Prediction: Kanyama Takes Slight Swing Towards UPND

HH-KanyamaKanyama Constituency will also be adding to the colour of the parliamentary elections in Lusaka with the fierceness of the contest sometimes having had some violent skirmishes. It is not an accident that Twashuka Grounds has been turned into a show off for crowd pull among the leading contenders in the parliamentary election.

Samuel Mwale (UPND)

Kanyama Constituency is one of those seats the opposition United Party for National Development has often fought so hard believing they have a natural base there. They had a claim to it in the 2001 elections when Henry Mtonga then UPND national chairperson grabbed it and even defended in 2006 albeit on the Patriotic Front ticket. Since then the UPND has almost thrown everything in the Kanyama seat where they held a rally recently to show off their reported growing numbers. Mwale on his part has been making his presence felt enough to cross swords with rival supporters with the camps having gone physical seeing his school Lady Diana and car damaged. He seems to have a real claim to popularity in the area as he has got the ruling party going in overdrive to counter his push. While the UPND has made some significant gains in recouping their lost support in the area over the years, there seems still a little lingering doubt that they have garnered enough support to take the driver’s seat. The UPND will expectedly push hard to get Kanyama seat as they have put it some one of their possible bases to wrestle the power structure in Lusaka Province.


Phiri was adopted ahead of Colonel Gerry Chanda whose grip the constituency seemed to have been sliding and having picked a female candidate may have won the party some support. Phiri has gone hard on the ground pushing her case and has found a receptive audience among a community that has a huge constituency of women whose craft is trading. She also looks set to benefit from the strong PF presence in the area that has all the councillors in the area being from the ruling party. Her candidacy may have also served the ruling party some blushes from some disgruntled constituents who may have had a strong case against Col Chanda. Phiri is definitely the front runner in this race.


There can be no discounting the dynamics brought by the other contenders in the race with the rest of the candidates on the ballot being the following:

Maggie Nkole (MMD)

Charles Mwelwa (UNIP)

Levy Kafuli (FDD)

Sydney Chiyaba (Independent)

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