Prediction: Emmanuel Mulenga To Win Ndola Central On PF Ticket

PF MulengaEmmanuel Mulenga, the Patriotic Front candidate for Ndola Central, is headed for victory as others among them former PF Copperbelt chairperson Robert Mwewa try out their luck under the Rainbow Party.

Others in the race include William Wilima of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD), United Party for National Development UPND’s Victor Konnie and independent Moses Newa.

Emmanuel Mulenga – Patriotic Front candidate

A businessman and proprietor of Easy Mining, he gets on the political scene after losing in the elections five years ago that time under the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy. An energetic young man and an employer now seeks a new dimension this time around to represent the people of Ndola Central obviously wishing to take over from former Member of Parliament Facskson Shamenda who didn’t apply to re-contest the seat in this year’s elections.

Mulenga is headed for victory largely owing to the popularity of the party in the province be an added advantage. Mulenga has sold himself well to the people, he still stands an overwhelming chance of all the candidates contesting the polls.

Robert Mwewa – Rainbow Party Candidate

A seasoned politician, having served as Copperbelt Province chairperson for the Patriotic Front has a good following that has continued to make a mark in the province.

He is one of the contestants in the race but has no muscle to pause threats on the ruling party candidate. Mwewa has continued to rely on a few individuals that followed him after he ditched the former ruling party to join his ally Wynter Kabimba who was expelled from the party.

William Wilima – Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD)

He may have had done some ground work but his chances are slim, despite the party having made some erodes in the province, Wilima still continues to struggle to get a better following that would guarantee him better results after the 11th August, 2016 elections.

The other two candidates that include United Party for National Development UPND’s Victor Konnie and Moses Newa an independent candidate continue to try out their luck but still have no chance to get a win in the parliamentary seat.

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