Hichilema Offers 10 Point Plan To Fix Zambia

Hichilema campaign launchOpposition United Party for National Development Hakainde Hichilema has launched his campaign for the 2016 presidential election offering a 10 point plan to fix what his party says is a broken economic and social system that has plunged Zambia into abject poverty.

Below is his statement after the Freedom Park rally launch

I’ve just stepped off the stage at Freedom Park and I can still feel the energy. For those who came out to support us and tuned in by broadcast, thank you for listening as we shared our vision and our 10 Point Plan to fix Zambia.

We believe Zambia can rise again. We believe our people can live a better life.

Now is the time to take matters into our own hands. Now is the time to unite and fix the country.

We cannot share poverty; we can only share prosperity, so let’s join together and deliver the UPND 10 Point Plan so that we can fix our country and move Zambia forward.



    the runing mate kaili. we want to knw the running fimo fimo.

    • Daywalker

      This was a branch meeting compared to Heroes stadium.

      • Andrew Musumali

        We love the party UPND, HH,GBM for life.

      • Kaliloze

        Heroes stadium where u bring people from all parts of the country and get them in an accident with no compesation and even using gvt resources. Shame bakabwalala!

        • Angoni 1 not 2

          Iwe kaliloze tawakwata mano just accept that your rally was a flope compared to heroes, ata akalijo thats why your part will never rule

          • idol ceasy

            this is a reply to u ngoni;u knw wht? we also knw tht its nt our parties faut to nt rule bt ur tribalism’s faut.u take advantage of the time ur two tribes hv been ruling and u feel no other tribe shall rule,bt listen carefuly u morron,we shall burry u like a three day rotting human body when u fail.nt evn like u burried MMD,anh anh, u will be burried by ur fellow morrons, hellish!!!!!

      • Infidels Baghdad Zulu

        It’s the advantage of incumbency…
        The political playing field needs to be levelled!

    • m2jay

      The running mate will be Maureen Mwanawasa…i predict

      • TWO


    • bwalya

      viva hh frwd chabe

    • bwalya

      viva hh

    • Unclear

      The main problem I see with HH is that he is never clear and precise. We must differentiate between a plan and a mere desired outcome. A plan outlines the steps to be carried out, while a wish is simply stating the out come you want.
      Everyone wants to do what HH wants to do, the questions how?
      I have questions below for HH and his supporters:

      1. CREATE JOBS by establishing a supportive environment for business that promotes investment, trade, economic growth and diversification.

      2. REDUCE INEQUALITY by growing the economy with a Focus on lowering the cost of living, ensuring food security and increasing support for the disadvantaged.

      3. EDUCATE AND EMPOWER youths by ensuring better access to education, supporting vocational training and facilitating top-class university education

      4. ELECTRIFY ZAMBIA through better management of our existing facilities, diversifying our energy portfolio, managing our water reserves. And reducing the lead- time on key projects

      5. IMPROVE Competitiveness and make it easier to do business by cutting red tape and improving trade and transport links

      6. CUT GOVERNMENT WASTE and invest the money saved into healthcare, education and other services.

      7. AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT through a focus on productivity. Crop diversification and value-addition

      8. STABLE & CONSISTENT POLICIES as a long-term partner of business, and to attract investment and support the growth of local industry.

      9. A HEALTHY NATION through investment in disease prevention. Improved nutrition,

      10. GOVERNANCE and the protection of the rule of law. rights and fr eedoms of all zambias as the as the foundation of our socio-economic develanment.

      • Native

        Unclear, the man has given you a summary, the details should be clearer in the party’s manifesto. Compared to the PF lies how much worse can things get really?


        The PROBLEM is not that HH is not clear and precise, YOUR MAIN PROBLEM IS THAT YOUR MIND IS FULL OF CORRUPTION THAT YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND WHAT A SENSIBLE PERSON MIGHTY BE SAYING. What you need first is TO have your mind cleansed with pure thoughts for you to understand what true Zambians are saying about their own country. Wait until HH comes into power between the 13th and 15th August 2016 then you will understand what HH is saying. Even the disciples of Jesus who were going to Emmaus never understood what JESUS was saying to them, because their minds were full of the things of this world IF YOU HAVE EVER READ THE HOLY BOOK.The same is with your feeble mind that has been so corrupted by the WICKEDNESS of the PF that you cannot understand anything now. Until that confusion is out in you, you can’t hear anything. Just wait and see, soon your mind will be clear about the 10 point plan. VIVA HH! VIVA UPND!

        • cyril

          Ba Moses no offence bt be reasonable no insults plse & make the man understand, if he has a problem understanding wat yo president is sayin jst mak him c the point, u never kno he might change 2 yo likin on the last minute. Hh has outlined an overview bt it shud b u 2 try & make others c the gud in yo president & his proposals!

    • IMF SAP Coming Soon, Thanks 2PF

      Edgar Lungu Breaks Bemba Hegemony. Finally his excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu under the guidance of former president Rupiah Banda has finally broken the back of the Bemba hegemony by dribbling all “Bemba” Veep hopefuls in Felix Mutati, Edith Nawakwi, Nevers Mumba, Chishimba Kambwili, Harry Kalaba, Nkandu Luo and one Kapwepwe at the IMF headquarters and settling for Inonge Wina from Western province. It is widely believed in Zambia that Bemba’s are king makers and one cannot afford to snub them politically and succeed. With the foolproof system that EL has put in place, thanks to Israelis, that will ensure that PF emerges winner after the August election and the elections to come in the future, it seems feasible that the PF will rule for 100 years to come with the early decades without a Bemba in position 1 or 2 and therefore EL doesn’t need to appease these king makers henceforth. This is likely to happen as Inonge Wina will have to show appreciation for her selection, should EL not stand again, by selecting an Easterner as his running mate in 2021. The main reason for this is to defuse the culture of corruption and tribalism institutionalized by Bemba leaders in the past, specifically former and late president Michael Sata, by keepingatway the Veep position, from Bemba leaders. Despite Inonge Wina having weak support currently in western province, her appeal will soar as EL is promising to restore the BA64, if western province votes for him overwhelmingly. The Litunga has already been handsomely bribed to steer this program and deliver western province to EL. It is yet to be seen if this time the PF will honor their promise as former and late president Michael Sata did not deliver after winning the election. By Jacob Cleverboy Nyirenda, Chipata.

  2. kalulete

    its a blue lie why has he not done all this things by the time he ws in chiluba era after he has sold all property for zambia and he has contributed to this economy then he is busy cheating people. give him a vote just by mistake you will cry your grand mothers toung.it lungu nakabili

    • Harrison


    • Che Guevara

      It takes some in govt to implement development policies but HH has never ever worked in gvt.So it ridiculous to ask him to SONTAPO what he has done as a private citizen.And if says that the Hospital so and so went to in South Africa is mine then you say he is full of boasting.
      1At personal business HH is the major supplier of beef to Zambeef.
      2.He has the biggest cattle ranches in Botswana and he supplies the European Union with choice beef.
      3.He owns 90% of infrastructure at Manda Hill Shopping Mall
      4.He has cattle ranches in Australia
      5.He has a compound in Algeria which bosses in the Oil industry rent
      6.He has flats in Sandton, South Africa
      7.He has majority shares in Milpark Hospital in South Africa,where Zambian Politicians go and be brought back to life.
      8.He has majority shares in Greenbelt Fertilisers
      9.He has majority shares in Seedco
      10.He has majority shares in Finta Milk.
      11.He has flats in England
      Through these investment he employs thousands of people here and abroad.
      That is indeed remarkable for someone who has never worked for the govt.

      • mpombo

        The most dull pipo in Zed belong to upnd never hv i heard them say our economy is regionally or globally intertwined bt they talk as if we hv the power to control our economies without external pressure even their cherished Hallucinating Hyena(HH) forgets that when he was selling companies there were external forces he couldn’t control bt today he wil change Zambia’s economy without external influence these guys’s tribalism has blinded them such that the lenses of reality hv bn replaced by those of ‘Chuundu’coz GBM caged bcoz of stupidity no normal Bemba cn support this fool Sonta epowabomba #Neverhh more pop corn plitz

        • shamrock Methuselah Nkhuwa

          You are the most ignorant Zambian who has no clue on matters of governance.
          Please stop portraying your ignorance in public because of failures caused by PF.Zambian people deserves better than your unbalanced policies of inconsistent governance

          • mpombo

            What governace if u cn’t understand basic issues like external factors influencing our economy have u ever heard of the saying If China sneezes the whole world catches the cold so ignorance cums back to haunt you #Neverhh sad indeed

        • Chachine Bige

          Am Not A Politician But I Think I Am Having A Problem With The Reasoning Of Top Leaders From One Pf Party. Whether It Is By Default Or By Design That They Have Opted To Mislead The Zambians. Honestly The Whole Lot Of The President Failing To Understand That Amagedon Is Only Going To Take Place At The End Of The World And It Will Be Spiritual In Nature And That Any One There Fore Who Refers To It Now Is Just Using It As A Figure Of Speech? What Dullness. Am Bemba And Governed By Such Mapindas.

        • Zioneke

          Kwena uli mpombo chachine.Ati we have no power to control our economy without external factors. Thats why we are voting you out and put people who can control the economy. Mpombo look at the price of copper, it went down but what did your PF do? Instead of being decisive on mineral tax they were busy moving forward and backwards no vision for almost six months. My friend without a clear policy on mineral tax affected the mining industry negatively. PF held on to mining companies vat money, the two SIs which were introduced then reversed and many more are examples of failure to control our economy. So get out PF seleni tu kontolole.

        • idol ceasy

          HH is a hyena because he is a great man and u are a baboon because u jst look like man bt u dont think like a human.HH is someone who can employ your so called president (ECL) and pay him more than his salary as a president in 12years.nw can he fail to attend to u fools?and can u compere him to ur foolish president who was imbaransing zambia when he goes out of country for national meetings?.all eyes were on him wandering who it was

        • MOSES KAZEVU


      • Dr chichi k

        Hh never wrked 4 grz.said who?

        • Fgmt

          Dr chichi tell tham,us we ned hh only not …….

      • Kapiri Watch Dog

        You Hav Forgoten One Thing,,,He Was Also Worked With Pipo In The Chiluba Gov To Sale Many Zambian Company’s.The Reson Why We See Many Youth’s Jobless. Eg Kapiri Glass Ltd…Shame On You.
        Ifintu Ni Lungu Chabe..
        Vote Lungu Pantu its 85

      • BK

        All cited are signs of imperialism described by Lenin as the highest form of capitalism.Capitalism cannot work in our developing nation like Zambia where majority of people are poor because of capitalist individuals who are have accumulated worthy to themselves at the expense of ordinary Zambians.They have made deals to benefit selfie and satisfy there ego without mercy,for ordinary people.

      • Zwangamatebele

        Iwe Che Guevera,stop lying! HH does not own the biggest cattle ranch in Botswana.I’m Zambian with a Bots citizenship and i’ve lived in Bots for 16yrs now.Yes he owns a cattle ranch there but its not the biggest!! And so wat if he’s rich and yada yada?? Politics don’t care whether u rich or poor,if the pipo dnt like u,they dnt vote for u! U think wen he’s elected prez he’s going to distribute his personal wealth to zed pipo?

        • Che Guevara

          Zwangamatebele, I know all the ranches of HH (in Zambia, Australia , New Zealand and Botswana), and I meant his ranch in Botswana has more cattle than what he has in Zambia and other Countries, in other words he has his biggest ranch in Botswana .Period.

        • Pelusa muchindu

          If u dont lik him,dont think that its every one.rememba all the develomental projects u ar seeing they ar public factors undr pf wth resources of government nt pf.wat is sontapo,u want him 2 use his own resources to develop zambia or wat.

        • Andrew Musumali

          Everyone uses government resources, not personal. Politics in Zambia, Whether lungu nor HH can lead the country.

      • BK

        Leaders who do not support democracy tenets as it can be seen to the way they ascend to the helm of their parties or organisations by use of resource they possess .These are leaders who avoid subjection to elections even at party level that is why at national level they still want to get it by force but not the will of the people they claim to represent.Thanks to our forefathers who embraced democratic principles in our governance.They will not ascend to the top until subjected to elections and Zambian people have learnt a lot about political leaders through elections held all these years and no organisation will take the Zambian people for a rid blindly for they know what they want.

      • Zonda uzalema

        Comment those money he was an agent of sellng out government companies durng chiluba ‘s era so for us zambians we knw him already so we dont want to make same mistake we did in 1991 when government companies where sold ad he an agent,takana kutisya pa ondwe iwe hh, ufuna ugoleke ma kampni nafuti.

        • Native

          For privatization you had ZPA, not HH. Hakainde’s firm, where he was CEO, provided valuation and consultancy services. The ultimate decision to sell those State Owned Enterprizes lay squarely on the shoulders of the then zambian cabinet on recommendation from ZPA. Some of the prominent people in the zambian cabinet at the time was one Michael Chilufya Sata. Ironically too was our current Finance Minister, A. B. Chikwanda, who was state house Chief of Staff. The two individuals (MCS & ABC) were top in the PF heirarchy and have had all the time, govt investigating agencies at their disposal to put away someone suspected of privatization “theft”. Coincidentally at the helm of ZPA in the early 90s as Director was late Oliver Irwin (MCS & ABC’s personal friend at whose funeral both were pall bearers) who founded ZAMBEEF. If there was any iota of truth that HH had stolen from the zambian people he would have been behind bars already like has similarly happened to Richard Sakala (“tricky dick” as the post proved in a court libel case presided over by late Meebelo Kalima) and later Francis H Kaunda and Faustin Kabwe over ZCCM assets but enjoying freedom on bail pending appeal. Similar insinuatinons have been made about RB’s “impropriety” yet the court cases have proven otherwise. HH is not the source of zambia’s poverty but a window of hope to alleviate some of it with the requisite training, acumen, international goodwill to actually do so.

          • KwaBulozi

            Keep educating these chaps who have been hypnotised like zombies to parrot day and night HH privatised companies.

            Let them show us the name Hakiande Hichilema in the Zambia Ptivatisation Act or his portfolio in the Zambia Privatisation Ageny.

            Anyone who wants more detials about privatisation can ask James Matale the husband to Suzanne Matale. It is a pity Peter Adamu/Dickson Jere has disabled http links in the comments section. I would have put links on the ZPA Act and data on the agency.

      • Adviser

        He is a businessman who raised money from privatization deals, not presidential material period. His so-called 10 point plan has no “how” part.

        • KwaBulozi

          Insanity is saying the same things day and night but expecting different results each time.

        • Native

          When your doctor prescribes a malaria cure for you I sure hope you get him to explain too how the medicine specifically attacks the malaria parasite. Hakainde has already demonstrated to you how “malaria” (poverty) can be cured on a personal level. “Icikwaanka bacimwena ku mampalanya” or in other words “judge a tree by its fruit”. He is not trying to enter public office as a disgraced “pauper” but as a proven private sector businessman and EMPLOYER. Not those that have sought office without having created any decent job from their private initiative. They cannot “sontapo” pali legitimate private initiative while he can. He has sponsored tertiary students with privately raised money while the “sontapos” are withdrawing meal allowances paid for by tax payers’ money entrusted to them to manage.

      • john

        Comments so who does he feed even if he has animals go to hail with hh after selling all what we hard then nw u can say is rich

      • Charles Wams

        You’ve spoken well Che HH is the True….man..to make Zambia…shine…like..Diamond

      • Real Zambian

        More to add he sponsoring some students and orphanage wat about those who say sonta po

    • bukani

      who was in Chiluba’s government? …check your facts again my friend.

      • british

        Anagulisa migodi

      • british

        He is like zakeyo in the bible

      • british

        He must first.pay what he got from poor un suspecting zambians let h first share manda hiil to people at sfter. Care home imatero ,chipata because i am sure those are like tha t because zambian economy was sold To his.friends who gave him cut.

        • waxx

          The dull are actually in PF that why PF has failed to aspire Zambia. Only a dull parent can buy a block for house he building with bollowed money instead of buying medicine for his sick children or buy beer for his friends (reducing tax on beer) instead of buy food for his children ( high food prices). After all the symbol for PF the fist means if your brain is as big as your fist then you are PF.

          • eyguyah

            En we hear some symbols ar those or senior leaders in satanism

        • Fgmt

          Zambia fowerd

    • a to z

      Such reasoning can only come from a grade 1.

    • idol ceasy

      the problem is that u people ar too jealous,and jst wannsa see HH kiss the ground.when and how did he steal the govt property?were u the middleman? i think u dont hav anything to bRag about mweh

  3. kalulete

    ati gbm e running mate

  4. Liberation Party President

    We need your ideas hh carry on



  6. Liberation Party President

    I just feel pity for kambwili tabamusalile running mate

  7. Liberation Party President

    BA observer mind your idiocy we are here to listen to the best ideas so we can make informed decisions

  8. Hakaiteka Humwine

    Koma kachema nepanga shikasalangane ,uli wabufi sonta

    • Fgmt

      Abale bomfya indama shesu nabafilwa nomba mulefwaya abombe kwati alimu gvt,viva hh.

    • KwaBulozi

      Sonta cheap mealie meal.

  9. M

    Upnd viva hh

  10. Tito

    in Zambia we don’t vote for leaders we leave proper leaders and pick on bosses we need a leader not a boss if Zambia is to develop now because of hunger most fell to make proper decision hence we end up failing in poverty when Zambia as a country is very rich its a shame

  11. Bolingo

    Why don’t just,,these tongas drink a lot of mabisi and do a competition Mu fish us hi.

  12. Bolingo

    Mu fisushi

  13. sichengi

    Comment kachema musama

    • psalms

      If hh can be zambia’s leader,it can be better to die than seing zambia lead by a selfish kachema,open your eyes zambia,cbelt is for ECL,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. One Zambia

    Well organised Rally and well articulated speech! good vision.

  15. forward

    You are all looking forward as you are formeding your comments remember am mr reason i can reason you right now! HH forward,Loading…… Loading

    • monzi group

      For running meet he need first to go and ask, from southern province ,the worries there having is that if we put other tribal, in cuse u have died it means the part will b no longer for tongas so is stil thinking to much

  16. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    GBM ali muma cells in Ndola. the issue of running mate is to hard cause Dr CB, miles S,Gbm esh kaya. in PF everyone knew even before the announcement because the real never fight for positions.Nb the croud proved to them. advice, PICK TWAWANAMBULU 4 running mate


      Guy chikoti. Gbm nsele. manyozo. Sampa pretenda. m sata g12 zimbabwe


      Fili oko tuya. Red colour is for danger woke up zambians

  17. BK

    What if economic meltdown met your government two months in office,will your ten points plan work? HH be real accept that we are developing country which dances to tune of the external forces
    economically and politically.

    • bukani

      Oh no bk….do you have to wait for the rain before you plant?….The 10 points are a Road Map to Recovery direction…there’s also what is termed as plan ‘B.’..hh has it all,l am a financial student based in the UK for the past years…If the Pf president was floated as a candidate in England,he would not go past the local authority elections, but HH would.

      • Zwangamatebele

        Imwe ba “financial student” based in the UK just hush! U can’t compare UK politics with Zed politics.Am sure u aint even voting so just take several seats and keep staying in UK.

      • BK

        Has never won any election even at party level,He dodges party convention so what are u talking about.

  18. MK

    Forward, Cowards HH was not the one who sold the mines.

  19. MyZambia

    Where is the 10 point plan kaili? You mention it in your tory and do not tabulate it. We want to read and know what it says.

    • Pelusa muchindu

      Hw can u no if u ar nt a family mememba,only thoz who ar upnd nd thos wth positive thots wil no abt 10 points plan.

  20. Bolingo

    Ummmmm Chikala is failing to pick a running mate
    Tongas will not let him pick a non Tonga he is entangled

    • KwaBulozi

      Youngman are you normal?

      All you ever post are insults. What kind of home do you come from?

  21. kabungo ok

    Compare both rallies the most populated had 3/4 todlers in attendance!!!

  22. Bolingo

    Just pick Mukombwe

  23. Jere Felix

    Comment who Is yo running mate

    • KwaBulozi

      Why worry when you are not going to vote for him?

      We need cheap mealie and affordable commodities. Tell us about those instead.

  24. Dr chichi k

    those 10 plans ar 4 his cattles nd blind followers lik lib party president or mayb he wants 2 marry 10 wives. HH fuseki

    • Fgmt

      Pf supoters whay are remving the campening matrios for upnd? Yestuday elo mwaleya ku lusaka mwali fumya ichitenge pa chisamba william,wich minis lungu tapali efyo alebomba,ok apa viva sampa,gbm,scot prt hh.

    • KwaBulozi

      So childish and immature.

      Typical PF.

  25. diamond

    pf embama the heroes stadium was filled wit people mamama sonta apo ubombele

    • Pelusa muchindu

      We were there in heroes stadium yes i cant even refuse but nt in favour of pf nd changwa.main pipo went there 4 free music consert,ati we wanted to see our popularity wen u invited a batch of musician,let pipo cum on there on.unless thos who neva went 2 schl wont undr line this.he used phycology to draw the attention of main zambia coz pipo lov music nd so he invited musicians,open yo eyes.

      • KwaBulozi

        It is called donchi kubeba.

        Eat and drink with your mouth but vote with your head.

  26. HH worker farm

    Hh give us your running meet, what are u fearing, ka gbm waiting for running meet, ka sampa running meet, banda running meet, mulenga sata running meet, hh is confused, he doesn’t know what to say, one thing I wanted he to speak before starting his really is the word (one zambia one nation) which he faild to say that, that day when kambwiri was saying that hh is falling to pronounced the word one zambia one nation his mouth is too heavy to say that, I was thinking that mybe it was a ly but I saw it this guy he need to come to farm and look after his cowes aand chickens not pipo

    • monzi group

      hh his ten plans marring 10 wives

    • bukani

      The wise do things differently, today’s Rally was a campaign launch, it said it all on the Adverts…The running mate will come a later,so what did the Pf leader say after naming his running mate for interest sake?? ,hmmm not much,..no vision.kikikikiki

    • New generation.

      Worker farm check your spellings.

    • KwaBulozi

      Do you even know what a farm. looks like?

  27. Landeni mwalanaka aleisa

    landeni fi pf ifwe ni forward chabe tatulefwaya aba shipula ba ecl

    • mtenguleni

      Chikala cho!Viva Mighty Patriotic Front…Vote Edgar Chagwa Lungu

  28. donpaul

    HH lets go

  29. lundazi boy

    4ward chabe

  30. Chuchu One

    Our Prezdent Hh

  31. Ibange Ndapepa Lubanje

    mulenyafye bafikala

  32. ceajay03

    Follow that link for the Ten point plan for Zambia.
    Great idea from a leader who has a vision for Zambia.
    Viva HH!!

    • KwaBulozi

      Too bad Peter Adamu/Dickson Jere has disabled hyperlinks.

      He doesn’t want us to remind the people the lies Edgar has made before that are on the Internet like in January 2015 he promised to reduce mealie meal that is worse today.


    Viva Kachema,it was a nice experience listening to your ideas sir!!!

  34. Mwana poho yensu

    No forward chabe

  35. Last M is in the building ladies and gentlemen

    Where are the ten plan I cant see them someone to show me pliz

    • Bismarck Sikapande

      APA ni Go Go forward uza sala weka kuli lungu work up u can’t say let see were he has don for Zambian people his not yet in power unless who is sumthing long he or she can say that HH HH HH GO GO forward HH for better ZAMBIA this is our time to ruer this country mwala mwenako fye

    • donpaul

      ignorant pipo hev eva seen a plan b4

  36. mtenguleni

    I think Heroes Stadium turnout has given shiki kuli tu upnd….140,000 plus PF supporters…Ala hh na gbm finished 6 pack toilet paper each due to uku polomya

    • donpaul

      its u nd yo family wu hz finishd de buks of yo siblngz

    • Andrew Musumali

      The sitting capacity is 60,000 and others were in toilets, thats being primitive ba pompwe.

    • Native

      If you got 140,000 people into a structure designed for 50,000 would the structural integrity remain intact?

  37. Big man

    Ati 10 points plan! This guy is a crook, all he wants is to extend his businesses to western countries once he become president. He is even fallen to help his relatives, just recently his nephew was chased from school for not paying school fee at pemba secondary school. If u want my vote first pay school fee for maambo.

    • bukani

      ..so why couldn’t you help his nephew to pay the school fees at Pemba?…atleast you would have shown a good example,don’t you think?

      • Native

        It’s a “politically imagined nephew”.

  38. Jr

    we will sonta sonta when we also go in power.sonta like you were using your own money poor thinking.

  39. ks

    you have been blinded and made a fool of pf. I know that you have seen that everything is terrible in zambia its just the matter of joining the people with vision. someone with 5 common sense can’t continue with pf but only a fool. look at the members of pf only visionless individuals
    people with sober mind have left the part what is remaining are the residues of pf. if you have a sober mind and fresh join the group which the great one’s have joined leave the residues!!!


    10 points plan
    . A
    . B
    . C
    . D
    . E
    . F
    . G
    . H
    . I
    . J

    • KwaBulozi

      Poor listening skills.

      Is that why you did so poorly at school?

  41. mp

    not just poor thinking chikopo cha muntu maybe I use English very dull.

  42. Zambian report

    who iz upndrunni g mate

  43. kajob

    kikikiki small cloud for hh

  44. shibeleka

    Well articulated points professor HH. We are very much behind you, continue keeping the fire burning

  45. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    ba ks mulebepa pilato na herrod became friends the day they agreed to crucify jesus so we saw them Miles, GBM, Jelita Oh
    mulenga today they sit and dyn with the one once their enemy now this time babepelefye. he worn them on conversion, repeated in january history will repeat itself on 811

  46. eddy

    Lusaka residents who attended PF’s rally at heroes stadium have caused HAVOC in upnd camp!!!LET EDGAR LUNGU HAVE A GOOD NIGHT TODAY BECAUSE VOTERS SHOWED HIM THAT NO MATTER WHAT,PF WILL RULE ZAMBIA BEYOND 2016!!!!freedom park in kitwe can only host about 10 000 people while heroes today had more than 120 000-see the difference!!!CHIEF TRIBALIST HH CANNOT EVEN NAME MAIZE IN BEMBA?SHOCKING!!!”UMUNTU NI LUNGU-2016!!

    • New generation.

      Eddey,what happens to rupiah banda during compainig period?

    • Andrew Musumali

      Ma rubbish, Which 120,000 people? All will vote for lungu including babies, mad,drunkards.

    • KwaBulozi


      Be sober youngman.

      The number of voters is 4,000,000+. Those who went to the stadium are a small small percentage. And what do you expect with beer and food plus music paid by the VAT and your PAYE on your payslip.

      Filling a stadium will not reduce mealie meal or make the cost of living go down.

    • Native

      Buses returning imported cadres from other towns are overturning in the dead of night, iwe. What you do in the dark God brings to light.

  47. jamason lungu

    Comment ok I av seen u pipo wh ar suootng pf u dnt thnk,90 day becomez 5yrz nw?kikiki n forward chabe

  48. cilikumutima obe

    “THE WORLD OF POLITICS” upnd is winning this year’s election well predicted.

  49. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    sonta, ok sonta running mate? ulefilwa but male wayamba ukukampena! shame.)ifwe ngatwatila sonta apopene kusonta

    • KwaBulozi

      Sonata youngman;

      1. cheap and affordable mealie meal.
      2. when loadsshedding will end.
      3. 500,000 jobs.
      4. essential drugs in clinics and hospitals.
      5. etc.

  50. mulem.nga

    viva hh

  51. nansa

    hh e muntu wandi pf bufi

  52. balya

    go go go go hh

  53. balya

    ni hh chabe you will see come august

  54. mwamba sobibo

    fintu ni hh

  55. MUZO

    ba ks careful

  56. mwamba sobibo

    pf kuwayawaya fye fintu ni upnd wait mwalafenta.

  57. mwamba sobibo

    viva upnd go go go go hh

  58. MUZO

    this country has never bin ruled by Tonga bull even mazoka failed who r u ba hh

  59. pf to upnd

    I have suffered a lot in pf gov’t why should I continue na ma rubbish life is precious apa forward upnd ngamulefwaya nweni acid. viva hh vivaaa………………….!!!

  60. pf to upnd

    finito forward bane paka tukafike kucipanda

  61. MUZO

    economists are very stingy,u’ve even passed state house so its forward to wer

  62. pf to upnd

    ba muzo muli ba mbuli fye imwe

  63. limwanya

    Guys, stop being naive. The mines were sold by the Government, and created a lot jobs for various sectors. The economy of this country was on its knees before the privatisation programme . The pf government found $3bn ib reserves, how did the come about? How much will they leave after the 11/7/16 How much have they borrowed in a the 5years of being in power? what Investments have they put in place to date from the huge kaloba that has put the future of our children in debt? how many caders have pocketed commisions from the so called developmental projects? How will they repay all this money? If given another mandate, what economic plans have they put in place? apart from borrowing and borrowing and borrowing even for salaries. …… vote out these guys otherwise we will be worse off.

    • thomaware hills

      Borowing isnt wrong as long as the maths is good and profitable good example are banks banks borrow money from people to make profits the loans that banks give are peoples money banks own business to invest for profits when we think we keep money the bank makes profit plus paying them for keeping our money every month in short the government is in the same business it borrows to make profits building raods you pay tax building hospital we pay for medical building school we pay for school fees so who are we to blame them if borrow loans

      • Andrew Musumali

        Borrowing is wrong when you can not manage to pay back. Our leaders borrow every day and don’t pay back.

        • KwaBulozi


          It is taxpayers who will have to pay the cuts like those Kambwili has got on contracts to his Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services.

          It is also wrong to borrow without a clear repayment plan. There is also no more money as the capital markets have closed.

          And tell us why Edgar has run to same IMF that imposed the privatisation you keep accusing one person of?

  64. jk

    the state House is occupied by visionless leaders

  65. limwanya

    The country is broke than the time mmd came into power. wait and see when the owners of this money will start knocking at finaaaa, some people will slim starting from there necks downwards

  66. pwanya torto

    Comment fenyo fyenu ba fikala inshi isele

  67. Doom boy

    thiz man he cant be the president becuze the problem he have his selfish n he never work in government befor n his workes the are complaning about the salary n too much thinking about cattles in his big head so no peace for u chikala HH

    • thomaware hills

      Why not use sense than insulting

    • king voxy

      . you just saying hh selling this, that. what possition was he holding in chilubas gonvermrnt? tell me

  68. pwanya torto

    Comment pf is just lsk mind u

  69. Rite*Game Q

    Please people do not spent more of yo time sayin this canditi is the best to make Em Zambia better but let’spend more to prayer to the almght the ever best people who can rule our beloved country better

    • thomaware hills

      True but it isn’t wrong to monitor the politicians by giving out views on what’s good and unless we have bad intentions

  70. thomaware hills

    HMy question is which ten points I have read non in this article bring them out I compare the two its just proper economics we do mathematics

  71. thomaware hills

    Their is no hide and seek any one with the points share coz this editor who was writing this article forgot to write the things that matter the ten points maybe the ten points were irrelevant coz these guys always pick important points

  72. diamond

    ma points kabili???

  73. thomaware hills

    As long as their is reproduction their is need for production and production cover population

  74. Young ki

    100% FORWARD! FORWARD! Its HH ZAMBIA!!!!!!!(HH)!!!!!!_-_-_F100%h……….!!!!!

  75. Reminder

    Zambian Pipo This Is The Time We Put Parties On A Scale,bcoz U Complain For Ur Mistakes Afterwards.Politicians Come With All Sorts Of Messages Just To Blind U 4 A Vote.My Question Is Has PF Completed It’s Old Manifesto 4 Them To Introduce Another One?90 Days, Lower Taxz,more Money,500 000 Jobs etc. Its Up 2 U Pipo Bt I See U Being Used For Nothing Last Time It Don’t “Kubeba” To Day It’s “Sonta……”.My Fellow Citizen Analyze The Situation Critically.Don’t Say U Were Nt Warned.

  76. Dr chichi k

    Jk wher ar u wen visionless pipo ar forming grz?hh z bzzy toking abt high cost of living wen he is ze 1 causing zat.

  77. moses hatembo

    state house its for hh now.

  78. Gromek

    Comment 10 provinces vs 1 Kitwe.kaaya. Iliko bad. Ba PF Mukose.

  79. Native

    Twalaumfwa nomba kuli ba PF nga ba belenga 10 point plan ati “me too” I will do the same, nomba execution of a copied plan nayo ka ikaaaange. Ala ca bulanda sana. We do not want “rulers” we want “LEADERS”! Tatulefwaya ba “kateeka” tulefwaya “INTUNGULUSHI” iya ku tungulula icalo nokucilangilila inshila isuma iya ku fuma mu bupina ukuya mu bunonshi. Fellow countrymen and women, POVERTY CANNOT BE SHARED. Teti icalo caakane ubupina iyo kano fye ubunonshi.

  80. limwanya

    The stadium was filled up because of imports from across the country

  81. limwanya

    I sat there watching, but before I secured a chair, I did my networking around the major leading to lusaka. A lot buses were hired to ferry in caders

    • KwaBulozi

      Putting people in a stadium is easy but getting votes on the actual day is another matter.

      This is just an attempt to project popularity when in fact most of those same people cannot afford three meals plus have no real jobs plus find no essential drugs in clinic and hospitals.

      Then again it was your tax money that paid for the same sideshow.

      It is called bluffing.

      • mpombo

        KwaBulozi what would hv bn your comment if the stadium was empty luk here bwana even if upnd was to hold a rally with chi pilato i wouldn’t go there coz i simply can’t afford to b in the company of upnd cadres & leaders

  82. mwanamulume kitozhi

    forward chabe.

  83. kash

    viva HH zambla forward!

  84. bb

    He hs nver been presdt iwe kolwe.

  85. Lunga

    So HH has a ten point plan to u turn Zambia but he is using recycled materials (GBM, Scott, Sampa and Masebo) to sell his message. How do you change a product by using recycled and often bleached materials and you call your product new? HH should admit that he doesn’t have a strategy to change Zambia. If he did he would have found new people to sell his message. Guy Scott is credible? He never campaigned for Lungu but Lungu won. Now Scott is looking for a job to HH? My ass using defectors and looters isn’t change its called recycling politicians

    • Native

      METAPHOR! The propellers for the largest sea going vessels (both cargo and passenger) are made from recycled metal that’s carefully alloyed and handcrafted in foundrys. As are metals for aircraft fuselage. The cocacola you drink is sometimes canned in tins made from recycled metal. It all depends on the “re-engineering”.

    • KwaBulozi

      MMD used lots of old UNIP spares in 1991.

      PF also used lots of FDD (Charles Banda and Luckson Kazabu), Lima Party (Guy Scott), MMD (himself and Sylvia Masebo) and UNIP (Sebastian Zulu, AB Chikwanda etc) and UPND (Robert Sichinga and Edgar Lungu) parts in 2011.

      It is called retooling and repurposing. Better than the original.

  86. haantolongo

    Bolingo panyo pako,u r the kind of idiots who r failures in reasoning, yo friends r pointing up genuine issues but u r just busy in tribal remarks,tribal politics is no longer there chikala wake up, I can evaluate yo level of thinking by just what u have posted.Grow up galu Iwe.

  87. haantolongo

    Pf please point out what u have done and give out yo future plans not just insulting and issuing tribal remarks .be genuine.

  88. spek takular

    Hahahaha.. So bambuli imwe ba pf mulefwaya fye ukuchula kutwalilile?? Lol… The count right now is in xtreme poverty and u just want that to be the reality for the next five years? I say we change the muh fuckin president. Or else we be eatin sand

  89. chanc's

    sonta epowabomba tumone

    • KwaBulozi

      Sonta you also;

      1. Cheap mealie meal.
      2. Cheap cooking oil.
      3. Cheap sugar.
      4. Cheap tomatoes.
      5. Cheap salt.
      6. Cheap rice.
      7. More money in our pockets.
      8. End to loadshedding.
      9. Cheap petrol, diesel, etc.
      10. 500,000 jobs.
      11. National service.
      12. Printing of ballots in Zambia.
      13. King Lewanika University.
      14. Universities in every province.
      15. Release of the findings of the Rodger Chongwe Commission.
      16. Restoration of the Barotseland Agreement.
      17. A people driven constitution.
      18. A Professional and cadre-free civil service.
      19. No Chinese selling chickens in markets.
      20. Etc.

  90. enough

    1kopala vs the whole country in lsk VIVA HH and UPND

  91. cris-bris star***

    mr president sir we wish you all da best & we are more dan very read 2016 to cast our votes for u.Go zambia Go HH 2016.

  92. Fgmt

    Viva sata m,gbm,sampa,scot,and hh for prt zambia fowerd.

  93. kabungo ok

    1 Province vs the whole Zambia!

  94. Zeru

    If we all go for senses, of how we as Zambias can develop our beloved country, this forum could prove to be the best form of sharing knowledge. From the coments put up by many , it is clear that pipo are not contributing to the best of their abilities but patisanship. As a person who want to see and hear pipo exchanging and arguing in a most sensible way, what came out of Kitwe, made lot sense.

  95. Eastern Power

    Comment We shall never Vote for this KABWALALA a THIEF ? BIG NO.

  96. kukus


  97. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    what came out of kitwe made sense to you because you are HH s and heroes to made sense TO ECL ‘s one you cant cheat us

  98. kukus

    U ran a show in a new stadium were a lot of people have never seen it, and its free to enter trust me folks those people just went to watch a bloody stadium

  99. sontapo



    Upnd, forwad

  101. Spygogo

    HH has never been President of Zambia! So don’t expect him to do what a President is expected to do! What he has is his own personal money while a sitting President uses public resources! What has ECL done using his personal money? How can u compare the two? Muletontonkanya elyo tamulaisula ifinwa!

  102. Wasu Wasu

    Lungu ali sonta running mate mailo. Naiwe hh, sonta tumone. Chakosela pesa?

    • KwaBulozi

      Sonata you also better living standard and more money in our pockets plus an end to loadshedding you promised in 2011.

  103. Shot Gun

    Chikuvabaani ati uyu muntu niobbeula. This guy made his money because of his intelligence, without working in government like others who increase their Salaries everyday after baona Mahafu kupaka..Thats y me i cnt vote for a kapususu. Whatmore, mweebeni Wiso asonte efyo bombele ku Chawama inga nakwata track record.

  104. Shot Gun

    Chikubabaani ati uyu muntu niobbeula. This guy made his money because of his intelligence, without working in government like others who increase their Salaries everyday after baona Mahafu kupaka..Thats y me i cnt vote for a kapususu. Whatmore, mweebeni Wiso asonte efyo abombele ku Chawama inga nakwata track record.

  105. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    Where as HH when ECL was with MAZOKA he was selling Zambias assets to the world pocketing 1/3 to himself from there he wants to rule us using our money never no let him bring back what he stall

  106. chisanga francis

    Zambian’s woke up. Don’t think if that when u’re calling from the other side of the river, there comes some one from the other side of the river to help u and give u an open hand and say come over. Wud u manage to go over the river? It is impossible, unless someone with a boat. NIPABWATO guys. We are zambians, be careful. HH will never bring peace in this country, even his simbo tapaba nefyoyapilibula. OPEN UR EYES. ONLY GOD .

    • Native

      And what if you had fallen into a pit? Is it not a hand or rope that you would need to come out of the hole? How would you navigate a “bwato” out of a pit? Think! There are different approaches to rescue operations. There is no proverbial water here, just “mentally imbedded” poverty. People have gullibly accepted to have a small group of people to exploit public resources at their expense while being fleeced.

  107. chewe kawbe

    hh wapyaa pf

  108. Keen Follower

    Kwena ba PF ”fiikopo’! Umuntu amipela ka 10 pointi plani, mwatampa ukusabaila!(These PFs are dunderheads, someone gives them a 10 point plan, then they start baffling… bla …bla …bla…!

  109. Keen Follower

    Ooho…ichishinka chakwata kubili…ukunfwisha bwino no kukalipa…! (Ooho…the true has two sides, relief and painful…!)

  110. Pelusa muchindu

    Pipo were beaten phycologically by pf nd changwa,yes pipo turned up in numbas 4 music show nt in favour of pf.went there 4 music consert nt to support changwa no.

  111. bembas

    Pf cadres their dull including their president,you are using the slogan which you dont understand.at sontapo ine kuti nasekako.so you fools pf you wanted HH to use his resources to develop Zambia,when is not in government?.what more of your visineless president when he was a minister of home affairs he did not so.and u want Hh to so don’t mislead Zambian.only a fool will vote for pf.

  112. Bernard

    Mamama Koma Heroes Nachidiba. Ni Sonta

  113. bembas

    @Kabungo u are dull province vs whole Zambia.infact it’s Muchinga vs WESTERN,NORTHWESTERN,CENTRAL,COPPERBELT,LUSAKA,SOUTHERN AND EASTERN.wait and see iwe chikakala.

  114. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    did someone hear the word (FUSEKI) in heroes? NO but that muzungu said it at their rally it is as if someone called him to come and witness the multitude to ECL he told the whole world that his answer was fuseki.what a leader. the other one said M.Sata said his ministers were fools, so os ECL cause he was minister, now can someone tell me What was M Sampa? GBM? .remember 1 finger pointing front 3more pointing at you. Zambians never be fooled CHAGWA is the man. no short cut 90 days will decide

    • Andrew Musumali

      you will cry urine after 11th August ba palakata fwalakata.

  115. Bruno mars'The moonshine jungle'.

    Jerous dn hh chabe

  116. gbm

    ayisha..sela abombeko obama lungu el epologramu. bruce lee tampmpele.

  117. Lungu out.

    Pf carders are jealous of what hh is owning in Zambia. They oppose him because of his riches. He is a hard worker not lungu who is trying through tax payers money. Lungu is living on a political career. We want pipo with good plans from their homes to rule zambia pipo like hh not lungu a failure. HH will fix the economy because he has fixed it from his own house. Look at lungus house in chawama and hh’s in new kasama this proves that lungu has no vision for zambia.

  118. Elivie

    Lungu ehh Fintu,,, Sonta Epowabomba

    • Native

      Twalakulanga na “gwagu” baalya pa ku kuula ulya musebo na ka “new boma” office.

    • KwaBulozi

      Sonata 500,000 jobs you promised us.

  119. Aldine Mukaluka

    zeď foward yo vote z yo voice

  120. Don Muzo


  121. Peoples Choice

    HH for life


    hh don’t see that crowd will vote for u.no.this is copperbelt not MONZE.

  123. Bovela akapondo

    Gbm, m sata, g scott, sampa, masebo nalumango etc they have failed to deliver wat change do u want to change the log pf and replace it with upnd united patrotic and national development same pipo ati change ngensoni sontafye

  124. osalila

    yaba wina azalila. 10 point plan. any way they are just points. Mpaka litente

  125. KwaBulozi

    Don’t cheat the youngsters.

    Your PF has already mortgaged Zambia with all these Eurobonds whose debt is in foreign hands. If you default the vulture funds will exact blood.

    Edgar has also made Zambia go back to same IMF that imposed privatisation on Zambia causing misery due to economic mismanagment.

  126. Marcel Joseph

    Mwe mbushi mwe when did you announce your running mate? So you want us to be following in your footsteps gosh get a life pompwezi. We are going the UPND way

  127. KwaBulozi

    Levy Mwanawasa was Lenje that is part of the Tonga group along with Tonga, Illa etc like Nsenga and Chikunda or Tumbuka and Senga.

    You are the real tribalists.

    • big mind

      i acknwledge dat bro kwabulozi. n do u really knw dat its da reason wy de bembas left katanga z becoz ov greed 4 powr? n wat dey shud knw z dat visionable bembas cnt 4llow rubbish, lyk gbm,cb,m sata n de lyk. n lungu z a eastherner nd nt a northerner as dey cheat demselves

  128. big mind

    poor fulz wthout manifesto!! wat a disorgansed party? sata went wth hz party’s legacy. wat z left z jst wastage

  129. KwaBulozi

    Youngman insults don’t make a point.

    Provide proof if HH is mistreating his workers and report to the ministry of labour.

  130. Bunny Wailer

    Maroon Lies. Only Ecl Chabe No Matter What.

  131. KwaBulozi

    Ask Rupiah Banda.

    He also thought like you plus your numbers are dodgy. You forgot there was food and beer plus singers paid for by the VAT on shopping list and your PAYE.

    Heroes stadium will not make mealie meal affordable.

  132. jr

    In conclusion country men and women,pray hard for the right leader to lead this country.

  133. Aaron K Mwanza

    HH you are the chosen from God!!!
    Go, Go we are with you HH

  134. Rick Smash

    pls HH remanber me as I give you a vote

  135. Young ki

    With HH Zambia z 100% FOWARD!! Wala washala its FORWARD!!! CHABE !

  136. Charles Wams

    Comment:thats tru..my frnd

  137. Charles Wams

    Edgar Lungu is a lawyer…..not…an…….Economist……………….but..HH…studied..Economics…. he knows how the economy of the country could progress……………………….people..of..Zambia HH is a true Leader who could make Zambia a developed nation/country……………………………………………………………If….HH…..is elected…Zambia will in no time be like the New World(AMERICA)……………………….Think…about…it……….when…you…are..in the polling room…

  138. benjaminmbilima

    Comment bem hh he as alredy lost. must go and look afer is cow

  139. Orion

    so hh will fix zambia, but he can’t even fix his running mate crisi?

  140. Big

    God lead Zambian people to vote for a man after your own heart. Help us not to do as Israelites did when they choose King Saul. Father I ask for peace during and after election in Jesus name. Help all political supporters from different political parties to campaign peacefully and purposely in Jesus name.

  141. chipego



    PF kuwayawayafe

  142. Marcel Joseph

    Mpaka Litulike nampu

  143. prosper

    Ifintunilungu tukonkanya hh sontapotumone hh is nothing how can you fix things that are already fix he just want to bring confusion tell him to sontapo epowabomba

  144. PENCER

    bye bye ECL, Welcome HH forward

  145. Vodka

    Lungu emuntufye capwa ,Santana takatekepo Zambia.

  146. Mutinta Habeenzu

    Lunch has already won the hearts of millions of Zambia, way to go! sooooontaaaaaa!

  147. Mutinta Habeenzu

    I meant lungu

    • Native

      In one breath you say lunch and the next you say Lungu. Sumineni fye ati insala ile kalipa ba fake mutinta. Ama slogan uku mule aula imyau!

  148. Prisoner Chidumbo

    Bravo police,cage that animal,GBM!

  149. isak

    all pf supoters are fools,wy do u lk 2 b cheated by ecl wh cant even aford 2 pay a single worker.

  150. kang'ondo

    David was a youg

  151. isak

    mwaanya kufumbwa HH akawine mulakwenda china chidada,alimwi ecl nalizyi nasachisaleenda buyo cuuno alimwi kuti kayeya kabotu mu 11 akazwide limwi muzambya kaambo uyakuchibona,hh 4zm.

  152. kang'ondo

    David was a youg shepherd and God appointed him to become the king of isreal.
    U have bn calling my presdent kachema, yes! he is and he will shepherd Zambians.

  153. Prisoner Chidumbo

    Hang that fat pig called GBM!

  154. Mutinta Matako

    The Devil will never rule this great nation, sy no to a free mason!

  155. isak

    paya farmer r yo smboys, u hve killed us, we need someone who kn farming

  156. isak

    the whole zm is under u GOD BLESS U SIR.but only fools ar against u.

  157. Gaffer Stover

    His excellence Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu will win the polls by approximately 60% in the first round so am urging all well meaning Zambians to go and vote for him so that he can continue serving us.

  158. jk

    I wanted to buy a computer now it’s too expensive I’ll just wait for new gov’t(upnd) to minimize the prices. in pf gov’t nima rubbish yeka yeka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. Shi Chipo

    Umwana wangalila ku bunga tawama nakalya, people should not argue with the likes of mpombo coz his analysis is impotent…never jermerson only forward, more popcorn pliz

  160. jk

    what kind of saving are you trying to say?
    perhaps it’s throwing Zambia into a bottomless pit.

  161. Shi Chipo

    Ati Gafer Stova mulalyamo?

  162. To hell HH

    failing to buy a computer in this age ninshi you are doomed tapli efyo ukacita in life! if we tulesonta!

  163. jk

    ule sonta epo wanyela amafi yobe! ule sontela banani ba lungu nacimbwili

  164. chisanga francis

    Hey zambians, don’t be cheated by fools. This country is a Christian nation, god will never give zambians to devils. That won’t happen. If u think u’r the right people well to do, wait and see. Our god is not foolish enough to do such a big mistake.If u have enough reasoning capacity, u have come to help lungu where there are mistakes instead of.I think u never gone round and see what of has done for u zambians. God is there for this country. Forget about hh. Pa bwato. Even in the bible ubwato the only that worked, even u foolishly condemned the boat. U will see when truth will come after u.of.

    • idol ceasy

      dear never cheat that the boat is the best solution,no.moses did nt use the boat to cross the sea,he looked foward for God’s answer.The boat had drawned in a few weaks after the comin of the evil one who was selected by the voice of the ecz

  165. Widow bonker(HH)

    Tomorrow’s banking list: Maureen mwanawasa@ 0430……..

  166. Widow bonker(HH)

    Tuesday 01:00 mutale Nalumango a.k.a the crocodile…..

  167. Albert Muchima

    In any organization when considering applications for management positions, they look at their qualification, their experience and how their performance was in previous positions. They don’t look at the applicant’s experience in job seeking or what he/she had done for him/herself, no.
    On 11th August, 2016, Zambians will be the employers and have been presented with two major applicants, HH and ECL. These two have brought their CVs before Zambians for consideration.
    – He is a lawyer
    – He was PF MP for chawama constituency
    – He was PF disciplinary commmitte chairperson
    – PF Secretary General
    – He was deputy minister
    – He was defence and justice minister
    – He was acting President
    – He is currently the Republican President
    -He is an economist
    – He played a vital role in the privatisation of GRZ companies and mines.
    – He is four times UPNDb losing Presidential candidate.
    ~~~~~~VOTE WISELY~~~~~

  168. isak

    mmd and pf they ar nolonger existing nt even an mp.shibuyunji and mumbwa is yours viva hh :upnd

  169. isak

    we can compare ecl’s name 2 satan. 1 liere 2.killer 3.thief 4.bad influencer 5.satanist 6.etc,come on 11 u going 2c hw GOD work

  170. kamuyongole

    God plz choose the right leader b4 we choose

  171. Terrible

    Ten point plan? Now that is hollow mr underfive hh. You forgot to mention that your ten point plan will only be possible because PF has built the roads and other infrastructure. Those are the basic building blocks of any plan whether it is ten points, twenty, five points or even one. PF has laid the foundation, upon which any economic plan is based. I listened to your speech mr underfive HH, you talked about exporting mealie meal to neighbouring countries. So how do you think you would transport that mealie meal and the maize from the farmers to the milling plants and then to export if you will not use the roads built by PF? Look here boy, you need to grow up from underfive boy to adult man.


      HH is too big to respond to such an ilogical question .In case you did not have eyes, let me remind you that KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa and RUPIA BANDA LEFT ROADS.Therefore even if PF did not construct any, mealie meal could have been constructed. What HH is saying is that PF acted like people who didnt go to school. They did not follow MASSLOW’S HYRACHY OF NEEDS. “FOOD FIRST”.THIS TITANIC WILL SINK ON 11TH AUGUST.

    • Native

      Terrible, the PF did not construct those roads using their personal monies, they used our tax money albeit IMPRUDENTLY because those structures are costing us far much more than they normally should because of corruption (gwagu). The PF “employees” are spending far more money on these projects than they normally (and economically) should. In the same way that PF wants to pay twice the price for printing ballot papers and the same way that they attempted to pay $210m for the lusaka cctv scandal when comparatively johannesburg (a city about 7 or 8 times bigger) only spent $8m for its own. You are dealing with a “horde” of PF employees who want to pay $1m per single fire tender machine when no such “costly” equipment is sold by any legitimate manufacturer or dealer in the world. HH and his party have told the nation that they want to come and manage the situation so that the mismanagement can be “kontololad” and savings re-directed to needy social areas like education and medicines in hospitals. What is the point of a low production capacity solar hammer mill if the input cost to maize production remains high? With PF’s reckless expenditure where is the money to subsidize agricultural production (which is dwindling by the way) going to come from because this govt is lying by “cooking” the govt accounts books the “Dilma Rouseff” way. How I wish our institutions in zambia were as strong as brazil’s.

  172. Terrible

    Or maybe you will air lift all the maize produced by farmers to the market? Kikikikikikiki…awe mwe bu underfive nabo bulwele!!

  173. Bull Lamba

    Angoni 1<u still dont believe that leadership come from God.U will be surprised after 11/8/16

  174. St. Desperatius

    His 10 point plan is very vague to say the least looks more like PF’s 2011 manifesto.

    • Native

      In 2011 desperatius, the PF/UPND pact collapsed because in principle the two parties were different. 1. PF were only interested in creating jobs for themselves. 2. UPND wanted a national development strategic plan first and later allocating the best human resource possible to successfully execute that plan. Those who forget history are destined to repeat it. If you’ve already forgotten the “90 day development don’t kubeba” then you wish to extend the downward spiral of the last 4 and a half years.

  175. Company

    Company likes the UPND slogan, at aleisa aleisa

  176. Company

    Honestly speaking where we have reached in Zambia, we need a strong, sober, disciplined, patriotic manager to manage this country. Gents and ladies it is not just the matter of independent benefit, support for selfish gain this is our only Zambia we cannot destroy it daylight by pure misappropriation by the guys we entrust with power, no it is not supposed to be like that,it is high time that we have now advanced in realising the way thing are supposed to be managed through education and technology. Remember a country manager plays a very big role

  177. thomaware hills

    Hh must be kidding me how would hh wealth benefit me if that is true I age him to start giving his money to people

    • Native

      Benefit from his resourcefulness NOT HIS PERSONAL RESOURCES. Don’t eat his fish learn from him how to fish so you can eat as you legitimately please FOR LIFE.

  178. mm

    insults are not working at all,lets do a right thing at a right time
    #peace is better than being right…lets go forward not backwards

  179. mamama

    Hh is only man scoring more coment aba bene nimangwele nipa 11 so chabe

  180. the voice of reason

    H.H for a better Zambia. You have my vote

  181. cyril

    Alot of u guyz find it easy 2 post stupid, childish & insensitive comments o bcoz u hid yo names, do u really kno wat dat potrays? cowards, u jst cant stand & face yo enemy & tell them in da face 2 fuck off so dat they stop the rot in our country, so jst com out of yo hole & face it. Tell ECL o HH o indeed caders the trueth as a patriotic ZAMBIAN, period!

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