Wusakile Constituency Could See First Independent MP


Independent Candidate Pavyuma Kalobo looks set to break history by becoming the first independent candidate to win the Wusakile Parliamentary seat in Kitwe.

Wusakile Constituency, known for its notorious behaviour, could see an
independent candidate be elected as Member of Parliament as he
takes the lead against other four candidates.

Kalobo, a businessman and elder brother to the late ‘Jerabo’ Leader
“Youngson”, has sold himself well and could be headed for victory in
the forthcoming elections.

The Parliamentary seat is, however, being contested by five candidates,
the four others include Patriotic Front’s Ackson Simwizye, Independent
candidate Chisala Kazene, Mundia Sikufele of the United Party for
National Development (UPND) and Justin Katoka from the Forum for
Democracy and Development (FDD).

Pavyuma Kalobo – Independent Candidate

He is contesting the seat he lost to Richard Musukwa in 2011 when he
stood on the MMD ticket. The humble, quiet Kalobo, though not usual due
to the “Jerabo” tag that his brother lived, is a people’s person; he
listens more and talks less.

Kalobo had noticed that 2011 would be his and would get an adoption
when he began his empowerment programs with the vulnerable women and
youths in the constituency, with the “black mountain” a hot issue,
Kalobo had focused on empowering women with pigs in the livestock
sector and started empowering youths through various skills that would
keep them busy.

His donations, which include a generator at Mulenga Clinic when load
shedding got worse, are something the women in the constituency will not
forget. He brings new ideas to the political circles with beliefs that
youths must earn a share from the mines and contribute to the growth
of the economy.

Kalobo’s advanced works in the constituency place him at a great
advantage and one would wonder why the ruling party did not adopt him
in the constituency as his popularity is evident enough.

Ackson Simwizye – Patriotic Front (PF)

The ruling party must be regretting having adopted Simwizye due to his
lack of experience in politics and lacking a political language that
would convince the people to vote for him.

He is alleged to be a Ndola-based businessman but he argues that he
dwells from the constituency with various businesses such as a shop and
farm in Luangwa township.

Despite standing on the ruling party’s ticket, Simwizye’s public
speeches have been nothing but shameful as he fails to articulate issues
and easily gets upset when one opposes his view publicly.

Getting into the election is nothing but a loss for him; winning will
be a surprise even to himself.

Chisala Kazene – Independent Candidate

He lacks a good following but is a good and seasoned politician who once
saved a councillor in Kitwe, after being left out of the adoption
process he went on to stand as an independent candidate.

Mundia Sikufele – United Party for National Development (UPND)

A former trade unionist and founder of the National Union of Miners
and Allied Workers (NUMAW) comes in to contest the seat but is struggling
to get a following. He looks the most vulnerable of them all and stands no
chance to win the seat.

Wusakile remains a key constituency in the area and has never been
under the opposition since independence, but the situation could change
as things stand.

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