NRDC Mysterious Disease Identified

The mysterious disease that recently hit the Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) has been identified as Influenza H3N2 virus.

Presenting a Ministerial Statement in parliament Health Minister Dr Joseph Kasonde said that the disease was none life threatening.

Dr Kasonde was responding to a point of order from Kasenengwa Member of Parliament Victoria Phiri the minister said that tests were done on 140 students and the outcome had proved none life threatening.

The disease caused panic among the students with some of the signs being flu, diarrhoea, running noses, eye irritation.

Dr Kasonde said that there was no reason to close the institution as there was no threat to the students and the lecturers.

He said that the Ministry of Health will keep monitoring the situation at the institution.

Dr Kasonde said the disease was common where there people crowded in one place.

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