Mahtani Continues to Falsely Claim Ownership of Finance Bank

The fallen former banker Rajan Mahtani has continued to present himself publicly as the owner of Finance Bank of Zambia Ltd. (FBZL) despite having sold all his shares months ago, a source informs Zambia Reports, which is not only illegal but a violation of contract.

According to the source with knowledge of Mahtani’s operations, the businessman has continued to conduct business under the guise as Chairman of Finance Bank in recent with unsuspecting lenders and borrowers, and maintains a series of some 50+ websites in which he claims to continue to own the bank.

Among those websites include propaganda platforms such as,,,,,, and, as well as dozens of others, the source says. In addition to these fraudulent claims, Mahtani has similarly hired a PR team to push out dozens of sites claiming that he owns other companies such as Zambezi Portland Cement – though the facts are clear that he was forced out by the courts following an attempted illegal takeover.

“Mahtani continues to use his old business cards with unsuspecting businessmen – he is deceiving them into thinking that he still owns a bank that he has already sold, and making commitments based on lines of credit he no longer can offer,” the source says. “Mahtani pays a small group of Indians to create these propaganda sites, which all link back and forth between each other with the same false information as an effort to hide the truth about his documented acts of corruption. Can you name any other serious banker who has so many fake websites filled with basic lies?”

On November 2, 2015 a deal was announced by the international banking group Atlas Mara, led by former Barclays chief Bob Diamond and Ugandan businessman Ashish Thakkar, to purchase 100% of Mahtani’s interest in FBZL for $60 million plus shares.

“Despite taking their money, Mahtani has continued to thumb his nose at Atlas Mara and violate the contract of sale by carrying on with this fantasy that he still owns the bank. He is causing them damage by carrying on with this masquerade,” the source said.


  1. chalo bantu

    kekekekekeke! ba Sakwiba Sikota we told you not to messup with Mahtani! you are a dull lawyer and he is a Smart Banker! he is sharper than you my friend! now that you dont even know what is going on kwambafye ukusabaila! kikikikikikikikikiki!

    • Kerry

      Whatever Mathani did to Sakwiba, it’s massive. I have never seen such level of bitterness against a fellow human being unless he stole your wife that you loved so much.

  2. Kalampa 4 lyf

    I thought that this issue is now water under the bridge,ZR why you are always throwing mud at Rajani?Im always baffled by your naive scavenger hunts against Mathani.Does Finance Bank belong to you ZR ?Tell us.

  3. Learned Politician

    fuck u reporters.y troubling that man?y do u keep calling him a criminal? have u ever wondered y big men of this country especially politicians can’t be smart as him?because they want to be honoured for nothing. so please don’t post rubbish atase bambwa imwe,always talking on same things.don’t u dare again.

    • kingman

      You claim to be a learned Politician but all u say is rubish. you better mind your language. This is not facebook! >.<

  4. Koswe

    It appears the Zambia reports is deeply thirsty for Mathani’s blood. Their fight is not working and the more they write such nonsense it makes them sound very black intent on jealous. My white wife and my lovely coloured sister Chichi can’t stomach this nonsense.

  5. Curious

    The reporters are right. All the website are clearly shown, why not found out for your selves. They do have a solid evidence that Mathani sold the sh*t.

  6. Read properly

    The bank has not been sold yet that is why he is still claiming ownership. Statement from Atlas Mara said agreement had been reached to buy and that deal would be concluded hopefully by end of first quarter 2016

  7. mwe bantu

    Chaps are funny so your source knows all this and Mr. Diamond at Atlas Mara is in the dark after committing 60 million dollars? LFMAO. HAHAHAHAHA FUNNY!!!

  8. John kabengele

    Mulenga, you are stupid, do you know how Mahtani , built finance bank from the scratch you must be a big idiot together with your sakwiba sikota to write such stupid article.

  9. 18 October

    @John Kabengele; exactly my words except to add that Sakwiba aka Evans Mulenga is ashamed by this sale.remember he and he’s zambia reports repeatedly wrote rubbish in an attempt to pursuade Atlas Mara from buying finance bank now that they have been defeated they adopt another strategy.Shame on you!

  10. Full General

    Koswe Rat kapanga and chichi Ichipuba… So you are every where…

  11. Tag me

    My bro Koswe is fine and talks sense our zesco z bullshit my white woman calls it shit .

    • Tag me

      Koswe and chichi u are good im white ,like you fellas tell these idiiot

  12. John kabengele

    What a stupid heading

  13. kaika

    hehehe….we still have a man of action.go ahead mahtani and show ths guys that u ar nt a coward over wat belongs to u

  14. geo m

    just leave him he has created employment than zr

  15. musonda onetime chungu

    awe ni life

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