LATEST OFFICIAL ECZ RESULTS: UPND Maintains Lead By 3, 430; Hichilema 514, 816 Vs Edgar Lungu 511, 386

HH VotesVerified results from 54 out of the 156 constituencies announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia around 01:00 AM on Sunday show opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema still in the lead but the margin had been reduced from 11, 305 to 3, 430. Hichilema has so far polled 514, 816 while ruling Patriotic Front leader Edgar Lungu has garnered 511, 386.

The next round of results are expected by noon Sunday.


  1. Islamic Republic

    We are watching their ponds are drying up now

    • NKOLI

      kkkkkkk keep watching meanwhile things are moving , WADABWA KA.

    • Kelvin

      HH nayo nayo

      • kelvin

        i neva believd tongas are such tribal until a tonga tutor fixd me fo unknwinglly calling her mufana.

        • Zim

          Kelvin, dont mislead people, I know you personally and you are not a ticking student; no one can fix you if your answers to the questions are correct who can mark them wrong? Don’t push too much.

      • Haleisa Halepitilila

        We are patriotic front we don’t give up easily like mmd,the truth is that Edgar azawina from 73 constituencies so Haley’s Haley’s for good this time.viva Ecl

    • ONS

      which provinces the votes are from? If votes so far are from southern, north western and western then HH is doomed. Lusaka, Luapula, eastern, Northern, Copper belt and Muchinga will easily finish this lead.
      HH is doomed

      • Shaw 317

        I support that

      • anniluck.

        supported indeed.

      • truth

        Nchobeni badala. Kwasila kwamana, kipelile, chapwa for upnd. Ecl alakolopa. ….kolopa.dununa@reverse.com. …tiye nayo flavoured and seasoned president. It’s time again to run for the five years. Congratulations Sr ECL.

      • Che Guevara

        Only 19 out 54 constituencies are from HH’s strongholds while 35 are from PF strongholds, only Magoye, Siavonga,Chikantata, Pemba,and Dundumezi have announced from his main pond.

        • mpombo

          Che then it doesn’t bode well for upnd in terms of constituencies we out number you by slighlty over the ratio of 1:3 going by your figures PF was supposed to have used 57 constituencies against your 19 niyokosa kedulo

          • Che Guevara

            I am failing to understand your confusion, because 19 +35 =54, I dont know why talk of 57

          • Che Guevara

            I am failing to understand your confusion, because 19 +35 =54, I dont know why talk of 57.
            I am talking about the 54 constituencies already announced and they are the ones I am 19 are UPND strongholds while 35 are PF

        • J KROSS

          constituency, what matters is number of votes in each constituency, believe me Kachema will make it.

      • The Condor

        ONS – why don’t you just check for yourself on ECZ website ? Just this once I will give you the answer – but next time do it yourself for crying out loud ! So here are the constituencies declared so far:
        CENTRAL 3/15
        COPPERBELT 13/22
        EASTERN 4/18
        LUAPULA 9/15
        LUSAKA 3/14
        MUCHINGA 2/10
        NORTHERN 3/13
        NORTH WESTERN 9/12
        SOUTHERN 5/18
        WESTERN 3/19

    • joy


    • the prodical son


    • Bye Bye Polio

      Yakosa bola. Abatali pabepi, abepi pabatali

    • Anderson Chisala

      Funny article.Kambwili is QUIET knowinh knowing they ve LOST the election. Parliamentary level they have RIGGED MASSIVELY in lusaka and other selected CONSTITUENCIES like Kasama Centra, Sinda and Chipata Central.

      We know ALL the NATIONAL RESULTS already.

  2. sanjika

    But why ma delayment. Is it a gimick to still the votes?

    • kaoche kathengo

      fuseki chikala, do you think they can rig hw, are there not your observers there + international observation. you’re a small full

      • Mwanabwalinga

        Cool down my brother no insults just accept HH is your President who can fix it we don’t want theft in combons

        • truth

          Hh is not a god or goddess who is error proof. Money and talking big is not anything to be excited about. By the way sinkamba is even a better economist that Hh. Hh says I will fix it, pf says twalakontolola as a team. Presidency is about achieving as a team no I, I,I. Achievement should be through team participation.

      • sanjika

        stupid idiot. even if the so called observers are, votes could still be rigd. Why was that lady shouting at yo ecz officials? Didnt obsevers see what she saw? Foolish kolwe.

        • kelvin

          u too foolish tonga idiot born frm cursd tribe

          • chagwa lungu edger

            waya sana chikala fuck u cacio mafankulu idiot

          • Mupeni

            Koya ukanye……..ok! u ar the person who hv made our country stink with trash dont thnk. I dont knw u y u cant consetrate on your inocen life????

      • Native

        Are there no cats when rats and mice steal from the grain silos?

      • Bilz

        Guys, Zambia has always been a piece loving country. Why bring in tribalism into politics and create hatred amongst ourselves. Let’s pray for a better and united Zambia. Let’s look and learn from other countries what tribalism has done

      • shoprite

        Comment:wabalya banyoko ocicete uboole tukulele kabwalala

  3. Fredo

    my Lord my God,I am read for whoever, you chooses for us zambians as long as He has a deveropmental adiars nd plans or vission,thank you Jesus christ amen



    • George m n

      bro weeeeeee! mwaluza! u ar the ruza’

    • jackson

      Comment amen for god knows hss already chosen the leader of this country stop all such insults zambians we are all christian but why all these insults i can hear from guys more especially youths we are the ones at the top so guys please open your eyes and see what god is says understaand what the bible teaches us about the end of this world thank you for your attention god bless you all let us promote peacifull elections

  5. marah

    Let us just allow God to give us what he has appointed , yes we may have sides but God s will must be final if we are to live in peace,don’t be too emotional calm down even if in this life injustice will always be there because we are sinners by nature ,therefore i advise every meaningful zambian to seek God first ,this is a timely advise to all peace loving zambian ,thank you and i rest my case.

    • dice laureen


    • jackson

      Comment that true what god has given just accept it who we to denny it that is our gift from and bear in mind god loves his people and let them suffer meaning he will give us a wright president

  6. kaoche kathengo

    E.C.L is the man, you want to take advantage coz of his humbleness, more over were did hh won an election?

    • Kelvin

      HH z also a man let’s not insult these two Presidents we just have to pray to God for the best . insults doesn’t help any way amen

      • kelvin

        love u people frm east and noth really u ar not tribal

        • kelvin

          hh change ur tribe being a tonga z a curse.

          • mwanalunga

            u are evil kelvin. Tonga is just like anyother tribe in zambia, so dont say being a tonga is a curse.

          • kelvin

            it is if u ar a tonga regret it pray hard like a gentile to b recognise u ar cursed badala.am happy i dont belong to this tribe.

          • Book Haram

            @ kelvin u ar a psychiatric , moron

        • truth

          30 pin vs 200, aaaaaah! !!! ! Only 200 for the president ? Mmmmm??? Awe am afraid…..I have never seen brothers. As much as we use the term stronghold this situation is not good.

      • Lm accept God's judgment.

        Remember that, God use least of all and I also direct you to the word of God, remember family of David,David was a Shepherd but God chosen David above all his brothers or family, lastly remember God isn’t like us in terms of thought or looking, God looks inside us not like what we see or think. this is my courage to all beloved Zambian.


      bt y alwys on us tonga,insulting bcz evn us whoever god has chosen 4 us and won either hh or ecl wil b our prsdnt nt insulting and mind u we are watching thus y ecl forced the c/p essau chulu to declare him(ECL) as a win hence we ar there us observes but the Ecz Chr/prsn Essau Chulu refused lets wait the ECZ to declare the winner,gudmorning in advance bt as 4 gudn9t.

      • mpombo

        The great ponds of ‘chuundu’re drying up it’s time to move the hay maker niyokosa kedulo

      • mushipe

        the tongas will never rule ths country, i hve seen it and i tried to attack thm bt i hve been dusted out. The only hope maybe the next elections.

        • gc

          Comment let’s not forget mwanawasa was a part of Tonga’s

          • umubemba nkonko

            Southern vs luapula,,north Western vs the might c/b,western vs northern,, central is ours am very happy to the people of central and Lusaka…muchinga is neutral,don’t kill yourselves after the victory Ba imbwa Ba upnd…lungu ebantu..

          • George m n

            Comment u c that people wi thick !

    • Mathews JR

      whch humbleness?


      bt y alwys on us tonga,insulting bcz evn us whoever god has chosen 4 us and won either hh or ecl wil b our prsdnt nt insulting and mind u we are watching thus y ecl forced the c/p essau chulu to declare him(ECL) as a win hence we ar there us observes but the Ecz Chr/prsn Essau Chulu refused lets wait the ECZ to declare the winner & and also send a persn to go inside and disturb the figures in computers bt he was caught he is in jail nw, gudmorning in advance bt as 4 nw since its night,may i rest u by greeting u as gudn9t.MORE CAL ME ON 0976685164 am martha kangombe the VICE ECZ CHAIRPERSON.

      • kelvin

        did u confirm or u ar so dull that u ar takin all rubish frm zwd. u b misled my dear.

      • JOHN PHIRI

        hw many constituencies has remind so few

        • kelvin

          32 from cursed land, 70 frm promsed land include where wise men cam frm

  7. Tapse

    mmmmmm ili bad haaaaaah but a tonga leader isn’t needed coz mmmmmmm

    • Mwanabwalinga

      U will just die with stock us as Tonga’s its not our aim to be isolated his intention HH z to help our nation

  8. sikota sikota

    we hav won ,bembas no job,one meal per day ,we r going to tongalise all the offices twachema sana ig,ombe,i think u bembas u know the way we ar.We are bad,thats why we vote accoding to our trible line,sauthern province we gave hh 19000 lungu 3 atilwamwanaseka,

    • kelvin

      tru sam of us we ar voting coz z a tonga.lekani mutonga atekeko.ma rubish

    • Kabaso

      Ulikolwe sana sikota sikota and u are happy that u voted well? Dont u know that u are deviding the country? See how we voted in luapula and northen thats being zambian so iwe i dont think u are a zambian wait and see lungu hasn already won for your own informatio hakainde will never rull zambia its not us but God has already given us a leader wether u give him that 3 u will be shocked this afternoon

      • kelvin

        shame on tongas u owez say u ar not tribal luk hw u voted.copy from us u idiots no wonder we calls u icashishita.wake up u fools

        • Zim

          ba kelvin!

        • ngoma brown

          What do have kelvn .do u hve respect for ur self .let me tell u the words that you say today will hrt u tomorrow.

        • wheels

          Meanwhile GBM is just nearby

    • Flourence Chama

      Kosweeee!! atah! wait and see,mwakulachema fye ingombe for the rest of your lives,ama strongholds yonse they’ve announced nomba ifwe ba pf we still have more to go..tulemi dununa mulemwenako,ECL is nt a tribalist he helps evryone equally despite our differences..nomba imwe,kwati mwalifulamina..u’ll be dununad vry soon.VIVA ECL!!

      • kelvin

        no tribalism in east neither north akantu ku nzubo ya ngombe

        • Zim

          kel i will say your real name; dont continue showing your shallow thinking capacity here. If you can can you present the Provincial votes here for Eastern/ Southern.

          Then go to the census figures and pull out the spatial distribution. All rural regions vote on tribal lines period! you can not point out to one region. FYI the few educated and informed citizens are what we see voting otherwise on analysing the different party messages and or personal benefits aligned to their parties.

  9. kaoche kathengo

    we’re slowly pinning them to were they belong, southern, western and northwestern respectively kkkkkkkk…..


    this year boat it surpose to fall in nile river

    • Mwanabwalinga

      Kkkkkkk no more in power PF the boult will sink in the ocean

      • kelvin

        keep dreaming dear let me giv u hint if doubting confirm on ecz web.upnd stronghold z depleting so far nothwestan hv remained with 3 const..dont forget that pf has remained wit th following cb 9,east 14,luap 6, lsk 11,muchinga 8 north 10.total 58.yet upnd hs remained with.south 13,west 16,nothwest 3.total 32.i didnt add 12const. frm central coz ths z being shared.

    • Book Haram

      Hh viva God is with you

  11. grace daka

    y alwayz talking about mbuyas,u tonga wat is yor problem,lov one another

    • Mwanabwalinga

      HH doesn’t have those thoughts only comedians he z just there to rule the country

  12. tobolo tobolo

    no bemba minister ,permanent secretary,dc, in this hh new gorvernment only tongas nd lozi

    • Bimalu

      There will be no segregation just be happy with HH we just want to improve Zambia for better as the national he is nt there to destroy but to build as it is called forward

    • kelvin

      kaondes and luvale free education to tongas bursary to tongas top jobs to tongas general work to kachemas with no grade 7certificate

  13. p-kats.m-gerbils

    kwena sikota sikota tawakwata amano you think kuti mwatwala (amafii), yang’ombe ku plot one?

    • Mwanabwalinga

      We can’t blame u but we will just blame your background

  14. mainza mainza

    true no roon nd chance for bembas only tongas

  15. musialike musiangongi

    hh remember to panic musician wo were against u during conpanz period we know them

  16. Dot.com

    Since Kaunda reigm,no any,foreign tribe hs won in southrn provnce,WHY?ISOLATION!!!!!

  17. Mrs M

    God of peophet TB Joshua help us emmanuel partner fm kabwe good morning.


    go go HH us we dont have strong holds everywhere is ours, Dununa forward!!!!

  19. stim

    Watch the space

  20. jaymes harrysean

    who ever wins becomes my president shout out to all the candidates

  21. NKOLI

    @Mpombo your insults & hatred for mighty tongas is now bearing fruits wamona mpombo nxt time be sharp in 2021.

    • mpombo

      @NKOLI i was not insulting tongas all i was saying was that people shouldn’t listen to them when they say don’t vote on tribal lines because i had information of their scheme at least dundumwezi has vindicated me it was a trap they set to spring during election This now serves as a work up call to stupid easterners & Northerners who think out of morality they should vote according to the economy if people can vote like this do you think they can spare you when they win Next time i will be in charge of registration of voters so that we also register under age voters but at the momemt’Chuundu’is doomed i urge all PF members to remain calm & excercise restraint chuundu has already started court proceedings thinking that elections ‘re won in court & tribal groupings

      • kelvin

        @ mpombo, u ar right notherners and eastherner ar too much were i come from we dont chose basing on tribal but quality of leardership senga hii polling station hh came first with 456 agaist lungu who poured 274 in east hh ws caming first n som polling station bt souther the cursed setller tell me which polling station ecl came first. these idots ar denm tribal this is a curse.

        • Zim

          Kelvin, I like what you said here ” @ mpombo, u ar right notherners and eastherner ar too much were i come from we dont chose basing on tribal but quality of leardership senga hii polling station hh came first with 456 agaist lungu who poured 274 in east hh ws caming first n som polling station…. Your Village in Senga Hill

  22. Don d

    Lol HH is winning no matter wat watch the space

  23. The wise one

    Which constituencies where further announced at 01hrs, give us updates pliz

  24. TIME

    I feel sorry for UPND UK. The guys became so BIG HEADED.

    • Bimalu

      Just be honest and cheack if u think properly if your brain z not blackmailed u think HH can sleep with ng’ombe in the blankets

  25. Big people

    @Mpombo goodmorning to you i hope you are doing fine with family enjoy your day.

    • mpombo

      @Big people thanx am wishing you the same my friend its been interesting while it lasted

  26. Guy Scot

    To give us a good leader we have to be prayerful & remain United.. To maintain peace only càlm, understanding.

  27. Robert martin sakala

    kkkkkkkkkk go go pf

  28. Babylon

    We know PF wants to rig,but God will not allow that

  29. tresford

    Heavenly father, I pray that don’t allow people who are selfish to enter into our nation’s offices their are tribal,in Jesus name Amen

  30. Jose

    We r one zambian, so let’s accept whoever is going to win.no tribalist this is a fair game.

  31. xFactor

    There is no doubt this will hurt deep in the UPND Base. The Messiah has fallen again. This time for the final.

    As for GBM.. This was a biggest Political Miscalculation in the history of Zambia taken by HH.

    HH became too big headed and arrogant. It became all about him and the usual…


  32. Bapongozi

    Everybody chill and breathe easy. I have used Zambian map on ECZ website–and used 2015 results as plugs in—(of course increased voter registration in 2016 makes these results unrealistic but a starting point). OMG….one candidate here will really be running numbers once reporting continues. Iam sure that candidate will win, given 2016 exit polls

  33. jBC

    Nayo Nayo!

  34. Engineer RH

    No more insults guys. God’s choice is nt ours.

  35. GRAND

    There’s is no way UPND can win with 44 mps aganist PF with 105 Mps

    • chief A Kwenda

      Exodus14:15 all the zambian time to go forward .Do not be afraid Our leader pr HH dunanaforward see the salvation of the LORD.

  36. The Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus

    Latest results came from Malole (Northern), Mwembezhi (Lusaka), Chifubu (Copperbelt), Kabompo (Northwestern), Manyinga (North Western), Solwezi East (North Western), Luapula (Luapula), Nalikwanda (Western), Pemba (Southern), Chipata Central (Eastern), Luangeni (Eastern) and Lusaka Central (Lusaka)

  37. Swanabrown

    I cn see hh maintaining de lead nt until we reach somewhere around 100 nd something dats wen u wil hear hw a tonga cries bandibida mavote wen everyone is fully awake including his observers

    • Bimalu

      So u are just based on Tonga’s continue with your attitude bcoz u are not really ok HH z not there to destroy but help our country

      • Mathews JR

        yes z the only man u cn make Zambia proud

      • kelvin

        wat help. hh hav not helpd any has money but cant even think of giving it to zambian by buying an equipment e.g hospto equip..which can help many zambian suffering due to luck of such even simple hosp.beds.thifs man z stinge nothing to fix

        • Native

          At least he has a private education bursary for under privileged students, what have you the “supposed” non-tribalist done for others?

          • kelvin

            which bursary frm which institution and wat z the name of organisation

  38. dununa forward

    My guy let go am so presed my man don’t warry our mighty God wil fix it now,love u every one has tym for what he deserve now it yo tym come on let jst go foward mmmmwaaaaaaaa love this.

  39. 2020vision

    Ba Zambia Reports the latest is the losers UPND have now filed a Court Petition to stop the release of the results, they did this late last evening.

    Sore Losers will never change- Observers have already said the elections were free and fair so who are you UPND to say they weren’t??????

    Ba UPND Leave Ms Isaacs alone she is a hard working Legal Professional that is just doing her job, the insults from Mushipe are unwarranted and only add to the argument that UPND leadership are nothing but a hateful group of rejected and dejected individuals.

    As for the Chavula chap that was planted in the IT rooom by UPND- the truth will soon be revealed and it will embarrass UPND for what it is.

    • kelvin

      too selfish they think ths kind of venom they hav called tribal will help them.u cant win with three provinces

  40. burayaa.com

    Am seeing trouble in the village.

  41. mr.do

    gudmorning zambia let us wait n see.

  42. Bornface Chifunda

    Lets leave everything n de hands of de Lord.

  43. kenny

    jk said it, bola nai kosa, its a battle between two great Giants.

  44. timo

    ecl now its yo time 2 go

  45. Real K

    the gap z still narrow and thy haven’t touched munali mandevu chawama matero etc constituencies ifintu ni Lungu ukusunga uwaiche panjuka kumuleka alyako naimwe

  46. crise de real'er

    HH alalusa southern province gone..nomba ni lungu donchi kubeba..

  47. Harrison Kwenda Banda

    Constituencies are still more to come than the counted ones, Its not a Jock when we say we don’t want HH… Continue following and never should you think your ignorance will force the ECZ to say lyk what they said in 2011 against RB. That is Y ECL brought a 50+1, he is a lawyer himself.

  48. The king of the jungles

    We gat pawa to ru da country,y asking & contradicting?


    Balimuchibe bola naikosa

  50. The king of the jungles

    EVEN HH he capable to ru bcoz it’s One Zambia one nation!

  51. vin

    My friends HH here in kasisi nivinthu I think ba mukachita coraps

  52. crise de real'er

    HH got no power to rule me but to rule you since his ur president not mine efwe ni sonta epowabomba…donchi kubeba.

  53. S.G.B.J

    I Still Not Dought ECL is wining coz i dd ma analysis i found dat ECL z on top. viva LUNGU!!!!!!

  54. Jerum

    Am observing this election from Tanzania(online), Let me congratulate you people of Zambia, through previous and this election I can say that you are trying to teach other African nations on how to practice democracy. I can see there is a stiff competition, its like a two horses race.

    I wish you all the best, May God be with you…

    “There is a life after election”

    • Zim

      How is your new President Tanzania; H.E. Magufuli.

      • Jerum

        Some how we can see the future, our president is trying to restore the traditional built by our late Father Nyerere…

  55. Jerum

    “There is life after election”

  56. mwepu

    ifintu ni ecl na pf chabe

  57. Joseph Mwaba

    Lolo lolo lolo kamu loko uledabwasana weuleti hh is gona win uukwebele nani us bemba we say
    “MPOMBO WIBILIMA ABABILIMA TABAYA APA ifintu nilungu iwe kateke ko ingombe wise uteke ine wasamwa u dont no at tu shele na 102 constuanceses.

  58. never mind

    where is the motto one Zambia one nation if you can’t accept hh


    PF has already won.

  60. prof mudolo ezlon

    With flying colors HH will be a next president of Zambia seventh be calm BA pf u cry alot c u.

  61. kelvin

    am proud bembas ngonis hav ashamed tongas by giving the baggar votes.u hav proven u ar not tribalist

  62. Stop the Tongas

    Mr. Rich Eich come now and fix this election! Mr Fix it! Fix ecz fix polling agents, fix roads, fix forward!

  63. PF


  64. kelvin

    honestly dundufimomo giving the gov. 200 against 30000 and u ar cerebrating thz fool ar at peak of tribalism thy will divide the country.thank God for punishing them becoz to let thi kind rule i forsee crisis

  65. Diego ba chilolo

    From 11thousand to 3thousand…. Ba upnd bafikala lolo… ECL our president.

  66. allan kapepula

    dnt loose courage guys we are remaining with 102 lungu efituuuuuuuuuu

  67. Dot.com

    Ba 2020 what hppnd in chavula?am a bit behind.

  68. M.J. L

    let them announce,why kunyolanyola.this is past 48 hours,otherwise am just watching nd waiting their buhubahuba

  69. Gwabe

    Good morning easteners Lundaz from Luapula province and Bembaz, I give you praiz and honour for behaving maturly.

  70. Mr Sam

    Wow, so much emotions. Its as if people will die if their prefered candidate doesn’t win. Ladies and Gents , let’s keep calm and I think ECZ have done a commendable job though not perfect. Zambia is a peaceful country and shall remain so. We don’t need to be so emotional

  71. muketshwa jere

    Comment Hardluck musankhwa try junza 2021 just around the corner

  72. Martha chelsea

    We will win lungu for president the game is still on

  73. marvelous

    We keep on watching, so far DUNUNAR FORWARD ……KKKKKKKKK

  74. Lameck Lungu

    ECL dununa

    • A concerned citizen

      Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes nipa Pf chabe!! Go go Ba Lungu.

  75. john

    After reading all comments l feel heart broken . Tribalism,insults these are taking tall.l don’t think this means well for our nation .We are all Zambian let’s respect one another. There can be only one leader at a time.Let’s
    respect the will of the people .

    • A concerned citizen

      Ba John you are right but these tongas guys are not fair at all, in other words they are selfish.After this will start be a one Zambia,one nation and to topup a christian nation till Our God comes!

    • A concerned citizen

      Ba John wat you said is true but these tonga people are not faat all,in short the tonga hve an habit of tribolism but After all of this we will still remain as a one zambia,one nation and a christian country until God comes!!

  76. A concerned citizen

    The game is becoming so tough with all these tongas gving HH wat he doesnt deserve and to top it up he is running out of stronghold grounds,he will left with nowhere to run to now.
    The only thing which is left for him is to start crying all over again and a lovely
    Good morning my fellow Zambians?

  77. Lam`s G J The One

    HH 50+1% Crying ECL 50+1% Celebrating in state house.

  78. Nkhulunje

    People should understand one most important saying qualified by the bible before they speak of a dividing word called tribalism.The word of God says “DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO TO YOU”.The voting pattern in southern province is the waste indicator of tribalism,so we need to be careful before say something please!

  79. dj

    Mpombo do u remember even our late mr mcs in 2011 cme frm behind after hh leading,even this time it a happen ,ecl is cming frm behind to beat hh lets wait and see.

    • mpombo

      @dj the purpose of letting the opposition take an early lead is not to let them cry foul but fortunate enough the tantrums & antics show that upnd is doomed

  80. RB, ECL, KK and familly.

    Our supoters go and drink water and relux. Pliz make sure every one has dununa disc at home. Mailo no work but celeb

  81. Amos Paul Lukwesa

    Hope and faith in Lungu EC

  82. ....

    No way you can win in 3 provinces baka pala elc aleisa just wait we re their 4 our good president lungu

  83. mukel da3

    go,go,go ba ECL

  84. kim z

    Muzalila ba upnd that is not the end one man standin ECL

  85. cliff

    All those talking crup abt tongas, machende enu,no babwa,mazyu enu ok!!! U think u not been tribalism by target tongas? Idiots check how u live and ask why!!! Its coz u love urselves too much! I pitty u and more over if God says its time what are u going to do? Leave zed then idiots

  86. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    thiz niggaz wonder why

  87. Hatobolo

    Comment. I have seen these idiots are bouncing back no doubt

  88. one moonga

    Comment. yaba bola naikosa strong holds finishing,..,,..

  89. Think tank

    Zambia is nolonger one but two.

  90. Advocate In The Making

    Wen i was sayin dat Tongas r tribal pipo were sayin dat i dont jas lyk ’em but nw u c for yoselves.

    • Ken

      Can I ask a question? I’m not tonga or bemba but I’ll just ask Wat I’ve observed. Is it hh fault that people in southern province support him or maybe post a link to a video were he advised Tonga’s to vote for him. I’ve noticed he has campaigned for years in S. P so for pf supporters I think it is unrealistic to expect substantial votes for the pf. Secondly I would advise the southerners to give other political parties a chance to campaign in the next elections and support them if you like their views. I know lot of wonderful men and women who are Tonga’s don’t let someone lie to you and say you are cursed. You are made in the image of God and have a purpose just like any person on earth. We all depend on each other and we have voted let’s simply wait for the results and accept the winner. After elections life goes on and God is still on the throne

      • kelvin

        they ar cursed my dear look at their faces wen the ar angry they are cursed if u ar one of them pretending u ar cursed no tonga voted for any other candidate even the siamunenes hapundas those guyz ar pretending to b in pf they ar lookin fo job bt they knw who tbey voted not edgar.

      • Thomson

        Comment if GOD says yes who can say no we are still waiting for final

  91. bisaromjr

    Ecl back to chawama

  92. Duke

    Wow, Lets wait until they Say” Dununa R Nankwe Nankwe”

  93. Chabbs

    Lets just accept whoever the lord is going to give us stop tribalism why do you hate us tongas we are your enemies okay but the bible says he will put food on the table while your enemies are whatching mailo nidununa celebration but siniza nanga forward or reverse but zambia reverse no tofuna development mmmmmmmmm…….! Upnd%

    • Rubberstamp

      I don’t tongas, l hate their voting pattern.

  94. Dillacks kasanda

    Defeat awaits#but at the end it will be dununa reverse playing

  95. PF die hard lady

    Twalajombolola,just wait 4Kasama nd th rest! Iyo kwena lelo nashinikisha ati chachine umu tonga ala temunobe. Truly upnd ni tribal party,wat a selfish pattern of voting. We ar bhind u banesu, mubwato emotuli till we cross 2th other side. Viva pf

  96. Native

    Are there no cats when rats and mice steal from the grain silos?

  97. Dot.com


  98. PF die hard lady

    Thanks ba Jerum! @Kasanda ala let thm b, kai apa bena ni foward,thy dnt evn undastnd y we said Dununa Reverse. Tings go change, mi hv kept big buckets 4ths pipo 2fill thr tears in. Within 48hrs frm now we sha dance Alalila owe mayo chikonko mwikate uyoooo…


      PF die hard too,let them talk today is today will leave them by far

  99. Zim

    Voting for quality

  100. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    I wonder how come there are MOYO’s in Tonga, my sons will never marry from southern and north western

  101. Patrick

    can wait to see HH IN THE STATE HOUSE

  102. vinock

    I think ba kelvin its just to much of you plz I ask that let as be one and let as ask for wisdom from our lord

  103. Duck-foot Johnny

    Its Easterners and Northerners Vs Southerners and Westerners as said by Rupiah Bwezani ati wako ni wako. @ Kelvin,U r a living demon how can u say dat Tongas r cursed? It z u who is cursed by supporting a failing Govt. If u r not happy with a tonga leader then die. We r behind HH and team chikala iwe ,bakutum olo bwa?Dununa Forward chikubabe imbwa iwe.

  104. mwila

    Dununa forward

  105. Tenant

    mebo ndamuyanda Edgar maningi

  106. ngoma brown

    Hh has also many strongholds

  107. panyo cikala

    hh & GBM let’s go higher 4ward.ci dunune 4ward….

  108. Non partisan

    No BEMBA or eastern has ever beaten me in class or outside even physically kaufela mina mwanyela kuna come if you are doubting

    • ozzah

      God has the winner for us. And only those with hidden agendas get so much worked up. Really who ever wins do you directly benefit? Who cares who wins!! The answer is a big resounding NO!!! As I said only those with hidden agendas! Now, having said that, REGIONAL POLITICS is also too much for some people.Ciittaah!!!

  109. Liambai

    HH Pakalitente

  110. Duck-foot Johnny

    Operation watermeloon Vs Wako ni wako ,bola naikosa jst go and have some Junta while we r stil waitn for next updates. Its time for Change unless if it was bamwine MC Sata (MHSRIP) not chakolwa lungu.

  111. dj

    Its a longway go lets wait ,na half tatulachila only 54 out of 156 and we are remeining with 102 ,hh alala

  112. Babylon

    Zambia reports are liars,yesterday they reported that ECL was leading with 3564701 while HH was reported to be at 236869 somewhere there which was not the case after 29 contuences were done.please we know you’re PF but don’t mislead Zambians with fake reporting

  113. Ephraim

    HH 4 life

  114. kingston

    go go lungu God is upon u


    but y is it dat dese results different from wat electoral commission of zambia

  116. PF die hard lady

    @Kelvin ur right my bro.

  117. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    North western thought ENOCK KAVINDELI was tbeir god he never ascended to presidency ,its the same with HH,wait n see

  118. TJ

    Good morning and its good to hear that HH has been beaten with a “SHAMBOKO”.

  119. moi

    Dununa reverse

  120. wheels


  121. amanda munkombwe

    UPND stil have 43 strongholds while PF have 33 strongholds tiyeni nayo forward forward

  122. Talha


  123. Talha


  124. lungu

    what time are the ecz brufin the rlt

  125. amanda munkombwe

    strong holds for lungu are:-coperbelt with 9 constituencies remaining,luapula 6,northern 10,muchinga 8.for HH we have southern 13,north western 3,western 16,central 11..lusaka and eastern they are sharing..so stop kubwata-bwata in total HH have 43strongholds and lungu 33strongholds

  126. amanda munkombwe

    next briefing is at 11hrs

  127. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Dununa,Church Version is sweet,i urge the owner of the rights to pardon a wrong doing,that church choir approves ECL

  128. Chimz


  129. dice laureen

    mmmmmh.y do yo trouble your selves when its all clear that HH is going make.it is his time now.peace

  130. Wasu Wasu

    Only someone who does not understand the political geographical layout of ZAMBIA can say hh would win. The 3,430 lead will be wiped out before the end of the day. It will be like a S500 Mercedes zooming past a corola that was 15 min ahead of a race. Watch this.

  131. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    The Bembas and Ngonis who gave HH their votes are hurting inside after seeing the pattern

    • Conan the Barbarian.

      Awana, so when the other camp accuse PF of being a tribal party for bembas and ngonis only you agree with them going by yo comment?

  132. ozzah

    God has the winner for us. And only those with hidden agendas get so much worked up. Really who ever wins do you directly benefit? Who cares who wins!! The answer is a big resounding NO!!! As I said only those with hidden agendas! Now, having said that, REGIONAL POLITICS is also too much for some people.Ciittaah!!!

  133. Thomson

    Comment let as wait and see the game is 90min

  134. General Zeddie

    Stupidity cant b noticed by yoself un pipo nobody goes backwards but we go 4ward look technokwde we hv its moving 4ward who knew we would go on watsup/4ns etc

  135. Pinky


  136. PF die hard lady

    We can’t vote 4a fmason! hh is a bloody satanist. “SATANIST” in capital letters. Take it o leave it ni shetani, elo ba Yaweh cnt give us such a man unless u tell me tht hh REPENTED lastnight.

  137. Pinky


  138. ozzah

    HH might be ok but team is terrible tribalists, especially men whether educated or not.

  139. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    In case of a rerun pls let’s admit it every living being should be tribal,but Victory is certain. ECL

  140. youngnoble

    Let’s talk as brothers all the time ,elections will go but we will remain,let’s be united like never before !

  141. villager

    It is not sin to be either pf or upnd, neither is it to be rainbow nor fdd. It is sin to be tribal, greed, abusive, selfish, hateful and unpatriotic. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  142. ozzah

    That’s what I hate about them REGIONALIAM!! And yet when they r elsewhere we treat them fairly!! Jut break off lol!!

  143. ozzah

    That’s what I hate about them REGIONALISM!! And yet when they r elsewhere we treat them fairly!! Jut break off lol!!

  144. MUSONDA

    Munkombwe stop dreaming your stanist has lost. From 11000 to 3000. The leading final day for your satanist is to day after anouncing 68 constituencies. Whre your satanist will be leading with 48000 at 11.00 hrs. And 18.00 ECL will start leading up tomorrow 23.30 when Mambilima will declare ECL winner.

  145. dice laureen

    Comment.if u are not fare to sameone then God will fight for that person. he was given chance to attract a multitude in peace(campaign) and yet is going to make it.he was never given chance to broadcast on ………… and Tessa now you have made.congrats.

  146. Thomson

    Comment if lungu wins what are u going do u pipo wrt rubbish wrds

  147. agogo

    Hh has been surrounded by female baboons so called martha mushipe and maureen mwanawasa. I told hh to reduce his sexual apetite for this prostitute (mushipe) and the widow maureen. Now they are bringing him down.

  148. Silencer

    GBM’s insults mave cost HH these elections he should accept defeat.period.

  149. villager

    All the problems we face in politics proceed from lack of respect and selfishness. These two, resulted in a genocide in Rwanda, secret killings in Burundi, civil war in South Sudan, civil war in Syria and….

  150. Silencer

    GBM’s insults have cost HH these elections he should accept defeat.period.

  151. Rams M

    My fellow Zambian Do not use laka words as a weapon to hurt others, let us you night,there’s nothing like tribalism ,we’re all One Zambia One Nation.who ever through is our President ,so let us wait, be calm & patiently as we are waiting for final announcement from ECZ. This is my courage to all beloved Zambians.God is in control and everything will be fine. I rest my courage.

  152. Makaveli Da Don

    Tonga should vacate Zambia, Zambia has now 72 tribes not 73 these people are tribal, never have anything to do with tongaz bloodclot dem fire burn them

  153. Rams M

    My fellow Zambian Do not use laka words as a weapon to hurt others, let us you night,there’s nothing like tribalism let us pray to Almighty God who gives leadership,we’re all One Zambia One Nation.who ever through is our President ,so let us wait, be calm & patiently until we wait for the final announcement from ECZ. This is my courage to all beloved Zambians.God is in control and everything will be fine. I rest my courage respectively & Good morning.

  154. caroline himz kabbudula

    forward chabe
    mwaluza pf
    pf means
    poor fools

  155. MUSONDA

    Affter the announcement of constituencies by zbnc upnd 22 out of 58 pf 32out of96.pf = 64 and upnd =36. It is a clear indication ECL is gona win.

  156. Zim

    Analysis: Results from 116 constituencies
    ‘Totals’: {‘EL’: 1379715, ‘HH’: 1396856}
    Differerence: 17141
    Three(3) big constituecies in Southern province remaining(Mapatizya, Katombola and Gwembe).

    More than half of western remains(Kalabo Central, Luampa, Nalolo, Mwandi, Shangombo, Sikongo, Sesheke, Mangango, Sioma, Liuwa, Luena).
    Almost all eastern counted(Milanzi, Mkaika and Kapoche only remain)
    Luapula(Bangweulu, Bahati, Chipili only remain)
    Muchinga(Mafinga, Shiwan’gandu, Mfuwe, Chama South, Kanchibiya only remain),
    Northern(Lunte, Mpulungu, Lukashya, Chilubi, Senga Hill only remain)
    In Lusaka only Chawama remaining.
    Copperbelt(Ndola Central and Kabushi).
    Northwestern(Solwezi West- big one, Zambezi West only remain),

    Central(Keembe, Serenje, Bwacha and Muchinga remaining; Registered voters Keembe almost equals Bwacha, serenje and muchinga combined registered voters in Keembe also higher than Ndola).
    UPND strongholds = 17
    PF strongholds = 20
    shared = 3
    Most of the PF strongholds remaing are small contituencies in rural areas and UPND has done relatively well in Northern rural.
    UPND is getting bigger figures in PF stronghold than PF is geting in UPND strongholds. That’s why HH is leading EL from fewer strongholds. On average, 10 PF strongholds = 5 UPND strongholds. So HH is expected to widen the lead as unknown results trickle in.
    So far, known results are as follows:
    {‘Bwana Mkubwa’: {‘EL’: 20922, ‘HH’: 7724},
    ‘Bweengwa’: {‘EL’: 317, ‘HH’: 21316},
    ‘Chadiza’: {‘EL’: 15340, ‘HH’: 4414},
    ‘Chama North’: {‘EL’: 13187, ‘HH’: 2803},
    ‘Chasefu’: {‘EL’: 17708, ‘HH’: 3641},
    ‘Chavuma’: {‘EL’: 1432, ‘HH’: 12065},
    ‘Chembe’: {‘EL’: 4538, ‘HH’: 996},
    ‘Chiengi’: {‘EL’: 13172, ‘HH’: 3760},
    ‘Chifubu’: {‘EL’: 20260, ‘HH’: 8342},
    ‘Chikankata’: {‘EL’: 1023, ‘HH’: 24711},
    ‘Chilanga’: {‘EL’: 11535, ‘HH’: 15069},
    ‘Chililabombwe’: {‘EL’: 17003, ‘HH’: 10126},
    ‘Chimbamilonga’: {‘EL’: 10927, ‘HH’: 4260},
    ‘Chimwemwe’: {‘EL’: 21631, ‘HH’: 9740},
    ‘Chingola’: {‘EL’: 18117, ‘HH’: 14981},
    ‘Chinsali’: {‘EL’: 23085, ‘HH’: 1676},
    ‘Chipangali’: {‘EL’: 19284, ‘HH’: 3502},
    ‘Chipata Central’: {‘EL’: 25857, ‘HH’: 6844},
    ‘Chirundu’: {‘EL’: 2413, ‘HH’: 16079},
    ‘Chisamba’: {‘EL’: 7359, ‘HH’: 14638},
    ‘Chitambo’: {‘EL’: 9765, ‘HH’: 1037},
    ‘Choma Central’: {‘EL’: 5016, ‘HH’: 47182},
    ‘Chongwe’: {‘EL’: 17605, ‘HH’: 17571},
    ‘Dundumwezi’: {‘EL’: 252, ‘HH’: 30810},
    ‘Feira’: {‘EL’: 5733, ‘HH’: 2362},
    ‘Isoka’: {‘EL’: 13567, ‘HH’: 4676},
    ‘Itezhitezhi’: {‘EL’: 1937, ‘HH’: 23422},
    ‘Kabompo’: {‘EL’: 1070, ‘HH’: 12734},
    ‘Kabwata’: {‘EL’: 38161, ‘HH’: 21392},
    ‘Kabwe Central’: {‘EL’: 22477, ‘HH’: 11512},
    ‘Kafue’: {‘EL’: 16914, ‘HH’: 18774},
    ‘Kafulafuta’: {‘EL’: 4988, ‘HH’: 4979},
    ‘Kalomo Central’: {‘EL’: 1524, ‘HH’: 37350},
    ‘Kalulushi’: {‘EL’: 19587, ‘HH’: 11953},
    ‘Kamfinsa’: {‘EL’: 15480, ‘HH’: 7350},
    ‘Kankoyo’: {‘EL’: 8755, ‘HH’: 4316},
    ‘Kantanshi’: {‘EL’: 14138, ‘HH’: 5175},
    ‘Kanyama’: {‘EL’: 37720, ‘HH’: 32024},
    ‘Kaoma Central’: {‘EL’: 2018, ‘HH’: 11349},
    ‘Kapiri Mposhi’: {‘EL’: 22509, ‘HH’: 23080},
    ‘Kaputa’: {‘EL’: 11152, ‘HH’: 7979},
    ‘Kasama Central’: {‘EL’: 25321, ‘HH’: 9537},
    ‘Kasempa’: {‘EL’: 1572, ‘HH’: 19075},
    ‘Kasenengwa’: {‘EL’: 20613, ‘HH’: 2224},
    ‘Katuba’: {‘EL’: 4031, ‘HH’: 23705},
    ‘Kaumbe’: {‘EL’: 9169, ‘HH’: 1084},
    ‘Kawambwa’: {‘EL’: 12790, ‘HH’: 1416},
    ‘Kwacha’: {‘EL’: 24582, ‘HH’: 11632},
    ‘Livingstone’: {‘EL’: 15837, ‘HH’: 31998},
    ‘Luangeni’: {‘EL’: 16168, ‘HH’: 3724},
    ‘Luanshya’: {‘EL’: 16924, ‘HH’: 9263},
    ‘Luapula’: {‘EL’: 7128, ‘HH’: 1627},
    ‘Lubasenshi’: {‘EL’: 12963, ‘HH’: 3300},
    ‘Lufubu’: {‘EL’: 1742, ‘HH’: 1478},
    ‘Lufwanyama’: {‘EL’: 5054, ‘HH’: 9273},
    ‘Lukulu East’: {‘EL’: 2768, ‘HH’: 16009},
    ‘Lumezi’: {‘EL’: 16155, ‘HH’: 2952},
    ‘Lundazi Central’: {‘EL’: 22078, ‘HH’: 4975},
    ‘Lupososhi’: {‘EL’: 17262, ‘HH’: 1879},
    ‘Lusaka Central’: {‘EL’: 30223, ‘HH’: 18259},
    ‘Magoye’: {‘EL’: 875, ‘HH’: 21918},
    ‘Malambo’: {‘EL’: 14309, ‘HH’: 7460},
    ‘Malole’: {‘EL’: 30054, ‘HH’: 4181},
    ‘Mambilima’: {‘EL’: 8492, ‘HH’: 1735},
    ‘Mandevu’: {‘EL’: 59239, ‘HH’: 19033},
    ‘Mansa Central’: {‘EL’: 23716, ‘HH’: 4589},
    ‘Masaiti’: {‘EL’: 6421, ‘HH’: 7794},
    ‘Matero’: {‘EL’: 57222, ‘HH’: 18388},
    ‘Mayinga’: {‘EL’: 1528, ‘HH’: 13378},
    ‘Mazabuka Central’: {‘EL’: 6235, ‘HH’: 31173},
    ‘Mbabala’: {‘EL’: 392, ‘HH’: 27356},
    ‘Mbala’: {‘EL’: 18356, ‘HH’: 3952},
    ‘Milenge’: {‘EL’: 7650, ‘HH’: 1576},
    ‘Mkushi North’: {‘EL’: 12821, ‘HH’: 7153},
    ‘Mkushi South’: {‘EL’: 5714, ‘HH’: 5040},
    ‘Mongu Central’: {‘EL’: 4271, ‘HH’: 28260},
    ‘Monze Central’: {‘EL’: 2241, ‘HH’: 41089},
    ‘Moomba’: {‘EL’: 182, ‘HH’: 13429},
    ‘Mpika’: {‘EL’: 18079, ‘HH’: 1741},
    ‘Mpongwe’: {‘EL’: 6677, ‘HH’: 11297},
    ‘Mporokoso’: {‘EL’: 9425, ‘HH’: 2046},
    ‘Msanzala’: {‘EL’: 14321, ‘HH’: 1244},
    ‘Mufulira’: {‘EL’: 11817, ‘HH’: 5389},
    ‘Mufumbwe’: {‘EL’: 2002, ‘HH’: 17378},
    ‘Mulobezi’: {‘EL’: 2058, ‘HH’: 7352},
    ‘Mumbwa’: {‘EL’: 3812, ‘HH’: 20054},
    ‘Munali’: {‘EL’: 52810, ‘HH’: 27720},
    ‘Mwandi’: {‘EL’: 1703, ‘HH’: 7682},
    ‘Mwansabombwe’: {‘EL’: 10455, ‘HH’: 1931},
    ‘Mwembezhi’: {‘EL’: 2226, ‘HH’: 17525},
    ‘Mwense’: {‘EL’: 13863, ‘HH’: 1915},
    ‘Mwinilunga’: {‘EL’: 1911, ‘HH’: 33801},
    ‘Nakonde’: {‘EL’: 19963, ‘HH’: 4597},
    ‘Nalikwanda’: {‘EL’: 1415, ‘HH’: 9792},
    ‘Namwala’: {‘EL’: 1251, ‘HH’: 34525},
    ‘Nangoma’: {‘EL’: 1648, ‘HH’: 18925},
    ‘Nchanga’: {‘EL’: 18099, ‘HH’: 8568},
    ‘Nchelenge’: {‘EL’: 21932, ‘HH’: 5442},
    ‘Nkana’: {‘EL’: 18461, ‘HH’: 8692},
    ‘Nkeyema’: {‘EL’: 1263, ‘HH’: 10571},
    ‘Nyimba’: {‘EL’: 16559, ‘HH’: 2818},
    ‘Pambashe’: {‘EL’: 9251, ‘HH’: 1822},
    ‘Pemba’: {‘EL’: 428, ‘HH’: 25418},
    ‘Petauke Central’: {‘EL’: 23738, ‘HH’: 1999},
    ‘Roan’: {‘EL’: 12614, ‘HH’: 6753},
    ‘Senanga’: {‘EL’: 1661, ‘HH’: 17929},
    ‘Siavonga’: {‘EL’: 1429, ‘HH’: 16952},
    ‘Sinazongwe’: {‘EL’: 2266, ‘HH’: 39663},
    ‘Sinda’: {‘EL’: 9625, ‘HH’: 5020},
    ‘Solwezi Central’: {‘EL’: 10167, ‘HH’: 36139},
    ‘Solwezi East’: {‘EL’: 1533, ‘HH’: 7987},
    ‘Vubwi’: {‘EL’: 6023, ‘HH’: 2238},
    ‘Wusakile’: {‘EL’: 18647, ‘HH’: 7776},
    ‘Zambezi East’: {‘EL’: 1587, ‘HH’: 15314}}

  157. drunken master

    tili bantu pamondzi! Lubatu ammoho…

  158. sayi moyo

    let’s have patience as we wait for the final results from ecz. remember one Zambia one nation our slogan

  159. an known

    Tonga’s must be equal this is one nation love one another that’s why mupelelafye mu Lusaka fiko fyenu

  160. watermanzi

    i just pray for the final results to be annocented,i dont ve money because of these elections,praying HH to win these elections we dont want vima coins…each and every trabe have this tribal thing.

  161. an known

    Comment I don’t know yo God and which church do you go to the bible says you shall know them by there fluits now I beleave katwishi amafi ya ngombe nga yaba mu brain

  162. Tanaeli Mwansa

    God’s words are final. When God says YES no man can say NO. .

  163. Zim

    poverty of the mind

  164. Vincent Gilbert Tembo

    oops really lets just see what is goin to happened n see the next coming president of our Nation Zambia

  165. PF die hard lady

    Sometimes if one fails 2change it really means that person is CURSED. CURSED indeed

  166. Zim

    Why don’t we put a Tonga as President of PF and see what the results would be? PF as the only non tribal party, lets take the lead.

  167. Malobeka Michael

    HH with the lead!

  168. Yungson Wami

    tefintu na sana Kkkkkkk anyway the race is still on going.

  169. an known

    Comment @ kelvin you r right this pipo de Tonga’s they think like dull idiots

  170. Patriot Abroad

    This is like Saul and David. Our David is being chased by Saul….but he wins in the end. I’m off to church to pray for David(EL), for much sorrow will descend on this land if Saul(HH) wins. Starting will victimising and revengeful acts, then a sea of discrimination against all other tribes as they begin to position themselves. God has a plan, to teach those who act blindly in the face of truth of the personality of the wicked. A short spell with Saul will end in riots, overthrow as Zambia rises against Saul. That gov’t of Saul can only have a short life. Zambians pray for the Chosen one to win the day. EL, King apparent your righteousness can not be dissipated without much turmoil on Zambia. Pray Zambia, Pray!

    • Conan the Barbarian.

      My dear patriot abroad, i think the bible records that Saul was king(president ECL) while David was a shepherd( kachema HH). WHAT A PROPHECY!

  171. joe

    After these elections all shall be the same if you don’t work hard for your own you are doomed whether pf or upnd so be smart and respect each other’s opinions politics shouldn’t be the reason for your selfish reasons it should be for the survival of one another whether pf or upnd if the loser loses its best to accept and if the winner wins its best to congratulate them we lose nothing after all we are one same human rights same.

  172. MUSONDA

    Zim your anlysis is fake since your I can’t see petauke mansa central kasama and others your satanist has Lost. Go and sleep work up at 12.00hrs when your hh will be trown in dusterbin

  173. team no sleep

    HH kuwaya waya fye….HH u ar goin LUNGU 4 president…..#teamnosleep

  174. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    If rerun every tribe has learnt a lesson,remember 50+1

  175. stim

    To start with the codor your data is wrong, pf has won this years elections by 53% out of the total votes cast. We have all the data, we are just waiting for official announcement so that we celebrate edgar chagwa lungu’s victory. Kalusa sianga ikwele, apitilila again kufamu kachema. Pf panic not we have won

  176. Herbert Bilika

    Out of the research that I have conducted as to why HH is hated by many the reasons I got are heart breaking and in my own opinion they are the reasons why Zambia will never develop if the mindsets for people is not changed!!
    1. He is rich and his status pains a lot of people. To my suprise in Zambia when you have money more than others then you are a satanist. Nowonder so many Zambians are living in poverty. Shame on us country men and women!
    2. He is Tonga. To my suprise again. I have never met a tonga who talks ill about other tribes but why is it that Tonga’s have been rated tribalists? Is it because the tribe is rich to some extent?
    Wake up Zambia we are one people. #OneZambiaOneNation.

  177. PF die hard lady

    hh ni satanist with blood money…. We dnt wnt tht. Elo ni kabwalala saana, ifyaupubafye. Ya hatred u pipo is n secret, u pretend 2lov on ya lips but ya love 4other tribes is not evn in ya mouths. Shame! 4real ni curse

  178. hoshang Bindhung

    He can’t go anywhere even if he is ahead

  179. cruzy peter

    Comment PF we don’t give up”we keep on dununareverse.!!!but any way we ar still weting for the final result

  180. wisdom mwilu

    HH’s 34 strongholds are not for jokes.devil u are a liar ni dununa foward, i love peace………ELC bye bye !

  181. man mucho

    well the final results are coming soon.. rain or no rain.. Lungu is winning

  182. Liberation Party President

    HH is the President

  183. Clement Chileshe

    ECL to be sworn in within 24 Hours as Zambian Republican President

  184. Impi

    Nayo Nayo Echi Echi Will Be Declared Zambian President In The Evening Ufune Usafune

  185. Jaylove

    It’s just so hard for people who pretend to be blind to see what’s going on…keep on dreaming until we wake you up from that day mare when Hh wins…You go give a testimony to your fellow dreamers!!! Even ECL himself knows that he has lost and now they are tryna find means of rigging the elections…they already tried to use dah stupid dull brain Uganda guy to rig elections buh they failed, the fool was caught…Only God knws what other means trying to rig the elections…Imwe ba ECZ just make it official coz we already know who has won….Viva HH…Zambiaaa forwaaaad.

  186. frank chox

    Guys let’s be patience as we r waiting fo our new president
    Let’s use Our rights not violence thnx

    • Jaylove

      #Frank Chox, u ar ryt…Ala myt end up offending som1…All to Jesus for now…God has never and will never fail us…He knows what’s best for us.

  187. katandala chopoka zulu of lundazi

    Tiger never cry even at point of defeat he wins .Miss you all

  188. villager

    Lord have mercy

  189. kelvin

    given me ur details or if u knew me call my numba m not misleading u or other Tonga’s at bad u don’t knw o u ar 1 f den

  190. PF die hard lady

    Hop ur watching

  191. dice laureen

    Comment..spirituality beats political geographical layout.only a person who understands the things of the spirit knew the winner months ago.@ wasu wasu….. wats remaing is declaration.

  192. Isaac myambe

    God has already chosen someone to be our leader let’s just wait.



  194. andrew

    that is the sprit bro

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