Gladys Nyirongo Resurfaces To Back PF

Gladys NyirongoFormer MMD Bwacha Member of Parliament Gladys Nyirongo has resurfaced in Patriotic Front colours and joined Vice President Inonge Wina campaigns in Chisamba and Chibombo over the weekend.

Nyirongo served as Lands and Sports Minister under late President Levy Mwanawasa was also joined by former Keembe Member of Parliament Ronnie Shikapwasha who has joined the ruling PF.

Wina had been on a campaign trail building on President Edgar Lungu’s campaign but also meeting ruling party candidates as campaigns hit high gear.

Shikapwasha who is not re-contesting the Keembe seat is backing Emmanuel Chenda junior who is the PF candidate.

Also in attendance of Wina’s Central Province tour was PF candidate for Katuba Jonas Shakafuswa.

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