Wusakile Constituency Could See First Independent MP


Independent Candidate Pavyuma Kalobo looks set to break history by becoming the first independent candidate to win the Wusakile Parliamentary seat in Kitwe.

Wusakile Constituency, known for its notorious behaviour, could see an
independent candidate be elected as Member of Parliament as he
takes the lead against other four candidates.

Kalobo, a businessman and elder brother to the late ‘Jerabo’ Leader
“Youngson”, has sold himself well and could be headed for victory in
the forthcoming elections.

The Parliamentary seat is, however, being contested by five candidates,
the four others include Patriotic Front’s Ackson Simwizye, Independent
candidate Chisala Kazene, Mundia Sikufele of the United Party for
National Development (UPND) and Justin Katoka from the Forum for
Democracy and Development (FDD).

Pavyuma Kalobo – Independent Candidate

He is contesting the seat he lost to Richard Musukwa in 2011 when he
stood on the MMD ticket. The humble, quiet Kalobo, though not usual due
to the “Jerabo” tag that his brother lived, is a people’s person; he
listens more and talks less.

Kalobo had noticed that 2011 would be his and would get an adoption
when he began his empowerment programs with the vulnerable women and
youths in the constituency, with the “black mountain” a hot issue,
Kalobo had focused on empowering women with pigs in the livestock
sector and started empowering youths through various skills that would
keep them busy.

His donations, which include a generator at Mulenga Clinic when load
shedding got worse, are something the women in the constituency will not
forget. He brings new ideas to the political circles with beliefs that
youths must earn a share from the mines and contribute to the growth
of the economy.

Kalobo’s advanced works in the constituency place him at a great
advantage and one would wonder why the ruling party did not adopt him
in the constituency as his popularity is evident enough.

Ackson Simwizye – Patriotic Front (PF)

The ruling party must be regretting having adopted Simwizye due to his
lack of experience in politics and lacking a political language that
would convince the people to vote for him.

He is alleged to be a Ndola-based businessman but he argues that he
dwells from the constituency with various businesses such as a shop and
farm in Luangwa township.

Despite standing on the ruling party’s ticket, Simwizye’s public
speeches have been nothing but shameful as he fails to articulate issues
and easily gets upset when one opposes his view publicly.

Getting into the election is nothing but a loss for him; winning will
be a surprise even to himself.

Chisala Kazene – Independent Candidate

He lacks a good following but is a good and seasoned politician who once
saved a councillor in Kitwe, after being left out of the adoption
process he went on to stand as an independent candidate.

Mundia Sikufele – United Party for National Development (UPND)

A former trade unionist and founder of the National Union of Miners
and Allied Workers (NUMAW) comes in to contest the seat but is struggling
to get a following. He looks the most vulnerable of them all and stands no
chance to win the seat.

Wusakile remains a key constituency in the area and has never been
under the opposition since independence, but the situation could change
as things stand.


  1. mwenya

    Apa ni Zambia forward chabe not aba bakawalala who have put the economy in disaster. HH and GBM bakacontolola

    • Daywalker

      The rising apathy against a rapidly growing population is testimony to voter fatigue. Adoptions were rumoured to have been sold under the table. There shall be an unprecedented number of independents winning seats accross the country. The Patriotic front being the worst hit when even ministers failed to file their nominations testimony that probably if the party is to survive beyond 2021 this must be reflected through an overdue overhaul of its Central Committee and largely stagnated lower organs. The UPND lacked candidates in many instances and waited for PF rejects to finalise their adoptions. The UPND is also poised for extinction much like the late Dean Mungomba’s party without ever leading government. Mind you the UPND has never even been second in terms of local government and parliamentary seats since they have traditionally trailed MMD. HH only came second in the By election of 2015 partly due to Nevers Mumba’s poverty stricken wayward leadership or lack thereof and the RB comeback fiasco.

    • ks

      hh can bt not GBM so negative & posive u kno the repacation.

  2. Antu omwe

    @ mwenya mwaice wandi bufi, ule shininkisha pa 11th August,2016. Urge your party members or cadres to be peaceful,or sober minded as pipo are now scared of your sympathisers , they seem to be ruthless (Too much Mapatizya formula pronounced in your deeds and we are fed up and sacred to experience it on a large scale.

  3. Antu omwe

    @ Mwenya a borrowed name to disguise yourself. Am in charge of verifying the privatisation process and it is evident that HH when he was engaged as a consultant abused the authority given to him by acquiring shares in the same companies he was engaged to evaluate

    • Rashid Patel

      True, he got shares in Zambezi sun and chairmanship of the hotel group in Zambia after valuing and being a part of the coterie of Valentine Chitalu and late Fredrick Chiluba.

  4. Antu omwe

    He betrayed all of us Zambians as he negotiated his way thru to get a cut and acquire shares in almost all the companies he was entrusted to handled and that was the litmus test, enough to gauge him and he was proved to be a cheat or a thief in hiding as he amassed worthy in million of dollars and made him, stinking rich fella in Zambia and abroad. Pipo see him as some wanting to clear the records by way of

    • wajimona

      He had to vacate that house he lived in Kabulonga. Ask him how he got that House. He sold another house to his tribesman Chad Muleza. That was a Lima Bank house.

      • Native

        Was he forced out of his kabulonga house or he upgraded to the newer more stately abode he had built? The kabulonga residence is dwarfed by even those “chalala mansions” built by “lowly” civil servants. Is it wrong for HH to live in an abode befitting his status? Even ECL must have another house he will live in when he eventually vacates state house. This privatization “theft” accusation being repeatedly thrown around cannot stick without lawful prosecution and conviction.

  5. Antu omwe

    Pipo say that if HH became president he will come thru to clear the old privatisation records, so that the future will not hault him.

  6. Antu omwe

    Yes, his connection with Valentine Chitalu and coy.( Zambia Privatisation Agency), is big scandal in the our history.

  7. Antu omwe

    You see only pipo lyk GBM, who acquired shares in Savoy Hotel are able seee the need to associate with HH.

  8. Antu omwe

    Elo imwe ba younson and family ifi bwanga ngangu ubuloshi emikalile yenu. Awee ifwe nomba ni Christian no option mu ye ku UPND mwalapalana mumisango yakwa HH.

    • Native

      Headline itiile ni “independent”, inga ubwanga na association with UPND yaisa mo shani? Teku PF mwafililwe uku muchita adopt bushe?

  9. Antu omwe

    Do not be a blind follower of any political party( paying aligency to the evil doers. History is there to show the truth

    • Kamawa

      You Tu anthu omwe, why talking about HH ‘s wealth? This is a man who God has blessed with great knowledge of how to run an economy, ECL is a lawyer who gets wealth through aquitting criminals, to him crime means wealth, no crime, no money .God cannot bless an evil person, look at Job, Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon and more men who feared GOD.If HH has stole money from the Zambian government, he would have taken to court by Dr Levy Mwanawasa the president who foght corruption without favoritism.

      • KENNY G

        Iwe kamawa talk something which is of sense nt those rubbish u re talking.So u dnt knw that HH is the one who brought hunger mu zambia?Hw many pipo do mines employed n tax they pay towards national treasuary n hw many companies do HH evaluated at the time of privatisation?Useless u re come to your senses pliz.

      • KENNY G

        Iwe kamawa talk something which is of sense nt those rubbish u re talking.So u dnt knw that HH is the one who brought hunger mu zambia?Hw many pipo do mines employed n tax they were paying towards national treasuary n hw many companies do HH evaluated at the time of privatisation?Useless u re come to your senses pliz.

  10. Advocate in the making

    @Antu Omwe,all pipo associated with hakaluza hagain(hh) r mischievous.A quick Luk at some of them, 1. Guy wachikoti:he was given instruments of power n he abused da power by hindering da pipo’s choice ECL(why did Late Mc Sata left inst. Of power wit da so cod best friend?think abt it). 2. Greed belly militia(gbm),he has a tendency of giving govt contracts to himself hence da “G” stand for greed.They r many sagas to dis name,( the savoy hotel saga,the supplying of GM mealie meal to da defence force which he gave wrong figure n walked away wit billions of kwacha,Da Zesco poles,delivered few loads bt recorded alot.again walked wit billions of kwacha.his germins bus was impounded at kafula- futa weigh bridge 4 over loading n ignoring weigh bridge regulation.immediately he ascended to power,its RDA which had to pay for impounding his bus. 3.Nevers Mumba,at da time he was a pastor.he booked Mulungushi Conference Centre for his Crusades in kwacha but took da same figures in dollars to da white funders/donors (lyk k1 million went as 1 million USD).Upon discovering his crooked ways they stoped funding.just to mention but a few.All da pipo who r with hakaluza hagain(hh) r just like him swindlers n smooth criminals.Viva ECL ,Mama Ino’nge n da Mighty PF.

    • Impi

      Cikala walikwata amano ai?? Ulicikali… Harder nabena

  11. TJ

    HH should not be given a chance to rule Zambia since he jombadi Zambias during privatization era. BATHU NI ECL, INONGE WINA AND PF

  12. suupu

    Comment. Pavyumá kalobo, ata!!!!! ass !!!!!! yo family is well known interms of black ju ju /harasing pipo in kitwe. u cnt even be ash amed of yaself more over u not even a zambian u magotte; stíncking cow ass !.

  13. Ndabazithe

    Antu Omwe, I will ask Malawian Banda to come and sort you out. This time, we all want to take Zambia Forward. Even you these had better join the revolution. We can’t live on beer guys.

  14. Bruno mars 'The moonshine jungle'

    Stop talking about hh u fools

  15. kk


  16. Sibweni

    Comment.I know that even though the Pfs performance has been pathetic people still want to support them.let us think before regretting.Hakainde has got a vision for the country. Mulemubepesha ati alishitisha amamaini ubufi bwekabweka.Hh was just hired to value the the assets as an economist. hh was just an agent, as an agent through his sharp thinking he acquired double shares as commission and bonuses from Chilubas gvt and investors. The Mmd gvt is to blame for giving out wealth cheaply to the so called investers.We are not even benefiting from our minerals and no one is caring.Bakopala mukamfwila akweba mfwaileniko customer uwakushita ing ‘anda,waya leta customer, bushe ninshi niwe washitisha? Please team upnd high light on this one to the nation especially copper belt.Imwe mwabalelyemo muli ecl ati cadre, cadre, you delaying our economy. Hh forward.

  17. mj banda

    Upnd is supposed to take advantage of the situation but instead it’s the independent. This shows that people will never give a vote to upnd

  18. big people


  19. sikota sikota

    mulekeni umunenu nao litente

  20. Samiele

    You have heard it these are voices from Kitwe and the CB center which some political novices claimed to have become their stronghold.Facts on the ground are speaking for themselves.l come from there and rarely we follow anybody anyhow.Wait for 8/11 someone will cry.

  21. mwanizo

    Litente ilinshi?zed for grabs this hypocrisy no one is telling me why the economy has declined lamentably again no one is telling me how is going to fix it BT change is needed its sad my vote is going to wasted

  22. Sydney banda

    Am sure pf will regret for not adopting kalobo

  23. Awa na Moyo HT

    PF has nothing to regret,in the house pf will have 70percent we want checks and balances.

  24. ba doh

    Ba upnd are the most crowded with thief’s. hh and GBM must explain there wealth.

    • Native

      Mule filwa ukwipusha intungulushi shenu infufuntungu shali ishipiina nombaline masoshi apa? Tasha tweeba na tax sha lipila pali “new found wealth”.

  25. SM

    @ ba doh imwe tamwiba,dont name someone a thief without evidence,okey how did you know they are thieves,meaning you are the worst thief of all.

  26. Life

    As long as he is willing to help the people God bless him.

  27. K1


  28. Antu omwe

    @ndabazithe, do you want to apply Mapatizya formula or use your senior satanist charms to shut me up?No ways baba, tamwaka nkwanishe, am a most beloved child of God and my brother Jesus Christ is not going to give you a chance to attack me, am highly favoured and untouchable. So party yenu (_UPND)ya ma wizards and your language . Nimo dabwa.

  29. sibongilo

    im douting if hw scoop kasama central seat,coz im not known in kasama,it seems people they want sampa,i think hw support pf coz upnd we ar not going anywhere

  30. Antu omwe

    @mwanizo compare the exchange rate of the dollar to kwacha and then also dollar to rand or pula . $1 will give you K9.4 then $1 will give ZAR 14.8 . some years back we use change $1 to give you K6. and $1 used to give us ZAR9.

    • Native

      Unrebase your kwacha to know the “true” value. It fell again yesterday because there is no real production/productivity to support your zambian currency while SA’s may be 14 you still need to add three zeros to show the real “value” (or lack of it) of the rebased kwacha. This is precisely why the zambian “development” under PF is less than an illusion.

  31. Awa na Moyo HT

    Yes am so sure of what i said

  32. Antu omwe

    Listen to foreign news and hear what they are saying about the world economy, it has slowed down and we are not spared bcoz we sell our copper ( @$4,000)and things produced outside Zambia and they are not buying at the price we used to sale to them during the time of ( the late president) Mwanawasa’s time ($11,000). And oil is not spared they used to sell per barrel $100 and $120 but now it has undergone a slump to less than $60 per barrel. So it’s not Zambia affected but every country in the world.

  33. Awa na Moyo HT

    @antu omwe ,some people are naturally dull.nomatter how much you may try to explain they won’t understand.in kohima barracks mama inonge tried to explain to the cartel that ecl is popular but they did not listen,they all listened to mzungu even now our chosen is equal to the problems being faced by the world.well meaning Zambians will rally behind him

  34. stango

    Pf no upnd .why changing the government

  35. Antu omwe

    @awa na moyo ht thanks.

  36. Nimrod

    Ba HH this time give others chance. We love upnd but not HH. The moment you remove this man the quicker we are going to join. Infact he cannot manage to unsettle ECL.

    • Ab

      U ar the only one who support ths poor fool(pf)

    • Native

      Yet those mightier than you that founded and built PF have joined the “unliked” HH Nimrod? Be consistent like native that does not flip flop. You are the same chaps that defect when a party loses govt power just to eat but are unprincipled.

  37. cm

    Comment you people you have to work hard that presidents they want jobs from us

  38. Derick

    y can’t u sue hh as concerned citizens in his own capacity. it’s stupid to just accuse on social media and fuckin keep quite bapumbafu

  39. Eddy

    All dreamers must watch pf rallies in strongholds then conclude whether a famous pf can lose in 2016 or its impossible!!DREAMING IS FREE BUT UPND MUST CONTROL THEIR DREAMS AS PF WILL 100% WIN 2016 ELECTIONS!!GO PF GO!!

    • Native

      It is a guard on night duty that should not sleep eddy. It’s your kind that will later report to his master that “nenze nina lota ati vintu vili chabe bwino” bwana ninshi victory ya tengewa kale! KK and RB cried after they were falsely assured by their “charges” that all was well but abandoned him after the loss. Remember Austin Sichinga and Bob Samakai?

  40. Ab

    @eddy i dont realy blame u bcoz u hav bn totaly misled by ths poor fool,anyway wait ad c

  41. big people

    @Eddy confused in your ka own small imaginary world, anyway i can not blame you for being so blind, when the economy is in bad shape to you its normal coz you will find food on the table at the end of the day for being a dependant shame on you as old as you are, find something to do, surely you even want to start making babies in your fathers house lazy man.

  42. Reverse

    Wait and see

  43. Awa na Moyo HT

    @anti ELC rain ,storm or no rain,making babies at his fathers place whatever you say chakolwa ,visionless.that can never change anything he is president and come what may 811 victory is certain.in less than 3months he won twice.ECL LISTENS FROM A TRUE GOD.the 2 makes zambia a complete state,when ecl is going out he does not jimp jamp as to who’s should he leave on his throne.That eagle woman the real mother for zambia

  44. King Cool

    The only problem with we pipo we fail to understand a simple equation. ECL)+(PF+ INONGE W =Devptment. Upnd is nt a bad party but the leader and his language + Vice psdt.

  45. Mwine lubanda

    Comment:Truelly adoption of MPs shud go wth wat de pipo want at constituence or district level nt at provincial.We expect to have more independent candidates.

    • Native

      How law abiding can a parliamentary candidate with a jerabo background be? No amount of caustic soda can launder such an image. It is only in “zambia the real africa” where gullible voters can buy into the “vision” of outlaws.

  46. Antu omwe

    Politics aside, fellow Zambians yesterday a CR bus from Lusaka to Joberg was involved in a road accident and 3 lives were lost . It’s important to contact our relative if any were on that bus to verify if they are among the survivors. May the soul of our dear departed rest in eternal peace.

  47. Antu omwe

    The accident happened near Chirundu.

  48. fines mwambu

    wusakile const should be rebranded to be good people who think but due to hunger poor mines kneel down to kalobo for survive.Ecl was not the causer but poor copper prices .Now hh has new formular for agric businesses and commercial skill can develop this country and with good businesses not amajarabos Miners vote upnd and sikufele for your survival .Today there was rally for VP lnonge and poorly attended in Mumbwa due hardship caused by ecl .

  49. j m

    this year we want people who can work whether is an independent or not .i like pavuuma he can solve the wusakile problems

  50. kokolapo


  51. Akakonkote

    That’s why Richard Musukwa left the unruly wusakile constituency for chililabombwe where there’s order.

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