Hichilema Offers 10 Point Plan To Fix Zambia

Hichilema campaign launchOpposition United Party for National Development Hakainde Hichilema has launched his campaign for the 2016 presidential election offering a 10 point plan to fix what his party says is a broken economic and social system that has plunged Zambia into abject poverty.

Below is his statement after the Freedom Park rally launch

I’ve just stepped off the stage at Freedom Park and I can still feel the energy. For those who came out to support us and tuned in by broadcast, thank you for listening as we shared our vision and our 10 Point Plan to fix Zambia.

We believe Zambia can rise again. We believe our people can live a better life.

Now is the time to take matters into our own hands. Now is the time to unite and fix the country.

We cannot share poverty; we can only share prosperity, so let’s join together and deliver the UPND 10 Point Plan so that we can fix our country and move Zambia forward.

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