Lungu Upgrades Bweengwa Basic School, Where HH Was Educated

President Edgar Lungu has once again proved critics wrong by walking the talk when he promised to upgrade Bweengwa Basic School.

President Lungu has sent his Special Assistant for Projects and Implementation Lucky Mulusa to conduct on the spot check with Provincial administration on the needs for school upgrade.

Speaking when he toured the school this past Saturday afternoon, Mr. Mulusa told members of the press that Bweengwa basic school will be upgraded to a Secondary School.

The status of the school has attracted attention, as this was the institution which educated Hakainde Hichilema, the president of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), whose supporters had long claimed that Lungu would not fulfill his promise to upgrade the school.

Speaking with press, Mulusa said that President Lungu had promised to mobilise resources from the private sector and foreign investors because there was no budget allocation in the current budget.

Meanwhile, school head teacher Sage Soloko has thanked President Lungu for the gesture.

Mr. Soloko said currently the School enrolls 100 pupils per class because of lack of space.

Two weeks, ago President Lungu at a rally promised that he was going to send a team to assess the school needs.

Just after the rally several PF supporters were assaulted by UPND cadres. See pictures of the current status of the school in disrepair.






  1. Bwana Joe

    HH NEVER went to that school.
    He was a pupil at Mooya basic school which is 28km away from the one that the idiot thinks was HH’s school.
    Social media has shown that the President has advisors who even lack brains to research properly.
    Also why have nobody been arrested for the so called Bweengwa attacks on Lungu?
    People have now decided that it was all a cooked up story to make southerners look violent.
    When Lungu the fool can’t even have one PF cadre arrested for the Ndola airport invasion.
    Trucks loads of cadres were seen including number plates of vehicles but police have been told not to arrest anybody because the president would be embarrassed over who was involved and which minister paid those cadres to harrass Miles Sampa.
    People across the country know that PF is the most violent party in the history of Zambia.
    Lungu is trying to start a civil war so that he can delay elections.
    Why not post how the jerabos of Kitwe have threatened to invade southern province and kill anybody seen wearing UPND regalia?
    Your the most useless media in Zambia right now Mr Dickson Jere.
    You may find after August that your safety becomes an issue because of your constant posting of stories that push people to rebel.
    So far not a day passes that Zambia Reports publishes false information to incite people against a tribe of Zambia.
    The people will revolt against PF’s agenda.

    • pillar

      Bwana Joe u are very dull and u are no up todate,last week 6 UPND cadres were arrested for attacking govt officials,now today u are exposing your level of illiteracy, HH confirmed that he was once a pupil from that school but who are u chimbwi to deny that? the airport fracas was not PF cadres but miles sampa ‘s cadres.

      please learn to research

      • Che Guevera

        How do Miles Sampa’s cadres attack him instead of protecting him?To what purpose?Were they arrested , if not why not?

      • Noah

        HH now treated like a foreigner,let HH Be free and mobilise his party de same way u ar doing….

    • chisa

      Bwana Joe you are very dull & foolish idiot you don’t read news papers 6 people were arrested they will appear in court soon chikala chobe

      • KwaBulozi


        So if some has a different view you go childish. Be a man or woman and argue your case.

        This is the mediocrity of PF cadres.

        • KwaBulozi


          Learn to grow up pilar/Chisa.

          Lets debate not descend into fits and rages.

          Where is your counter argument?

        • JNM

          Come on guys

      • Red cross

        Chisa is very dull ,he cant see sense from no sense ,forgive this fella,he will be the first person to turn round and run at a high speed

        • KwaBulozi

          @Ba Nkalamo

          Stop being childish man like Chisa and Pillar. You may even be the same person.

          Time to grow and put away childish antics. Small kids cry when they cannot get what they want. I assume you are an adult to be able to use a keyboard as opposed to playing with crayons and Lego toys.

          Let debate.

    • Donald

      Response: What HH has done as a person to help society?
      Greetings muntu wandi , shani ubumi na global ndume yandi?
      Well, I write to try and say 1 or 2 things over your question as to what the Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has done for Society at a personal level in relation to an Ambulance Hon Enoch Kavindele bought after foregoing a salary during the time he was Member of Parliament. ( Though it sounds weird but let’s go)
      Firstly, Hon Kavindele is a wrong example to question HH’s charity work considering he Kavindele was an elected Member of Parliament possibly a Minister or may be Vice President at a time he made this very progressive donation as such, he was simply foregoing a salary paid to him by tax payers ….
      Moving on, HH has never occupied a public office where his salary was paid by tax payers as such , anything he does for the good of Society is done out of the hard work and sweat of his family .
      Worth noting before going further , is the fact that HH is a High Value Tax Payers contributing to the Treasury in a massive way as well as an employer of thousands just that alone it’s a milestone of responsibility to Society. If it were in other countries , he could have been honoured but hey this is Zambia.
      Secondly , I want to say that, it’s been very difficult to highlight HH’s Charity work for Society at a personal level with the kind of sensationalism in our political discourse where certain things that are done in good-faith , good-will and without ill-intentions are used against them to look bad .
      Furthermore , previously HH’s political opponents had managed to paint him as a pompous, boastful and a man full of pride for who he is … They managed to turn people against him so much such that , even if there is a good gesture somewhere , he or his supporters should not mention it because it will amount to boasting and showing off. This has added to the dismal awareness by those like you from knowing some of very numerous community and charity works this Opposition leader does… off course himself doesn’t see it as a loss , for he is naturally a person that believes in “what the right hand does or gives , the left hand should not know and vis vesa” to him even if he could have used this to propel his political mileage , because these are activities he started doing so many years before he joined active politics , he feels it’s an obligation to help and share the little God has blessed his family with those in needy. As such he does not bother .
      Ba Mutale wesu, here are few community works that I am aware of that HH has done , Sir, you are based in Munali just few metres from where you and I bumped into each other few weeks ago, (by the way i was amazed and amused at your sharp memory of identifying a guy you just see on Facebook especially that we were both driving and you just stopped to give me a right of way but within seconds , you shouted Royd !! Royd !! Royd Moonga atishani iwe muntu ?” anyways you are an intelligent guy…) just find out along the road opposed Kamanga Station where they do a lot of Car washes whose water Project is that .
      There is a Borehole ,machine, big Tank and and Project office that has a BIG UPND symbol with writings
      —–” HH WATER PROJECT, DONATED BY THE UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ” on the Tank and Wall of the office. That Water Tank is supplying piped water to surrounding houses in Kamanga and the other side of Chelstone to over 5000 households and 45 water kiosks in Kamanga at a fair mantainance fee. WHAT MORE CAN A MAN DO ?
      -In Mbala HH promised to sink 5 boreholes and the last borehole was equipped last month.
      -GRADING OF MHATIMA GHANDI GROUND :- HH helped in clearing the famous Mhatma Ghandi community ground in Mtendere after the entire space of 200 X 200 was turned into waste dump site for over 20 years and used tipper trucks to clear the hips of wastes to back fill community roads.
      – MSISI POLICE :- HH donated money for the construction of a POLICE POST in MSISI Compound and MMD Govt was very comparative by managing the Project , provided the plan and officers ..that was after residents complained of criminality in the area that had no Police Post.
      -ROOFING OF MATERO MARKET – In 2009 Mr Hichilema bought Iron Sheets and assembled local youths to rehabilitate and roof the dilapidated Matero Market and himself Mr Hichilema was on top of the roof working with youths ..
      -20 BOREHOLES IN N/WESTERN PROVINCE most of which were suck the outskirts of Solwezi Central …among them St Francis and at re Palace.
      -HH has donated furniture to a number of Palaces some of which the current head of State goes to seat on when paying courtesy calls to these Palaces
      -HH constructed a health post which he handed over to the Ministry for equipping in Milanzi Katete district of Eastern Province and 6 Boreholes in Chief Mbang’ombe in Eastern.
      -In Zambezi District HH donated 7 Dip Tanks for cattle dipping after the out break of animal diseases today the DACO’s offices use the same Dip Tanks for their periodic disease curbing and monitoring.
      -In Southern Province across he has suck a number of Dip Tanks and boreholes , Dams for rural farmers
      -HH has built houses and renovated some for old aged around the country as he encounters different serious cases that can’t wait untill he forms Govt.
      -HH has family Tertiary Education Bursary scheme that supports over 50 students at time in various Universities…

    • chief

      @Bwana joe.
      If you a well mannered person. You can not be insulting head of state. Its important to discuss issues, lets avoid urgh language. The issue here remain the same, HH has failed on his social abilities. Even if the school is 28 km as you put it. If he cannot perform in his area, looking at how rich he is, will he perform in my Bemba land.

      • martha

        dull dats de duty ov dis chakolwa not hh chakolwa uses our tax
        he need tu use it wisely othr wise he has faild.

    • KwaBulozi

      A mediocre person is known by mediocre actions.

      Let him upgrade ALL schools not just one for political leverage.

      This is nonsense. Just to try to shame another political leader?

      This mediocrity is taking us nowhere Mr Lungu.

    • Donald

      Praising a fish for breathing in water.

    • Che Guevera

      Arm yourselves are the jerabos.Shoot on sight in the head or in the chest.If you need high calibre rifles or shotguns.Call 0977 732100

    • Che Guevera

      Let those jerabos come to Southern Province, we have enough guns and ammution to use in self defense.High calibre rifles and shotguns.We have also informed the Kalavinas be our allies.

    • Future leader

      HH himself said that he was at that school so who are you to deny?

    • telo

      We are aware of what happened in bweengwa the DC Monze was given cash to share with cadres, now he did not share the said money to the cadres who travelled from different districts the same anoid the cadres to lay unabush with the view to stone Government vehicles. If we take damage assessment only GRZ vehicles were badly done.may appeal is late the advises give ECL at least reasonable advise than misleading him he is a good President but he is surrounded by unwanted pipo

  2. One dog

    Who owns that sch the government or HH

    • KwaBulozi

      We pay taxes.

      It is not even Edgar’s pocket money for Dickson Jere to be boasting.

  3. Mr. Kausa

    Please Lungu try something else not this, cause no matterr what you do we are still going to vote for HH.

  4. Edwin chulu

    Well, who is to bleme, is it the current GRZ, or HH? If we are to make a savay, how many school that produced politicians and ministers are in the same state? You will discover a lot of them. This must be a government project not as an individual. Politicians, my advice to you is that do not creat haterat amongest your self. Campening is not all about denting names, it all about developmental isues. Zambia is a peaceful country. Let develop zambia as one zambia, one nation, as our father Kk used to call it.

  5. morg

    what useless reporting by ZR.Yes its gvt duty to do the works m any gvt school.and where were they all almg?is this not campaining?Too late bwana

  6. pretty

    Yaba cheap politics zoona, who are his handlers?! Let them remind him that he is using MY tax and not PF money to upgrade the school. And why only this school out of 7,500 others countrywide? And isn’t that the job of Ministry of education, or is mulusa the new minister for education? So irritating, do these people think all Zambian are fools to fall for such I’ll conceived trickery? You are not doing HH or the people of bweengwa a favour, it is their constitutional right to receive social services from government

    • morgy

      Comment @ pretty just a point of correction, in the presdent’s speech he mentioned that he is going to mobilise some resources from private sector as well as foreign investors and not your tax as this was not there in the budget.

      • Christopher

        Comment:a piont correction mustgo to you r saying money be sourced from private sector within zambia, it is tax payer money so she right to complain .foreigne money to be used face lift a school? We r hand capped that we a s zambians should entirly depend on donners come broher man

        • morgy

          Comment: BA Chris, do you understand the meaning of Private sector?

          • Native

            But it can also easily be money fleeced from over priced road contracts, laundered and presented to zambians as “goodwill” from the private sector.

      • Red cross

        But what is the policy of government on public infrastructure? Are we now saying if really hh was at this school then he should look after it at all cost ? What’s the role of govt then is it not looking after its people ? Moreover the money to build that school of at all it will be built will not come from someone ‘s pocket but from a tax payer ,build it at that is the work of govt.

      • life experience

        Poor electioniering project, let him build from his pocket if it is language

        • life experience

          I mean let lungu build from his pocket, why shift the blame to where it does not belong, he should actually blame his minister education for not doing their job. Shere senseless article.


    Country men and women this journalism I am seeing pa Zambia Reports is really amazing and pathetic by pathetic fools, the headline says lungu upgrades but looking at the story in detail it’s talking about something else, sending some cadre to inspect. But this ZR should have been intelligent enough to carry out an investigation because it is embarrassing to concoct stories like this, this school in pictures is not the one HH attended, so really I have difficulties understanding why report such lies, post such a misleading story.Anyway your agenda won’t work too bad for you.

  8. Bunda emmanuel

    How is it the business of any one
    ssingle person or country how a
    wealthy man chooses to utilize his
    wealthy or are we now being told
    that contribution to refurbishing of a
    wealthy manz former school qualifies
    them for presidency. Is it rewarding
    and correct really to talk about one’s
    former school as if he were the only
    one that went to this school.
    Attention must be to the unbearable
    cost of living and cost of doing
    business.What if the means
    to.contribute to this former school
    remain unrealized becoz of the ailing
    economy not to mention thatz govt
    obligation.It may be necessary to ask
    govts presence in that observation,,,,

  9. Christopher

    Comment:Agon is revamping a wrong school in wanting to win the hearts of opposition support at the same time maing a griviates error where a class is loads 100 pupils shame if cholera breaks out on this school it will be closed another cost worsted money think PF. You people that surround EL u r misleading the man and he failing.

  10. morgy

    Comment : Zambian’s let’s give credit where its due, by the way how many presidents have past without paying attention to this school? This school can be related to a national monument coz it has produced one of Zambia’s prominent businessmen/ politician.

  11. herbert

    Foolish reporters who told you that HH was educated at Bweengwa?yu are as foolish as your boss lungu.

    • chisa

      Herbert chinyo chanoko, stop insulting our handsome president you should insult hh chakala chakwe who does not smile mwa ifikala ne finyo fi upnd

  12. ISIL

    Bane leave HH alone. Does that school belong to him or government? ma imbwa imwe

    • chief

      HH wants to be president. if he was not rich, I can understand. But the man fails to donate to a school in his area, These are signs of being greedy. Anyway its typical of tongas . I cannot argue.

      • KwaBulozi

        The real question is Edgar is upgrading this school now?

        PF have been in power for over four years and are using OUR TAXES.

  13. BLACK

    Some people think less and act more….How does this affect HH really…

  14. moscow

    If pipo who pay tax can use their salaries to buy small things like paint and computers for former schools what of HH? our friends have a problem when it comes to money. Akaso bane

  15. tito

    though hh got his primary education from that school its not his responsibility to maintain the school for there is a government who’s responsibility is to maintain schools then its so childish to do politics because a political figure is involved

  16. HH

    Tito but when you have made it big time ,you must go and do same thing or help the school .

  17. icutya

    Its unfortunate Zambians debate like people who never went to school and got educated. Ask yourself what have you done to refurbish the school(s) where you got educated. None!! Empty tins indeed

  18. Ba Lenje batanshi

    Why has GRZ school been neglected so much? GRZ is not even ashamed to display it as neglected by HH just because it is in HH’s village neighborhood. HH is a private citizen who is paying tax that must be used by EL to ensure that such infrastructure is in good state. Why should HH use his personal money on top of the huge tax he pays to do GRZ projects? Someone must be very dull!!!!!!!!!!

  19. never mind

    Comments hh. Is the best to rule this country. don’t start what you can’t finish. that school did not brings up only hh but even highly posted in government where they but why on one person those are cheap politics.

  20. wisk

    bcz of so called hh today in kanyama we ar drinking clean water n the water now is for free thank u hh viva 2016

  21. Rasco

    We are all ignorant of the fact that this is election year and each party is trying to out do the other. Why of all the school did Lungu go to where the Kachema comes from? There are so many schools in the South that require Upgrading, knowing very well that it is frm this province Zambia finds BIG BRAINS. Kk atested to that. Even KK failed to corrupt Southerners, even late Mwanawasa attestef to that. Why, because the literance levels are quite high, thus, they exactly know what qualities a leader must have. It is Lungu’s responsibility to upgrade Bweengwa. Where does he take money HH pays Government in form of tax…..SHIT …isn’t it?

  22. Seeker

    What a shame ,so hh has even abandoned his own backgrounds?

  23. never mind

    Government are just embarrassing them selves coz are the one to removert it coz it is a government property .what about lungu what does he done at his former school unza nothing only closure what a president but you are busy accusing innocent person be fair of what you say morover his not a counselor, MP, president what authority can he have to start renovat it shame on you

  24. Ecl2016 and beyond

    Have seen alot of fools yaping..let me not comment mayo

  25. antena

    Hh should learn and ask from his rich counter part uyu walufumo GBM.

    • Pool Fools

      Dull indeed. How many schools, if any, did Vodka Bulungu work on when he was just poor drunkard minister..

  26. patriotic zambian

    You can even laugh at hw pathetic some pipo are, is it mandetory that u hav 2 donate 2 yo former school?, who should b in charge of infrustructure development?, is it government or the opposition?. I see no point or the relevance of running this story

  27. ecl sata nyoko

    bafikala u want hh 2 use his hard earned cash 2 renovate grz school. panyo panu u shud think b4 u comment. y cnt da government use da same money 2 reopen unza and cbu

  28. Mortgo

    only person how can upgrade gvt schools is Mr lungu…not politicain to upgrade schools…people of zambia think before

  29. ISAACS

    we are very far to reach SA and other country who are issue based debaters.u ur insultng yo fellow zambian,what of a forengner.u neva see thz insults frm them.i dnt blame leaders bt pipo who habour grudges and hate by nt respectng oza pipoz opinion.we hv to embrace each oza afta role we r all zambian.insultn each aza wi divide us if i love miles sampa i dnt expect to hate zoz who lov lunga.we busy fighn dem r comfortable.dnt misuse yo social freedom.i love u all despite u been upnd!

  30. DR Saddam

    U people u don’t think positively uselfs ve u ever done something to ur former schools nt even a book u pigs food HH FORWARD PA 11 AUGUST 2016.

  31. Balluga

    @Bwana Joe. Please with counter argument and not insults- it does not make one great. You have points but you use of vulgar language immediately subtracts whatever you are trying to put across. Do not imitate thug language.

  32. PM

    It is amazing how dull this ZR can be. Lungu did not use his personal money to fix that school. It is not HH responsibility to fix dilapidated government institution. If I may ask the writer, what have you done for your former school? You cant even fix your father’s falling house in the village. Leave HH alone. Make your own money. How can praise Lungu for using my money on fixing a school. How can you think Zambians are so dull to believe your cheap political propaganda? Please stop insulting Zambian tax payers, who pay your president for doing nothing. STUPID IDIOTS

  33. Native

    I may have a more positive opinion of Edgar Lungu if the reporters of this story can show us the school(s) that the President attended with a record of works/contributions financed from his personal financial resources and when that assistance was rendered. Similarly could Hakainde’s people also show us pictures of Mooya School that the opposition leader attended and what help he has rendered to that institution (with pictorial evidence if available of the school before and after the upgrade). We will thereafter make our own judgement(s) as to who the more responsible citizen of the two is.

  34. hakainde hakalema navo

    U can’t compare hh and Edgar. Edgar has no money is not a business man. Is from chawama its how u hh cadres put it.ka HH is a business guru any idiot can’t even donate a chalk if gbm can donate ubunga to his home village. Who is hh not to that. Can u give the last meal to yo neighbor. Well yo children ate busy pargging air.its mediocre…….kikilil

    • bb

      He failed to run his kantemba of a law firm and ended up stealing from a client.

    • Native

      But Andrea Masiye Legal practitioners was/is (whichever is applicable) a business providing legal services at rates stipulated by the FAZ guidelines that’s supposed to have made money and declared dividends/profit sharing to its shareholders and partners. Some of the highest earning professionals in zambia are lawyers so how could he not have made money when his professional colleagues did and still are?

  35. Mwe bantu

    What do you mean Lungu. HH pays taxes, I pay taxes, You ba ZR pay taxes so that these things are done by the government of the day. Don’t praise yourselves for doing things which you were elected to do. It is not HH’s job to develop that school. He pays taxes to Lungu so that he does exactly what he is praising himself for doing. I am wondering whether people at ZR are real journalists or just cadres in disguise.

  36. lukwesa

    This idi0t of a man Lungu wanted HH to use his personal money to rehabilitate a government school, and the question is, let this drunkard show us one of the schools he has rehabilitated that he went to using his personal money. Has he rehabilitated that school in southern province using his personal money! This is very dull! Kwati te president! So petty uyu cikala cawishi! Echo umupila ifyanakashi fyapekuka imyona!

  37. Wonagani Penias

    Comment The School Upgrading 2 Secondary Shows Lov ECL Has 4 Zambia Not Region Or Tribal.The UPND Went 2 Chipata And Held Mettings At PF Tolerantd Them Bcoz Are Execrsin Democracatic Right And What Cadres Did Was Shame And Zambians Are Living In Fear.

  38. Che Guevera

    When RB was in power civil servants were paid between 15 and 18 of the month.Today is 23 Feb, and our poor civil servants have not been remembered.I hope Chishimba Kambwili will not say its global.

  39. elias chipimo kach (GBM)

    Comment::::::A.k.a JERABOS,
    in kasama we’ve made
    an orgnisation callf’
    KSM 4 PF 4 ECL 4 KSM.

    • martha

      why always u talk negativ abt HH ? zambian reporters ,&edegar stranded & afraid ov HH.

  40. kaya

    Comment bwana Joe matole tone

  41. .News flash

    First ov all what z ruling party? Hh z the politician, it doesn’t matter wether he went to that school ov bengwa ””””’ He aim z to build better nation “”””””::::::::
    Edgar u should concentrate on wat u r doing just build is de development of a country :::::::

  42. Native

    The tragedy of PF propaganda is that they more often than not shoot themselves in the foot. The supposed upgrade of this bweengwa school is for now verbal because no plan, budget or legal instrument has been passed yet to formalize and rationalize the institution’s elevation to secondary school from the “piggery” it still is. Has anyone thought about upgrading the schools in nalolo that Vice-President Inonge Wina attended too? If this govt can fail to appropriate money to the two major universities that is already budgeted for then all that they are doing in bweengwa is politicking because there are a lot of schools in rural zambia that are in a more sorry state than the structure shown in the pictures.

  43. One Zambia

    this just shows how ECL is panicking! his only motivation to upgrade this school is becos HH went to that school and in his cheap reasoning, this will make HH appear a bad person in the eyes of the community! ..and look at the bootlicker journalists trying to out do each other getting photos of this poor school as if they have just made the greatest discovery of their life! I have seen worse dilapidated schools around Zambia some with no roofs, all these schools need serious rehab. That is why we pay Tax.

  44. ESAU

    Pipo u are dull indeed

  45. Kano nga ebo

    Foolish PF cadres and journalists.

  46. Kano nga ebo

    Can anyone tell me if Ishuko primary school in Chimwemwe Kitwe,where ECL learnt is now a university?Cheap propaganda by Dickson Jere and his bootlicker journalists.

    • Native

      Or if Mukuba Boys Sec. Sch. is now a college by presidential decree alone? ZAMBIA THE REAL AFRICA!

  47. Nindrama za Nyoko?

    Atase! Pf and their cheap politicking… ANyway as long as the children who study there will benefit.

  48. Tops joe

    Chisa u are very hopeless u got a stinking ass ur brains cant think straight why such insult u vision less imbercile with ur chi ecl .is it a must tht hh shud upgrade tht school dont be funny u mother fucker u preach tribalism yet u are in the forfront of spearhearding it ,wht problems do u have to have a tonga president iwe tomba nyoko

  49. Tops joe

    Why of all the school in bad state shud this chi lungu upgrade tht clearly shows political strategy but sory we wont give ecl a vote.ecl shud boast of dipping his pocket but he is bragging of private sector when actually its tax payer s money .lets not be cheated zambians this ecl is no presidential material @ all

  50. Marcel


  51. james

    if u see behind that school block u see a tower which l did build.that school is in a very bad state.honestly if l had money and l hapen to com from there l would difnetly do somthing even just to hav it those that are sayg its a political talk u realily dont know what ua sayg.the 1 question 1 should ask is who is th mp in that area that it takes president to see that state of emegence,an mp is not working thats no 1.and if an mp was that serious he/she wud hav talkd to hh since its said he comes from that area and he is well known 4 his wealth.

    • Native

      Have you given the opposition areas their CDF timely?

    • life experience

      What is the government doing? Or is it because it is in southern province, I suppose they are no other school worse than this one, to which they can promote their poor management!

  52. Sinx

    Ka bwana Joe the only thing I can say to you is waba akalitole .

  53. Bubu ruddie

    hahahaha politics z funny weh… why blame HH 4 not upgrading his former school.. I for one think its the responsibility of government to do that…this just shows the failure of PF..PF wants to blame others for its failure…

  54. Tc Soccerman

    Kafikala, even if HH went to that school, it is not HH responsibility to upgrade it or give money to it. It is the same failed government’s responsibility. This is not Lungu’s money you dull fucks, it is tax payers.. get that right?

  55. governor

    Up nd they ar just fools let’s not even wast tym to argue nengombe guys viva edgar viva pf

  56. man

    Please let as discus issues in an elderly manner not insulting one another.

  57. Kalampa 4 lyf

    I thought its the duty of government to renovate or upgrade schools in this country unless the schools are private.I have never come across such cheap and naive propaganda before.I only urge the PF and ZR to grow up,stop living in utopia.

  58. Muleza

    Brothers and sisters,let us respect humanity coz we originate from God.Putting a human being to shame by insulting,is not good.If we see mistakes,let us respond with love.I plead,plead.Talking of guns and pangas,what has gone wrong with us.Jerobos,why bring them in the system?Let us love one another.If Lungu is not performing,let us vote him out coz it is normal in democracy.But if we import dictatorial way like in other surrounding countries,where people are intimidated,here it cannot work.Zambians will liberate themselves like the way we chased whites.Why are we so hateful nowadays?The economy is in a mess it needs healing.people are suffering more now than before.All we need to do?Vote in another leader,then another one till we find the right one.

  59. Victor mwiya

    Pipo of zambia y do u think slow, y only HH to renovete that school is he responsible for that.those are gvrmt duties not opposition parties,y do we pay taxi its not yo pok money.if u hav falld dnt leave yo duties to others bafikala

  60. fxzd


  61. BMX

    Why always wanting to fight 4 power? Look leadership is a gift from God. Tribal talk will make HH remain in opposition because he can only be voted in 3 provinces as his strong holds now imagine 3/10 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk with this 50 plus 1 nd regional campaign tefintu. I think its high time we change our political style in zambia better issue based campaign.

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