Mahtani Caught Up in Lands Ministry Fraud

mahtani-lands-ministry-corruptionZambia’s most controversial businessman Rajan Mahtani has been caught up in another corruption scandal, this time in an alleged fraud to steal property via the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources, and Environmental Protection.

According to documents obtained by Zambia Reports, Mr. Mahtani’s law firm, Simeza Sangwa and Associates, engaged in alleged fraud by submitting false documents to the Ministry in attempt to steal control of property relating to their ongoing dispute with Zambezi Portland Cement Ltd.

The latest attempted fraud featured an appeal for rectification to the Lands Ministry claiming that land titles pertaining to the $160 million cement plant in Ndola had been unlawfully transferred by the owners of ZPC, Antonio Ventriglia and Manuela Sebastiani.

The only problem? Mahtani presented fake documents to the Lands Ministry that were factually incorrect, claiming that the deeds to the plant were registered under Ital Terrazzo, when in fact the truth is that the registrations had always been under ZPC. His lawyers also failed to provide any evidence whatsoever to back up their claims.

Officials from the Lands Ministry were not amused by Mahtani’s attempted fraud. According to official letter of response to Mahtani’s lawyers, the Ministry clearly states that “there was fraudulent misrepresentation on the part of the applicant.”

The letter continues: “It is our considered view that you have not laid evidence to me on the alleged fraud or false misrepresentation nor particularized any fraud committed by shareholders of ZPC to warrant our office to invoke section 11(1) of the Lands and Deeds Registry Act CAP 185 of the laws of Zambia.”

“Further the mere allegation that the applicant did have authority to assign the properties on behalf of ZPC does not compel our office to rule that there was fraud. It is trite law that third parties are not concerned with the internal happenings on the company.”

The full text of the letter is below.

Mahtani’s failure to defraud the Lands Ministry comes as another embarrassing setback in the long saga of his dispute with Zambezi Portland Cement, which have included other past frauds including the submission of forged documents to PACRA in an attempt to steal control of a majority shareholding. To date, Mahtani has been unable to produce original copies of the share transfer certificates to prove his claimed ownership in the company.

The original owners of ZPC regained control of the company in April 2015, and Mahtani was later arrested on June 2 last year on two counts of forgery. He has since stepped down from his chairmanship of Finance Bank and initiated the sale of the bank to Atlas Mara – a transaction which still hasn’t been completed months after the announcement due to ongoing disputes over the bank’s insider borrowing practices.

Mahtani Lands Ministry Fraud


  1. chichi

    awe nacibipa

    • yumbe

      Mr. Editor
      This article is now outdated and the are several sources where you can get the news from other to wait until Mathani is charged with an offence or appears in court. The only problem with you is that you treat even the business news as political or opinion. Please draw a line and strategy looking around,

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    pray that you dont enter into temptations. the world is nearly at the end
    just go to the school of kneenology the only way. look up pipo its the time . if u cant see all these things, then u have been covered by darkness from hell trying to control finacial and economical of the world. careful whom u follow.

  4. Tc Soccerman

    These corrupt foreigners..Indians and Chinese to be specific are destroying our country and our corrupt leaders let them pee on our people’s heads everyday. Let this Mwenye go back to Bombay and see if he going to survive with his corruption.

    • fwitifwiti

      @Tc soccerman u racist u are forgeting that this Hakailufya Heka,is seeking the cartels support were matani is a part.

      • Tc Soccerman

        @fwitifwiti, Iwe chikala chobe, how dare you call me a racist? I am saying it as it really is? Ever heard of a Zambian doing this in India or China? Ever heard of a Zambian trying to influence elections in a foreign land? A lot of Foreigners come to Zambia and do what this corrupt fuck Mahtani is doing, because of clowns like yourself that are chickens and are scared to stand up and say it as it really is. You can be as politically correct as you want to be, but because I have balls, unlike you, I will point out at any corrupt fuck that comes to Zambia and exploit everything including our land, at the expense of our people. So screw you Fwitifwiti for labeling me a “racist”, you can go to hell.

        • fwitifwiti

          @Tc soccer what is that inbtwn yo legs masako yobe iwe.You chameleon when Hakashala Heka met those crippled ambassadors u supported the meeting wembwa iwe.what has changed on matani?i think u moroni must have been bewitched by yo great great grandfather.I can see u are a sadist konto iwe as well as racist mputi yobe iwe.Twala ubupuba uko we ka lishilu kapa market.

          • Tc Soccerman

            @fwitifwiti, I could not make sense of your writing, I guess that speaks volume of all you PF cadres…. not educated enough to atleast write form one english, with that being said, I will not respond to your dull comments on here. Peace out bitch!

  5. CHALI

    Mathani Is Very Wicked.He Is Sending A Bad Signal To Investors Outside Zambia.He Has Been Conducting Fraud Through Out His Life On Zambian Soil.His Name Is On So Many Private Properties.This Is Not A Good Signal For New Investors.Ministers Of Judiciary And Home Affairs Help Us On These Matters By Prosecuting This Man.Let Us Defend Our Country From Exploitation And Corruption.

  6. Mwe bantu

    Most controversial according to who? Maybe I fell asleep at some point, when did that list of controversial businessmen come out ba ZR?

  7. Mwe bantu

    Dull characters here. It seems the anti Mahtani corp does not read English. The analysis of the letter by ZR and what the letter says are completely opposite. These are legal arguments and differences in opinion and interpretation of the law. I do not understand how ZR came up with the conclusion they have come up with. And as is typical of Zambians the majority commenting here have not read the letter or are being deliberately ignorant.

    • CHALI

      @ Mwebantu Iam Not A Dull Character.We Have Gone Through The Above Post And Analysed Its Contents In Reference To What Has Been Happening On Mahthani`s Business Acts. Back To The Present Issue We Know That Its Only The Ministry Of Lands That Is Mandated To Give Title Deeds In This Country.Nowander Officials From The Same Ministry Discovered The Illegalities.There`s Nothing Like Fraudulant Mispresentation as Claimed By Mathani`s Lawyers.Officials From The Ministry Of Lands Are Not Dull And Corrupt,they Our Support.Dont Be Wicked Too.

      • CHALI

        …Officials From The Ministry Of Lands Are Not Dull And Corrupt.They Need Our Support.Dont Be Wicked Too.

  8. bag(c.i.d )

    @goodwill ,i like your coment

  9. rimba

    commment:let us not temper with state property. more especially through dubious means please!

  10. chief

    Show me a rich man and I will show you a crook.

  11. Kalampa 4 lyf

    Listen you guys,the only problem with black Africans is that they have no spirit of planning for the future ie a black when given KR 200,000 would rather buy a luxury second hand Prado from Japan the rest of the money will be used on beer and prostitutes.Give an Indian or Chinese man that amount you will see a multi billionaire in just a few years.Dont blame other people for your failures and misgivings.Chanda Chiimba,Dickson Jere and your cohorts will never match up to Mathani no matter how much you try to character assasinate him.Work hard and invest wisely especially in land ie farms and real estate.


    mathani ni kabolala chapwa.

  13. Bull's Eye

    I must say the response by the Assistant Cheif Registrar Northern Region shows the professionalism, experience and knowledge of the law that is needed desperately to kill corruption that is poisoning the masses of Zambians. Readers please ask yourself how often have you seen positions like the response to Mahtani the inventor of corruption.

    Mr Assistant Cheif Registrar – you have earned our respect, we can see you know the law, you are not corrupt and you have courage. God Bless you.

    Mr. John Sangwa SC as in State Crook not State Councel you continue to practice corruption mercilessly, remember when you are confined in your coffin (that I think is the only thing that can restrain you) Mahtani’s money will take you nowhere. On the contrary you will burn in hell for enjoying his blood stained money and for being one of his minions who continues to poison Zambia.

    Mahtani you will never see a day of joy, what life do you enjoy forever grabbing and fighting. There are many rich people even way richer than you that are not in court everyday.

    Mahtani you are the scum of the earth.

  14. ABEL@M

    Do normal things.

  15. rix

    This is big bizness at it’s biggest mwebantu. You keep insulting each other umunenu alesalula. Read between the lines. These things happen everywhere and mind you behind every great fortune there is a crime. You can never be straight, never….

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    why condoning such nosense thiz forein old folks must b dported bck to their poor countries

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    these foreign old timers the must be depored back to their real homes, they’ are encouraging corruption, infact their bringing our country to extinct

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    The business news is out dated can you source for the next item please.

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