no standard ticketing system or operation in use at the terminus. Each bus operator runs their ticketing operation independently. Passengers are only able to purchase tickets at the terminus. This has led to significant congestion on the terminus and unauthorised callboys harassing commuters. The entire payment system is manual, creating a number of opportunities for fraud or circumvention of the system to take place; but with this [electronic ticketing] system, we will handle and correct all these things,”Nyendwa said.

Nyendwa said the system would earn additional revenue for the local authority, reduce congestion, create transparency, accountability and jobs and training for porters at the terminus.

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