No Need For State Of Emergency – Pres. Lungu

Pres. Lungu SuitPresident Edgar Lungu says he will not enforce a state of emergency despite the political violence that is being experienced in the campaigns.

The Head of State who is currently in Uganda has reaffirmed his call to the political players to stop violence.

Violence has been a major sticky point in the ongoing campaigns with the church having twice sat political parties to urge them to renounce violence but political related deaths have so far been recorded.

President Lungu said he will not yield to the temptation as he believed the problem could be solved without resorting to the drastic step of imposing a state of emergency.

The country is gearing up for elections that a little over a month with the competitive spirit of the election pushing political players to some unorthodox methods.


  1. Jeremiah banda

    God fearing president, u are going back to plot one.we dont want change.

  2. Senior Citizen

    Certainly there is no basis for emergency decree during an important election season. The country has enough tools to target and exterminate the architects of violence to a conclusive end. I have said it many times that freedom is not absolute in democracy. See how Hoover dealt with the KKK, Panteers and all violent groups that emerged in the USA. We can learn from that from history and reactivating our capacity to deal with anarchy.

  3. TJ

    Exactly no need your excellency and you already scored a goal. VIVA ECL AND PF

  4. Power street

    Comment so be it, pa ma ka fyE

  5. Snipershootman

    Comment. He is going back again to Uganda to get another new strategy of rigging from his bad advisor old lion.

  6. alftred

    But ba pf awe mwand no recruitment sure from last year up to date. For zaf, army, zns and zpw and they want us to vote them how are they going to do for us when now they have faieled apa guys for only advise vote wise this year

  7. mose

    If you want to be jobless until the end of life vote lungu. Just imagin from last year up to day no recruitment when he was ghe one who was saying this year will recruit guys glow up lungu will never change our story if we remain dull like this fo r how long he is going to. cheat us les just use our votes card to remove him for beter zambia

    • mpombo

      Don’t depend on a grade 12 certificate to get a job in the security service u’re the people who’re tarnishing the image of our men & women in uniform u shud hv stood as a counsellor a warning to Hallucinating Hyena(HH) don’t tek the president’s promise as a sign of weakness he is just being the democrat he is any false move by your cadres pulling posters,violence & vulgar language u wil b caged #Neverhh more pop corn plitz

  8. Dr.Hichilema

    ba Jameson…. jx shut yo mouth we know you very well that u can’t impose a state of emergency coz yo cadres will loose their jobs…..deep down yo heart u knw that u arw the one sending them to kill and harass innocent upnd people…. we are going to show u like we did to RB

  9. Billz

    We love you ECL, good massage.

  10. naked truth

    Jumping out of a fraying pan into the fire.

  11. Buck Teeth Lungu

    So Chakolwa was even contemplating a SOE when he is the one causing all the political violence and the recent xenophobic attacks. If he wants Zambia to go on fire he should then try that.


    My humble President, the rest kuwayawayafye

  13. lemba

    @Buck Teeth Lungu if so what can you do? I kalenifye umuntu in Lungu.

  14. Gerald

    Comment. The bible says blessed are those Who Humble themselves For they are going To inherit The kingdom of GoD.And here we are saying blessed is the president Who humble himself before God and his Subjects For He Iz going To inherit the STATE HOUSE .Umuntu ni LUNGU twalachidununa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ngosa

    @mpombo ulichipuba maning how can you say like that recruitment was supost to be done most of the youth aplied but no outcome since last year and you their lungu ndiye matuvi be sober mwana

    • mpombo

      @ngosa i meet young people in banks very young & sharp but it seems you’re dull as i have said you’re the people tarnishing the image of people in uniform thinking that the only place u cn find refugee when your brain is molten is in uniform try something else my boy

  16. Lupanga

    President Lungu is a tolerant and humble man. Look at how some people have been insulting him with impunity! Yet he is the most powerful man in the land at the moment. Tha’s why the “prophets” of The Post even want him to interfere with ZRA’s operations.

    If need be Mr. President, use your thick stick as long as it will help to uphold law and order uniformly.

  17. Aswell Banda

    Comment back to power pf

  18. Aswell Banda

    Comment lunge back to power on ,11 August 2016

  19. charles zimba

    Comment HE WILL FIX IT.HH

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