Dangote Cement Crippled by Strikes

dangote-cement-zambiaOperations at the Dangote Cement Zambia Ltd plant near Ndola were reportedly ground to halt this week by striking workers.

According to local sources familiar with the dispute, the workers are demonstrating over what they claim are “violations of labour law” by the plant’s Nigerian management.

Among the demands sought by the striking workers are authority to form a union, pensionable jobs, permanent full-time status as opposed to casualisation, K5000 across the board, and improvement of safety and working conditions. In particular, the workers are singling out Dangote Zambia country manager Mr Desmond Maharaj, whom they claim has been mistreating them.

In recent months, declining production at Dangote has reportedly led the company to place many workers on furlough. But some workers on strike complain that the labour squeeze is just being used to cut prices against the competition.

“The conditions are very bad, and we will not let them abuse us like this,” said worker, who spoke with our correspondent on the condition of anonymity. “Dangote has managed to keep the price of cement low because he is exploiting us Zambian workers. They are ignoring labour laws and the ministry must act to defend us.”

Dangote Cement Zambia Limited is a new player in the industry, beginning production late last year. Owned by the Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote – listed by Forbes as the richest man in Africa with a net worth of $16.8 billion – the $400 million Copperbelt plant is capable of producing 1.5 million tons of cement a year.



  1. Ham

    What Specifically Is The Strike About?

    • Daywalker

      Typical the conditions of service were probably written by a Zambian who thought fellow Zambians were beneath him and didnt deserve better. The real issue is that Dangote has very poor CSR in the Chiwala and Ndeke area. The other cement companies are no better or even worse. Zambians need to grow a backbone and some national pride if they are to be treated like grown ups by investors at the table.

      • Native

        If the conditions were written by a zambian labor advisor, it was still up to DZL to accept or not accept the advice. It’s always humane for employers to pay above sector competition remuneration packages and find other technologically creative ways of cutting costs. DZL ought to have the advantage of possessing the newest and most modern plant in the sector. The K2s they use to undercut their competition is what’s depriving their workforce decent living wages.

    • Che Guevara

      People thought because Aliko Dangote is the richest man on our continent he pay them as if he just plucks money from trees.His business in Zambia is still growing and he cannot use the money he is making in other countries to finance salaries for workers in Zambia.Just be patient as the business grows there will be a corresponding increase in salaries and other conditions of service.He is in business first and foremost to make money for himself not share his wealth with you.

    • Mr Does

      Comment: Being abused by the selfish management not by dangote himself but greedy fellow top evil people from different countries plus tumazambians

  2. kanyama

    And chakolwa was busy praising the fucker

    • Pk

      Ba Kanyama lets be respectful for 1 another and employe good Proverb 15:1.

    • Pk

      Ba Kanyama lets be respectful for 1 another and employe good language Proverb 15:1.

    • Frendato

      Comment Bamo Abantu Ka Language Lets Respect One Another.

  3. lackson

    Ba Ham it’s about salaries.

  4. jm

    Better than HH ,salaries will increase soon

  5. Damala

    Some one came with cheap thing we r complain he gave job u complian what do u want pipo we could hv been buying cement at k150 nw Aliko has got money we be suffering.even he gaves us k1m we will still talk.its becoz its election every one what’s to bring stories.go to zambeef u mmd time they complian sata wen he comes in power he must close zambeef mhsrip he came in power everyone was quiet nw its u.ur friends r cry for job

    • chomba

      lets gather facts before we comment…what about a person (worker) who is producing cement? do u know our wages?



    • musonda musonda


      • Trespho Chitamfya

        What is the population of Mukushi?

        • atomz

          u,4get abt total population yo friend z telling the truth if u ar so cleaver u can com and count 4yoself dont botha yo friend

        • soja

          mkushi has decreased in population iwe.

      • mpombo

        Its only that u’re used to MEGA rallies of PF as such u’re always comparing to Levy & Heroes GBM was in Mufulira where Tongas claim to hv made inroads did u c his poorly attended rally in a more populated place than the sparsely populated Mkushi u’re mentioning He looked a complete fool & totally lost that his promise to Tongas is back firing Ba Shikoti wali bamona ku Nyimba kuti waunfwa no bulanda ati umusungu wa musonko napena bcoz pipo’re avoiding him coz he may bring colonial Tax The best ‘Chuundu’ & Fat Albert cn do is to show us their workers condition of service which is way below what Dangote is providing any one crying for a salary shud go & work for the Homosexual m’membe & c if he wil b paid #Neverhh more pop corn plitz

      • HH die hard Mulinda! Till we reign

        Just join the winning party.

      • Kelvin mwamba

        Comment,No Chance Boy HH GBM Forward Forward Zambia.No Chance For Ba Inonga Wina And Ba Lungu To Win On 811.They Have Misplaced Mr Sata ‘s Manifesto And They Want To Campegn On A Wrong Manifesto Full Of Lies And Everytime Defending Their Wrong With Sonta Powaiba Namaselatwibeko.Every Civilized Zambian Is Aware Of Your Pretence And How You Have Squarnded National Resources Naba Chishimba Kambuma A Forged Doctor And Obtained Other Degrees From Unknown Universities With A False Priest On The Other Hand Who Does’t Know His Stance.

        • PETER MAINGA

          Chishimba kambwili z nt educated he was a classmate to mr muntali teacher at pemba secondary currently,kambwili was the vice headboy and totally failed grade 12 and if he reseated then he has a gce certificate.anyone to challengd me? and i wil prove.

          • THE DOTTED LINE

            YOU WILL BE FIRED. You Didn’t campaign or Vote for this company to exist. You thoughtfully sought for a job and agreed to sign on me to signify that you had read and understood the terms & conditions of employment.

          • ROKA

            peter mainga you are very you don’t even know what GCE is find out from Examination council of Zambia about instead of misleading yourself

    • NM

      Shut the fuck up you idiot.

  7. Mafia

    Zambezi portland cement under mahtani would have offered even better conditions than what dangote is offering

    • wallace kalaba

      You don’t knw wat you are talkin about

    • Kenny G

      Mr.Dangote sure hw can he employ silly Indians to be at the admin side?coz we know that indians are here from their country because of poverty in their country India so they are here to gain the living n left us indigenous zambians in abject poverty shame.

    • Zimandola

      But why aren’t the doing so kaili?


    ebuteko bwaba lungu efyo mufwaya bushe umuntu ishibafye ukwiba kuti aishiba efyo abantu balecula elyo inga aiba ati sonta epo wabomba bushe twalasonta pali casualisation mwebantu landenipo ifintu fimo mwilasapota nefishiweme that y ba PF suppoter tulemwebela ati u ar blind first u hav to see all angles of working culturel



    • made strong

      Cambodia soldier,didn’t you hear the president at the heart of things praising dangote at a rally? this is how influential a head of state can be and the most talkative but useless father Bwalya was quoted saying the president is so powerful than any one in this country. shame on you.

      • mpombo

        U’re a stupid tonga who is getting on my nerves grow up or may b u don’t hv insaka where u cum frm

    • mr President

      shut up kachikala

    • muzo

      ecl a like at a ishamo tawamona kandile iwe

  10. Andmy

    When Pipo Rise Eyebrows During Election Time It Shows That Promises Have Not Been Fulfilled.

  11. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    your hatred to lungu can never make you, it will only break you, it normal for someone to strike even civil servants do strike, a coin has two sides equally anything has a positive and negative to make a whole thing complete. even the messiah some loved him some hated him.

  12. azariah ndv

    Pipo we have 2 see wat is hiden behind o this things.let’s think criticaly and involve God

  13. Liberation Party President

    Zambians’ lets be grateful why demand for k5000 when the majority of government workers don’t even get that much?mwalitumpafye this man dangote has chosen Zambia of the many countries in Africa to come give you jobs and now you want to start exploiting him with demands for k5000 pay?There is no law in Zambia that forces an employer to pay employees that minimum amount k5000.Mwalitumpafye ba fikalafyenu if you want just quit your jobs there are many Zambians suffering out there who wouldn’t demand for k5000.Lekeni amachito bafikala don’t exploit investors kafwayeniko amachito yambi kuli ba lungu nzelukupusa mwaba ifitombo.We can look for other workers for dangote from the majority suffering people in the rural areas agalu imwe

  14. chihana

    I think blaming DANGOTE then we ar unfair becoz we need to look back to our civil-servants who cant be paid in-time and here you are bussy condeming the big employer,no no no lets be fair please.As understand the sufferings and wishes of my fellow zambians,the big issue here is the kind of governance that zambians have been subjectf to and one of it is incosistence policies and in Tumbuka we say(mwana wa nkhuku wakaonela kwa nyina kun’ya mukhonde) meaning chicks learnt from their parents to defecat at home-yard and this is what our investers are doing due to poor policies. Its a woke-up call to us zambians to bring in government that shall create a favourable environment for Investers and that is under 10-point-plan.You have role to play on 11th August for zambia 10-point-plan to come true!!!!!

  15. MHM

    You guys what you are demanding is to much, i don’t think It will happen.


    But kwena so mulefwaya ukufola a lot of money & at same time u don’t want hard job? be fair & for those who are insulting his excellence i advice u to have respect not this stupidity u are showing on this media.

    • chomba

      Zambians why do we like pulling down ourselves? do u knw hw much indians get at Dangote? Salaries btween k24 & k27 thausand p/m weekend allawance k3000 p/w free car,free dstv,no rentals and you say 5000k is too much get the facts before u comment.

  17. comfort Jr

    it’s good to appreciate yr opportunity. Many Zambian people there putting Ayes on yr position. be careful and think twice. what you’re doing today it affect your future. epo mpelele

  18. General Zeddie

    I wonder wat kind of way we a hearding to,everything is hard, we need a change 4 better Zambia

  19. mutwe

    Samfya dwellar tawakwata amano I think if you passed through school wali icikopo sana reason you are failling to understand thr main issue.firstly Learn to respect Elders,second aliko dangote brought employment to those chaps trying to strike,third he managed to reduce the price of cement to K65 here in samfya is only that your brain taibomba bwino you can remember that one time cement reached k100 just here in short device your reLatives working for dangot to behave in that many people out there are looking for the same job when they are sucked cifumo and kacema will not on their sure they are geting wrong advice.

  20. Damala

    Its to much that k5000 ask Zambian track driver how much they get go nd look for own nd give k5000.that strike u doing others u loose jobs nd go to jail.the amount u get u remember it

  21. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    10 point plan some idiots have no brains the think hh will give free meali meal, never and when they were born it was coasting less than k1 they what to compair with today the world changes every day. Dangote deed it for everyone to benefit now someone is insighting nonsense just for a few then dangote will increase the prise at the expense of many be fair otherwise dont cry in the end when the politicians leave you in the bush

  22. zagaze

    Before you condemns the government for giving Aliko Dangote permit,as your House of Horror and fat Albert what they’ve done for the people of this country.I know you don’t even have a building of your own to appreciate.Ask the above mentioned why they can’t question AD for his hardworking and if he so wish,he can pull out elo mukanye kunsala.Problem with you chaps is wanting high salaries ukunwinafye beer nama hule and in fact you’re lazy nabu lazo sana

    • rix

      Ok, at least Fat Albert has a milling plant. I expect to see from the House of Horror; HH Cement or HHbeef Co. …nomba shit akaso!… just promissing abantu cheap fertilizer iyo tapangapo. Pangapo iyobe Tripple H Fertilizer, ex-works or FOB Hammer House of Horror, Nega Nega plant. Kwati tawasambilila shit.

  23. kalulete

    yes my brother moyo you are right we were crying about the price of cement now this man has come under the expense of us zambians but today, he is looking like he is nothing. mind you don’t cry and this opposition who are cheating you that go on strike to embarrass our president they will remain busy eating with their families but you will remain in mwamoneni. them they are calling them selfs that they are rich business pipo.okay in bemba we say (mumbwe aitile impashi shaisa mububa) so ama regrets are not good.


    Comment kumuntu takwa chisuma ..kumuntu bane takwaba chisuma ..he brought competition on the market of cement and it is evidence besed issue where prices of cement have droped can now buy 10 pockets of cement at K500. instead of gettin 5 pockets four months ago. indeed a slave is remembered when he is gone.

  25. zacks

    Mpombo be careful waumfwa, webilima

  26. Mutabaruka

    All those striking to stop work & new workers to take aboard. Zambians we dnt appreciate koma. You are told lies to embarrase dangote & the president. Watch out bane. How do you strike when you are not a unionised worker? caution.

  27. Chris

    Comment We zambians will neva change twalitemwaifyapa silver plate.

  28. Talibo west

    Dagote is ok jst like HH but ama sabodinate ebalelufyanya hw can u brigh some one as a contractor ati Silondwa engineering who ws fired by th kansanshi mines bcz of poor services ati ba Contractor ya.So dagote we knw h hs money so let him come and sought this issue before 11 th August.But people never shud u insult th president.

  29. HH die hard Mulinda! Till we reign

    Just join the winning party.

  30. Yes i, chant down pf

    even if cement is cheap it doesn’t have to be at the xpense of poor zambians there is need to strike a balance. any way if u re not annointed everything works against u ,ecl zwaaaaaaaaaaaaa,abamano babombeko

  31. Yes i, chant down pf

    no one is insulting the president his failure is disgracing him,what has ever done for this country apart enriching himself,sam one tell me a single thing ecl has en got it right since he became president,not jst sayin ecl,ecl ,ecl,how defend s man that has nothin to say forhimself

    • mpombo

      Go & mek an appointment with an optician u’re incapable of translating what is received by your retina along your optical nerves & your brains

  32. Damala

    Chase them all AD


    Lungu, he is the one who caused, this no sense. Useless president

  34. Yes i, chant down pf

    mpombo what kind of development can only be when one has been checked by an optician or may b we need magic lenses to see the developments taking place in ecl’s pockets even in your pockets bcoz u comment like a wellfed cadre,do u remember squiler in the animal farm novel?

  35. Amiel

    Dangote shuld put his business in order not from good dangote to bad, i hope no zambians involved,coz zambians too much of pocketing for themselves.

  36. Yes i, chant down pf

    thia pf government is like a barren fig tree that cant bringforth fruits

  37. ECL

    HH will fix It…Vote hh 2016 ba ndangote workers not this poor fools pf..

  38. nakferd

    is somebody saying these workers should suffer to the ground for other Zambians to build?be fair people you don’t work there.there is a lot that you and me don’t know.just that the ground salary being demanded might be exorbitant considering the distinction of every one amongst them.surely even you can not allow someone else eat your proceeds while you are toiling. kikikikikiki that’s my opinion anyway

  39. Mutumwenu Anamela

    When a new merchant comes on the market, he employs a system that would enable him to grab a share of the market from existing players and one sure way of doing this is “price war”— drop prices so much that consumers turn away from the old dealers. If the old dealers drop their prices to stay competetive, then you have a price war. The prices would go down until the smaller operators fail to lose on. This is very good for the consumer but very bad for the development of local business which we are very interested in. It is good that old dealers stand firm and wait for the new dealer to normalize.

  40. Edward Musonda

    Just resign if you think you’re getting little. It’s obvious workers are politically influenced by foolish politicians. Dangote just fire all striking workers.

  41. My Zambia

    Don’t be influenced by politicians.

  42. New generation.

    Pantu mulakokulundaa.

  43. Glm

    No wonder we don’t see any developments in this country called Christian nation. Take look at our neighbor Tanzania, how they are developing in industry, transportation, agriculture just few to mention. They are crying for little money for the job. No wonder they call Zambian that we like luxury life. The number of strike workers at dangote is too minimal to benefit Zambians compare to the price of cement the Zambians are benefitting. In bemba they say ulima umo abalya ebengi. So please lets differentiate politics and development.

  44. comfort Jr

    Ati sonta apo wabomba. malabishi. nothing nakanyelele kabombapo bwino

  45. Chisenga


    • chomba

      Ba Chisenga u know hw to ready and write ask anyone from Zambezi or larfage their salaries and conditions of service are much far better than Dangote l hav friends who work their and i hav seen th payslips……even Pick n Pay is doing fine interms of salaries..

  46. super K

    all we need is the best for zambians

  47. super K

    that’s noses chisanga let even so called lafarge and zambezi improve on condition of service

  48. super K

    Chisanga are you a share holder

  49. Chikubabe

    Support Me When I Win The Election All Such Noncence Will Not Be There, Eiyo Ine Sonta Epobombele Dangote Operating In Zambia Exploting Zambians, Eh Zambians Change The Route And Slogan Now Kwela Yamene Ilonga

  50. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    larfage or amaka have no such capacity of workmanship like dangote, let politicians not use dangote to gain what they want. how many trucks does larfage or amaka have? shame to whosoever behind this.its because lungu hauled him dangote for price decrease in cement. VIVA ECL TO TRUE TO be ignored

  51. knt

    K5000 is to much!!!!

    • chomba

      you dont know what u ar talkg k5000 too much fo u?

  52. NM

    You pipo don’t talk shit about pf mwaumfwa,bafika……….a:::

  53. NM

    Kanyama’you know whwat,you are a big fool,idiot.

  54. Mweene Muchindu

    I think our HH is better.. Mabisi is gud.. What r the scores?
    France: Romania

  55. kokolapo

    ln zambia insulting is normal frrom the head to the toe .

  56. Kalundula victor

    People of God, in work there is what we call employee expectations frm n organization nd employer frm individual,dangote has to good working conditions in order to run his company efficiency. If he fails then there is a problem.

  57. chomba

    Inganda baikumbwa u mutenge.
    .pipo who are condenming striking workers at Dangote dont know anything.How much larfage and Zambezi pay thr workers? more than k5000. Ask Lungu how much he has benefited from Dangote…those Luntex trucks you see from lsk ar fo Lungu and thy load cement free from shud first ask how much a driver gets K2000 millage k100 what ever distance you are covering does that make sense? and someone is busy saying k5000 is too much.Our target is 180 trucks pay 24hr shift(5400t) how much is that?

  58. Hasstil Thomas Moyo

    foolish, just because the name starts with LUN then you say those trucks are for lungu, ask you shall be told who the owner is and never lie that they load cement for free it never works like that wechipuba we.

    • chomba

      Am not here fo insults but telling u the facts on ground….do u know hw much Dangote hs agreed to pay its workers back dated to january because of that strike? its even more than 5000k

  59. Marcel Joseph

    Zambian labour laws are so pathetic

  60. Mubanga telence

    Dangote is much better coz he is able to give salaries to workers , have you forgotten bp workers who have not yet received their money under hh ? If anything lets safe guard what we have labored for, or else these roads and stadiums if we leave them in wrong hands, they will soon be privatised. And you gentlemen and ladies that’s 1000 ways to lose your job, if you insist soon you hear about retrenchment, So keep your job stop complaining anyhow things will unfold soon

  61. Mr J

    ba pf u re busy saportng ur poor leadr mr lungu

  62. parafin

    These fucked up asses the hh and big are throwing stones just because the president praised dangote,they claim to be reach hence they have even failed to beat the price s of Mealie meal which is even been substaised.we will see August is near these mother fuckers how they gona scatter leaving this vikopo party.

  63. sunday

    Even if u are saying cement is cheap are we going to eat cement?

  64. sunday

    Even if ur saying cement is cheap are we going to eat cement?

  65. kristal

    guys group up y do u lyk insultin the prisdo??plz let’s v respect for the prisdo.we a one zambia one nation.

  66. Native

    Zambian K5000 a month is equivalent to less than $500 internationally which is minus $6000 per year. Does the same category of worker at DZ get as little as one in nigeria within the group for instance? It’s difficult for this govt to chide private sector employers because they pay comparatively less and even when they do, salaries are late (if they are received at all as in the case of town council and NHA workers. There is need to overhaul they way public and private businesses are managed in zambia. Without discipline in its own ranks govt cannot morally correct corporate governance at all, especially when skills are only honed in the area of panga wielding and downing opposition party helicopters with stones.

  67. Ronald

    Zambian labour laws are only for those in parliament and state house not as voters.

  68. com k

    Hes brought employment yes but hes not suppose to miss treat the people.people you should also understand that if the mine is closed with failure to them not complying with the law and he leaves you will become unemployed and you start complaining.just sit down and negotiate thats all

  69. jay money

    I knew it thats why DIZ was selling cement at a low price no one in a business whats to have a loss but we all want a profit in what will do

  70. Emmanizo Zamani

    Plz pay up our people

  71. Jamwa

    Comment Try Doing Something Else Don’t Depend In Coy Or Govt If Not U Endup Crying Always.

  72. Mr Zambia

    We need a better conditions,this is our country, unless to those fools who are n support of that nonsense.

  73. Joel

    God have mercy!

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