ZRA Shuts The Post For K53 Million Debt

M'membe, ZRAFollowing a Supreme Court ruling ordering Zambia’s largest newspaper, The Post, to pay taxes amounting to K53 million, the country’s Revenue Authority has moved in and this evening raided the company.

ZRA has reportedly seized property at the newspaper’s printing plant and administrative road on Bwinjifumu. State police has since taken over security of both premises bringing the paper’s operations to a halt.

The Post went to bed with the ruling party in 2011 openly backing the late president Michael Sata. The newspaper did not, however, get the immense privilege to State House as was the case under Sata from the time President Edgar Lungu took office.

MISA Zambia issued a high alert on the situation it is monitoring stating; “A media house’s economic freedom is closely linked to its editorial freedom and the situation with the Post is a classic example of what happens when economic freedom is manipulated to interfere with a media house’s editorial freedom.”

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