Today’s Photo: Police Humiliate M’membe, Wife

M'membe, wife, MwendaIn what observers say is a humiliation of a free press leader and owner of The Post Newspaper, Fred M’membe (left), deputy managing editor and news editor Joseph Mwenda (right) and Fred’s wife Mutinta are captured sitting on the Bwinjimfumu Road tarmac.

This is outside The Post newspapers offices in Lusaka after being arrested by police in the wee hours of Tuesday June 28, 2016.

Police allegedly brutally beat up M’membe, Mwenda and Mutinta before thrusting them in a police van which drove off to Lusaka Central Police where they’ve been locked up.

Lawyer Nchima Nchito was also beaten when he tried to reason with police when they were beating up the trio. The treatment of M’membe, although unrelated to media freedom issues, may backfire on President Lungu’s government.


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