Letter: Referees Demand Payment From FAZ; Issue Match Fixing Warning

RefereesKindly withhold my ID for fear of victimisation & publish this for me. I am referee from Chililabombwe here in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia & I would like to express my displeasure & disappointment at FAZ. In the previous years, it had always been the responsibility of the home teams to pay the referees both the officiating & transport fees.

Before the start of the current soccer season, it was announced by the Kalu lead FAZ that the association would come in & take up the responsibility of paying the referees officiating fees thereby leaving the home teams with only the responsibility of paying the transport costs for the match officials which only applies for the lower division leagues, that’s division 1, 2 & 3 which I believe was more of a campaign strategy by Kalu & his team ahead of the elective AGM which they eventually went on to lose to Andrew Kamanga & CO.

Since the resolution was passed at the AGM, there was nothing Mr Kamanga could do but to go by it. Now my concern is that we’re heading into week 12 & most of the referees including myself have never received a single coin from FAZ in officiating fees & I am now wondering how much FAZ are owing to referees in officiating fees.

I therefore appeal to Mr Kamanga & his executive to look into this matter & do something about it as it has great potential to lead into match fixing by some weak souls in order to cover for the unpaid officiating fees.

If this is unsustainable by FAZ, its not too late to revert back to the previous system where teams would pay for both transport & officiating fees to save the face of the game before things get worse.

Concerned Referee.

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