Zambia’s G9 Pupils Write Final Exam at Midnight

Libala G9Zambia’s Grade Nine pupils were forced to write their final examinations late into the night due to insufficient material particularly in Computer Classes.

An informer says; “Happening right now (last night) , grade nine students at Libala basic school in Lusaka have been delayed to write their computer paper due to the fact that the school doesn’t have enough computers.

“They have been put in groups and this will go on upto 23hours tonight (last night). 51 years after Independence, we are still behind with technology. This is so unaccepteable not to mention shameful on the part of the school who couldn’t come up with a better plan to avoid such situations. Very uncalled for!!

The situation was not different in Kaoma, Western Province. An informer said; “dear admin, please address to post this photos were taken yesterday around 23 hours where children were still writing the exams in Kaoma.

“I don’t know where we’re going as a country when the children are supposed to write in the morning there’s no power power came around 15 hours so the Minister of Education should do something this is not right.”

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