Pres. Lungu Wins Tight Presidential Election; ECL 1, 860, 877 Hichilema 1, 760, 347

Edgar HiredIncumbent President Edgar Lungu has retained his position after defeating his closest rival Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND by 100, 530 to secure the required 50%+1 threshold.

Pres. Lungu polled 1, 860, 877 while Hichilema managed 1, 760, 347. The actual percentage scored by President Lungu is 50.3%.

ECZ chairperson Justice Esau Chulu declared President Edgar Lungu as winner at 14:04.

Meanwhile, the UPND are protesting the outcome of the election was rigged. They demanded a recount of the votes in Lusaka.




    • PK

      Exactly !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • chimpusa Kelvin

        Congratulation mr president , mwalila MWe ngombe mooooooo moooo

        • Kaluz

          Where is Pastor Nervas Mumba going now?

          • Kabaso

            Nalitenta bapumwa bakolwe

          • kaoche kathengo

            mathematically its the same 50+1/50%+1 stands for the same thing, now let’s see if these Tonga’s will sapot GBM without hechi hechi!!!.

        • Zimandola

          UPND has cried moooo with denkete. Banya badenkete.

          • Kaluz

            Conrats ECL. Losing presidential candidates can now offer their solutions to ECL if they are really patriotic Zambians and like this country. Hey HH, where is your 10 pint plan? Lets work together for one cause.

          • chachacha

            Zimandola banyoko
            Mooo wabanyoko

        • luyando

          very mature sir, i think you have bertter things to do than insult fellow zambians like a pre-scholar. its because of such things that zambia does not develop. how sad.

          • Jillian Alan

            Liyando. So sad indeed. Grown men behaving like children, and for what? Politics? I cry for Zambia my mother land because with such mentality, if the western world knows, we will never develop. What a cursed continent, full of people with no vision whatsoever. We will need a miracle to save us from this mess. If you think the economy was bad this year, just give it 5 more years. You will tell me.

          • Frankston

            HH 4ever

          • Frankston

            HH we have lost the last Game we are now going to the farm mukuchema in’gombe iyeeeeeeee!!!!!.

          • Zimandola

            Chachacha wanya lufyono lobe. Natumidununa imputi mwe ng’ombe.

        • chachacha

          Moooo wabanyooooooooooooko
          Lungu wabanyoooooooooko
          U’ll be eating luungu of mother

          • botha

            stop sayng bad abot de republican president,coz u’ll jst put ur self in problems mind u z de republican president nt a political leader so b careful

          • Daliso

            iz dat hw tonga behavior,u dnt knw wat u ar say. 2021 again lungu will elected hs a president of zambia.

        • chachacha

          You are drunk already mmmmmmmmh

        • chachacha


          • Abercorn Hurry jr

            Kamaani Mwanaabaama Batukile.Mbaanyo boonse batukila butonga Masatabanyiba .alimwi bajokele kucikolo 50%+0.3% taili 50%+1%Banyooo aba bakabwalala .

      • Daywalker

        Finally we have a majority government in office after close to two decades. The full  mandate of the people is a great responsibility. Five years is a long time to establish good foundations that others can easily follow and continue. But not even five decades  shall ever be enough if  we are to leave everything on any single persons shoulders, not even the greatest men who ever lived.  Not even a few good men and women however youthful and enthusiastic or experienced and filled with wisdom and guile.

        These five years are a collective responsibility for every Zambian to use all that is in their god given hands to do better for friends and relatives children grand children and even great grand children for the blessed few  we shall eventually all leave behind when we pass from this life and also to do better for themselves whilst they are still able.

        There were many who didn't believe in the possibility of this day,  some had abandoned us and others stayed with us especially the vubrant youth through the darkest moments and reason has prevailed,  the people spoke and have spoken again. The vultures and hyenas who had been lurking around the once fledgling new government further weakened by the demise of the founder of the Patriotic Front  and President Michael Sata.  but have watched it leave the shadows and soar with the powerful wings of an eagle quietly steadily and gracefully. Each and every eligible zambian must be given the opportunity to have their  voice heard just as they must be allowed to make a meaningful  contribution to their own wellbeing and for everyone in their care.  Voting and working are as much a right as well as responsibility. Just as the government has ensured fair opportunity in the political arena we shall endeavor to ensure fair economic opportunity as well.

        Zambians have rejected politics of hate and division and have embraced an ever more familiar hope in the Edgar Lungu led Patriotic Front. We do not have to be told by the international community about all the difficult things we need to do in the coming period because deep down we all know what needs to be done and what is best for our own people in the long run. Like any responsible government we expect that under President Lungu we shall all strive to do what is best for our people and our country regardless of how difficult it maybe, united under our creed of one Zambia one Nation. VIVA KWACHA REPUBLIC VIVA

        • Misheck

          Good message!

        • Mudenda

          Daywalker, you’ve spoken not only your word but my word as well. Yes, the time is now ripe to put our political differences and forge ahead towards a united, progressive, democratic, Christian nation. But let me not chicken out from congratulating the people of Eastern province, there voting pattern, in a province where Mr. Lungu hails from, is a true reflection of democratic decision. As we bury the campaigns, let’s learn from Easterners in supporting the right cause and NOT our kinsman. One Zambia, One Nation.

    • sailas

      where are your false and fake prophets. Let them come out now, that why I don’t go to church. My heart is the temple of Jah. Why support Nevas Mumba in Church?

    • Jonas Savimbi

      HH must call for Convention now or if he wants to contest in 2021, without it will mean that UPND is not democratic party.

      • Pascal mboya

        UPND must agree the final results, it is free and fair election

        • Bat

          Wat ar u sayng do u thnk we ar hppy 50.3 its nt 50+1 minwhle it nt evn 50.3 its 49.7 wat clcurtionz ar dis

    • Jonas Savimbi

      HH must call for Convention now or if he wants to contest in 2021, without it will mean that UPND is not democratic party. U will win then
      Don’t give up.

      • DANK

        We thank GOD for the win and hope that our brother’s and sisters who voted on tribal considerations can change for the better in 2021.As for Samoa,Scot,Mulenga,GBM,Kaseba,Maureen,sichinga,mwaliteta it should be a lesson that humbleness and respect for others pays

    • Moreen Monawosa

      I am feeling bad for GBM, Guy Scott, Miles Sampa and Maureen. Their political lives are finished and financial dent to some of them will be severe. No chance to recoup through government contracts.

    • Daniel mulemba

      ECL the president of mother zambia

      • Pascal mboya

        Edger lungu congraturation for winning this election, from dodoma tanzania

    • TJ

      In chipata Eastern Province, celebrations are everywhere. VIVA ECL AND PF

      • mpombo

        Am speechless i wil talk later #Neverhh more pop corn & gin plitz

    • Peter


      • Jillian Alan

        Peter. I cannot wait for you to see what’s coming to your motherland, you will cry.

    • Peter


    • Jaguar and cow

      All well wishers of PF and President Lungu shall note the following:

      1. Section 105 is the section for swearing in of the
      President Elect.

      2. Sub-section 105(2) states that The President
      elect shall be sworn into office on Tuesday
      (a) the seventh day after the date of declaration
      of the presidential election results, if no
      petition has been filed in accordance with
      Article 103; or
      (b) the seventh day after the date on which the
      Constitutional Court declares the elections
      to be valid.

      3. Please note -Article 101 of the Constitution deals
      with Presidential elections
      Article 101 has its own appeal provisions to
      Constitution Court, complete in all respects.

      4. Article 102 deals with Disqualifications for RUN

      5 Article 103 follows with similar provisions (ditto
      of Article 101) for a petition to Constitution Court
      in case a petition is made to Constitutional Court
      for nullification of President Elect.
      6. This Article is immediately after Article 102
      which covers Disqualification for RUN OFF
      7. Article 105 (2) (a) mandates that a President
      elect shall be sworn into office by the Chief
      Justice, if no petition is filed under Article 103.
      8. What it means is that President Lungu who has been declared President Elect under First Ballot, qualifies to be sworn in under Article 105(2) (a) as any petition to the Constitution Court by UPND, HH or any other person falls under Article 101 and not under Article 103. Any petition filed under Article 103 will automatically be defective and thrown out. The Chief Justice is under obligation as per the Constitution to swear into office President Lungu
      9. Article 103 (3) talking about Speaker acting as President during the period of a petition to Constitutional Court does not apply to President elect who is so declared by the Returning Officer under Article 101 (first ballot)

      10. This Article is further strengthened by Article 106(2) which states that – A President shall hold office from the date the President elect is sworn into office and ending on the date the next President Elect is sworn into office

      11. Constitutional logic is that a President Elect who is an incumbent and is declared a winner on First Ballot has the mandate of the voters under previous elections to continue as President till a new President elect is declared by Returning Officer or in case of an appeal till second ballot results are declared and if an petition is made then Speaker shall take over as his mandate from second ballot is challenged.

  2. Lbc


    • PBS

      U ar going to see hw $ is going to crimb.

    • Kabaso

      Welldone mr presdent welcome back. Please to serve HHs life those who sell DOOM close your shops for some months bcz im Told HH is looking for DOOM inkongole shafula

      • Christ the way

        Sir we can get ur family and lungus money and put 2gther can nt even make quoter of G.B.Ms money and wat of hh u ar very far nt even discarvd km 2 reach hm.

      • Christ the way

        Sir u can get ur family and lungus money and put 2gther can nt even make quoter of G.B.Ms money and wat of hh u ar very far nt even discarvd km 2 reach hm.

    • uwaumanafyala

      hh can only rule cattle. not ifwe. viva my ecl

  3. brushk

    ba upnd it happens don’t worry

  4. .........

    Praise be to God

    • truth

      God you have showed once again those who look down on others that you are not a respector of persons. Congratulations sir Edgar .c.Lungu. We love you sir and God continue helping you. We praise God our father in heaven for our victory. In Jesus name! !! Amen. …

    • Reaganhims

      guys we told u mukali ba baby big disappointed to three provinces

      • bonzo

        HH is contesting these elections. ECL & PF must not start celebrating. It’s time to start preparing defence. If HH does not contest votes in his strong hold, like Dudumezi & Neganega, then the case will be easy to defend. He can not only demand G12 in Lusaka, what where he has won by such a huge margin. Hope & pray ECZ has its custody all source documents/hard copies.

        In case of nullification & re-run, PF must weigh its strategy between improving its performance in HH strongholds against asking absent voters in our backyard where turn out was very bad.

        God bless our great nation, Zambia.

  5. sailas

    zoona ni Lungu wanga

    • Gift mofya

      Am very happy mr lungu to be come a president of Zambia I hope this we be ok all blessings I hope God we protect you to you:-)…?

  6. PK

    Congratulation my president !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    fuck thiz fuck all of u

    • David simplex

      U ar a fool that the way it u fool so does that mean that wen u insult u ar going to make upnd to win fool

    • Chilangwa

      These things happen if we conduct regional politics. wake up UPND, if you want to send a president to plot one, stop voting the way you vote.

    • mpombo

      I said it when ECL wins the world will hold its breath & make no comment

  8. Silent Rage


    pf foreveer

  9. victor


    • bennie

      Curse curse curse what is a curse? this is a spiritual condition by which a person is find in. it is not a sin NO it is just a cpndition that attract misfortunates & bad luck. It is a tool used to usher in barriers that detain a person’s life. Exod 20:5 &v12 reed & undurstand why u should respect elders eapecially perents b alert as u speak CURSE IS NOT SIN u can acqire it knowimgily or not math

  10. Mano



    Mr president am happy for you!! viva ECL.

  12. Political Commando

    Congrats…wasn’t easy….Kaputa is happy now


    Congratulations ba sir back to work.

    • Gwabe

      God is God of fairness balemonakwati nga bamu votela HH bakawina bufi, God tewakapatuliu you Tongaz from today you should learn something.

  14. mk

    Comment we thank God Almighty for the victory

  15. pouzy

    that how it is next time hh congrats lungu chakolwa thanks

  16. Charles Chisuwo Himuyaba


    • umubemba nkonko

      Dundumezi mapatizya how are u feeling bafikala,,big shout to my presdo ecl again plot one is yours…

    • David simplex

      Fool and ,madness

    • machu hamambwe

      Learn to have manners these things are only for this perishable world. Whether u insult today it will you no physical benefits but makes going to hell if u don’t repent over your insult. Be calm and understand the situation

  17. metallic

    tonga bulz remember wat l told u that bola panshi

  18. MK Nelzy

    SO SAD for Mr. Hichilema. Oh Gosh!

  19. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    all keep hh pipo keep ya head up

  20. Chrstianity

    Many pipo will lost they lives during this day.

  21. mk

    Comment congratulation our humble president

  22. Reedimer

    Disappointment to the Tongas and lozi

    • gaffer

      Comment suffering hascome onto zambia if it were hh the surrary would have been emproved but ecl is usiless yu will see the suffering am talking about &u pipo u ar supporting him wait uno those were just political corruptions proviision of bear;bitenges hopless open yo ears
      u pipo interms of school payment wait fo de fees others wont bee completing their school hopless

      • nj

        U ar not even a govt worker after all…. so, which salary ??

      • samson sibale

        Comment ba gaffe god forbade antiicipate bad things for his creation.wat do u wish da future of yo kids?

  23. blademan

    End to hh political carreer

  24. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    all hh pipo keep ya head up

  25. Mano

    Bu red bwacila ba UPND ifwe tulesontasonta fye ifintu ni lungu

  26. mimic


  27. lungu

    good we have won

  28. Daniel TEMBO

    Upnd see u in 2023.dununa reverse

  29. Dr Reason Why?


    • umubemba nkonko

      Mpombo I always you in every comment u post and u always make me happy until today chundu chaitwa is regsin from his political career at a tender age,,I gues next presdo it’s u,,keep on hard working…asobela na Zambia chikala…

      • mpombo

        Umubemba nkonko am humbled next i wil release a blue print of how we’re going to dismantle’chuundu’systematically layer by layer am happy chuundu fell for my tribal talk & responded in kind this we call poking the enemy 2021 will be a walk over he has been overwhelmingly exposed as a tribal grouping so no matter what he will say the campaign will be based on tribe

    • Amos lovly Chanda

      You people just accept that you lost you will never died when you accept we want a good leader who respect God n i warnder why people you are like this tamutasha Lungu has done so many things in this country now what do want you people?

  30. muzo

    We told you. icipongwe ne ciwowo tecisuma, the bemba say abakali tabalanda. congrats my pres

  31. Kilaka

    Congrats to Lungs and Pf. One zambia on nation

  32. bashi ju

    God u hav heard my prayer

  33. Brian. shammah Namakobo

    Eeeye fintu ni lungu i told you bapipo.

  34. Poverello

    It happens we jst hav to accept the out come.

  35. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    fuck you mathafakaz fuck u

  36. chipasha

    Abakulu bakulu na baiche baiche, Zambia will no longer be led by tribalist people. Congrats ECL you have been chosen.

  37. Che Guevara

    Congratulations to President-elect.
    To the closest contender, move on, there is life after this election.


    please the election has been rigged mr hh re count the votes

    • kwatu ise

      Wat an historical day in zambia we thank God Almight for piece we have. HH and all Tongas realy ar trible but learn to apreciate bcoz u ar tought a leson and U ar sti learnin don’t pretend U ar selfish but change

  39. Fredo

    Congraturations ELC nd Thank you Jesus Christ for the Outcome of this Event,Mey name be Gloryfide Amen nd amen.

  40. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    fuck u mathafakaz

    • Smoz


  41. Bensn




  43. Parvena Paul


  44. HOPE

    Congrats ba PF we accept yo defeat

  45. Naphtali

    Congratulations Your Excellency!

  46. matix

    Nafuti nafuti lungu president ;God pour me de blessings

  47. caphs nkocks

    it were meant to be like that congrants ka lungu

  48. Marie-Anne

    Zambia just missed a chance to move into 21st Century. We’ll be stuck in UNIP Era becoz they love tribe/region than progressive policies. Draconian/corrupt/immoral Lungu will show his true colours now.

    Good Luck as IMF arrives at the weekend. Ala Mukose with SAP (Structural Adjustment Plan), more debt ($1.9billion already given by IMF).

    ALA MUKOSE. Just sing Dununa Reverse to ease the pain after subsidies for electricity, fuel, fertilizer, health, education etc are removed by IMF.

    • truth

      A haha haha! !!! Bamuzo mwashimpa ichibemba. Ati ukwali nsoke bane takwafeile bantu. …. Some of you demons wishing Zambia ill go and perish in hell with your father the devil. You are not God to decree ill on our nation. Every evil arrow target on Zambia backfire into the mouth of the initiators in Jesus name! !!

    • Native

      This “victory” may soon be the subject of legal action in the Constitutional Court. In the meantime the Speaker may have to act. Should the Constitutional Court view ECL’s election legitimate, we will then have to begin to monitor and evaluate ECL’s practical implementation of pledges and programs (including plagiarizing UPND’s 10 point plan). Zambia’s debt may just rise to $15 billion by 2021. Not even God might help because zambia has failed to help herself.

      • Amagenge

        Zambia for Zambians, just help your country by working hard at your level. Do not pray for bad times pray for good days.

    • Hicornelius Hamweetwa (HH) Umutonga nkonko

      Marie-Annie that is what we want. We want Lungu to show his true colours on the Tongas and Lozis. Apapena check yourself on waht you say about Lungu because I have declared myself a private shushu for Lungu and I will not spare you you swine. Ati winning ama elections through WatchDogo, and Social media. Walefwaye nchito tawaimone. Am the next Zambian High Commissioner to the UK. Iyo ni HH forward. Alanshiku tashangasha. HH alefwaya ukupampamina icahbene chibe chakwe. I think this is the end.

    • mpombo

      Take a deep breath good nice one now you can go & sleep thats a nice boy

    • Jillian Alan

      Marie-Anne, I wish we had more Zambians thinking like you. Analyzing facts before anything else. Zambia is in trouble. Real trouble.

  49. Bambi Bakalila

    Congrats ECL, Congrats PF.



  51. bisaromjr

    we know that this foolish chairman for ecz stores so many point ya HH to give chi lungu coz he goes at mulungushi

  52. Blessings

    Finally the LORD has heard zambia’s cry and our beloved father has been chosen.Hail to the LORD long reign PF

  53. part

    happy 4 u pf

  54. King

    Allow me to say while!!!!!!! My vote was not for nothing we have made it once again,praise be to almighty God for this leadership.ubu ebuteko.

    • Dark smoke

      To people who connects politics to tribal lines I believe westerners are not tribalist. As it can be seen by their voting pattern, ther are many westerners holding top positions in PF govt than UPND but the lozi pipo went for a party that did not have their tribesman holding top position except the fact that UPND leader HH is their tribal cousin and appears to be rich. Or should I say may be Lozis are not proud pipo.congratulations to his excellence ECL for emerging victorious hope he deliver as for people’s expectations and unite the nation

  55. caphs nkocks

    yes peace z what we need



  57. bashi ju

    thanx be to our almighty for hearing zambians prayer

  58. labbanz3

    wu wawa tabulakabepesho!
    ba hh namuwa,u think southern,western and northwestern province is zambia. no matter how many times they will recount the recounts,it will still be e c lungu! try 2021 if u’ll be allowed.
    wait a minute,i think its the end of upnd coz the tongas wont allow gbm a bemba to take over upnd. what a sad ending!

  59. harrington lungu

    ifintu ni lungu congraturation to lungu

  60. Patriot Abroad

    It was decided in Heaven and came to be Below. Zambia has been protected, God has placed His Man to keep His edicts and be a Leader for ALL Zambians, and to bring PEACE to ALL Zambians. REJOICE OH Zambia, you most favoured Nation in God’s Heart. You shall have no bloodletting in the interests of Money Men who worship Mammon.

    • Patriot Abroad

      We thank You God Almighty; we thank you that you have not put to shame those who Trust in You. You heard our cry and gave us PEACE. Glory be Your Name. HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT LUNGU, WALK TALL, CALL ON HIM NIGHT AND DAY, HE IS YOUR KEEPER. Congratulations, never in a moment did I doubt your condition before God!

    • truth

      Patriot God bless you. We receive the blessings. God bless our nation.

    • Chillz

      B guy naba gelo stop insultn ninshiiiiiiii nafipwa

  61. umu zambian

    politics teyabana iyoooooooooo..
    by 2021, hakainde wl b no more.
    he wl b history

  62. Galamukani

    I have seen something else under the sun:
    The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

    • Okay

      It happens let’s just accept the defeat. We can do nothing against the truth but for the truth, says the Bible. So let’s remain calm and peaceful as usual despite different political parties, tribes. Languages or tongues. We are one. Tonga, bemba, chewa or whatever, we are one Zambia one nation. Galamukani wise words

  63. harrington lungu

    ifintu ni lungu congraturation ..

  64. Dr Reason Why?

    Ndenya ine pliz some one to hold me,I cant`t withstand the pressure!!!!!!!

  65. sky

    Problem on top of.

  66. Michel Nostradamus

    chuundu retired for life

  67. kufanga kwa

    hope that things will remain peacefuly.

    i just play

  68. luke Laban

    Comment: God bless Mother Zambia

  69. johny walker.

    twa ba dununa ba kapokwe.lungu bya bya mwaufwa ba ponbwe

  70. sir jay-bee

    praise be to ‘GOD ALMIGHTY ‘ for His loving kindness. this election has made us learn that without God, there is nothing that as a nation we can do. God has vindicated edgar c. lungu. let the will of God prevail. thanks Lord for your faithulness. amen.

  71. luke Laban

    Comment God bless the Zambia

  72. Itx Chanda Dat Drumist

    Sonta iwe hh.A big shout out to the PF family.Lungu Lungu Lung Lungu Lungu…………………..!

  73. Fredo

    Now Am sure ECL has vission,since God has allowed it. Pls dont forget those who didnt vote for you,love the Tongas nd others,do good for them olso for your leadership to go ahead amen

    • Adamss

      Wise words

    • Dr.jose chameleon

      as a president lt hm create more employment otherwise fuck u all the tonga and yo hopeless hippo{HH}.


        fuck u tooo nd u ar going to eat ur lungu we wil see us tongas we kno hw to work in our farms nd we wil not giv u anythigh to eat fuckyyyyyyyyyyyyyy uuuuuuuuuuuuuu tooooooooooooooooooo

        • Mudenda

          Are you a true Mudenda? Regardless of the degree of provocation, Mudenda’s don’t insult. Our hope comes from God who made the Zambia we live in. Let’s respect all Zambians regardless of where they come from. It’s very cleat that unless we become more democratic in our campaigns, we, and our cousins, can’t amass enough votes to claim victory. Let’s go back to our drawing board and rebrand ourselves. It’s nothing but One Zambia, One Nation!

    • mpombo

      Not so fast we have to sit down & see how they can be treated but whatever you do don’t harm them

  74. Emmla

    Insults Halts Ladies And Gents Wait For The Next 5 Yrs (how long).

  75. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    start screamin povert u motherfukaz

  76. bisaromjr

    all pf supporters embekezani muone dollar mwe izakwerela. afunika abweze nkhongole that he used to buy all property he loose during campaign

    • mpombo

      Forget if it was abt the economy dundumwezi wouldn’t have done what they did its all abt tribe this time whom’re you fooling

  77. sailas

    The end of the cartel. God bless Zambia


      I prophesy that there shall be Re-habilitation of friendship , profuse apologies & show of allegency to President Lungu by PF turncoats, rebels and Job seekers,

  78. Adamss

    Congratulations to the President and it is a lesson from all Zambians that money can’t buy everything and never look down on anyone. Those who thought they were intelligent than all Zambians are put at shame. May God guide the incoming President.

  79. Michel Nostradamus

    hh enters into guiness book of world records for most presidential election loses.let him try in hell where mazoka is the chairperson of chuundu electoral commission.done and dusted pf ,well executed operation jaya mubwa…..,

    • big man

      Watch ur mouth….leave mazoka out of this”and atleast some of us our parents are already in government… But 4some of u….nima bus driver,street vendors, bur directors etc..hehehe pray hard u don’t stave

      • mpombo

        Campaigns of starving’re finished this time its tribe ask dundumwenzi

  80. BEN

    Its done…

  81. ROY

    Congrts ecl

  82. Maureen williams

    love you our president lungu finally victory
    HH keep calm it happens

  83. wheels


  84. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    fuck your lifez

  85. muillar

    Isala again mu zambia

  86. Mc 189

    Mmmmm HH Ku farm nomba APA to play with cows ihahaahahah we told u its dununa reverse

  87. King

    Mwalitete,guy scott,miles sampa,garry nkombo,Silvia masebo,gbm and hh mwanya basheet,mwembwa nemichila.

  88. ozzah

    Congrats ECL PF work even harder!!!

  89. Michel Nostradamus

    bunch of motherfucking upnd cadres collapsing one by one,with this heat eeesh!!!! chuundu ndiye worse.

  90. ian miti

    If God says yes no one cn say no.edger was chosen by God.congratulations

  91. Mutale chisanga

    CommentIt s good it has passed

  92. man mucho

    we have retired.. chuundu

  93. rashford kamwanga lastone

    Epologram bamwine

  94. peter monga

    the pf is party with dignity we pf look forward for people not u hh congrats Mr president ad to u bamuselera kwakaba go to ur hh

  95. mlilo

    Congratulation the president. I wish you all the best during your office .One Zambia one✌ National.May God bless Zambia.

  96. ozzah

    welcome Mr Presido and PF

  97. fireshadow

    congratulations to our new president on successfully rigging. it was a valiant effort and he succeeded where the walls had ears.he should pray he doesn’t get what he deserves.he hasn’t gotten away with this yet and fate will soon catch up with him.

    • mpombo

      Crying like a cow’re you moooooo

      • Ackim chiti

        Comment poverty high price of meali meal cost of fuél & fertilizer ,school fees this things shud b reduced bicoz u have dununa now luk at those things

  98. Michel Nostradamus

    bitter man sent into political retirement. one chagwa simple in looking but tough in action ,bafikala mwaumfwa.upnd cadres mugone sober

  99. peter monga

    pf look forward for people not hh congrats Mr president

  100. Joseph

    awell done my president.

  101. Kimatomic kims Ackim

    Woooooow we have finally done it again,to those chaps not to mess with PF and president H.E MR EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU but they didnt want to listen to us,now see what you have done to yourselves,how many times are gona cry eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Kikikikikikikikiki even dat song done by tommy dee and yellowman suits you guys.

  102. Joseph

    well done my president.

    • Kimatomic kims Ackim


  103. Bunda emmanuel

    Congrats Ba PF!!!!

  104. Michel Nostradamus

    destiny is determined:one destined to rule cows ,the other to rule a nation

  105. moses

    twalebeb.a tepapa twa dununa twayabuka pf bakamba

  106. jacobmonga

    pf for life

  107. Andrew

    There is only one person who can win. Its God who has made ba Lungu to win. Congrats ba Lungu and may God in heaven guid en protect u always in Jesus name. Amen!!

  108. sir jay-bee


  109. davidem

    de election has not bin made freely and fair

  110. Mervin siwale

    Fake results the only person who knows the trueth is pricila isacks we dont like presidents who bribe pipo for power.

  111. Michel Nostradamus

    bafikala ba muvi tv, komboni radio and post newspaper hope u go and get ama offals dat hh promised u for media coverage.bye bye until 2021 for another dununa reverse reloaded

  112. peter monga

    now let see ba upnd u thought u can rule this with cows yaba u wanted to pollute Lusaka with cows

    • Mudenda

      Fellow Zambians, fellow patriots, countrymen and women, a popular decision has been arrived at. This is not a time for insults. For the losers, it’s the ripe time to accept the people’s verdict and join hands in building mother Zambia. To the winners, know that it’s not you as individuals who have won, but Zambia has won, God has won. Your duty now is to embrace those who feel fatherless due to the loss. Teach them that there is only one head of state, their head of state, too. Let’s condemn all insults targeted at individuals, parties, tribe or creed. As a Christian nation, lets invoke the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the true living God to continue hovering around this great nation. One Zambia, One Nation!

  113. Patriot Abroad

    SPARKLING! All is shiny! Patriot Abroad
    August 15, 2016
    We thank You God Almighty; we thank you that you have not put to shame those who Trust in You. You heard our cry and gave us PEACE. Glory be Your Name. HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT LUNGU, WALK TALL, CALL ON HIM NIGHT AND DAY, HE IS YOUR KEEPER. Congratulations, never in a moment did I doubt your condition before God!


  114. hoshang Bindhung

    Elo ninshi utwakupiminako BP ku UTH natupwa ala shokwa. Alanwa dumu

  115. Jay Jody

    Congratulations to His Excellency Mr Edgar C Lungu for the triumphant victory. All the best and God Bless.

  116. bisaromjr

    search for dollar today and try after one month u WL see the different !!!! follow me at. Instagram, Twitter, FB, we chat, Skype, Google+ ,,linked in,

    • mpombo

      The price of doom has been reduced to k1.5 for easy accessibility


    congratulations BAKATEKA but remember to teach southerners a learson.

  118. Nkonde

    lets jst acept watever comez guyz.it was knwn frm da bigning.

  119. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    celebret all u want but remember thingz will never change

  120. Zambia

    Congratulations His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu on your return in office

  121. Michel Nostradamus

    why are regular upnd cadres hiding and nt commenting? bafikala come out you swines with your widow-bonker.face me bafikala,comment the way you were commenting u bastards.

  122. shupe

    Shame to watchdog and congrats to Zambia reports for your true and consistence reporting

  123. peter monga

    pf is the only party that can Change Zambia into a beautiful nation now let’s cerebrate all pf people

  124. Michel Nostradamus

    chuundu mwana bama,yabija makani basa.kamujika biyo busala mupe ba hh aliye akute

  125. Ham

    Thumbs Up To Those 200 Southerners Who Took Their Courage Out Of The Majority To Vote For Mr LUNGU,,your Vote Counted,your Vote Has Led Mr Lungu To Triumph.God Bless You Abundantly.

  126. Ven-jec

    Congrats my beloved presido, jk & team and al pf supoters. Shame on thoz who…trible…tong…loloz.. Walawala lyatulika

  127. henry san marino luis

    this aint right.the votes were rigged.let them recount.

  128. don't blame others for your failures

    it was zambia versus southern. finally zambia has won.


    boooooooooooo for hh u loose

  130. Jerlum

    Congrats to you people of Zambia, Finally you have reached the end in a peaceful way, keep maintaining the peace….., Congrats too HH for the challenge you have shown….

    All the best

    “Africa has a lot to learn from Zambia”

  131. Patson miles

    Congrats Sir

  132. Sex guy

    Bamubbida HH.

  133. Dr Reason Why?

    Have missed a UPND commenter,where are they,are they all dead? Can somebody tell me where they are pliz,I told them the will collapsy and die with MEDA or GALON bp is too small!!!!!!!!

  134. untouchable


  135. Klassic

    Chagwa lungu!!!!! Dununa reverse

  136. pouzy

    one Zambia 2 nation kikiki happy now right one Zambia 2 nation one Zambia 2 nation

  137. knivel keane

    Chosan ng,ombe mu town

  138. Ven-jec

    How far has hh reached now? coz i head he has by-passed state house for the 5th time moving fowad. Fowad go gooo as we dununa reverse. Nayonayo

  139. Bovela akapondo

    Comment we shall gather to worship him again on 18th october thank you jesus for our president’s return bye hh forever we forgive u AMEN

  140. ky2 The baddest.

    others are quiet. anything wrong?ma vote has never disappointed mwaaaaaaaa. congrats my fellow zambians.



  142. Dynasal Eggs

    Let There Be Evarasting Road Sheding And High Mili Mill Prices.

    • mpombo

      In dundunmwezi there is no loadshedding & mealie meal prices

  143. MJ

    Congrats mr president,please forgive those who didnt vote for you,bear no hard feelings against them.I urge you to work very hard for the Zambian people.Dont waste any time start engaging the gears now in order to accerelate much needed development.Once gain i say Congrats.

  144. Swagged Ninja


  145. sailas

    Mr. President, congratulations and be wiser to see the cartel, they shifted to the other side and most will come kneeling but, keep your good judgment in everything. mbalani yaku unyanja, Ndiwe.

    • mpombo

      The only person to be forgiven shud be mulenga’the tongue of the dumb’sata because the boy is naturally dull & as a homage to our departed founder but not the widow there is no blood connection

  146. Sepiso

    Congratulation Mr President we love u, good luck

  147. Babylon

    I accept defeat English says,he who fights leaves it for another day.Children of Israel asked for a leader,and God outlined what kind of a leader he would give them,because they had not rejected Samuel but God himself,so this leader would opreds them,today you have chosen to suffer 5 years,it’s okay we will suffer together as one Zambia one nation.I will take over UPND to Challenge ECL

    • mpombo

      I hope you’re tonga coz that the only qualification

  148. magoroext temwa blazzamax

    EDGAR LUNGU wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin pf power,HH looooooooooooose. hoooooooooooo hh phooo atonga,alozi back to farm.

  149. the shabz

    dont include almight God in the winning of edgar coz we all know that pf has managed to stole upnd’s votes once again.we dont want pf period,there z only 1 winner here.congrats pf u managed to stole our votes.

    • Amos Chanda

      You people just accept that you lost you will never died when you accept we want a good leader who respect God n i warnder why people you are like this tamutasha Lungu has done so many things in this country now what do want you people?

  150. Hamwenzo Haakatumbelo

    Edgar you are a man. Let cry babies cry. To shame them take development to all parts of Zambia. JK more Dununa reverse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Gas

    we kno u dd not win in a straight way..stl fuc al ba pf & rememba god z watchin u.

  152. 2020vision

    Ba Zambia We…We love You.!!!!

    Did we not tell you? UPND chaps???

    We were just waiting for confirmation otherwise all stakeholders knew that PF won on Friday morning, this is why HH was in panic mode!!!

    We have won! 5 years of development is coming under PF, we will push Zambia into a middle income nation!!!

    More development for all, be you poor or rich, Bemba, Tonga. Lozi, Luvale. Whether you voted PF or not PF loves you!!!!

    HH tough luck badaala, life is like that! You can’t have everything – you are already a millionaire if you want to help people as you say do as Jesus said give away all your rich possessions but you can’t because you are selfish and self centred and had you been wise 6 years ago when there was a PF/ UPND pact you would’ve been President by now but selfishness has been your undoing !!!!

    Ba Zambia We..We Love You

  153. Shivalin

    Thats all we wanted nothing else…

  154. President

    Well done people of Zambia those in support of tribalists will never progress

    pf: halo its president ecl iam your president ha ha ha ha we have Duncan u reverse

    upnd: shit bp ,kwashorkor,ibola,ichipumputu,failure have fallen on me.

    Pf: nau chepa mwaiche jst resign

    upnd: ok boss u are our president send me Dununa reverse on watsup ni pwisheko ka bp

    like this if your are pf legends or reply

  155. Nkhazilachi Nkhowani

    woooooooo PF we has just did it again Thank you God we love you.

  156. Dodoma

    NEZ Ukose boi. Pachalo baladununa.



  158. Dodoma


  159. Phils

    Too bad ba HH. Do not take your life. Good luck next time.This time, go back to your farm to scratch the balls of your bulls that they may bear more calfs.

  160. pouzy

    we well fight for our rights

  161. Naach

    Ifintu Ni Lungu
    One Party
    One Nation
    One Choice

  162. thomas

    Congratulations our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising everytime we fall.

  163. pouzy

    one Zambia 2 nation kikiki happy now right one Zambia 2 nation one Zambia 2 nation 9999999699999999999999999699999999999999999999999699999999999999999999999

  164. Eliaskunda

    Comment yesssssssssssssss

  165. Diego tizzy ba chilolo

    Congrats 2 our president ECL… Mpakafye lyatenta

  166. Joseph Banda

    Natumisha mwina azalila sorry next time selatubombeko

  167. Francis

    Thank God for his favour ECL Edgar lungu C for return his sit thank God once again

  168. Elias Simutowe

    Congratulations Mr Edgar data lungu. I wish you the very best. HH should accept defeat. We want peace in Zambia

  169. Mwale

    Congratulations Mr President.

  170. Enrique Iglesias

    I know u Zambians u’re peaceful people. U say One Zambia One Nation. Come on don’t insult HH he’z your fellow Zambians.

  171. Elias Simutowe

    Long live multiparty democracy

  172. rexzy

    fuck u mpombo na entire pf

    • mpombo

      You didn’t fuck me hard no wonder you have lost it try next time

  173. Emund

    Woooow……..congratulation Mr president H E Edgar Chagwa Lungu

  174. Mgv

    congrats Ecl, pipo it is God’s will & purpose 4 him 2 win.4 now let the Wil of God 2 reign..

  175. upnd

    isumbu lyatenta. let’s see how now upnd will b divided. GBM yesterday made noise to hh that he needed his refund for his money he used on campaigns. hh has promised him get the party(upnd) in exchange. abena jack mwimbu have also begun blaming hh that the person he brought on board(GBM) has done nothing apart from making the party lose




  177. Nkhazilachi Nkhowani

    wonderful,grate to have you back in office Mr President we love you and may God bless you

  178. cm

    Comment l told u Mr hh hh hh h hh hh wamona ba kudununa GBM how do u feel too bad for u

  179. Lungu Loyalist

    LUSAKA LOVES LUNGU!!! Congrats Mr President Elect His Excellence Edgar Chagwa Lungu….

  180. Tole

    HH was mocking Lungu ati ka chakolwa ka Pentecostal. Whose God is real now?

  181. Hezron mutepuka

    Upnd plse fire GBM

  182. royhenry


  183. chimbifya Ucc

    Congrats Mr President. Please as you come into the new office, please be firm and sort out those chaps who does not want to work.

  184. josh

    simwaona manje? This y I hate marijuana. can upnd under HH win an election? Never


    as far as am corcened lungu wil not push zambia foward he wil push it backwards so am leaving zambia am going to my hom town with my hh us we ar not suffering any thing.but am sad u zambians u ar not going anywhere hw can put back lungu into power u wil not achieve vision 2030.this what happened is just like a dog going back to its vomit .us we ar going remain u poor zambians with ur poor lungu ……….!………….!….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….!…..!……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Mwale

    Well done ECZ,it was a big challenge with your team.

  187. sylenser

    Can someone ans me where HH is & how he is feeling?

  188. CP



    First thing Kkkkkkkkkk
    hahahahahaha wooooooooooooooooh
    UPND finished , Now
    congratulations Mr ECL ,Chosen one Eastern power we are

  190. Lundazi

    Comment. Congrats my president, it was not easy. Now remember to bring development to lundazi and eastern province. Eaterners need a univesity

  191. john bambo

    Viva PF let HH go and keep his cattle and children

  192. Patrick

    Nyamalila somukata kukamwa.Let the up nd cry in different tunes.The truth is that they have lost the elections.

  193. Bob

    A King had a male servant who, in all circumstances always said to him;
    My king, do not be discouraged because everything God does is perfect, no
    One day, they went hunting and a wild animal attacked the king, the servant
    managed to kill the animal but couldn’t prevent his majesty from losing a finger.
    Furious and without showing gratitude,
    the King said; if God was good, I would not have been attacked and lost one
    The servant replied ‘despite all these things, I can only tell you that God is good
    and everything He does is perfect, He is never wrong’.
    Outraged by the response, the king ordered the arrest of his servant.
    While being taken to prison, he told the king again, God is Good & Perfect.
    Another day, the king left alone for another hunt and was captured by savages
    who use human beings for sacrifice.
    On the altar, the savages found out that the king didn’t have one finger in place,
    he was released because he was considered not “complete” to be offered to the
    On his return to the
    palace, he ordered the release of his servant and said;
    My friend, God was really good to me. I was almost killed but for lack of a single
    finger. I was let go.
    But I have a question; If God is so good, why did He allow me to put you in
    His servant replied; My king, if I had not been put in prison, I would have gone
    with you, and would have been sacrificed, because I have no missing finger.
    Everything God does is perfect, He is never wrong.
    Often we complain about life, and the negative thinking in us kills the positivity in
    God is Good. HH my president don’t worry, ba pf congratulations.

  194. martin kalaba

    Comment yaba too bad 4 GBM twalikwebele

  195. Qma

    I declare favour, the blood of Jesus and the Fire of the Holy Ghost, divine wisdom and understanding, divine health and long life upon you Edgar Chagwa Lungu in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. May there be unprecedented prosperity and development in the days of your reign and beyond in this great nation of Zambia. You shall blessed when you go out and you shall be blessed when you come in. Your household is blessed in the mighty name of Jesus! Take development to all areas and see the hand of Jehovah.

  196. Chola Mathews

    Life is like a mirror what you see is what you will be come,with GOD nothing difficult, GOD has chosen our leader OK.

  197. andrew

    TWA dununa, let them eat there cows.

  198. muntuza

    The will of the zambian people has taken its course. May God the all mighty give ECL the wisdom and courage to take this great country to greater heights. The best we can do for now is to pray for him to have good health. God bless Zambia!!

  199. Mathews nkhonjera

    we accept ur defeat even if ……..

  200. Dr Reason Why

    A QUOTATION TO ALL.I need a specialised capenter to design COFFINES for HH,GBM,GUY SCOTT,SILVIA MASEBO,MOUREEN MWANAWASA,CHRISTINE KASEBA,NEVERS MUMBA,pliz dn`t 4get GBM is to big s we need a very big coffine.

    • Ricky Bobby?

      Dr Reason Why – You only need a design for GBM. The rest, you can buy off the shelf.

  201. umwana wa mubemba

    lungu ni lungu

    • Tom de la roux


    • Tom de la roux

      Bafikala some of you you just support blindly for getting what your families are going thru mu Mishi, any let us wait nd see how we going to start drinking water using a folk, after all fuck u all who never voted wisely you have brought us in shit for 5 years

  202. lyamapengu

    thanks to pf but dont forget the provinces who hsnt gave their votes to you, every one is not yourfriend bt he yo neigjbour plz upnd for petition.

  203. Dr Reason Why

    Even if what?you can`t even finish becuase u`r un concious.

  204. mulutula

    Congratulation to ELC for coming victory because this election was difference frm other one

  205. moloko joe

    well come back ECL,god bless u father lungu .

  206. Join

    Tongas,i suggest that u stop politics and concentrate on farming. How about that? Ba Chagwa EL wil b suplying u with farming inputs.Thanx 4 considering my suggestion otherwise it wil help u and all Zambians most.

  207. gear one

    Haikuta Hanya………….chapwa no more

  208. stevendray

    wellcum bäčk into power

  209. stevendray

    wellcum bäčk to power

  210. Zaion Nyjah

    Let’s continue with the peace campaign. Congrats Mr ECL.remember.may the promises be materialized. For mother Zambia,with love, Zaion clan. Jah bless im people alawiyes..cah we nah wan war,nah bomboclat bloodshed.

  211. Until 2021

    CONGRATS ECL!!! It is time for HH to retire, he has failed to convince us to vote for him. What a waste of resources. What a lifetime loser! Go on and read your watchdog, let them comfort you with their lies. Until 2021, if Nawakwi won’t beat you.

  212. Joackim Chama


  213. FED


  214. The Bandas

    i told you……mr hh’s fans…….come on where are u……..u are nothing in ears of the zambians……my advise to you is to change and bring a far tribe to be a party president…..thanks so much ……yo excellence EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU….A God fearing man indeed…may the lord bless you abundantly……Amen

  215. wamuwona


  216. kapatu villager

    I want to say congratulations to the following people myself and family putting Mr President back in the office. Also the following MPS for Lunte, Mporokoso, Chingola/Chang’s and Elalio for kampinda and of course my Dr kambwili. We have Dununa them

  217. yung tozzy

    fuck every persen agnst hh nd upnd

  218. kapatu villager


  219. Da Mystery

    walila mutonga ati mama!!! bobo Chagwa wakandi dununa reverse…

  220. nicha

    Congratulation His exellency Edgar C Lungu

  221. isak

    Comment big up to my Prado well done.my greatings to milleniam radio callers especially chuuuuuufi & francis munbi .

    • Louise Halwi

      Am just worried with the voting pattern. Our bros and sis in the Southern part. What is your problem? You are the only ones. You can’t rule the country like that. If yoy continue,forget aboyt state house dreams,coz we shall and will continue teaching you this lesson. Muyofya!!!

  222. nicha

    where are u Komboni radio jigijigicha…………..
    ukutangila tekufika

  223. Fire

    HH is the ruler of cow in southern province NOT Zambia. We told you that ECL nafuti nafuti.

  224. chile


    Thank you GOD for given us our beloved president.

  225. RB

    Congratulations bwana president. The President of all Zambians.

  226. Pst. K.

    Mr. President; E.C. Lungu. Congratulations. God has entrusted many lives of the Zambian people in your hands again. Ask God to give you wisdom to father them. Forgive all who insulted you, and the ones who did not vote for you. Continue with developmental programs every where it is needed. Start engaging the Church to preach love, and try to bridge the gap of tribalism which is slowly widdening in our Country.

  227. Reub c

    Congrates to My President Edgar Lungu l have been praying to God for your victory that you have finally make it back to state house and the Lord has answered our pray APA nomba ni dunix dunix nafuti nafuti nipabwato alalila uyo mayo chikoko mwikate dununa dununa eye aye Viva pf pf pf pf. pf pf pf pf pf pf pf pf pf pf pf alalila uyo mayo chikonko mwikate .pf for life .Zambian people you have demonstrated love and peace and peace has prevail Shalom Shalom….

  228. chingumbe

    tufiwele fi hh woooooooo woooooooo hoooooooooo booooooooo

  229. kingston

    CommentGBM went to labour it has been reported tht he has given birth to 2 cows,3 goats,and 1dog.

  230. bonzo

    HH is contesting these elections. ECL & PF must not start celebrating. It’s time to start preparing defence. If HH does not contest votes in his strong hold, like Dudumezi & Neganega, then the case will be easy to defend. He can not only demand G12 in Lusaka, what about where he has won by such a huge margin. Hope & pray ECZ has in its custody all source documents/hard copies.

    In case of nullification & re-run, PF must weigh its strategic focus between improving its performance in HH strongholds against asking absent voters in our backyard where turn out was very bad.

    God bless our great nation, Zambia.


    pilato ati shani ?

  232. nicha

    otho u insult us we have won congrat Mr Edgar C Lungu

  233. Diehard

    Mooooooo the cow is dead.

  234. umwana wa mubemba

    ave alread made.Oo munjelele ukubomfya kikaonde. teti ngupile ku ba tonga,lozi tabatasha ni mbwa.I magine ifyo baba citile ubwingi no tasha. tata lungu nafifula kuli aba bakacema tabakakutashe.Imbwa inabo yapoma. nomore hh in politics and gbm wont manage the part pantu ni panca ku kasama then hh is a failure leader.Ukufuma ku secondary alipoma ama interviews ya bu prefect and class monitor. guyz i heard some rumaz ati hh alefwaya ukwiminina as counselor mu pf ku kabwata. alipona bu class monitor, akapona afilwa ukucema ingombe abantu aboengacema…. asukeni mwebabemba na ba kazeni….. mu mwebe hh ni junior level yakwe ni tasila not lungu.Nshifwaya ukuituntumba naleka kacema kuti akufulwisha…

  235. nicha

    Another 5years

  236. PK

    Accepting the situation at any level is a sign of humility, HH, life is bigger than presidency. PRAISE GOD U A ALIVE.

  237. K@b$

    Congrates Ba ka teka…sorry hakahivotela hAmwine

  238. Suntwe

    HH,36 years ago(198O), I,we told at school,you could not make even a table captain.Revelation come true.Thanx for the race.Ndalumba munyama.

  239. Harrington Mukonka

    congrates his excellence president of the republic of zambia Edger chagwa Lungu

  240. man mucho

    Dundumwezi should be moved to zimbabwe…. useless charactors

  241. Diehard

    tomorrow -10:00hrs burial for hh, church service in mapatizya church, burial site kumalende. All tongas are welcome.

    • Christ the way

      S.d.a z nt a church 4rm pop or satan z the church 4rm lord God who creatd Hh and made 4everyone who decides 2work wth God nt tongas only!. Even u ar at libert 2 worship in only true church of God sarbbath nt sunday u nell down and worshp as the sun and day.

  242. kasawa leviticus

    Dununa revice sonta opowabomba ngatawasonte sela tubombeko u see he failt to point alila moooooooooooo moooooo nepinda ilyo ICIKWANKA BACHIMWENA KUMAMPALANYA nalitenta baLUNGU bombeni nasela shing`ombe talala yama HH umwaume talila ishiiiiiiiiiiiiishiiiiiiiiiii

  243. J .J

    congratulations Mr president I salute u ,complete what u started

  244. Dr Reason Why?

    Today is the day of the 252 DUNDUMWEZI npf surpoters who voted for ECL

  245. JAYKR

    plz never b tribolised n in evry province wer u scored less show them the skill tht u r nt tribolised.congrts mr work with the fear of GOD

  246. La verite

    Guys am a upnd die hard to be honest with you you ve voted for poverty that will last for 5 years especially you in lusaka were money is scarce you will regret

  247. mulenga

    CommentChililabombwe celebrate you sir

  248. Advocate In The Making

    We told u so!!!!congrats my Presido.

  249. Titani

    It’s nice it’s the right time lets do it again

  250. King Gift

    Please UPND’s, finaly, go and sleep peacfully now for it’s is over……ECL for 2016

  251. Trespho chitamfya

    HH has tried his level best, but he failed to persuade his people to be democratic. Zambia is a democracy. If there any lesson to be learnt is that tribalism will not triumph in Zambia. For Nevers Mumba it is a shame, it is not good for the Christian fraternity in Zambia. He had failed. Knowing his desperation he will go behind to beg for a position. As for guy Scot we can only agree with HH and say ‘ Muzungu opus a’. For GBM, he just needs to gother some manners from somewhere not that stupidity of insulting others and beating your wife and workers. For HH, sorry do something else, if money and power are all that you want please form another party someone else should take over who will convince the A larger Tonga community that Zambia needs a Zambian president and not a tribal president. For the other little guys such miles Sampa and others they do not deserve this space.

  252. lindunda francis

    Congratulations to mr chargwa.


    Kambwili i salute you,you are a man with courage not ba miles,m SATA,gbm & others macowards.


    Applicants are invited with experience in carpentry and joinary
    to design a casket for
    Hakaivotela Heka’s body.Only applicants who meets above qualifications will be

  255. Priest

    yesai baking……..ba lungu nabapita zo ona…

  256. cool man

    congratulations ecl

  257. Mutelo Habazoka

    HH don’t say you were not warned. Of what value were those hangers on, Sata, Guy, and GBM to UPND? I can assure you, they lost you more votes that they gained.
    Guy Scott = Running away from a party he formed
    Mulenga Sata = Running away from his father’s home
    GBM = Looking for a party where he can unleash his violent temperament
    Nevers= Muselele kwakaba
    No wonder Dr. Kaseba no to your scheming. You are a very dishonest person
    You ignored people who have been loyal to UPND since inception.
    What did you expect????????

  258. Graydon malambo

    These elections were not fair please HH you need to take this one to the next level…we still believe in you.

  259. Ask Them You Are The Reporter

    I heard ECL promising the Zambian people that we shall on the inauguration day. Which clearly shows that he was very optimistic of winning the elections.
    Congrats Mr. President.

  260. team no sleep

    Wenyoo ba upnd wanyoo…wenyo!wenyo!!!!!!wenyo!oo!!!!wenyooo!!!!!wenyo ba HH…wenyoooo…u thot that u wil win wenyoo u r saprized. Lungu has won wenyoo…..CONCONGRATS to his EXCERANCE ECL

  261. Okay

    It happens, hh is not the first person to lose the elections, and he is not the one who has started losing. So celebrate wisely don’t insult us because we have not made it no. But tell your excellence ecl to remove some ministerial positions and to half his salary like what mwanawasa did. If he will do that then our economy will atleast be stable. Not big amounts of money which is supposed to be benefiting many to be entering one person’s pocket.

  262. One word

    Congratulation mr president.Mr president please remember that we your people believe in you and its high time that you put aside all that you want to do for your family and focus on what the country want you to do.Remember that your work has started and its now your high time to show the Zambia citizen your competence.Five years is not such a long time and you have to do the best you can to secure yourself a place in 2021.To be honest,I want the president to do his best and stabalize the economy.

  263. kay

    Congratulations Mr President.God has given us you again as our president.


    We told them ba fika,apitilila again were is the RATSA ba mwikate.

  265. Dreamer

    if it z true ,then shall it be so.God bless zambia

  266. chichi david

    we expected mr.ecl victorious coz of his humbleness.

  267. .........

    Uwawa tabula ka bepesho bemba proverb

  268. Kapwen

    You are really God given our beloved president.Alaninsamwa long live ECL till 2021.

    • kay

      It’s true boyi.He deserves it.Ati HH afika pa Monze just to be reminded ati State House yashala kunuma.Ayamba ukubwela but it’s too late,BA ECL nabengilamo kale.


    The whole country has been brought to a stand still. Reports reaching the watchdog confirms that there is a serious division within the UPND camp according to Tanzanian born Upnd thug Saidi Chibwana.

  270. Nega Nega

    Ifintu ni Lungu.He had something to point @ unlike kalusa who criticised everthing the PF gvnt did.

  271. Dreamer

    wat % did HH got?

  272. jdc

    Mr. President, take development to all areas according to the percentages they gave, your own people have supported you. where you got 1% take 1% development, those who don’t appreciate even the little should be taken away, Appreciate those who appreciate you.

  273. chichi david

    congrats once mr.president,u deserve it.kindly work wth our independent mp mr.antony mumba who is our mp elect here in mufulira,kantanshi const.we rejected mukangwa yamfwa coz he failed to deliver.congrats once more and lords guidance and protection.

  274. VIANO Jamaica


  275. perry

    yaa fintu ni lungu


    Ourselves as congolease,we know that bembas have a strong bond with bembas. That’s the reason the bembas are votting like in nega nega. In short an attack on a Ngoni is an attack on a bemba

  277. LIKANDO

    Mulenga sata monaefyo chawama Ngawalyunfwile Ngataulelilalelo mona ulyo musungu uwabulaamono efo akusha pampempo big up to my President

  278. Blessed Laos

    Let zambia be divided period

  279. Zion

    Insulting one another won’t help us,,let us uphold the true values of christianity and treat one another equal before God’s sight and mind you its sin to insult leaders.Remember whatever careless word you say you shall stand to give an account on that day,God bless Zambia,BLESS HH AND ECL.

  280. STAFORD

    let us all reconcile instead of using insults. We need each other regardless race ,ethic attachment etc

  281. My Zambia

    Loosing is in our blood as UPND…congrats Mr President

  282. Suntwe

    Can someone shoot me over 36 yrs with Chintombwa Sunny alias HH Samuel?

  283. Uncle_Marvin!

    It’s a mooooooo frm me but Congrats #PF

  284. kada one

    Twalya again …congrats our president ECL …all the best mother Zambia !!!

  285. onemula

    congratulations mr president edger

  286. Kabwe George.

    umuntu ni lungu nichikubabe season ngaulachula lobe.


    ndununa reverse

  288. PATRIOT

    A big congratulations Sir, we love you for your humility and mostly for being God fearing for that is the beginning of wisdom. Nobody knows it all but with God by your side you will be guided accordingly. God has appointed no man can say No. Heartfelt congratulation your Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
    Dont judge on face value for the Lord himself declared ‘ i will use the foolish things of this world ……” ALLELUIA

  289. idol ceasy

    where are the referendum results? where are they? why didn’t they announce them too? u know, u think u ar clever now but wait for the day to be burried as it comes soon before 2018.

  290. Mphangwe

    A million plus CONGRATS to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

    My dear President, please exhibit your in-born fatherly nature by emulating the wisdom of Mrs Hillary Clinton who expressed her willingness to embrace all ethnic groups in America when she accepted the Presidential candidature of the Democrats at the Democrat National Convention. She waved an olive branch by declaring that she will be the President of all Americans: the Democrats, supporters of Sanders who opposed her, and the Republicans as well.

    In the same vein I pray that President Lungu will be the President of all Zambians: be they members of PF, UNIP, UPND, FDD, MMD, Rain Bow, etc inclusive of Zambians who worship God under various religions.

    My President, all Zambians will be sailing in the same boat heading for prosperity for all. Please instill some reassuring hope to all the Ilas, Kaondes, \lambas, Lenjes, Lozis, Lundas, Luvales, Mbudas, Nkoyas, Solis and Tongas – that their welfare is fully assured – along with peoples in the rest of Zambia.

    Democracy starts from a family that has children holding diverse social and political views, but are all embraced by their Father. This concept trickles down at national level where various tribes that Zambia is endowed are embraced by one National Father technically known as a Republican President.

    God bless President Lungu. God bless all Zambians and foreign nationals who have found joy to stay and work in Zambia.

  291. shammy

    thnku GOD 4 gving us our reader

  292. chief is

    Comment ndeloleshashya but I can talk upnd where are you phones u cant comment sorry yo president cant even do simple pvt too dull and backward to be president. Tongas how is the under pliz get civilised that bullshit type of voting.however just today u are forgiven go back and look after hh cattle and continue eating busala and rotten milk

  293. Salangeta

    i consider any ideology to hh and gm to faceoff

  294. Bridges.!!!

    Question is.: Would the PF agree and follow Constitution Court’s Judgements or Ruling. Should it Nulify its Mps Positions..?


    Luna ba pf luli supa foubelekile , not mulisani yo hakahinde, hanyanda cambepa calo nikatimbi kamushe , hakahinde ambwe lele mukusunga n`ombe, u hakahinde wat can u tell me nothing……………………………….

  296. panyangamulator

    Congratulations Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.May God the almighty Father protect and guide you in all your future endeavours. God has spoken through his people and no amount of evil shall reach you in Jesus’s Mighty Name.

  297. Matts

    Iwe chi mimic I knw u voted fo ur father so shut up…

  298. P2

    Yes thats what God planed 4.Too bad 4 GBM & HH.But anyway they have won the sit of rulling the cattles.M00000000000000!!!!

    • Ackim chiti

      Tatuleikuta akabunga nakadula tulelomba ubuteko butubwesesheko umutengo

  299. KUMAWA

    I now know what tribalism means. its Dundumwezi. some tea please.

  300. Melon

    zambian are good at enticing (kunyenelela). they start by giving you 27,000 votes deficit, move to 100,000 deficit and believe me, they will move to just 116,000 next 2021 election

  301. dununa

    Congrats Dad Mr president. As 4 u Tongas, bassoopu with the way u vote. Muletontonkanya bwino ba mbuli.

  302. x squ

    Upnd pliz deal the Ecz and Pf,why the are seem that they are clever .Save our life from poverty ,luck of job,school fees and many thinz a zambian person shud thiz twice Esau chulu they are rich dnt follow them they hve paid 2 rig Election. God pliz Save zambians from thiz problm of 5yrs

  303. Mr Chloz

    Wait don’t worr UPND pipo we stll wht t prov


    where are we pipo,luku up the new king iz born in a palace HH….


    Better life iz cumin HH we are wait 7 days from now ,few weeks from now HH he wins all the case even lungu awere and all the world.

  306. panyangamulator

    Haluza Hanaka(hh),leadership comes from above. fear God and u will have knowledge because on your own everything u do ,will be in vain.Being a millionaire cannot make u president.

  307. jj



    Abashi triballisim ,one zambia one nation.

  309. PF die hard lady

    UPND mwemafi yangombe!!! Mwanya ba swine. Tribal party,ata!!! PF is th best! Twachichi dununa and still doin it.

    • Kumawa

      Tawakwata amano wekolwe we,you will die hard like your name, you idiot and Visionless people,
      hunger, unemployment, and corruption will suck you to death,

  310. BANDA SR

    Dope finally we have won

  311. Big

    God bless mother Zambia in Jesus name.

  312. panyangamulator

    we hav dununadi ba upnd a tribal party thinking everyone is cowthern.

  313. ck jr

    congrat mr president weldone for the victory god bless u

  314. citizen

    on ba presdo ithink there is a b i g
    reson y the majority

    chose you

  315. citizen

    and i guess we ar going #4ward not reverse

  316. makocheez E

    Comment Thanks almighty God. bless zambia , bless pipo of zambia.

  317. PF die hard lady

    Kumawa nawipeneka nge chinwa chakwa kapoli…. Konto iwe. Wiso eoo tuboshako? Naulilafye iwe, futsekiiii. PF mu power nafuti!

  318. yaaahhh so naive HH


  319. Bravo "Force Power "

    The way we that chose is now exbit to HH.

  320. Bravo "Force Power "

    The way we that chose is now exbit to HH.God is nw able ….


    The bull has been sent to the abattoir. yaba

  322. RIX27CXHJJ

    congratulations my president EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU. Wish u a happy, health and good life

  323. mulozi sa atasha

    ba lozi mwila konkelesha umutonga mukafwilamo,

  324. the prodical son

    Start prayer and fasting poor fools you’ve…….………………..…………………!!!:

  325. michael lungu

    waw, i thank god we have win lungu’s 4life congratulations dad (mr edger c. lungu)

  326. ice man

    mwashinikisha tamwakatepo icalo ba moooooooooo

  327. Misheck

    Thanks 4your good message.

  328. james

    ubufumu na Mano it’s only God gives so ECL u have pointed before u was born that you will care Zambia so come again with the same spirit

  329. The king of the jungles

    Ecl,the remnant president for the Al Zambians. Hh just be calm you gonna be the president for the southerners ……..eeeeeeeh. Gbm…….atishani……..awe Kusekafye!

  330. Mudenda

    One Zambia, One Nation!


    We thank God this election is finally over and we have selected our leader. In my view there was generally no great desire for change in leadership. When Zambians are fed up of a sitting government


    when Zambians are fed up with a sitting goverment you can litteraly feel it in the air. This happened in 1991 against UNIP and was repeated again when President Sata single handedly led a movement to kick MMD out of office. I personally didnt feel this great desire for change during the 2016 elections. To the losers I say be patient your time will come. Lets remain peaceful for the greater good of our country. We have only one Zambia and if we break it up we are the ones who will suffer. Follow the example of Michael Sata who patiently waited for his turn to come.

  333. David Gomez kahalu

    Congratulations mr president ECL for life

  334. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Next election wlll be worse for tonga we ve learnt a lesson

  335. John



    congratulations your Exallence ECL. may you live long. may God be with you and may He give you wisdom

  337. *****

    Something non of you fellow bloggers have not questioned. Did ECL really attain 50%+1? If so, where is the ECZ website? Someone to tabulate results for presidential (overall) like it was done for constituencies. I doubt ECL got 50%+1, E. Chulu has raped our constitution

  338. *****

    Something non of you fellow bloggers has questioned. Did ECL really attain 50%+1? If so, where is the ECZ website? Someone to tabulate results for presidential (overall) like it was done for constituencies. I doubt ECL got 50%+1, E. Chulu has raped our constitution

    Forgive my grammar errors I am drunk and tired of free sex I had from PF divas last night

  339. Ongani

    Southern Province And Mongu UPND Riots Makes A Sad Reading And It’s Time 2 Changin They Thinkin Bcoz South, West And N-west Wil Never Make A Tonga President But All Provinces.Rupiah Banda Lost 2 PF No Eastern Went The Street 2 Disturb Pipo But They Acceptd And Moving Bcoz Zambia Is Bigger The East.Let Youths In South Respect The Rule Of Law And Party In Power 4 Peace 2 Continue And 2021 Is Near Let Him Try His Lucky Again.Tribalism Politics Wil Not Make A Tonga President But Working 2gather With Other Tribals Wil Do.Now We Hav ECL In Control With Peace In Full.

    • ps

      Let him try Zimbabwe maybe there are looking for president ifyemuno twamutedya

  340. Mutelo Habazoka

    Musankwa HH you have lost again. We need to re-organise our party and embrace everyone. I remember our great freedom fighters who put Zambia before self – KK, Kapwepwe, Mainza Chona, Elijah Mudenda, Fines Bulawayo, Arthur Wina, etc. etc Please read your History before you open your mouth

  341. Likando Muimui

    people of Zambia help me understand the 50% plus 1
    does it mean 50% plus 1% to make it 51% or its 50%
    plus 1 vote.

  342. Ongani

    Tonga Are Push Lozi People 2 Rise Against Gov’t 4 Them 2 Breakaway Frm Zambia So That Tonga’s And North-west People Rule Them Since Are In Majority And Lozi’s Are Few 4 This Tonga’s Wil Rule Them 4ever.Gov’t Shuld Think Of Other Referendum 4 Whether Western B Part Of Zambia Or Not Of Whch I’m Sure Zambians Own’t Accept 2 Go.Southerns Are Remoting Control Western And North-western On Evil Schemes Not Development Bcoz PF Has Done It Better 2 Take Development But Stil They Eject Ruling Party And Their Own Daugther.The Biggest Promise UPND 2 West And North-west Is Independence 2 Rule Themselves.But This Is Faild One And Zambians Has Ejectd It.We Need Peace.


    U cant beat PF it has an image of SATA that is what pipo see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GUY SCOTT do not change government like underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. Christ the way

    Im very mercyful 2u all the seval servants 2 the prisdent electd who fails 2 pay u always and unfaire salaries u get shall be behold the way it z nkw u will agree wth ths point in nt more than 2years.


      What is the total of the valid votes cast. Someone help with the figures!

  345. Christ the way

    The title name of mine welcmes evely comment bt shall converty ur comments into biterness and sweetyness so whnver u want 2 comment on my comments plz if u need a peaceful glorified lif comment postively and as it z nkw im nt a politican nt even supporting anyone bt 2 awak all of u under devils attention and do right 2 recieve light 4rm God 2see wat z hope and offer a prayer of hope 4ur comfort. #romans12:12.

  346. Awa na Moyo HT PF


  347. di marzio

    Be responsible,, we are after u who is saying bad things to the Republican president

  348. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    YOU are a fool EVEN YOUR god is A FOOL.PUT YOUR NAME NOT christ is the way.Your writing doesn’t resemble those of a christian,you are a bidding politician.

  349. Rae

    Exactly is a pussy ,and the president lungu ,We wnt change the person,who can drope down $ is HH only 1

  350. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Go quickly to court.my advice drop that lawyer M Mushipe she already lost like upnd,they will both loose again

  351. PF die hard lady

    Mushipe is so disgustn batini. Hehehe actually shz th aunt 2my twin’s frnd nd u tell @ ni family virus. Tiye nayoooo Lungu, njebele ba Sata ewo batushilile.


    chagwa ni chagwa

  353. Marcel Joseph


  354. matmule

    yes we congratulate you but you have been a full time prayer warior and carry along the opposition with true love and heart for the people

  355. matmule

    you have to be a full time prayer warrior not part time thats what i meant

  356. pakalintente

    Okemaje chiblig tichinpwanya

  357. Antu omwe

    A big congrats to ECL. Let us unity 2gether and start afresh. We cannot all belong to one political party (that is not multipartism ). Let us learn to coexist with our different political views. Let us be mindful of our final destination will the grave and there( on judgement) we will face the King of Kings for all our deeds ( good and bad) . Let us be practising Christians not preaching only.

  358. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Marcel Joseph,i told you Homo Habilis aka HH is retiring,now you want to demand Barotse land,you ll fail again.just come we DUNUNA cause very soon we expect more drama in upnd

  359. Pf Guy

    Work Hard Mr President

  360. WIL

    fuck u al ecz members and supporters of pf of yo fucking idiot essau to cheat we shal see tomorrow

  361. WIL

    fuck u al ecz members and supporters of pf of yo fucking idiot essau to cheat we shal see tomorrow,hw can he declare without reachng the maxmum.essau fucksss.

  362. Rasco

    The constitution is very clear, LUNGU can not be declared the President because he only got 49.2 percent of the total votes cast which was 3,781,505. He only got 1,860,877. The constitution states 50 plus 1 and it is clear on this. He needed to have 1,928,567.6 or if it is mare 50 percent, he needed 1,890,752.5 votes. For me by all fairness they should go for re-run. Judge Chulu and team should revisit their easy statistics

  363. james west

    as exactly expected for PF congrats

  364. Antu omwe

    It’s not rigging guys, the pipo of Zambia wanted a leader who is a christian and whose name is not attached to the other societies (freemason member) . HH did not convince the majority of the Christians that he had quiet his membership and claims by pipo who supported him that he is a deacon could not hold water as he was caught in public media using such words as “moron or stupid ” and ” imwe bazi mai if your husband is not joining UPND osamupasa mpaka a chinje “. A language that is not befitting a deacon so to speak. Pipo had that phobia.

  365. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Rasco since you are a better mathematician why didn’t you forward your CV to ECZ for a job because on this fora it cant help you.lungu got 50.3% because in Lusaka we deed like dudumwezi,and dununad

  366. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Last year ECL won twice in 21days even this time he will,what you saw today at woodlands is what voted in lusaka and the court will be to small to accommodate us on that day cause we will be defending our ECZ and justice chulu.likatenta

  367. Antu omwe

    No satanist mu state house. Abash satanism in Zambia, abash.

  368. chileshe

    What ever goes up must come down the truth will be known woooooo!!!!!

  369. Antu omwe

    ECL is well ahead of some of you. He does not disclose everything he is doing to ensure that we are back on track. HH will not bring on board his monies to fund the our national budget no, he will still need his business to flourish better than b4. Look at the land wrangle he has with the have nots ( their only land in life, he takes it away, what more govt contracts that have eluded him he will do everything under his power to award contracts ho his firms and GBM’s firm). This land wrangles could have been a good litmus test if only he had serendered

  370. Antu omwe

    ECL is well ahead of some of you. He does not disclose everything he is doing to ensure that we are back on track. HH will not bring on board his monies to fund the our national budget no, he will still need his business to flourish better than b4. Look at the land wrangle he has with the have nots ( their only land in life, he takes it away, what more govt contracts that have eluded him he will do everything under his power to award contracts ho his firms and GBM’s firm). This land wrangles could have been a good litmus test if only he had surrendered it to this vulnerable villagers, but he went on to say ” I have land not only here in Zambia but even outside

  371. Antu omwe

    If I can boast that I have 3 wives or more home and abroad why should I be involved in a dispute with a bachelor over a lady who happens to be his only woman for the bachelor, I should give him a chance and not go and pay lobola to keep him away from the 4th woman.

  372. Antu omwe

    Then it means that am very selfish and always yearning for more.



  374. ruce


  375. waswa mema

    please don’t criticize,Edger Lungu,or EZC.
    or else you will criticize God,because we had been having prayer and fasting all the way,and do you think a man can loose the elections mmh zoona honest speaking,zambian was declared as christian land whoever want to seize on the thrown have to know,or else you will start dying like chickens i swear,i will rather die with anger than defiling love and piece from above.
    twasanta sana ba ndamakyalo pamuchima wenu wakuchina lesa Nkambo emulame.looking forward from you I’m just a maintenance blicklayer nifunako ka job

  376. Antu omwe

    Even the party which wants to petition the elections, how many MPs does UPND party have in parley (is it not less than 67 MPs) and PF has more than 86 MPs mind you all the independents on the Copperbelt and northern provinces are staunch pf members and endorsed the candidature of ECL . It will mean PF have an upper hand in the house. So it will make sense for them to form govt than upnd who are few.

  377. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Pf has 96 upnd has 48 mmd has 2 independent has 10 seats respectively

  378. Mubiana muyoywa

    Hay guys, mind u he is de republican person and is my president and for all Zambians mind ur speech.id worn u coz u’ll regret dis

  379. Antu omwe

    Thanx awa na moyo HT PF. Honestly 108 to debate with 48? 2 and 1\4 times.

  380. hopemirr

    Easy and enjoy the leadership of ecl!

  381. diwell

    Whatever happens happens only God chooses a leader.

  382. Kat

    Just give yourselves some time, you will all soon realize that supporting the PF was a very foolish thing to do. After all those cases during the electoral process, he decided to be ignorant and celebrate his “fake” victory? What a poor country. If all zambians were educated, the only president we would be talking about is HH.

  383. Antu omwe

    No ways HH ,even Nawakwi is by far better than him. Pipo who follow HH just follow him blindly bcoz they know that he is the richest but has not worked as a councillor, mayor and MP. In Zambia , we needed Pipo like Magande Nwho helped Mwanawasa to resharp our economy and the result

  384. Antu omwe

    *Magande who helped Mwanawasa to reshape our economy and the results were there for all to see. HH will come for 3 years training course and that’s what pipo don’t want. ECL is a degree holder just like HH and Nawakwi Nthey are all educated. Running private company and Govt institutions is not the same.

  385. simus

    congratulations…… ECL

  386. lasa


  387. Ntazana Jk

    Comment H H,chkala Cha Wishi,akateke Banyina,

  388. young bolz

    congratuation your excellence ECL

  389. austin

    For sure let them recount the votes

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