President Lungu Pursues Innovation Solutions to Power Crisis

President of Zambia Edgar Lungu is taking action to pursue innovative solutions to the ongoing power crisis in Zambia by importing 100MW from a “powership” stationed in neighbouring Mozambique.

The ship, which is owned by the Turkish power company Karadeniz, docked in the Nacala port on February 18, and will be connected to the grid in the next two days to generate 100MW of electricity imported into to Zambia for the next two years, temporarily supporting generation capacity which has been weakened by drought.

“When President Lungu campaigned for office, he promised help Zambian people make it through this difficult period and address load shedding problems, and here he is fulfilling his words with actions,” said a government official familiar with the powership, who asked not to be named in the article.

“We have inherited a very difficult situation with Kariba down to just 12% of capacity, and ZESCO only generating 275MW out of a total installed capacity of 1,080MW. While although the previous government had not taken action to prepare for this power crisis, President Lungu is stepping forward to personally take the initiative with innovative solutions.”

ZESCO spokesperson Henry Kapata recently told Reuters in an interview that “We have a power deficit of 630 MW as of January 2016 although we expect this to reduce to below 160 MW by August 2016 as mitigation measures are put in place.”

The addition of the Karadeniz powership to Zambia’s grid is expected to help cut back on load shedding, which is averaging eight hours a day, while the dams await higher water levels.


  1. Native


    • KwaBulozi

      $20/25 million a month


      $240/300 million a year.

      Some “innovation”

      It would be better for Edgar to acelerate the completion of the Maamba thermal power station that will add 300MW and 600MW in two phases or invest money in mini hydro with so many rivers and streams.

      We have so much coal. The Chinese can quickly build thermal power stations.

      100 megawatts will not even dent the power deficit.

      This is another desperate executive decision by Mr Lungu amd cohorts that is not well thought through. No doubt even on this “solution” they will get a cut that may end up in offshore bank accounts.

      • Gas Mercury

        The Chinese can quicky build themal? Koma pakamwa pali fast. Just accept the alternative taken by Chagwa.

        • Christopher

          These r serious issues can u stop joke have a sence humour.

    • Marie-Anne

      GREAT NEWS. Im an online forex trader. when i hear such news i know kwacha is gonna bleed and i know im gonna make profits on weakening kwacha.

    • jacko jackson

      Ni nini ya nyoko!

  2. Tc Soccerman

    What is not being told in this story is how much this band aid (quick fix if you want to call it that way) will cost us with the borrowed money. After 2 years then what? we will be back to the same problem if get yet another drought year. Depending on the Kariba Dam will be dry again? This is another attempt to steal from the country on borrowed funds. These so called leaders have no clue on how to fix the issues affecting Zambian, it like bringing europeans to come fix our problems..i am sure they europeans would do a better job on a long term fix. These clowns acts like they never grew up right there in Zambia. They don’t know what would work and what wouldn’t work. No figures disclosed on how much they are paying for this quick fix which won’t be adequate to say the least. Instead of the diversify our electricity supply to include cleaner and reliable energy like wind energy, large scare solar energy, these clowns have continued to prank the Zambian people on all these quick less transparency deals. I know that the low levels on the Kariba dam is not only Lungu’s problem, but at this age in time, one wonders why we do not have reservoirs to make sure we have enough water for electricity generation. Why we don’t have large scale solar supply. News flash..Wind and sun are free and available in Zambia, use them to our advantage.With wind power generation, it will be costly initially, but afterwards, it will be cheap to maintain. We will be able to export electricity to a lot of our neighboring countries. Our leaders have no plan on how to solve basic issues that affect the ordinary Zambians because all time these guys come in to fill their pockets, that’s all. Zesco is fraud and needs to be privatized to sensible people, and also allow other competitor to come in, but until then, the Zambians people will always continue to be in deep shit.

    • HH

      You is ur in part to this problem,how can you deal with this issue as at now .Dont always condem pipi

      • Tc Soccerman

        @HH, we are not saying HH would fix this issue right now, but I sure think he would not come up with band aid that Mr Chagwa has come up with. Wonder why these westerners are coming into Africa and provide these quick fixes and walking away with huge sums of money and resources with little benefits for our people? Because they..foreigners know that our corrupt clueless leaders are dull enough to even come up ideas to fix our issues for long terms. This move by EL is just there to 1. diverge funds to his campaign 2.steal as much he and his clueless punks can, while they are in power. 3.mostly so that they uneducated cadres can be tricked into believing that Mr. Tourist Chagwa, is actually doing a good job when in actual sense the guy is clueless and a pathetic failure at the very least. HH will rule Zambia because he is the right person with a sound economic understanding on how best to move this country forward.


          @Tc Soccerman , whos Gonner do a right thing HH Valuating Companies or ECL importing power??

          • Native

            A zingalume namwe, what is there to evaluate when everything including is a shell failing to even pay salaries on time? You have capable business leader with the pedigree to turn the situation around. Or would you rather we looked in the “yellow pages” when the “fixer” is right in front of you and at your service?

    • Gas Mercury

      I’ve read your discourse nicely. Themal is good but it is expensive to maintain. Solar is reliable. Zambian wind speed cannot support wind power production.

    • chisa

      Tc soccerman am a tonga from macha (choma) i’ve never head this sirname hichilema apart from this bastard called hh, hichilema means chobenda mphuno (pig) or problems bafikala

      • Chikanta Mabombo a.k.a Macha Central Basic

        @chisa, u r vry foolish pf cadre. U r supporting ur chi chagwa. Hw many pipo atended 2 ur Lungu wen he arrived at macha central grounds 2 plead 4 support from macha people thru chief macha, ask Real Jay.

    • ssp

      Stop talking rubbish. If you’ve the balls, bring in one investor to do your solar or wind project, & supply at less than 18 cents a kilowatt hour. I will do all the running around for you to get all the permissions.

    • PF zealot

      This Gr. 9 environmental science @ its best all u r saying is long term we r taking both short & long terms mitigation

  3. Kaliloze

    You are right my brother Tc Soccerman. This is another way of the thieves to plunder the national coffer especially with the general elections at the conner!

    • Tc Soccerman

      @Kaliloze, that’s right brother and what’s even more sad is that the poor cadres will be given free Chibuku and as soon as they get drunk and forgetting that their little ones are dying at home with hunger, these cadres will pick up their pangas and machetes in support of this violent and clueless Poor Fools(PF). It is a sad situation for the young Zambian kid that does not if he or she will have a meal before dinner. I feel their pain.

      • Ba Nkalamo

        @Tc soccerman goodafternon.To start with i see no reason why it should be a must for us Pf supporters to answer to your aguments over power.For me it will be time waisting,Because govment through Hon Kambwili clearly explained the plans it has in the power sector ,for both the short term and as well as long term.Some of which have already been implemented.From all of you Upnd supporters no one has talked about the solar power that govment has started connecting already in some parts of this country.The rantings coming from u people have no well explained solutions to the current power decifit.Except these cheap attacks on ECL and his government.Am asking you to be fair in your opposition to this govrment.And for your own information no power plant can be created within two months.The least it would take for the creation of a mini power station is 18months.And that would nt even exceed 100megawds in most cases.Unpd this fora is not for competing ideas no.In our case as politicians its there for us to sale our parties ideas,to the would be voters so that they buy into them and vote for us.So bane dont aim at competing with us pf on this fora,this is were u mis it.Tc soccerman tell the voters what hh would ve done in mitigating these power deficits.Give a detailed answer not just cheap talks.Chisa how are you my fellow pf stounch supporter.

        • chisa

          Thanx ba nkalamu you are a PF Stewart & its good you’ve pumped sense into the oppositions heads congratulations

          • Ba Nkalamo

            Am greatful to you comrade chisa.lets not relent but work hard for our party to return power.GO GO MIGHTY PF.

        • chisa

          For sure BA nkalamo let’s work hard & win the electins come 11th august 2016, & they should not insult our head of state EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU i wil respect them too.

  4. Northwesten kopala

    50 yrs ago,didn’t we’ve able Zambian pipo to think alternatively in case drought persist probably two seasons, what re we going to do surely?Hw re we gona live? now gvment will spend huge sums of money.let’s ve leaders who can think alternatively & for future purposes.don’t just fatten your tamies & think of yourselves.change & don’ t think we’ re blind.households increasing, power need increasing, industries, population increasing & many power usage .

  5. Che Guevera

    How long did it take Dangote to build the his thermal plant? Just c imagine immediately Dangote came to Zambia he thought building a coal fired power generation plant almost 1000km away from the source of coal and he has to use trucks to ferry the coal through that distance .Badat is also constructing a thermal in Maamba and yet Zambia govt which owns the land could not think of building a thermal plant in Maamba. Now the chimbwi no plan govt is going to be importing power from a thermal generator on a ship over the next 2 years instead of building a thermal plant for the country.Honestly, if serious contractors are hired and properly funded a 900 MW state of the art thermal plant can be completed in 2 years.Lets be serious for once.

    • KwaBulozi

      The Chinese can build dozen of thermal power stations in no time.

      Just look at those houses at Chelston police camp that they are building quickly.

      All they need is incentives. The Chinese have a strong track record in thermal power. Thermal is much cheaper than solar or wind that is unrealiable. If solar was economical South Africa would have ended its current power deficit.

      Bear in mind when PF came to power they halted the 750MW hydro power station in Southern Province that RB had already commission but Edgar recommissioned recently for chaep political capital. Imagine if this project had been allowed to continue? The current power crunch would not even have happened plus instead of roads part of the two Eurobonds should have gone into power. This is what we mean by mediocrity

      These jokers are not thinking staright starting from Edgar.


        Are you not aware that South Africa is also targeting Solar power? Did you not watch or listen to the address by ZUMA? You seem not to know what is happening outside Zambia. Do you know the acute power shortage in Malawi or Tanzania? Shame that you do not read widely.

  6. Che Guevera

    SEPCO a Chinese company for instance was able build a thermal power plant (Candiota)in Brazil from 2008 to 2010 exactly 2 years

  7. chongo

    why cant we just use that money to put up a solar feld instead of importing power?imports are a short term solution and is just consumption whilst erecting a solar field is investment and comes with a whole host of other advantages. its basic economics man! 2 years? thats too long.

    • Che Guevera

      Thats another option, but since we have enough coal to last even 200 years it would be a good idea to utilise it.Matimba CoalThermal Plant in Limpopo generates 3065 MW which is a higher amount than Kariba would do at full capacity.

      • Native

        You forget history too quickly. Didn’t your Sata go to the Rio 2020 conference with Elias Chipimo jr. and Edith Nawakwi (serving mineral water) in tow to sign some convention on use of cleaner energy? Does that convention not limit how much coal you can fire? While the largest economies (US & China) refused to sign it?

        • Child of the Sky

          i agree. keep the coal underground. there are alternatives which an intelligent govt can explore. let’s think 7 generations ahead. we need an intelligent gov

        • Che Guevera

          But the same power ship is either coal fired or diesel cant you see the many chimneys?What is the difference between Turkey pollution and our own?Why should we pay a Turkish company for polluting the air and sea while if we build our own we would only pollute the and not the sea.

          • Native

            The ship probably uses some kind of nuclear technology to generate that power in the same way that nuclear subs, aircraft carriers do.

          • kakolwe

            @Che, talk about what you know, kapuli, and not just sensationalise issues with half truths. That is a therma nuclear powered ship and while it generates the 1000MW for your shack, works shall continue an all the alternatives that have been set. Yes cost is there and that cost shall keep Zambians powered up as we work. Or did you wish for Zambians to suffer while alternatives are being sought? That is typical of all hakaindeans: make Zambians suffer as you enrich yourself then tomorrow, turn around to want to become their president by masquerading as the riches man out of their money. You goon-worshippers, take care of the people while you’re searching and working on alternatives. Ukutumpa!!!

        • Che Guavera

          The generator ship uses diesel/heavy oil.All the info about it is on google and here you are saying probably it uses nuclear.There is no barge on Earth that uses nuclear, they either fire natural gas or diesel or heavy oil.


          • Native

            Is an aircraft carrier that is nuclear powered to run for at least 20 yrs not a “barge”?

  8. Roque Knox

    This power even imported, it will only benefit mayadies not combonaised ones. Mayadies who can even buy a Generator re not sheded as combonaised one who can not afford a generator. This power import i dont know if it is for mayadies or Zambians.

  9. Tc Soccerman

    Edger Lungu’s cadres are nowhere to be seen here since they are shallow minded and have no substance to offer. @ Chisa, where are you and what do you think about what your annointed President has done? Edger Lungu’s cadres are quick to indulge in insults and have no specific input on what needs to be done to fix issues that matter to every Zambia. With HH business experience and education, I believe Zambia stands a chance, and by the way, I am from Eastern Province where Koswe comes from..yeah I have heard from all those that are clueless saying that HH is only liked by Tongas. We real Zambians loves a leader that will save this nation in need and HH is the man to get it done.

    • chisa

      Tc soccerman dont say were am i, i was sleeping & i have alot to do, coming to the issue of electricity it is a natural caramit & no one would want kariba dam to dry up even if it was hh chikala chakwe ngatakwanishe, so what EDGAR LUNGU has done is a good thing & learn to appliciate bafikala

      • Christopher

        Comment:chisha how old r u? People r trying to give ideas on serious matters all u can say from your lamehead is a profane come on man please grow up at times its not about profanity always as profanity is of no make me question your integrity be serious where need arises please . Some time read issues understand them then make your comments.
        All what soccerman is sayaing r solution who knows a Pf Mp picks the idea shares it & it works but read on comments form our comments.

        • chisa

          Christopher why do u ask about my age cikala chawiso mind your own business, surpose i tell you that i am 2yrs what would you do wanunka pamako

          • Christopher

            Comment: Theys a say in chewa NYEMBELZI NIMUlU CHABE MALONGO ALIBE, KANJUCHI KANGA CHEPE KALINA MALANGO. That is a mouth full for you chisha you’re worth ignoring ,if you can see all your comments none is responding to them im merely urging a sick- thick lamehead &embecile who cant listen youre very unfortunate person .cursed be your toung that it speaks no good in all your life.

      • Native

        Typical. Your people drained the dam under the pretext it was collapsing. They went and borrowed $295m to “repair” it yet no works are ongoing despite money having been disbursed to them by april 2015 or so. What has happened is similar to a bread winner borrowing money to fix the family car but does not do so despite the bank having credited his account. The question should be; WHERE IS THE $295m sourced from EDB $100m, WB $75m, SWEDISH GOVT $47m, ADB $75m?

      • zefe

        so this other person was fit when he said of cadres are insults oriented, how can someone who is just working up begin to insult? Shame on all pf surporters

    • gwembe

      @Tc Soccerman, bro when you woke up with good health this morning dont think that everybody has. when you are not busy dont think that every body is not. there is time for everything. even you soccerman @ some point you will stop appearing on this platform. do xpect the so cadres start asking. is non of the business. all that you need to do post your comments and the pipo in the driving force hear you not cadres. grow up

    • Ba Nkalamo

      Sometimes silence is also an answer.We arent shallow minded @Tc soccerman.

  10. PF CADRE

    HH, is the only solution to our problems


    Our money goes to Turkey!!!

  12. palami D

    The ship, which is owned by the Turkish power company Karadeniz, docked in the Nacala port on February 18, and will be connected to the grid in the next two days to generate 100MW of electricity imported into to Zambia for the next two years, temporarily supporting generation capacity which has been weakened by drought. This company positioned itself to take advantage of our situation can you imagine installed on 18 February this month and its ready to supply. I know some people always say you condemn everything 100mw of power is like a drop in the ocean compared to current deficit of 600mw. We need affordable long term methods not plastic solutions. Nowander there ws an increment in zesco tariffs which ws reversed projection on extra costs or running the company

    • KwaBulozi

      We condemn illogic and mediocirty which this government is good at.

      The money could better spent building a new power station. They are good at wasting our money like $120 million pumped into Zambia Railways with little improvement plus over-priced roads all of which could have been invested in power. With power we could have earned dollar exporting instead of importing power.

      100MW will not even make loadshedding bearable as the power deficit is much higher. 100MW is just about double the power a company called Ndola Energy is building a power station to supply the city of Ndola. It is also just 1/6 of the total capacity to be installed at Maamba Coal once their thermal plant is up and running.

  13. Rev

    Comment:Don’t be moving in circles,find a lasting solution.The powrr cut goes on the same,though.

  14. muuna sakata

    Dora already announced that this trial-and-error scheme will cost the country $25 million dollar per month. Sure for that amount can’t we invest in our own local production? As long as Zambians can’t see the connection between bad leadership and their poor lives, this country will continue on the wrong path. And for what, just becoz you hate the tribe of an able leader! We deserve this suffering mwe. RB left kafue gorge investment, sata was praised by PF carders when he cancelled it, now we are being told that no govt has ever invested in electricity for the last 50 year. PF chabe, awe mwe

  15. chief

    In september 2016 we shall start see another president of zambia in court for such dubious deals. And by way my kachepa tells me lipiya is at the center of this deal, and you know dora is his connection. $ 25 million a month. In 2 years we shall spend $600 million dollars. we are managing now without that ship, why bring it. Cant we surely invest that money for the future.

  16. MK

    It’s totally nothing, The powership will supply 100 MW to the current 275 which will give us about 375 MW out of the total 1,080MW.Ba Lungu you won’t convince us with your ka “powership” coz it doesn’t make sense.

    • KwaBulozi

      The money to be spent in 3 or 6 months paying for this could have gone into mini hydro or thermal power or even buying heavy duty gensets that we will own instead of renting a genset on a ship – buying is better renting long-term.

      They have run out of ideas.

  17. Mwana kwambwa,utambwi takakomeni

    Pipo lets think plz 4 how long ar we going 2 b touching on the same thing,b 4 the rains they said lodsheding wil end by febry nw they ar saying the dams ar nt yet red ahh and bring in tempory mesures 2 chit the zambians becoz its election tym and after that it countius hamble wil never fed my family,provd permanet solutions,


    Why do leaders like lieing the need to improve on power generation was discovered and first pointed out by Sisala in the LPM’s government. It is at that time that planning negotiations with various possible funders started, some power stations have as a matter of fact even been upgraded from what they previously generated to something higher. Most of the power stations being constructed at the moment started during the MMD, that is why you can have a project which was already commissioned being commissioned again and somebody finds it perfectly fine to lie it is their initiative. Anyway such things only happen in Africa.

  19. Christopher

    Comment:Allow me space to express my diaspointment on this platform even when a good point is bieng put across by an indidvidual some daunted sickthick headed lose brained people dont see good.
    in terms of insults its better not published maybe just maybe they can be a change

  20. gm


  21. One Zambia

    I wonder whether our leaders really have a heart for this country! With all our resources, coal, sunshine, rivers, lakes surely should we be importing power from a ship at that cost? Someone somewhere is getting a huge kickback. To think that they have the courage to cut such filthy deals in a year in which they are seeking re election makes me wonder what will happen when they are given a second and last term! They will go flat out to plunder since they know it is their last chance. WE CANNOT GIVE PF ANOTHER TERM it will be suicidal!

  22. Native

    Keeping PF in govt is like staying married to an adulterous spouse in the mistaken belief that marriage is a “shipikisha” union when it should not be the case. PF are simply not loyal to us as zambians, their “patriotism” is as they’ve literally put it themselves a “front” for their own personal and selfish agendas. They have to be “divorced” from zambia. Cimo no kupwa ku mwaume nangu ukupa umwanakashi uuleta fye amalwele mung’anda. Kuti mwasuka mwafwa.

  23. Chris Botha

    TC soccerman & Christopher
    U guys have to ask yoselves some Qs about problem. Chiluba & Levy shud have sorted out this mess for which u want to blem the innocent Edgar.
    When Micheal came into power one of the first projects he started implementing a power generation capacity by initiating the Lunzuwa, Kabompo hydro and several others around the country.
    Edgar is moving steadly.
    the powership is a good move as we work to build and expand the already existing HEP infrustructure.
    u r talking about the cost just because we are importing while when we export u do not talk about the cost bushe malaiti yaba sokulu for to ask the cost u want to get that power free of charge.
    ichilema boasts of having money why cant he by power for zambia using his wealth why shud he wait only if he can get into rule.
    what President Lungu has done is very good there is a word temperal in his statement. this is not a permanent move but temperal as we work on a perm solution. give credit where it is due.
    wat a way of opposing?

  24. chisa

    Nkumbula supported a unified zambia that’s why well meaning southerners does not support the type of hh leadership, we southerners need zambia under one ambullela, divided we fall & together the sky is the limit, GO GO PF, GO GO CHAGWA, GO GO ZAMBIA, one zambia one nation.

    • Native

      Nkumbula like all well meaning nationalists from western and southern zambia sold their cattle and pumped that money into the liberation of zambia. Most other nationalists rendered moral and other support only to have their descendants labelled tribalists. What well meaning zambians are yearning for is equitable participation in the fiscal management of our national resources in a positive manner. That can only be done properly when democracy is practised in a free, fair and peaceful manner which in turn will in encourage genuine innovation for national growth.

  25. vector

    zambia wil soon be lead by another country coz inkongole shafulisha…..its beta to spend money building your own house than renting….we are now getting used with the load shedding problems we dont want rented power awe….its better the money about to be wasted is used to build other power stations that will last forever and wlll be bringing more money to our country we are considered to be a poor country and yet w are the ones giving money to rich countries….am not yet eligible to vote but am sure that this is a lousy idea and it cant fool the people or Zambia

  26. Chris Botha

    imwe bamuntu bushe mwaba shani this why we see some of yo mps throwing high their jackets in parley as if in the wrestling box.
    this move our President has taken is beneficial the kariba was planned to carter for a smaller population of 3million people and a few industries but now we are almost 15m and more mining, processing and construction industries have opened up. do u stil expect to use same generation capacity before u criticise reflect look back and think b4 u talk. imwe ba upnd ebwafya mwakwata pa UNZA ama student wanted meal allowance which was yet to be paid. instead of you to pay them since u got really concerned on the contrary u went and sponsored confusion which led to the closure of both higher learning institutions in Zambia and many innocent students suffered the consequences at the peril of your selfish ambitions. Micheal was always a solution to MMD which is y Pr Levy saved his life when collapsed now yo hh is only good at condeming instead of bringing solutions on the table. whatever Lungu does mungunta ngunta chabe wat will u appreciate.
    some critisms are baseless y are u scared to face reality? wat is good it is good period.

  27. Councillor

    Comment is this man sensible and wise in the circumstances. A polyghraph.

  28. Councillor

    Comment is this man sensible and wise in the circumstances. A polyghraph.let us vote him out.

  29. governor

    Privatized hh were was he why didn’t they sat down na ftj not to privatize the companies now that he make money through privatizing the zambian companies sham on him hh

  30. Mutake

    This is a very stupid article. You call this costly and questionable venture innovative? Instead of investing money in a sustainable power generation project like solar, you decide to start stealing govt money through this useless deal. Tell the nation how much the country has paid to transport that ship, how much it will be paying to maintain it, how much it will cost to transmit power? Put togther, this is a huge cost, unjustfiably

    • Native

      Wa voka Mutake. This so called “innovation” can be likened to a bread winner that takes pride in planning to feed his family on borrowed re-packed maize meal (tu pamela) at exhorbitant cost when bigger and more economically packaged alternatives are available.

  31. Livune violent katombora mp.

    @Christopher my bro lets first put a stop to this habit of insulting other party leaders.If we are to tell others not to insult.Remember hon G Nkombo is on record us having used the unprintables in parli.Our copperbelt chairman is also on record for having threatened (to rape)and used unprintables on FDD leader Eddith Nawakwi.I too regret the unparliamentary behaviour i showed in parli a few days ago.Infact yesterday mr matambo was involved in a road mishap.

  32. Ba Nkalamo

    God bless our head of state.

    • Native

      Whose name is used in vain? With pick axe handles and machetes, that is God’s way?

      • Ba Nkalamo

        Thats supercilious native for you.God knows us better,and he does not reject us like u do.He loves ,hears us and answereth our prayers.keep that superficial knowledge to yourself Native.Good day

        • Native

          These are honest questions Nkalamo. God’s ways are clear. One who seeks to serve the public cannot set violent people to torment the very people he seeks to serve.

          • Ba Nkalamo

            Native the police found offencive weapons at GBMs offices.And some people where apprended,what do u say abut that?Mind u the people using them are aspiring for the highest office in zambia.

  33. mumu

    Waste of resources. Govt is even failing to pay civil servants on time an yet want to spend so much

  34. whatman

    it will take 1000 years to solve power deficit in zambia

  35. zefe

    Zambians we must grow , this habit of Insults after insults will help grow the economy.Let’s put right leaders not those who just go to paly to sleep and clap their hands for what they have not understood

  36. PM

    Good God, you call this innovation?

  37. Native

    Nkalamo, first and foremost I am zambian that considers UPND as a viable political leadership alternative to PF although I’m not their member per se. I travel often and some of those crude tools are useful in the countryside when your vehicle breaks down off road. Historically GBM is from PF and if those “implements” have been used to harm any person, forensics should prove so. In all my life a machete has been an agricultural tool for harvesting cane sugar, bananas, fresh maize and other. It’s only under your late godfather’s tutelage (Sata) that political cadres learnt that such agricultural tools were weapons in political squabbles. Having said that, police need to do a professional job to prove criminal intent on the part of those found with those “implements” and convince the courts via credible evidence. Your party, nkalamo, has top leaders that are trigger happy and go around shooting people whose political views are at variance with theirs. They are still walking the streets freely. Until and unless you produce the victims on whom those “implements” were used then you have no case.

  38. Ba Nkalamo

    @Native look at how biased u are.U mean to say upnd does not use those agric instruments as weapons?what a clever way of answering.During the campaigns of 2008 whilst in mufumbwe yo so called saviour in the name of HH did produce a pistol and fired some shots in the air.Whilst some of his cadres had knives and pangas.As they clashed with mmd.Even there blood was shed and one child was run over by a vehicle and the child died.Madam Nawakwi of FDD sued yo UPND copperbelt chairman for insults as well as threats of gang raping her,as stated by matambo that he would organise some notorious boys within the party to go and gang rape her,to u this is holliness.In kitwe at moba hotel as well as agric show grounds,UPND and PF cadres attacked each other and both groups had injured members.Yo cadres had guns and other offensive weapons that they used in attackng PF.Today the man known for brutality is the adviser to HH.One william tekele Banda as well as the notorious trainer of the 250melitia, one kalimanshi.Are they not in the inner circles of your chosen party?which u claim to be holy and led by holy leaders.On GBM why ve u embraced him and on top of that given him a veep post ,when u know that he is violent.You seem to have very little knowledge about Upnd.The party has a formular they call mapatizya,they hacked a lot of people and blood was shed.To u thats holiness for as long as its upnd.stop being supercilious native.In african politics no party would claim to be 100% violent free,that wll be a blue life.Only biased persons with superficial knowledge like u, would claim so.Its a pity that the all lot of u would claim not have seen any incidence of violence pepertuated by upnd.Anyway am not surprised at your holier than thou attitude becoz even yo party potrays it.But kindly be advised that your superficial knwledge might one day render u a victim of hacking by the upnd.And thats when u realise that its indeed a violent party.Native stop being biased,support upnd becoz u like it not that its violent free.Iyo niwenye native.And am not nkalamo but Ba Nkalamo.

    • Native

      Nkalamo, don’t patronize me, I’m not the politician here but a social commentator. Did you report the acts of violence you’ve cataloged to the relevant law enforcement authority? For a long time now PF have been attacking their political competitors relentlessly. Your Republican President has via press briefings acknowledged having “boys and girls” that are at his beck and call to cause political mayhem. He has also acknowledged having command of defence and security units which we have constitutionally privileged him to do by virtue of his employment which he begged us for of his own volition. Now the greatest responsibility for maintenance of law, order and peace is squarely on Edgar Lungu’s shoulders because he is state president at our pleasure. When sections of society are unprotected because of holding variant political opinions as per their moral and legal right, they can be forced to take measures to protect themselves because as one of your very own once said; “nabo bali na manja”. In all the history of this country machetes have been used as constructive implements for food production and other peaceful chores except under the direct supervision of your Godfather Sata, his then party secretary and justice minister Kabimba, and also current president who has also been home affairs minister and held the justice and defence portfolios too. We told you that Sata would bring war but you listened not. This is the war we were telling you about because HE PLANTED THE VIOLENCE SEED, NURTURED IT, AND EVEN GROOMED ARDENT PUPILS TO CONTINUE THE “LEGACY”. You were all blind because this is the “legacy” that people sang about, THE LEGACY OF VIOLENCE. It is not Levy’s legacy and neither is it RB’s. FTJ to a certain extent allowed the Scorpion Kadobis and company to terrorize those that rightly called him a thief, but never to the escalated levels we’ve seen under PF and even then late Sata covertly coordinated that violence. We need the President to uphold the constitution of this country and ensure that the book is thrown at any law breaker regardless of political association. If civil war were to break out in zambia not even the private property of the President or the defence and security personnel he commands will be spared. Let us not behave like a nation of stupid people who cannot rationally deal with crime as it should lawfully be dealt with. Our priority should be wealth creation so that the other challenges that afflict us can be overcome too. Nothing can be achieved in a country besieged by strife. So Nkalamo think rationally and morally to positively influence your chosen party. Na iwe wine utu makuule wa kwata tukapila kumo nga kwa buka impasase. “Molotov cocktails” can be such unguided missiles that often blow in the hand of the “launcher” even before they are thrown.

      • Native

        PS. Don’t detract us from the real issue of power outages Nkalamo. What has govt done with the $295m loan to repair kariba dam? Is there still insufficient water to slightly up generation in the reservoir?

        • Ba Nkalamo

          Iwe ka native just say thank you for the revelations concerning yo party of choice.At no time hav i detracted u from the issue at hand here.U started all this by calling PF a violent party whilst glorifing upnd.Then i took u on and u failed to substanciate yo claims.On the $295m loan ask your saviour and his minions as prophets of doom.They know better.Taking on a primitive homosapient in thinking like you ,will be waste of time mwana.wamvela!

      • Ba Nkalamo

        @Native whoz patronizing the friend here? Is it not u ka native.U are as biased as your saviour whoz kept on going to every jim and jack for asistance in winning the forthcoming tripartite elections.And busy promising them with ministrial position.keep doing your concocted analyses whilst we draw more voters onto our side.Plus u arent even a politician,right now am on the ground canvassing for votes.come august we are winning nipa bwato capwa.wanvela iwe!

        • Native

          My saviour is Jesus Christ, if I’m biased as he is then it’s a GOOD thing because Jesus is biased on the side of good WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT! Thank you for the compliment and no thanks for your profanities.

          • Ba Nkalamo

            Look at this chap called Native.Stop using the name of God in vain Native.With such lies and hatedness for bashikulu kayula and PF.can u claim to even have christ in you?mambala iwe ,leka ubufi epo taulakandwa nalesa iwe.I thank u in advance for yo concocted answer.

  39. Native

    If and when Hakainde and his party win in august he will get harsher criticism from me should he perform in the same shitty way “iya bu fufuntungu” as PF and your godfather. HH be warned that in advance that a lot is expected of you. You will be expected to hit the ground running and no excuse will be tolerated from you and the team that you will work with. The same high standard of diligence as you applied in creating your wealth and no less shall be expected of you in your service to zambia going forward.

    • Ba Nkalamo

      Native goodnight.

      • Native

        Considering that you’re full time politician, zambia would have been a lot better off had you been just a fraction as innovative as you are profane, nkalamo.

  40. Che Guavera

    I have always said that it was senseless for PF govt to contract huge Eurobonds to spend on building roads, our road net was not so bad that they needed high priority.The prudent was to invest that money in income generating businesses and use the profits to slowly improve the roads.The Great North Road was in good shape and could sustain the movement of cargo through Zambia.What income would rehabilitation of township roads bring to the Nation ?The Eurobonds should have been spent on power generation as priority number because when we have excess power we can export to deficient countries and earn a lot of forex.Countries like Angola and Mozambique that have had their road infrastructure damaged decades of civil wars never got loans to build roads first instead they invested in Energy which is why we pay Mozambique $25 000 per month to buy power.Let govt learn to set right priorities.

  41. Mathias

    Ba Soccer man. Ati wind and sun are free and available in Zambia. Wen we produce electricity we will be able to export it to neighbouring countries…Can you name one neighbouring country where they pay for wind and son? Why do you think those countries are not generating power from wind and sun? UKULANDA KWALIYANGUKA

  42. HK

    icaalo balilungusha

  43. Draughtsman

    If you need a Draftsman phone 0976244182

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