Post say M’membe and His Two Reporters Summoned by Police

M'membe-MaureenAccording to the cartel publication – The Post – Fred M’membe and his two reporters have reportedly been summoned by police for questioning.

M’membe, the editor in chief of the Post, and his rookie reporters Kombe Mataka and Mukosha Funga are expected at Woodlands Police Station in Lusaka tomorrow.

A criminal investigations officer who identified himself as Chama said the three Post employees were required to appear for questioning at Woodlands Police station tomorrow morning.

Chama, who was in the company of another officer, declined to give details of the offence or article in question.

“Thank you very much sir for your time, Chama told M’membe. Like I said over the phone, we are just here to drop the call-out for our big brother here Mr Fred and the young ‘man’ Mataka to come tomorrow to police, to Woodlands Police for some interviews of some kind.

When Post defence counsel Nchima Nchito asked what the interviews would be about, Chama said it was over “some publications” but did not give details.
“Its about some publications of some kind,” said Chama.

An hour later, the police officers returned to The Post newspaper head office and delivered another call out for Funga, who has been sunmoned to appear along with M’membe and Mataka.


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  2. Danny

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  3. Pastor Richard

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  4. awisi mwana

    Do we really have to be subjected to these unprintables all in the name of freedom of speech?

  5. Hildah Dollika Malama

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