Open Letter to President Edgar Lungu

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Open Letter To President Lungu
State House,
Independence Avenue
06 Sep 2015
Dear Mr President,

This letter is not written in a spirit of hate, disrespect, nor is it motivated in any way by racial bias and is written with respect due the office and the awesome tasks that have been laid on your shoulders.

I write this letter because I am a tax paying Zambian citizen who has experienced the behaviour which has been exhibited by ZESCO LTD under its current management you installed immediately you assumed presidential office this year.

Suffice to say is that we have lost a lot of credence due to continuous indiscriminate load shedding by the only power supplying company of the nation. Much as I do not expect you to directly get things done at Zesco, I believe you have insurmountable influence to direct the operations of this vital institution.

While we fully understand that the government has no enough financial muscle to improve on the equipment, we clearly know that the institution has performed better under other management teams even the immediate past. This was while they used the same equipment which we are pretending to be in bad conditions now. However sympathetically load shedding may be justified, the practice has affected and cost the nation in the following ways:

(1)Poor pass rate and high failure rate- one would argue that students must study hard while at school, college or university campus. However, under normal circumstances a normal student studys in the evening, or night when the environment is calm. But students of today have not been given that chance to study during the night because lighting is never there until they start dozing. Would you expect a student of any level to perform well in exams sure? In the end people have blindly blamed it on ill staffing of teachers and use of leakages by pupils. Don’t you know that students lost study time to load shedding? It is very sad and sad indeed to have this kind of torture by our own government, companies who use our own money. After 50 years of independence.

(2) Economic downturn- ever since Mr Chitundu’s was faired by the management power supply became erratic and businesses that depend on electricity have experienced chronic suffering. This has reduced money generation capacity for the country thereby almost suffocating the economy.

(3) I’m wondering whether ZESCO has changed the timetable it announced for load shedding some two months ago, the hours that some townships are being load shed seem to be more than that of other townships.

I wish to express confidence that the case in study here will be given the maximum attention and value it deserves.

Yours Sincerely
Lwando M Bbuku

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