Letter: The French Flag and Some African Petty Reasoning

FranceOur education system in Zambian and Africa at large need to be revised so that its core value or purpose is not only to empower graduates with jobs but we need also to learn so that we come to appreciate life! You see, when a Goat is chained on a Tree for a long time and let loose it to move freely afterwards, it will still continues rotating on the same place and cursing the one that tied it on a Tree thinking it’s still on the Chain!

The behavior of SOME Africans toward Western and European Nations is still of a Goat because even when freedom to govern ourselves has been given, some Africans will still continue cursing the once oppressors and will criticize even a simple move! The late Lucky Dube sung;- “Not every black man is my brother and not every white man is my enemy,” and I want to also say that “not everything that a black man does is right and not everything that a white man does is wrong!”

Africans should never dance to the tunes of Western and European Nation but let’s not be critical of everything that these nations do including a simple temporary change of FLAG on our Facebook after all its not even a must!

Saying that you can’t change your profile with the French Flag to sympathize with bomb blast victimes because such move has not been done for an African nation is really primitive thinking and hypocritical of its highest order! Why should we show Sympathy and solidarity to France?

1: When a Bomb explodes in a particular Nation, it does not only target Citizens of that Nation but even other nationalities including Zambians automatically become victim if they happens to be on the Scene! And we know that France shares a large percentage of Africans that have gone there to seek Health attention, Education Purposes, work, e.t.c.

2: Do not rely on Falk-tales to cheat that France or European and Western nation do not show sympathy to Africans death Victims because that’s a statement one cannot Substantiate! In Zambia we had the Garbon air disaster that claimed the entire squared and it took FRANCE and other Western nations such as U.S.A. to retrieve the bodies of our dear befallen heros from the Atlantic Ocean! When the Late President Levy P. Mwanawasa died in France, The French government escorted the body in a dignified manner and Most Zambians praised the French government for their concerned! When Boka Halam took those Nigerian innocent girl children in their camps, again France and other European and Western Nations took part in the “BRING BACK OUR GIRLS” campaign!

3: African gladly accept the Donor Aid from France but today we can’t sympathize with France? I know most people here will claim not to have anything to do with Donor Aid but let me assure you that as long as you have used and still using government facilities such as Hospital, Schools e.t.c you’re an indirect Beneficiary of Donor Aid that comes from France!

4: Even if France and other European nations did not show sympathy with African death victims, 2 wrong don’t make a right. Moreover our African culture attaches much respect to death victims regardless of race!

We are one and we live in a global village so let support each other regardless of our Race!

My opinion!

Joseph Chibwe

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