Let He Without Sin Point A Finger At General Kanene

Gen KaneneThe immediate reaction when news of the release of musician General Kanene broke out was to burst into a tantrum and naturally let out a few unpalatable words against the establishment. Of course in the comfort of my living room!

But then it did cross my mind that maybe I had let my emotions get the better of me and not taken a deeper reflection of what the real implications. My mind did stray to what the law says and then my imagination just gave a quick check. Did President Edgar Lungu act within the law?

Were there any compelling reasons to give Kanene whose real name is Clifford Dimba to be handed a fast track ticket out of jail after being handed an 18 year jail sentence for defilement? Why is there a provision for the prerogative of mercy in the Zambian constitution? Naturally I began to sober up and realised that the President acted within the law. He enjoys the right to pardon anybody and this power is unquestionable.

There is also the usual recommendation by the Prison Service Commission for the pardoning of any prisoner who in their judgment may have shown remorse and the Head of State did admit receiving a powerful recommendation in the case of Kanene consequently naming him ambassador against Gender Based Violence.

And then of course there were also gray areas at trial given the age of the alleged victim with the report of the defilement coming belatedly presumably as an afterthought. Of course this is not the time or place to argue about the merits or demerits of the now closed case.

Just maybe before anyone casts a stone at Kanene maybe they could pull out scripture and reflect on one of the most revolutionary acts Jesus pulled when an adulterous woman was brought before him by an angry mob baying for her blood. “Let he who has never sinned be the first one to cast a stone.” Good Day. To Kanene welcome back but surely you can only earn your freedom fully by being an exemplary example.

Here is a curious case of General Kanene’s prison time as presented by Mashindi Ntambu

In the month of June, I visited LCP(Chimbokaila) to attend to my clients that were held there.Out of interest and curiousity, I inquired about General Kanene who at the time was still being held at LCP D-Block(This section is for inmates with jail sentences above 10 years).

My informants G & T revealed some rather shocking information about Kanene. In particular to his visitors roster.
1.Kanene whilst at LCP was visited by the same victim as many times as his wives visited him collectively?
2.Any lawyer worth his calling will tell you that Kanene’s defence was a total disaster.Cheap can be expensive at times.

So for all of you castigating the Presidency on Kanene’s release think again.Justice has been served and the girl who you all think in your mind was a victim has had a prayer request answered. She couldn’t live with the thought of having an innocent man incarcerated.This is no different from the Chilufya Tayali Vs.Ruth Zulu case..

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