UPND Supporters Stage Isolated Protests

UPND Protests-1Isolated incidences of violence have continued being reported in opposition United Party for National Development dominated areas over the outcome of the elections.

On Monday some parts of Southern Province erupted into violence as supporters of the UPND took to the streets burning tyres, looting shops and targeting suspected Patriotic Front supporters.

The riots extended from Choma, Monze all the way to Livingstone with police having to move in to quell the instability.

Police arrested over 150 people in the confusion that also touched part of North Western Province with Solwezi being bathed in chaos.

With the country calming down in post election fervour Mongu town has had an eruption of violence.

The country has been trying to galvanize itself around peaceful messages with post election strain rearing itself around the country.

In the heat of the election the country exposed itself to ethnically inclined sentiments with cool heads calling for healing in the country.

Police have since reported arrests of over 100 people for riotous behavior.

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