Pres. Lungu Remains Commander-In-Chief – Cabinet Chief

Pres. Lungu SuitSecretary to Cabinet Dr. Roland Msiska has informed the nation that President Edgar Lungu remained Republican President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces despite the challenge of his re-election through an election petition.

In his statement dated 20th August 2016 and released to the Press, Msiska stated that:

“Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu remains President of the Republic of Zambia, President-Elect and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces”.

And Msiska stated that government had put forward the inauguration ceremony of President Edgar Lungu until the election petition was disposed off in the next fourteen (14) days:

“Following the filing-in of a Presidential Election Petition by the United Party for National Development (UPND), the inauguration ceremony for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu which was scheduled for Tuesday 23rd August 2016, has been postponed to another date”.

Msiska also disclosed that the inauguration ceremony of the Vice-President Hon. Inonge Mututwa Wina was also put forward to a later date.


  1. man mucho

    yes yes yes…. he remains presido… we kno.. coz i and many others voted for him..

    • Hammer

      To my knowledge no lawyer will ever refuse a job ! HH and GBM are going to pay 20 firms for an exercise which they can never win! They think filing in a petition means winning a petition! No lawyer can never overturn the wish of the people ! And ECL has been duly elected so he remains president of Zambia! And HH and GBM will be hurt more than ever when the verdict is pronounced ! Because they will lose all their dignity! It will be a triple loss !
      Sorry guys you missed the opportunity to get defeated in humbleness and dignity !

      • Diehard

        Yes, yes, yes u right

        • Peter Shamasapo.Becks

          Actually we under a new constitution and Edgar Lungu ain’t no president

          • Derick


          • mpombo

            HH has become an irritant to the Zambian people he’s trying to force himself over our throats If he feels we voted for him why didn’ we riot mwe bantu shuwa #Cryinghyena more pop corn plitz

          • Uncle Joe

            you are totally wrong mr peter we are still in the previous constitution, the new constitution didn’t push through

            it was dis-campained

        • wisdom mwamba

          Yes yes that is true there is no way the President is elected and some one come no am an nan else who charge the will of people.

      • Diehard

        Yes, yes, yes u are right

        • Made Strong

          If lungu got the majority of votes cast, why should we doubt his election, but because he only managed a simple majority Zambians are at liberty to doubt even that 2% he fraudulently got as a result of ECZ mismanagement of the whole election process in Lusaka. Lungu had to order ecz not to announce results in some parts of Lusaka to give way for vote stealing, as his last resort, but alas sad and unfortunate for Zambia’s democracy cos come Monday lungu will be declared winner, sad indeed.

          • moses sakala

            people if President Lungu had ordered the ecz not to announce the results in lusaka were you with him or maybe you just hate him because he challenged your teaborne provider hh? let us be honest brethren and have respect.

          • edna

            Sometimes I wonder if we live in the same country we all know who went chasing trucks carrying ballot boxes we all know someone who vowed not to accept the result if they lost, we all know the one who kept storming the ECZ to halt release of results, we know that even after ECZ agreed to a recount someone instead back door tried to get a court order to stop the counting this was thrown out..we all know…stop peddling lies

          • emment

            we have waited for over 3 months 14 days wont make a difference we can wait patiently and we shall….we know how we voted and for who….just sad that Mushipe will have a back seat and not lead

          • Native

            His election should be doubted because it has been contested as provided for under the law. Unless and until it has been proven that no under hand methods were employed only then shall he be sworn in for his 2nd term of office. There should ordinarily be nothing for himself and his supporters to worry about if the election was clean.

      • citizen

        They don’t know the power of the ballot,
        the ballot have power to hire and fire. No
        lawyer can nullify the power of the ballot.

        • Chapman

          Unfortunately the cowboy and his friend fat Albert, they can’t realize that fact.

      • dununa

        yoi are right

      • Victor


        Don’t be too sure. There is no way Lungu will prevail. He STOLE innocent Zambians votes. It’s the Zambians that are demanding accountability. Zambia will be liberated by the Zambian people who have had enough of suffering under ECL’s lack of leadership.

        Let us wait for the verdict

        • Nikambeko

          It’s UPND demanding for the impossible, not the Zambians. We await another loss for heartless UPND. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

          • Hon Kachong'u

            ECZ used magic mathematics to favour your president chakolwa and he shall never be my president.

        • Sech

          Please Victor,since when did the people of Zambia appoint you or UPND to start representing them?
          Actually it may be right for you to say a few gready,selfish,know-it-all,negative desperate,bitter persons from UPNd and those regional voters who feel there should be accountability.
          Zambia voted,and we know that Zambia is not 3 provinces but 10 provinces and in the 7 provinces our republican president Edgar Chagwa Lungu attracted a good number of votes without doubt.
          HH even before the elections promised us that he will not accept defeat and not only that he also promised us Armageddon and this is what we are seeing.
          Pre-election prophesies said ECL will emerge winner in 1st round but his victory will be challenged by God haters but still he will emerge a victor.
          We know bcoz God spoke in advance through the prophets.I personally voted for ECL and PF and am sure you witnessed how Zambia celebrated when ECL was announced as president elect.
          The truth still remains that IT IS NOT YET TIME FOR CHANGE.
          This is being seen from a number of desperate moves UPND has carried against the presidency,PF and the electral Commission of Zambia ;not overlooking the hurt these selfish individuals are causing on the Zambians.
          Is that difficult to accept that someone has lost in a clean game.
          Oh! I get it.Its because they are dirty and are used to playing it dirt so they think everyone is dirty.
          Zambia voted and its ECL they voted for.Currently there is no wind of change.If its a re-run you are forcing then you would be even more emberanced than in the last one because Zambia has been shown how to vote foolishly by Southern,Northwestern and Western provinces.It will be in the ratio 3:7.
          Politics teya bana iyo !

          • bill gates

            you are very stupit!!!edgar lungu was choosen by edgar commision of zambia ecz not by the mojority of people of zambia.remember God cant choose a chakolwa to rule his people.if ready the bible all kings of isls whom God used to choose no one was used to drink.mayb you choose another president not ecl.

          • simba

            Tell them because we as the genuine majority Zambians are not grieving but celebrating.

          • simba

            And this power hungry party does not even have the interest of the nation at heart judging by how they sabotaged the referendum and are probably celebrating its failure not caring that money that will have to be sourced to hold a stand alone referendum could have been used to build hospitals and schools.yet they want our votes? Sole not mine,probably not in this lifetime

        • point blank

          @Victor.. majority of Zambia don’t want Ghost… stop imposing that self-centered worm on every one els.

        • hamsonde

          iwe chi-victor, you think you can win elections from three provinces. think chikala, think. if lungu wanted to rig, he would have done it by taping from all known strong holds of pf. Your upnd rigged in southern, western and n/western. but pf votes came from those who stood for hours on end in ques. see the referendum numbers? they almost corroborate with his polled votes. Think!!!!

        • mpombo

          Its tongas who want accountability not Zambians

        • edna

          indeed he stole votes found by his side kick who was not voted in as Mayor so she had to find something useful but she despite being a secretary I mean ‘lawyer’ she didn’t support her story with evidence a video perharps? Oh and we see they trying to say ECL should be held accountable for the Ministers who ‘illegally’ occupied office…I read that the same have been asked to pay back the monies they chewed but we want to reopen the matter? Sigh

      • R.B

        Comment you guyz when there are irregularities in electrol proceess Act the ballot has no power coz it is not free and fair. These elections were not free and fair as long as GEN 12 forms ECZ failled to provide them to the stakeholders, we dont know what they were hiding. then it gave suspious on the results which were being announced. ECL who won in 7 provinces cannot win by that small margin but HH he got votes in 3 provinces was left with that margin thats fantastic and its not a clear game there is something fish be justice. We should respect the new constitution

        • edna

          Are you counting the inroads as well as the minor candidates votes?

      • Martin smith

        Haaaaaa well spoken

      • Native

        Like you rightly say, lawyers accepting retention from all and sundry is limited to your knowledge. There are cases that lawyers will take in order to negotiate a plea bargain in exchange for clemency. This is not it.

      • ic

        iwe naiwe don’t u know that ecl is busy sheding innocent blood for him to remain in power GOD is gonna judge him and those who voted for him

    • Bye Bye Polio

      Next announcement on Tuesday will be that the ConCourt has thrown out the petition that it lacks merit…

    • Peter Shamasapo.Becks

      Under what articles in the constitution?

    • The Lawyer

      This is exactly how Lungu interpreted the constitution on his ministers staying in office,untill the ConCourt guided him.This is the same thing Msiska is trying to do to suit the PF minions.Let’s wait for the guidance of the ConCourt.

    • Bapongozi

      Who cares if he remains an interim president as the ConCourt moves forward? Lungu is the greatest joke of president this country has received. 6 years of his presidency will take Zambia 20 years back. Lungu should never have become president of this country. He has totally destroyed the rule of law in Zambia

      • Kabaso

        Im sory i know hh promised u something but mwaela ilyauma boy

      • Wisely

        Are you a free mason or you want to join also.

      • Wisely

        Are you a free mason or you want to join also?

      • pet

        you are stupid and useless dear

      • Thomson

        Comment lungu is the only GOD has given as hw many times hh has lost think twice

      • pet

        biblically, a leader is chosen by God, no one can force him or herself to be a leader, so if it is written that HH won’t be a President he can’t matters, shame to him.

      • Francis Chishala

        Stop your idiocricy. Do u really understand the term petition? If not, u are very stupid and mad. A petition simply means a request to legal reddress and has nothing to do with nullification of the declaration by ECZ. I’m not surprised coz u attended dundumwezi cows school in southern province. Shame!!!!!!!

      • Sech

        HH is the worst comedian politician Zambia has ever produced.If anything is the empty tin;making too much noise without shame at all.
        ECL may have errors here and there bcoz he is human unlike those who claim to be supper humans.
        Kateka ni Lungu !
        Ichikonko chakwikata,
        Learn to come up with the terms as we have adjusted seeing out vote being challenged in the courts of law.

      • humble pf

        Bapongozi muli chipuba chomene.

      • docx

        true dat

    • Zambia for Peace

      You guys, UPND, I wish to advise you for free.
      UPND, in your application, you have said that the election was full of irregularities and that the process was flawed.
      You say, as such you petition its outcome.
      But now you go down and say that a recount be done and if the results do not show that the president elect got the said numbers, then HH be declared winner.
      Winner?? How? Winner of which election??
      Winner of the same election which you have already condemned saying it had irregularities and was flawed?
      So as UPND if the results favour ECL then the elections had irregularities and were flawed, but should the same process favour HH then there were no irregularities and it was credible, and HH should be declared winner??
      I think Mushipe is misguiding you.
      This UPND Philosophy: “if we win we will accept results as free and fair, if we lose we will not accept the results as being free and fair” is a flawed philosophy.
      Mushipe needs to think again on this one, but it will be sad if she will come up with the same concept after re-thinking.

      • Big people

        @Zambia for peace it seems madam mushipe is giving you sleepless nights you will endup urinating in your pants be wise.

        • Zambia for Peace

          @Big People,
          It is good note that you are very proud of Mushipe’s counsel.
          Her legal advice to UPND will definitely help her financially. But as to whether it will add value to the party will be seen after the court verdict.
          Of course even me if I was a lawyer, I would be very happy to have client who will believe in anything I say – even when I tell a man, “you are a woman”, he believes and is willing to pay for advice.
          Good luck.

        • Sech

          Big people,
          Mushipe is not even a good lawyer so to say,but noise empty tin just like HH and GBM.
          Lead the way by starting first -Urinate in your pants then others will follow.
          Edgar Chagwa Lungu still remains the Republican President with or without your blessing and he enjoys the immunity unlike HH nor GBV nor you.

          • KBN

            Try to have respect though thus how you were brought up by you parents. For you to live longer on this planet earth give respect the elderly GBM and HH are not you agement! Check yourself!

          • Big people


    • Darma

      man mucho whch law ?u pf u fail to intepret yo own laws u signed in heroes this z not zimbabwe lungu shud step down u want to be dancing dununa reverse under loadsheding poor economy no no no…………………….we need serious pipo only shallow pipo to embrace meangless dununa reverse yabachakolwa.

    • KBN

      Even HH was voted by many people! I wonder why PF feel to be the most wanted party than others! Intact rigging helped PF but it will be shameful if petition favours UPND!

      • NOB

        My stop even bothering yourself,the court cannot favour ba upnd balya ba pompwe for what reason?

    • Chuundu Chaitwa

      An Open letter to Nalukui Nawa:

      Hope you have some integrity to honor own words. If you do, i ask you to immediately return to Zambia and at KKA on arrive strip all your clothes naked and walk straight to Lusaka City Center to seat on a Charcoal Mbaula and burn your dirty overused Genitals now that the incumbent President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been retained.

      Yourself gave a blow by blow account of how you intended to burn your genitals. Explicitly you said and I quote, “I will slowly remove my panties, sit by my burning charcoal-stove, roast my (unprintable) crunchy overused black, and use the burnt piece as a crayon to colour the Zambian flag all black”.

      Hey Nawa, President Lungu has been returned, I now summon you to honor your vow if you are a true loyalist and die-hard fanatic of Hichilema. I have boys handy with a blazer to help you roast your dirty genitals as you wished.

      Yours in Tongaism,

      Chuundu Chaitwa

    • kerah

      Iwe… do you have vision?

    • Daywalker.

      The constitution we have now reflects very much that it had very little objectivity. It’s now moved from disturbing political grade 12’s to everyone from the president to the peasant farmer. Thats the direct result of our copy paste approach to our own philosophies and local cultures. We have a “bobojan” approach to all our problems. Innovation and independent thought is not appreciated unless it’s foreign.

  2. syntax

    It is well.

  3. Njovu

    With God all things are possible

  4. jojo

    Zambia reports you can definitely do better! No reference to the constitution???

  5. Dudumedzi family

    HH wasting money instead of using that money to give his relatives in the village

  6. thicker man

    Am support my myseif en my president is jesus ,on Earth is HH, no lungu haz lies mah

    • vladmir

      what do you mean bro

    • Louise Halwi

      Iyoo! HH and company really want power,but you could have convinced us to vote for you as opposed only to be aupported by three backward provinces. ECL is so calm while the other camp is so bitter. ECL for President. Period!!!

      • Wisely

        HH is in trouble a leader of a court, so this is his last chance for he has been given an assignment which he should fulfill that is why his pushing to be the president.

    • dununa

      repent from your evil words whether in heaven on earth under the earth Jesus has power over all not your evil hh

    • Chalo kuwama

      @Bongololo has never heard the wisdom that “all is fair in love and war” or that a bullet is blind? The mfecane you afvocate is not the kinda stuff you watch on Zworld or Africa Magic. If you are tired of living, cousin, better take rat poison or cockroach killer at UTH mortuary.

    • Sech

      Thicker man,
      Its sad you are under a great spell from HH and the freemasons.You nearly worshed HH from your post comment.
      Is HH your small god like that chief from Southern province who openly say “HH is his god.”
      No one is forcing you to be on Lungu’s side but reality is HH lost the elections and ECL emerged the winner.That the difference.
      Kateka ni ECL

    • Knife

      Thats good.

  7. Only

    Am support my myseif en my president is jesus ,on Earth is HH, not lungu haz lies mah

    • MUZO

      Grade 1 English.Mr,only please go back 2 school n learn more.muleumfwako nensoni ngatamwaishibss icisungu

      • Hacksgeo

        @Muzo u ar laughing at yo friend but check wat u wrote, even failing to write icibemba! go to school too!

        • MUZO

          Yes I agree with u Mr.Hacksgeo “ngatamwaishibisha” was written as (ngatamwaishibss).Bt
          this was becauz of the type of my big touch screen.My chap touched on letter s and in the process de comment was submitted.haven’t u seen that I didn’t even put a full stop.I was still commenting 2 some important issues.I think,I have made my self clear now.

          • Marcel Joseph

            Ecotulefwaila HH atuleteleko free education pakutila tusambilile ngaimwe.

  8. Political Commando

    Not only money Bt also tym …instead of organising the to see who ‘ll later be party president, HH is continuously showing his lack of leadership quality.

    Kaputa swagger once more..

  9. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    We voted massively,even the court we rule justifiably.team 2016 ecl

  10. unza

    When everything is set by God it is in its normal strategy .Non can come againist it

  11. Richard

    Only a fool would think that ECL would cede power to the speaker and only a fool would think of dragging to court a President who is still has immunity.

    • chelsea

      Comment Only a fool? your English is catastrophic nigga coz u seem not be well vested with any sort of intelligence. when u ar a fool don’t think all ar fools. Atleast try to read a lot of books maybe Ur English will be better.

  12. President

    Everything is intervened

  13. Bull

    It is a relief that President elect Lungu is respecting the constitution. We should all wait for the right authority to conclude the matter in the right way, without us resorting to insults or fighting. This is the time for the NGOs to lead the country in social, political and civic education so that people follow and understand the situation. This is the time when we need the Church more than any other period of the election process.

  14. Political Commando

    indeed @ Richard…u r right….we need to continue with developmental programmes like construction of tar road from Mporokoso to Nsama via Kaputa to Chienge….

    HH sela tubombeko..!!!!!
    Kaputa swagger muncende

  15. Kampamba Max

    Please zambians have a reading culture of a constitution with the interpretation and respect it deserves.The president shall never be the commander in chief till sworn in

    • kevin johns

      @kampamba, govt has not CHANGED.
      Hence H.E ECL is still president…

      Ubuteko tabuchingishe, makes sence?

  16. chiclea

    Yes only fuls can supot lungu a thief odiot I will remain in no for lungu due to his pretece God is watching for his badmanas pipo there have died because of his stupididy how can you rig the election you mangwamu I fear God in side not out side

    • Wisely

      And only those who are on their way to join satanism, can support a free mason.

  17. LLPT

    i doubt this article may mean the opposite kikikikikik,ati postponment of inuaguration for who?BUT ZAMBIANS GROW UP PLEASE!!!

    • Masauso

      With all due respect ba Msiska should leave the Attorney General to comment on legal and constitutional matters. There is clear Division of Labour in govt.

  18. Hussain

    @Hammer. You nailed it! It’s like HH,GBM & co are simply too dull, I think they can’t even draw an egg.

  19. Mutale

    Iam very surprised that you are uttering negative sentiments on issues that you do not even know and no evidence.Remember thoughtness words bring about harm,

    • honourable

      it was my first tym to vote so i was not xpectin my president to lose…..HH fo life

      • mj2

        guyz pliz dont wist time to insuilt one another lets pray and ask God To Make This End Pliz

  20. DERICK

    Paka litente nafut tule dununa kunuma;



    • Native

      Because he has confined himself to the areas where his petition can be more easily proven with evidencial support.

  22. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    we are in tha dakezt coner

  23. mose

    If he remain in power what is job of patrick matibini some there are dull zona matibini is boss now coutry wide

    • MUZO

      Ba mose,tamwaumfileko any news yestarday by 20:00hrs? Don’t think and behave like denkete president.Change ur mind set n cotribute positively both in what u say n what u do 4 this country 2 develop.

  24. dostap (part92)

    we are in the darkezt coner

  25. Desai maimbo

    Thre is no smoke wthout fire,zambia is democratic country if some1 is nt clear she/he has the right to petition to the constitutional court to solve the matter.Coz thief die wth NO (kufwa na no)

    • MUZO

      Desai maimbo,but pipo should b factual. Can someone 4 sure vote fo six times in Lusaka with all those long ques we so.where on earth? Its nt possible..madandaulo yapakisa monga nibafana.


    CommentThe only persön who can develop zambia is HH

    • vladmir

      It is you who can develop the country my dear by doing the best for yourself and people around you. None of those two is immortal .

  27. Kazax

    Elections are over’ its tym to work. Zambians have decided

  28. Man of God

    No one knows what will come next. but only God knows. Everyone can speak is mind. The question is that God’s mind?

  29. ngosa

    Ba lungu balasekesha sana he want to dunana back with stolen votes it cant work out in jesus name we save a living God sure it is not a joke mwebantu

  30. Kampamba Max

    Article 99-101 talks about election petition not the immunity of the president. Who is the president and president elect no wonder u dununa reverse back to the old constitution please we are operating with a new consttitution which has got a constitutional court. Now do not insult the court there are watching

  31. vb

    “HH forward we want you

  32. dush

    Aaaagh ine ama #crt

  33. thad fo-mo motherfukin life

    zed will never change under this gvt, pipo will be seein the same miserly

  34. Ziba Dingani

    We hve already voted for the president and the president is ECL and who so ever fight him is fighting God and is fighting a loosing battle and it is for this reason that God wil scatter the enermies in seven ways and the wil loose the direction .

    • Bongololo

      Tell these idiots bro nd what z yo comment bro mpombo? Where z phwanya nini, has he become upnd?

      • Big people

        pwanya nini & mpombo are now full time upnd members after sensing danger.

    • Wasu Wasu

      Amen and Amen!!

  35. chola

    Mushipe is we’ll organised with ful of evedence s someone is going to kil himself wait

    • Bongololo

      Bcoz she z addicted to arvz. Can’t u see her face?

      • Big people

        Bongololo -chidoyo-it seems the beautiful lady is giving u sleepless nigts,

  36. Reub c

    weather you became hungry, arrogant all you insult but the truth of the matter is Edgar Lungu was dully elected by majority Zambian ,is the the only President elected not this hungry leader who has no heart to rule and not care about Zambian .

  37. Desai maimbo

    Wht more the govt is stealing,
    Wht ablt the people corruption wil neuer end


    Dont mislead the nation and which article ar U quoting?The constitution states that the Speaker shall take-over but wat is this stupidit now? Alibe accommodation or bwanji?Bring back my Vote!!!!!

  39. Wmk

    Whn u are good u are good guyz our president is elc nomater wait God his watching

  40. Ziggie

    Where is amos chanda who had announced inauguration tues 23rd petition or no petition? start wetting yo pants, chaps.

  41. Galamukani

    Congratulations Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces! We need peace and order in this country more than fighting for Plot One, and more than the failed referendum. With or without the pending petition, we need peace and order all the time – whether there will be a re-run or not. So ensure that the armed forces and all security wings do their work accordingly.

  42. Political Commando

    Please be part of a Winning team…Dununa Reverse..!!!!

  43. vb

    hellow guys remember the bible says whatever you bonds on earth it
    shall also bound in hvn so if u steal someone’s property u should remember that god is seeing u even
    though the owner has not said anything be ashamed of your self

    • MUZO

      Vb ,BA ECL LESA WABO NAINE,STARTS WITH THE CAPITAL ‘G’ (GOD). Not ur fake small god,no wonder y denkete n his running mate failed 2 make it.

  44. no objection

    Don’t involve God in politics.God in such issues is natural he only allows us to see who is good enough to manage the country and the decision entirely depend on us to choice. Politics is all about lies and fake promise’s.The ball is in our hand wen it cums to choose a leader.

    • kaoche kathengo

      waganizako bwino no objection, ichongedwe

  45. chimunya

    I was one of those who give lungu votes in sinazongwa due to siamunene only suplisation is that lungu has been cought stealing but body ili kuchurch sory

  46. Desai maimbo

    Dununa reverse u ar removing someone’s votes wandi ok God is watching.Lord pliz forgive them

  47. no objection

    Oh power is sweet. B in it and u will see.

  48. JoE Fw

    Wait and see,why adding more salt to your sows,carrying more stones on your heavy load.Nangu walikosa.Its not an easy way to go.

  49. kajob

    hh will be caged at the end of this petition and he will be released on bond.


    And we must not allow these Ndundumwezi chaps to take over the affairs of the country. These are satanists. On the other hand tonga women and Lozi girls are extremely sweet,therefore,we cannot allow these seceede from zambia becoz I can die of ichilaka chamutombizo

    • Peter Shamasapo.Becks

      Your prostitute mother is the satanist

  51. Peter Shamasapo.Becks

    Hahahahaha not under Zambia’s constitution, Edgar Lungu is not above the law

  52. uwauma nafyala

    fili uko tuleya

  53. Keen Follower

    Is this man Commander in Thief or something else!

  54. Lisa

    Evidence is there that votes were stollen by pf.

    • openya

      The Person who is very desperate for the s house wl stop at nothing to try and have his way. Who doesn’t know how dirty their game is. GBM and HH are cut from the same cloth. Seleniko tubombeko!

  55. chola

    Lungu now is like me he cant voice out bukabwalala mamambala imwe learn to wark on yoyr own bembush imwe

  56. Frank Mumba

    am sorry i didnt know that we han voted a lorba if lungu hav feuld let him go barck to chawama and stat farming like RB

  57. Samiele


    • Native

      Kindly cite those civilized countries for our educational benefit please?

  58. bs

    ni ecl chabe

  59. vb

    if your leader is stealing what more iwe nikuba chabe no one can say no

  60. Vincent Gilbert Tembo

    okay that’s really great n when are they recruiting of the forces

  61. kanwa kawevu


  62. doshman EDIMA

    olira sitimugwira pa kamwa

  63. TJ

    ECL is a GOD chosen one and was elected by the people of Zambia as their Republican President. Once again congratulations ECL and we wish you well

  64. sam g mumba

    yar thats our pres

  65. Igwe

    Hh for life.

  66. dan

    pipo pipo…..why arguing on the same thing..fyalishibikwa akale kateka ni Lungu Chagwa Edgar…ni harder nabo…..dununa reverse

  67. Aaron k

    let us put everything in Gods hands for he alone knows for what is yet to come

  68. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    The democrat ecl,liveببزعب شنجكهمتتك{(‏

  69. T.J. Banda

    In Zambia, no presidential petition has ever succeeded. Lawyers are clever, even if they know someone can’t win the case, they go on giving that client the service he needs. When God says Yes, no one can say no. When God says no, no one can say Yes. LEADERSHIP is from above and not below. When Moses died in the desert, God chose Joshua to lead the Isralites into the promised land. Wasn’t there anyone better than Joshua? Why did God choose Joshua out of all the people (Isralites)? The answer is yours. ECL, is the chosen one. Leaders are from above and they are not man made. You can’t change what God has put.

  70. chichi

    to you all.Read ISAIAH 14 VRS 14-20

  71. PF die hard lady

    No matter wat ECL is already our president, your president too… So ya -opinion is not needed. Viva pf

  72. Bongololo

    Comment ifintu ni lungu chapwa.

  73. True Blue

    I wonder if this is Msiska’s job really? Further, why is he making this statement if the opposite is not true? This is indirect admission that the contrary is true. Hope he realises that he could be comiting.6

  74. musetaba

    In zambia we have 10 provinces which means 3 or 2 provinces can not challenge the remaing this a white wash HH yo petition is useless just accept the defeat

  75. Dununalist

    Ba upnd u opposed th new constituency u shot down th referendum presido ni lungu

  76. Salt

    Their is nothing good that the Satan has said on God just as their no good HH has about PF so that kind of this idiot is this animal called HH?

  77. Swanabrown

    On this issue I have heard enough let ECL have wat z his.

  78. kaoche kathengo

    guys dununeni ichanuma epashili pakuleka.

  79. kaoche kathengo

    guys dununeni ichanuma epashili pakuleka. anyone to translate this in dundumwezian plz.

  80. KING

    Stop debating lungu has won if u r defusing ask judge Esau chulu will tell you.Tongas what is it?

  81. mr.don't

    HH don’t hunt what you can not kill, we voted for him country wide & you were voted just in 3 provinces.

  82. bonus libala

    This is rubbish , hh and his followers are jx getting used to losing may be they got losing genes in their chromosones

  83. ma a

    Dr Msiska don’t allow the president to breach the constitutions .He commit s crime and lawyers will petition him they way they did on minister. Do the correct thing for once.stop behaving like cadres who don’t think

  84. Robert martin sakala

    God said it ,there will try this and that but lungu will still be the president of Zambia . don’t worry they are wresting there time

  85. kay

    You fools who voted for your ecl will feel his weight a week after he is sworn in power.remember you are laze pipo who can not even produce food to eat,by august the bag of maize Wil be 150 and standing the whole day in a cimuline to buy the commodity,the dollar will rise to K15 and all commodities will be expensive then you will start crying foul.mind you the FRAhas not bought enough maize to feed you lazy ones while us we are able to fend for ourselves.think future you guys not present

  86. PAKA RED

    I would like to appologise for refering others to satanists or freemason. To everyone this might have offended especially @peter shamasapo.Becks, plsea I have withdrawn these comments and I ask for forgiveness once again

  87. rudo cmr

    lungu ni lungu


    Yah… IDIOTS!!!!

  89. Hacksgeo

    Mwe bantu where can lungu go if he leaves state house? he has no house. kalya kayanda aleikalamo kuchawama ali nwinamo kacasu .

  90. Animal farm

    @ e.c.l stole the elections were he there by the time the people were counting the votes? but im very much surprised to hear that president lungu stole hhs votes, is hh not the one who witnessed the counting of votes sure? what evidence do you hv jst fake, fake evidence you are waisting our time of working you hh together with your fat albert gbv.

  91. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    The same verses you say others should read,have you red them yourselves ?chi chi ,GOODMORNING VICTORS team PF

  92. Gd

    ECL God is there for u Sir

  93. Apology

    Some zambian people are senseless, very dull imagin you are biz suporting a visionless leader. Wake up people of zambia. Edgar lungu is not a president he is a spoiler,killer.dictator. HH is the only wise leader we have in zambia.

    • Chisenga


      • Big people

        in your camp you are all animals & only one is human & what animal are you,a pig? umuntu ni

    • Pabwino Ataila Galu

      Iwe Apology, you are indeed brainwashed, no wonder you think that ba HH is the wise leader…….wise leader of UPND and not Leader of Zambia. Please wake up and prove to us that your HH is a wise tribalistic leader.

  94. One charisma

    Hh must go back to the drawing boad and to his stronghold areas and apologise to his people for wasting their time to vote for him for 5 times and failed to make it for that reason he has to pay them .Election petition is another share waste of his time because nothing positive will yield from it.

  95. Chisenga

    1. IT IS PETTY


  96. Maurice pf

    when God says yes no man can say no.Lungu is the pres of Zambia. when voting I used my vision

  97. One charisma

    The past remain the history,same hh’s lose is the history now because election had alread past and suffice to say he has made a noun in his political lossing career.

  98. villager

    Viva Edgar LUNGU, Zambians are even enjoying the service of the Constitutional court because of your wisdom.


    ba UPND you are useless i remember when the president mr Edgar Lungu ascended the new constitution you were saying Lung’s constitution but today you are using the same construction.

    • Big people

      @Itolest king abudulazi?

  100. Salt

    We don’t want Dundumwzi again

  101. Jacob Zume

    OK. If he is republican president and commander in chief why wait for swearing in ceremony?

    • Chisenga


    • Wasu Wasu

      Iwee he is still a sitting President waiting to hand over power to himself as President elect. Yaba!

  102. Wasu Wasu

    Ataseee!!! It is that kind of pride that has made hh lose 5 times. Only person?

  103. Thomas Njovu

    Only God knows.

  104. Real K

    how can he steal when he is not hungry for power people reason be for you give out your comment the people whom you consider to be thieves they are not panicking and on top of that you are saying that you have the evidence my question is did you see that same evidence or you just heard someone saying it. Let’s not follow blindly n did you see them stealing and were where the observes the polling agents returning officers were they sleeping even when signing let’s be realistic and not to comment for the sake of commenting let Edgar Chagwa Lungu rule peacefully

  105. tip

    One zambia one changwa! New motto 2.0

  106. CENT


  107. Duke

    HH or ECL leading the country, the things will be same. Dont be cheated

  108. kish

    I NEVER NEW THAT A PRESIDENT IS ABOVE THE LAW TILL LUNGU’S TIME US A PRESIDENT……poorest ruling 5 years in power,5 years backwards…dununa reverse for sure.

  109. Advocate In The Making

    He is still losing,wakalema ni wakalema.he is addicted to losing,hanaluza hagain(hh) is da worst economist Zambia has ever had.

  110. Klassic

    The problem is that hh studied livestock farming thats y he can never be a president.. Go back to school & study Human-Economy..
    U ar just waiting ur time, Mind u Our president Mr Edgar Chagwa lungu is a lawyer by profession.

  111. pet

    alas ba hhh

  112. President HH

    Just wait and see

  113. E.S.MUMBA

    thanks .

  114. mw@pe

    edger e lungu wil stil b a president wether thy lyk t o nt

  115. Bsm

    These pf member they think God created only them God is not to play with he created human being in his image so we are all one or same, God will punish for your silly comments about tongas.

  116. j

    what does the new consistution say

  117. felix tucker

    ECL is our president for 5 years u like it or not

  118. hopemirrn.

    God almighty the Createt Chooses Leaders and he has Chooson EDGER LUNGU.no one can argue with hin not even your free mansons.

  119. chrispine

    Robert martin sakala GOD of DE heavens will nva gv a nation a drunkend o a thief to rule them

  120. Nellz sons mumba

    HH boy go n c ur workerz ku south u wil nt win ur frend has alrdy won if u want 2loose utupiya den continue coz ur frend GBM na slimer ko cant u c

  121. albey Chilonga

    Comment hh z going to win the petition,,,,,,,
    couz lungu has got no evidence

  122. handros nyirenda

    Comment z still our president of zambia mind u

  123. Haakapaila

    BITTERNESS is what you know,that’s why GOD can’t give you the POWER you desperately NEED,because all what you say is, bakamwenako (they’ll be in for it)always vengeance is what you plan nothing else,Change my relatives work up its not everyone that supports ECL is bemba/Easterner and they are PF,some are sympathisers others, like him because is humble,others like him because he’s God fearing,others like him because he preaches peace,and invites God in every situation Unlike other leaders who preach VIORENCE,AMAGEDON, beating of WOMEN and Insulting their workers,displacing people and placing animals, Smiling is an option,they just employ someone to teach them how to SMILE because they don’t know how to,let me warn you, other tribes can suffer if at all HH ruled this GOD fearing nation especially those from north,east and luapula (ma bemba) will experience tribalism you’ve never seen before DUNDUMWEZI is just a tip of an iceberg! may ALMIGHT GOD intervene in this!

  124. Nellz sons mumba

    HH tampokwenda u wil loose tuma money GBM ur mate naonda nensele naleka

  125. Terrible

    The new constitution from Article 101 to Article 106 gives different interpretations depending on which party’s glasses you are wearing, and none of you are wrong.
    Where were our lawyers when they were asked to review the drafts by the government? Where was LAZ? Look at the article which talks about the speaker carrying out executive functions when someone petitions the election OR when the election is nullified, do the two scenarios carry the same weight? The first scenario makes sense as it seeks to ensure a fair rerun, and it happens after the ConCourt hears the petitions or considers the merits and issues its decision. But the second scenario is ridiculous and stupiid, do you ask the whole President of a country to step aside just because one guy files a petition (i.e. on the whims of an individual, selfish, desperate or otherwise). Do you risk the security of a whole nation on the whims of a selfish, desperate or misgulided politician? For a moment, lets remove the party sentiments and act neutral. Imagine that the petitioner was the guy who came out 9th in the election. Should the mere filing of a petition risk the security of the nation before any hearing takes place, or before even making an assessment of the petition and its merits or demerits? My legal opinion is that the Constitution Court should send this part of our laws from Article 101 to Article 106 for redrafting for the sake of the nation now and in future elections. Fortunately for the nation, for the time being we can rely on Articke 106 which is crafted in such a way that it is not subject to the other articles.

    • Master lol

      Imwe zoona ndimwe ba terrible we dont need advice from terrible people that is retrogressive and ilogical

  126. Lundazi

    Comment Lets Wait From The Concourt

  127. Qma

    That evil assignment given failed the moment 18th October was declared national day of prayer and fasting for God’s intervention. Panic followed to discourage people failed. Ritual killings followed, but later failed. Road accidents followed, we prayed and all failed. False accusations in the entire electoral process faild. Now the last resort is the court. But as the Lord who has chosen and ordained ECL lives, it shall fail and towards the end of this month multitudes of people dressed in green and white attire shall head to the Heroes Stadium to witness the great inauguration ceremony we have never witnessed in Zambia before. Then it shall be known to all even those that do not want him, that he is the man God has put on the throne. Reason? Because he has pleased God by being obedient to Him in things of Godliness. Whether you like it or not, God has sealed the inaugularation of Edgar C. Lungu! The petition will soon be thrown out. You cannot fight God. May God have mercy to all those that are challenging this and I warn you that you are playing with God! PLEASE STOP AND REPENT!!!

  128. pompolyongo

    Petitioning the will of Zambians? Kikikikikiki! Chiwamila galu.y ddnt u petition dundumwezi formula Ba Hi Ha? Fighting a loosing battle.

    • Sech

      Just imagin!
      Petitioning the will of the Zambians(Our vote)!
      Ungaseke !
      kikikikikikiki !

  129. Shysim

    Pipo of Zambia, dnt provoke the wrath of God by insulting the works of His hands,let’s leave everything to Him n Him alone coz He is the perfector of o things. Happy Sunday.

  130. chrispine

    Real K .U wnt evidence one example I WS a supervisor at hillside bsc school we counted streem 4/3/2 with no problems in streem 1 DE presiding officer started behaving strange delaying tactics den he just show it by grabbing presidential ballot paper n wnt with dem to staff room DAT WS 01+time he Syd he’s so tired n wanted to lest a bit wanted to sleep with open presidential ballot papers BT we fought him n got DE ballot papers back to DE voting n counting room wat does DAT mean to u

  131. kufanga kwa


  132. Namibian city

    Election In Zambian tool much corruption sorry say Zambia in all Africa.

  133. #Bradon

    Zed muntu too corrupt

  134. Tim


  135. Sech

    You know where you casted your vote and that vote counts.
    HH is evil and heartless.To him all that matters is power,lives lost in process are not important .
    What we are seeing now are the last kicks from a dieng horse HH.
    Bye bye HH from the practice of active politics.Go with your bitterness,negative desperation,tribal politics,masonic.
    Zambia has vomited you HH once more and its sad you cannot get it in your thick brains.
    Zambia for Jesus !
    Your nightmare as UPND awaits you its “CATCH 22.”

  136. VAGINA

    Mr President, We Voted For U And U Won. So Pliz Get To Work And We Will Voto For U Again

  137. The Steping Razor

    If i were Edger Lungu, i would behave myself.
    The referendum had failed, and it is the simple fact that he (Lungu) had failed.

    Now to Roland Msiska, why did he say that? Does it make sense? No, not at all, lungu is not chif commander and is no longer president until the end of the petition, not even to be a president again either.


    hh unstopable we ar stil here to take u thr.

  139. scott

    Let the looser cray until they cray no more

  140. Apology

    Dont think that Edgar Lungu he is the one who know GOD, all thoes who are suporting him you shall be very disapointed with lungu am telling be careful with the way you are him. Lungu is a marmol like yourself. Lungu is a big thief,killer,spioler,visionless, fake christian and lack of wisdom. Chakolwa

    • jorry

      Listen bro we respect every opinion.but you certainly have no right to call anyone killer or any sort that you said..for your own information that is a big crime ..what reasons you have for condemnation. …we dont want hate speech in this country bro…because the only outcome in it is war.

    • Pabwino Ataila Galu

      Do you Apology drink with Lungu? Every person has history behind him. If you do not have any history, you do not exist. Leave Lungu alone, it is his time. I do not think he is drinking much as you have labelled him.Get stuffed

  141. jorry

    Someone by the name victor said lungu stoled innocent zambian votes come on do you think that low life call hh will ever penetrate sensible people of lusaka.chipata and the bemba territorial areas.get to your senses tonga man your so called hh will always win in his ungratefull territory. .dont be ungratefull bro

    • Pabwino Ataila Galu

      Ba UNDP followers, as long as munthu wanu is in power, you shall never win. Problem….tribalism is bad guys. Treat everyone the same. Ba cadres, why do you always fight? Dirt politics, you want to cause fear into people. When you lose be a good loser and when you win be a good winner. Let peace prevail in Zambia. We have enjoyed the peace so let us continue. We can do it. ECL I salute you especially that the people in diaspora are now going to belong. You are great. God guide you in whatever you do especially providing for the peoples of Zambia. Viva Cagwa

  142. big elephant

    Power is not by force, people should know that God gives leadership. We have voted it is time to move forward in your country. This petition thing is being misunderstanding to us Zambias

  143. chrispine

    sech.who is a liar between a person who WS conducting these elections at a polling station n a person who just voted n wnt home or to a bar n started drinking jemason dancing in a bar like u did at day of voting n DE person who spent DE whole day n night monitoring DE elections.pliz b objective on nation things like elections n b serious coz yo life my life our children’s life. shouldn’t bring jokes in

  144. The Steping Razor

    Lungu has a pending case that he acted as president when sata died, which is unlawful. So now he is waiting to be judged of his cases.

  145. Zambians

    stop bothering yourself
    you can’t’ even afford
    the country’s economy, n
    surely you don’t deserve the
    throne we’ve already seen
    your presidency performance
    which is very very pathetic
    leave someone’s opportunity
    while you truly know you lost clearly
    n trying to insist the throne still wanting
    to make Zambians people to continue suffering with your leaderless.Absolutely we don’t want your awkward leadership we’re not even desperate of you with your cabinet members. We’ve fade up of ridiculous n fake government let someone’s vow takes place. Why crying for state house,or is that where you were born in.Get out you got your own Nyumba,stop imitating Mugabe this is not Zimbabwe it’s well mannered peaceful country.
    You must seize your pomposity create peace to peace n joy to Zambians.
    May the Almighty be upon your cruelty n stealing.

  146. Marcel Joseph

    Zambian are very gullible, how do allow a forged president to be presiding over the country’s affair.

  147. swis

    please lawyer’s fight for us 5yrs load shedding is too big. HH Carry on

  148. Hh Dog

    Hh and the upnd supporters mulibana BA mbwa BA idiot don’t waste our time matole yenu bakabwa Hakainde Hichilema cikalacobe you will b a running mate to the DEVIL’S when the world comes to an end fuck you.

    • Hh Dog

      Iwe cikala cawiso who were saying Lungu ni Cakolwa Magi yobe don’t you that HH IS A PROSTITUTE and a theft

  149. EC .Lungu Vulture

    Tomba NJa nyoko wena chende mundale
    Chagwa kabwalala fa ñamba stanyele sh!ts mwa State house

  150. Gwendolyn mudenda

    Leadership without honesty is worthy not to be called leadership

  151. Patriot Abroad

    It’s time Zambians stopped kidding themselves, that UPND under HH constitutes a credible opposition.

    UPND, as a party is suffering from Group Psychosis under a ‘Charismatic Leader,’ who has managed to infect a lot of innocent Zambian Citizens with its Cultish approach. UPND, says “We are the panacea to cure all Zambian ills,” look at us in the party. “We are Rich, Educated, you can be too if you vote us in.” Required is that you suspend your belief system and let the Charismatic Leader feed you disaffection from your sensible Gov’t and take you on a journey to Neverland where world economic performance will have no effect on your economy and as long as you keep worshipping Alesa(LESA(God)…get it..? HH, should stop it. He’s done well and as a Church Elder, should know the Bible teaches not to sue for things unrighteously (or otherwise…), because all court cases are based on someone Lying and someone responding with a lie and HONESTY /TRUTH/ RIGHTEOUSNESS is often based on a Human Being (A Judge(Honourable..!) conferring it upon you…NOT GOD. As a church Elder, you should go to your Prayer Cabinet and PRAY to God because the PEOPLE have chosen.

    • Patriot Abroad

      Seemingly, it’s now all about delaying and taking the shine off Righteous Lungu taking his just winnings. It’s just mean. Zambia at large needs to move on to the next chapter of our development growth. Causing unrest and hoping to take power this way is evil and is proof of where HH’s powerhouse is. NOT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. There is only one who comes to destroy and take life and Zambians as Christians need to SEND him back. Reject him, his Agents and seal your hearts against hatred and violence. SPEAK LOVE to one another and reject Tribal hatred and internal war. You are called to REJECT IT.

  152. Master lol

    Umucinshi kuli bakateka pa kutupela ulupapulo lwa mafunde ya calo nga kwaliba ico mwabombapo pa mitekele yenu kusaina ulupapulo abena zambia balefwaya nomba konkeni fye ifyaba muli article 102(3) pantu ifunde mwasaine lifwile ukubomba kabili poseni amano kuli prayer na fasting but as for now the speaker shall perfom executive functions as stipulated in the mentioned article iyi yeve mwami yamigwila.

  153. mulakwe

    bill gates ndiwe chipuba repent God will forgive your sins.Thatswhy we have Jesus who died for our sins to be forgiven.

  154. Quan

    Zambia in reverse gear

  155. Warren

    We’ll see who is great

  156. Ziba Dingani

    Zambians,let us what we are talking and doing? let me worn u for it is not a time to insult one another but to embrance one another in love and unity as one zambia one nation with one leader elect for zambia ecl now let us support him love him and talk good about him and preach peace in zambia for we are one zambia . For together we stand and divided we fall .

  157. Ziba Dingani

    Zambians,let us be mindful of what we are talking and doing? let me worn u for it is not a time to insult one another but to embrance one another in love and unity as one zambia one nation with one leader elect for zambia ecl now let us support him love him and talk good about him and preach peace in zambia for we are one zambia . For together we stand and divided we fall .

  158. PAKA RED

    To be honest with you, I for one Nkana Paka Red cannot allow to be led by hh.

  159. kabungo


  160. chiti mmukulu the first

    HH is in a great shame of disappointment such that if he losses this petition, he will commit suicide.He has just failed to understand that His excellency.Mr.chagwa lungu has beaten him… but you may wonder why he has gone for petition when he knows that He has failed six times…. Sela tubombeko you are just a loser

  161. Chomba Joseph

    A looser is a looser……..a winner is a winner. Because every game there is two things involved its either you win or lose.Panicking for petition it’s not a solution boi hh & Gbm you are loosers Tonga bull.

  162. Wala wala

    How come ifwe lyonse niwala Hh Gbm.kushipafye baboi it’s too late…..campaign manager wenu alelyafye kandala kenu bane ………..kwena niwala

  163. Don Judge

    HH. is really a troublesome man. he has lost let him go and Cry. than going through his Evil promises. who told him zambians can vote for someone who cant accept defeat. .
    message to HH & hh lover: you cant go to plot one by employing best lawyer. ECZ did its job & you will not get anything by falsly embarrassing your countries electrol process. Now Zambia will be laughed at all because of One crazy man HH. and he says I will change zambia fully. honestly the dude will refuse to held elections again in zambia if he wins his petition. HH is Bad bad bad bad.

  164. papa

    Comment God iz wit zambia

  165. hopemirr

    hh can not comfuse the people of Zambia..we know his allegation are not truth based shame,! MAJORITY ZAMBIANS does want him.i dont why its hard for and his few supporters to read that its loud amd clear ishh………

  166. LEEMAN

    If hh could won pliz popi

  167. LEEMAN


  168. KALUKOBOm

    Viva hh viva upnd.

  169. Ck

    ECL che ti dununa nafuti,

  170. Max

    Mr HH Promised Chaos If He Loses,,because He Knew He Will Lose,violence Is Sometimes Some People’s Nature,,,why Are Some Of You Guys Blinded,,,?

  171. hopemirr

    I like it when ECL dances “great soul i cant wait to see him dance at inauguration.

  172. LL cool j

    Comment if ecl is commanda why is he wosting time to use his big stick to ponona those insulting him.even you fi police u are watching on ka muvi tv the republican presdent being isuted you quite muponone gbm nakanevers mumba infact mumba dont visit chinsali ukaponoka

  173. Duck-foot Johnny

    @ Sech. Some of these accusations u may be ending up cursed. For u to know dat HH is a Manson or whatever noame u may call him,I think there must be something in connection btwn de two. You are jst Jealous of HH and team. If HH stole frm us Zambians then where is de state to sue him. Your hate against Tongas wil Not take u anywhere and I’m sorry that u r de same pipo championing tribalism and I’m urging dat U should grow in yo Kanongobility.

  174. LL cool j

    Comment upnd just go back to where you borrowed money 4 the company and nagotiat how you will pay back

  175. Native

    Our “learned” medical doctor should not mislead the country. Don’t forget that even “the lawyer” himself misguided everyone on the extended stay of ministers beyond the life of parliament. Is it not by operation of the law that the Speaker acts as President until the Constitutional Court disposes off the petition case? When the constitution stipulates that the Speaker acts as President, does it state anywhere that the Speaker assumes only “some” of the powers of the office of the President? What’s the fear really if ECL really did win the election cleanly? For once let the institutions of governance be respected. If PF can’t respect the supreme law of the land, how then can they be expected to respect international law and agreements that have a bearing on zambia’s bilateral and multilateral existence? This issue hinges on matters beyond our sovereignity.

  176. gaspa bb2k

    in bemba they say uwalusa umulandu tabula akabepekesho ,nor u u know your self what more do you want mayb another clean lose mulelanda bwangu guys!

    • Native

      Bushe ule fwaya bonse tukatumpe nge mpombo batini? Nao nakwata insambu ya ku ilishanya ku cilye ca Constitutional Court uku cila uku leta impasase mukati mwa bantu muma komboni.

  177. HP

    u pipo i dnt understand u what if it was lungu who was treated lyk that hw wud u feel?because wat i understand from day 1 since the election started the ZNBC never showed the opposition parties i dnt knw why…dnt say many things about HH let the law speak…dnt try to speak nosense about HH.dnt behave like some who stoped school in grade 1.That is total nosense.same as u find yo wife with another man with evidence u have the right to go to court.WAMUSEGEDE SAYONDA.Y MA ELECTOIN AKU YONDESENI?ZNBC is boring

  178. GBM

    The truth is that Tongas have come to believe that HH is their savior coz all they want a Tonga president no matter what .He is their King and this is why whatever he says is gospel and I have seen how they worship him here in southern province.Lost souls like GBM will realize when its too late .Just imagine if the people who are being beaten in southern province where them,you could have heard cuundu chaitwa but coz it’s the Bembas and eastern ers it’s fine .Canicious Banda how do feel together with all bembas and easterners who voted for upnd.Wait a minute look at this Neto Hasometh ing upnd in Livingstone with the blessings HH thinks southern province is his father kraal wants Hon Lubinda to leave Livingstone what cheap actions they are.This is the reason why Dundumwezi was hidden from GBM coz they don’t trust him so us who have lived with you we know you very well.The truth is ECL is the president so deal with that.You very myopic coz you don’t know that there are intermarriages and those who put their tribe first are not fit mentally.So HH can’t even tell his barbaric upnd cadres to stop what he is sponsoring .Lest HH and GBM forget it only takes one political fool to put a country on fire and you may be caught in the cross fire.Your thirsty for power is frightening and you will be held responsible for any violence coz you are on record saying Armageddon is coming should you lose ,we are watching you and you will not live coz it’ll come to haunt you so if you can’t see bloodshed in your hate speeches then something is wrong .Am s even your children are going be in front lines otherwise stop thinking negatively coz we will all lose.At least you are guilty of making the referendum fail stepping on people s right s coz you your children are abroad learning but poor villagers you deceived them Ati elder in SDA church who doesn’t even keep it holy you go campaigning.Watch the space you will regret.Lukulu admin block burnt they will go to prison your children are safe.

    • zoga

      Guys these are just political they will go us we citizens, let us try to pray for Holy Spirit before we talk for proper guards. May our heavenly father guard the ECZ members, Amen

  179. dop

    we just have to wait for outcome

  180. dop

    we just have to wait for the outcome

  181. Kanganja

    Police is ready for any outcome

  182. baluilanda northern rodesiazz


  183. Junta

    guys. ………guys……. what is referendum?

  184. zoga

    God send the Holy Spirit in zambia for peace .



  186. HUMAN FLY

    Since we want to maximize c = f(k) – dk, we take the first derivative and set it equal to zero:
    One Zambia One Nation!

  187. emment

    Aleisa aleisa…owe apitilila ….. kuluza ni kwanu malume let the concot work….and please be alive that the 14 Man Legal Team headed by the Chair for Chundu Chiatwa will be ripped apart as the ‘evidence’ is pointing all over the place…And yes the Sec to Cabinet had better leave legal issues to lawyers he should about syringes instead

  188. crs

    lungu is a lawyer then that judge is employed by lungu him self.what do you expect lungu to loose HH is going to cry once again together with his team.

    • Native

      Lungu does not employ anyone at his exclusive pleasure, everyone that works in the public service is an employee of the zambian people ( including ECL himself) and on public’s payroll.

  189. Wise ANDERSON

    With an expensive suite worth k27m, that’s my smart lawyer we are behind you Mr.president sir!

  190. Yusuf

    HH is foolish indeed he thinks this is tonga land jst go bck we’re u cme frm pliz in the name of God u wil nve rule this country even the name like satanic HH mmmmmm not in Zambia amanoya kujele nono

  191. Spider

    Unless if u were born with a silver spoon in ur fucking mouth ,u cannot figure out how Zambians have gone through total torment in a year period that Lungu has ruled Zambia,move around and see how people are suffering.U stopped work because of one person and u still voted for him.In Mwanawasa’ era sugar was k7,today k24 can’t u be ashamed of this nonsense.Watch out

  192. John kabengele

    Musisika , you are not Atonney General to answer, all constitution issues, leave it to the expert. Your chakolwa, formed and selected constitution court to interprete it, so if it cannot be used, why form it in the first place? So the comes the petition, cozy chagwa chakolwa stole the elections day light. It’s not only zambia who has constitution court South Africa has, so I we Ba nkusa, who is in support of chakolwa, you are idiots, let him step down, in terms functioning and running of the country. Kalaluka said it in white and black, and if at all chakolwa is a baked lawyer, he should understand this., not trotting from church to church getting sympathy from Ba Catholic , it s just ka chilida , or the Bishops, never.


      Panyo panu mwanvwa mwe don’t say something u don’t understand. Viva pf

  193. bonse bamo benefye

    uwawa tabula akabepesho

  194. bicorn of Democracy

    once beaten five times shy beaten five times I would like to encourage the pettitioniers to involve ther father thy will stil loose by nill kuli ba ECL once chosen nd blssed u re chosen nd blessed pipo of zambia let us pray hard for our re elected leader God z on his side zambia must ruled by a God fearing Man not red for devil forward for nothing we will joing if u tribulism still kuderera it doesn’t matter that whn u hate ECL its all of us no musogoleri sanga vomeredwe naonse

  195. Marie-Anne

    On 15th January 2016, they filled up HEROES STADIUM with USEFUL ID1OTS to witness the signing of the new Constitution at a cost of K4.9MILLION.

    Today they want to use it like a condom just because it doesn’t suit them. Useless Bigots.

    They were just signing without reading the contents of the new constitution. Lungu is the dullest lawyer Zambia has ever witnessed, at par with winter kabimba (and they were classmates!!)

  196. DR STES

    don’t use abusive language to the respected one

  197. always true

    sure the game was clean. ecl won… how can ecl lose while pf MPs the won in many areas… hh can’t be a President is jx wasting time….. lungu is the President and he will be.

  198. Brenda

    Pabwatooooo dununa reverse

  199. ck jr

    viva ecl God bles u mr president


    Do not confuse PF and ECZ,these two entities are different.Please UPND differentiate the two.How can you be a president with few MPs.Emulate the late Pre Sata s stance.humilite………….

  201. hopemirr

    I hope in 2021 there wll be no hh we need better candidents who can challenge us better.
    As it stands pf is very strong.Upnd should go for convetion.

  202. Still not believing HH's foolishness.

    Zambia can only be ruled by a God fearing man like Edgar Lungu.HH shut up!!!””””

  203. pixy me

    can’t wait to see zambia ‘s justice prevailing !!

  204. pixy me

    I hope this reverse doesn’t get to resemble Zimbabwe ka!!

  205. #justsaying

    ba bill gates ,sure even Jesus our saviour our leader for all leaders turn water into wine ,y didn’t He turn water into jolly juice ayi

  206. save"the remnant"

    enough from upnd,these heartless pipo are so desperate that they can do al sorts of things just to go plot one.why can,t they accept the will of the pipo.hh,gbm and tongas are hungry for power,can,t u see it in yo eyes niggaz.now let me tel hh that,u don,t become a leader by forcing pipo to put u pay roll,just relax if jah choose u to be a leader,u will be one,but now leave lungu alone hh,please,wikalanda ati nshakwebele,politics teyabana iyooooo.. … ?

  207. Douglas

    Why do pipo insult other tribes is it coz der ar better dan dam ….
    Stop dat nosense wait 4 results ok

  208. Douglas

    Let us nt get so big headed abt de election u fool . …..De tonga’s ar better dan some of u enbiciles who critisize dam

  209. chagwa zambia

    some of you people ,you don’t reason are you really Zambians?

  210. waxx

    Where not in my country. These idiots want to take us for a ride.

  211. luther

    HH and GBM has no leadership quality

  212. Michel Nostradamus

    yes iwe,constitutional court just a formality,

  213. unsympathetic character


  214. bernard junior

    we luv u sir

  215. eye of an eagle

    Imwe shire law in law osa kangana. One love

  216. Son of the fisherman

    It’s like you purchased a gun and put it in an open place and thieves broke in your house and use the same gun to kill you. This is exactly what ECL did and for those blind followers of Lungu the man is a coward he doesn’t have leadership qualities the best he can do is drinking Jemason not governing this country. If he is still the commander in chief of armed force then the petition has no use. Certain laws are made for animals to come and face them and most of them where made for poor people.

  217. hopemirr

    imwe the Bible tells me yhat we ar saved by his Grace.if i believe in ur heart and confess with ur mouth JESUS CHRIST is lord u shall ne saved. this is the reason why EDGER lUNGU is saved and genuine.about alcholic no one is sure of how drinks.i mean hes not a drunkard anywaus hes a good Leader.

  218. MR Banda christopher

    Ba Lungu was duly elected we all know that. Y pretend just pay back what u borrowed 4 your campaign funds than petitioning u ar wasting our time.selatubombeko

  219. Dabwitso Mwamba


  220. mumbi

    Dear looser we know that you dont love your people . Their is no Pace at your home you are ful of bribelisme, so how can you bcome ouer presidend.
    Go and see your COWS pliz
    HH amwa DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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