Pres. Lungu’s Inauguration Halted

Pres. Lungu-PrayersSecretary to Cabinet Dr. Rowland Msiska has suspended plans to host an inauguration ceremony for President Edgar Lungu scheduled for Tuesday 23rd August 2016.

A check at the National Heroes Stadium found workers packing their tools stating that the urgency to the preparations was removed as the event would not take place on Tuesday.

“The Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Roland Msiska advised that we suspend preparations due to constitutional implications.”

On Friday the United Party for National Development (UPND) filed in an urgent application contesting the validity of President Edgar Lungu’s win.


  1. pethias muchenje

    weather it takes one month will wait

    • Hakainde Hichilema

      No i cant go to the state house because iam a looser

      • Mulendema mwimbu

        Comment: if uv nun to sayyy u better shut it u impoßs

        • 4Sure

          zambia will neeeeeever have a tonga,kaonde,lozi,kalunda or kalubale idiot as a president….

          • ONLY SLIM

            Ewe chipuba 4sure u think like a dog.U will run frm zambia wiv yo stupid tribal talk like da kasai of congo mark ma word u ‘chilima’.

          • For real

            Chi for sure mind your language you are so stupid, a dog is actually better than you. Have you ever been to north western province?

          • Mary mwiila

            Iwe chi 4sure dats y u re stuk on one spot u wl neva go ahed bushe zambia nniiya nyoko for u to speak trash i shinikinsha u re an idiot 4 sure

          • Native

            Even monkeys can be proven to be more intelligent than your typical zambian “adult” voter. Barely a week after declaration of the PF candidate as “President-elect” the electric power load shedding schedules are back. The same women voters that supposedly willingly elected the “winner” have returned to cooking on charcoal braziers escalating deforestation, carbon footprint not to mention the scarred palms from handling malasha and increased spending on hand lotion. ZAMBIA THE REAL AFRICA!

          • unknown

            u intergrated idoit it yo fathers black ass that zambia wil nva hav as president infact u ar as ingorant as a pig u less privilaged bastard pipo like u ar the useless pipo we hav in zambian politics ryt now..nd u think if we hav stupid tribalists like u zambia cn improve??? u ar nothing but a low life illitrate who does nt know anything bout zambian politics even an unborn child can think much better than u panyo pako chikala!!!!!!!

          • captain

            @4sure whoever you’re, you fu*king tribalist.

          • zion

            4sure u ar a source of babylon

          • Kopala nafuti nafuti

            Grow up, are you God for you say that….just fight with the Tongas, dont insult the Northwesterners.. idiot

          • salo

            4 sure u are an idiot

      • DR TRUTH

        ninsh u don’t go to vot iwe hh

        • Mary mwiila

          Dr truth bear ths in mind HELL is ur destiny u shuld learn sme manners frm ur parents hw cn u insult elderly pipo whch means u evn isults thse who brought u fool pachalo

      • DR TRUTH

        minyerozanu bonse ba u……. u don’t accept defeat iwe hh u even went to fair a ….. on HE lungu how dare u

    • Derick


    • wendy

      No matter what

      They will never Re Declare HH to be the winner.
      ECZ or the
      Chief Justice can’t make a mistake

      Edgar is a winner period.

    • M

      We will support Edgar our predident for better or worse.

  2. Liberation Party President

    This is serious bane.Start dancing dununa reversewards out of state house.Time up for Lungu – now president EJECT

    • mpombo

      I am enjoying this i urge all PF members to campaign on tribal lines now am doing my part to mek sure that the bitterness of tongas is exposed for what it is lets go for a re-run #cryinghyena more popvorn plitz

    • josh

      whether you like it or not ECL Will be the president of Zambia for next 5yrs. If you’re a doubting Thomas’s of this world then shut the fuck up. You got? thanks

      • Tidy

        Comment- iweh ECL he has already failed to rule this country… Y cant you just give it to the driver:.. Josh u ar very poor u ar just jearous of hh… If it was for elc they he will fix it

    • MARTO

      Comment Iwe Chilibaletiom Party Panyopako Makundwa Kumulomo .Hh Cant Be In Statehouse .

    • eddie

      let the constitution play out to its fullest no need to continue to taunt each other lets learn to separate support from dislike for each other we are all Gods creation

      • Harry Chinkumbi

        To support one party does mean you should hate the other. This is a democracy, we must learn to coexist and respect each others’ dissenting views. Failure to which i am afraid we’re not ripe for democracy

    • Haakapaila

      That petition will be thrown out, mark my words!

      • Tidy

        Comment- dont worry mwana wakwesu- we casted our votes for hh, but it was multplyd for lungu….dont give up forward mooyo

    • DR TRUTH

      FCK u ba upnd

      • Kingfisher

        i dont knw much on this constitution but one thing i knw more than 50+1 of the valid votes went to lungu …Nway patience pay will wait

      • AMyr awmiil

        Amen ma dear

    • Sech

      HH will never be president of Zambia.
      Zambians gave their vote to Lungu and they will wait.
      If its a re-run HH azalila the loudest,as Zambians saw how tribal it was in the last polls.

  3. were is he going to staying since he has not built himself a dissent house?

    were is he going now since he has not built a dissent house?

    • hopemirr

      Hes going in state house until 2026. petition does mean hes not the president.”it means loosers cant accept defeat.wait for more DuDuna na reverse.

    • MUZO

      U chikala! With no proper name hw can u ask such a foolish question? Do u think OUR PRESIDO Mr. ECL DOESN’T HAVE A DESCENT HOUSE? Cant u just c de good number n different types of suits he has? Above al the millions he has nw,ukukula ing’anda kuli bena BAKATEKA BA ECL,Nokunwa amenshi cakosapo.mpakafye likatulike.

      • Tidy

        Comment- edgar is very poor let tell you, he is my nebar in chawama i cant see that fucker desent house…u ar fucking be pround of… Shane on you… The fact is that elc has failed to rule this country… And he has made it not to be called christian N….. Full of pretendace

        • pm

          y don’t talk about your own issues of your families development. but busy talking abt other pipo.insults tht shows how thick yo heads ate.idiot

    • Soapo

      He is going to live in NEW YORK in a 2 million dollar house paid for by the Zambian taxpayers!

      Were you sleeping when declared his miraculous rise from rags to riches?

      From not having enough money to pay his nomination fees Edgar has moved up into the world of some of the richest men on the planet.

      Well done, a VERY successful man with REAL MONEY!

    • Sech

      Ubututu bubi.It is very surprising to note that some people don’t understand the liberty that the office of the ex-president attracts.Before the state builds the house for the former head of state the government has to look for his accomodation and start paying the bills.
      Edgar Chagwa Lungu will win the case because Zambians voted for him.

  4. were is he going to staying since he has not built himself a dissent house?

    Is he going back to Chawama just now?

    • hopemirr

      Ure yet to be more embrassed when hh lose for 6 th time.wait and see. dont say i never told u.

      • Nvela Chinena

        He has failed only 2 times and we don’t about this one, don’t include by-elections.

    • Billy

      decent and not dissent, better you use vernacular language if the official language ( English), is difficult for you.

    • DR TRUTH

      wait for me am coming for u idiot

  5. Samfya PVT

    Patience pays.thoz judges are appointed by the state powers.can the concourt cause civil war? Wait and see.

  6. HELIX

    one Zambia one nation love your neighbour as u love your self.

  7. Liberation Party President

    Former republican president edga chagwa lungu has been bolted out of power by a Hakainde hichilema through a technical electoral petition in the constitutional court after lunguz regime’s efforts to rig the election failed lamentably after conniving with ecz.Hakainde hichilema and running mate Geoffrey Mwamba through a 14 lawyer member legal bench put Edgar chagwa lungu,his running mate inonhe wins and the electoral commission of Zambia on defence

    • Pwanya mbolo

      Cry babies once again….ECl all the way..otherwise the Grade nine turned Minister..now facing aggravated robbery..will have a nice show down after this..wait.

    • Francis Chishala

      You are true sons of sata. Who told u that ECZ rigged elections? UPND had representatives all over the country just accept your cows leader has lost just the he loses elections. The Con-Court can only nullify Lungu’s re-election if he did not amass a 50% + 1 vote. Mark my words your mad cows leader will be thrown back to the streets to mourn his fatal loss.

  8. Samfya PVT

    bushe ninshi tulekwata na ba pa patrick matibini?iyo balaashipanga ama allowances.

  9. mkamba wachikata

    soon or later its lungu

  10. mkamba wachikata

    chagwa is president elect

  11. Liberation Party President

    Chagwa is now president eject

    • edna

      After failing at the polls he is trying the court indeed the last kicks otherwise how will he pay back the money he has chewed and not account for 58mUSD

    • Sech

      ECL is the Man Of the Moment for the Republican Presidency and still remains the president elect.

  12. musa

    patrick matibin can just take us for five gears is okey

  13. No matter what will wait for our president

    No matter what will wait for our president

  14. Political Commando

    Petition or no petition Lungu is & ‘ll be president for Zambia…
    constitutional court will Jst say “DUNUNA REVERSE TO LUNGU” NOT FORWARD…KIKIKIKI


  15. Candy Ng'uni

    Comment nothng ll happen lets jx wait nd see!the God we worship is greater thn the courts of law,he waz appointd by God nd no man cn chnge or tke tht thm him ni ELC no matter wat.

  16. K c binwell

    He is not a popper like some pipo he has a very descent house even before he became president.

  17. Michel Nostradamus

    its just formality nothing will happen even chuundu knows that he is fighting a losing battle.let him and gbv concentrate on 2021 or 2099.

  18. kennedy nyambe

    Comment is this true!more information pls.

  19. chiclea

    But ba lungu zona how can you do that if it is true you rigged the result u shell se the true living God

  20. Samfya PVT

    I wantd to cme & hear the con court ruling but am scared fima lawyer 14.14 lawyers divide by 14 days=1 lawyer 1 day.hw many ar the state lawyers?RB lawyer in yo oil deal will be for ECL.the rest u wil find for yoselves.God wil help u ecl.but u knew it b4!

  21. Clement Chileshe

    ECL has won Presidential Election, Zambia is lacking maturity in Politics and Judges _ Should their be a re-run, PF Government will not sponsor the Printing of Ballot Papers, instead UPND will Print Ballot Papers from their own Billions _ Government has no money to waste on Political General Election losers __ All costs will met by UPND

    • VJ

      Bt ba clement mulitole thats what u think that there is no money?it has been budgeted for,

      • Sech

        VJ,how do you insult the person you dont even know and from where he is driving his point from?
        HH kept telling the nation that the government coffers are empty ,but why being selfish when the rest of the candidates have accepted the results of the elections and have commended ECZ for providing a free and fair election.
        I think HH is sick in his brains.



    • Vic-more

      It’s true Clement let us wait and see him printing the ballot papers for his rich.

    • umubemba nkonko

      F**k tongaz,I really hates u bafikala and I wonder why tongaz always looks dirty!!why bafikala imwe why??if I may query u are u truly Zambians?? U are so dull,,which opposition in Zambian history have u heard to won the case against ruling leader,, u are jxt waisting our time to dununa reverse in heroe stadium…and to make things matter man/woman can’t rule people.. Even chiefs which make headlines each and every week is mupezini,,Gawa for Easterners aand henry chinyanta sosala for bembaz..

  22. master

    HH u just wastin yo time u can’t b apresident of this country & u never b, coz u av blood in yo handz

  23. Michel Nostradamus

    chuundu has been crying ever since the results were announced,he knows nothing will come out of that so called constitution court……..Even upnd cadres on this platform have their morale deflated. Democracy in africa

  24. Liberation Party President

    Dununa reverse is now a retirement song for lungu he will dununa reversewards all the way out of state house to chawama compound where he came from

    • MUZO

      Iwe ka cikala ka liberation part president! By so doing doesn’t mean denkete has won the petition waumfwa? Those ar steps of getting some of u cool down. Bt u ll c what ll happen.y should ECL panic like ur denkete president n ci gbv? ECL is more mature than denkete.

    • Billy

      How will you feel when ECL is sworn in. Talk less and hear more, meanwhile wait for the outcome

  25. Derick

    ist true


    Kingsley Davis observed, “Fertility, mortality and migration are all to a great extent socially determined and socially determining” We may, therefore, take note of the social factors which bear on fertility, mortality and migration. We may, therefore, take up the impact of demographic changes of society.
    One Zambia One Nation. My theme…

  27. Derick

    and that 50+4 percent was minority

  28. G wise

    Comment..dununa forward

  29. honourable aka

    master u r an idiot coz u are scientific dull. don’t u av blood or wat do u min fool?

    • mukalu

      Whether ECL’s inaugulation halted or not we will wait for this coremony & wat u just hve to know is as long as he was declared winner even heavens also declared him a winner. Those lawyers of hh they just want to chew his money muzalusa more. State house yeve hh will not taste it believe u me, u will come & tell me about it. Ala mukesa njeba.

  30. Kevin johns pembere

    Its a pitty for CHUUNDU chairman….

    OVER 5 elections HESH HESH has spent a lot of money…now,hehs hesh will be a regular member of the court,kikikikiki…
    instead of CONCENTRATING ON 2021!!!!

  31. hopemirr

    Its just process”and it must be followed the good news is we won and the truth remains we ar still in power after all this court cases presented we still dunana we are confindent for the outcome.Easy We Are SAFE.

  32. Chadiza/Sinda

    Upnd,muvitv and bawatch dog must be ready to accept the victory of ELC,after concourt.No riots.if the rerun wl be there,expect 100% for ELC FROM THE 7provncs,expect the general pipo not caders to riot,against Upnd in these areas.Therefore,Upnd will need to intensify on the security during their meetings.Lastly there is possiblity of extreme poor attendance in the same areas.On contrary,Pf are likely not to go for compan in the remaining 3provncs,to reduce on resource wastege.Again if they go and compan in these 3provncs the outcomes will still be Dundumwezi.I God do what He has already determined.God blessZAMBIA AND FORGIVE ALL TRIBAL INITIATORS.hi brother Mpombo.

  33. Kevin johns pembere

    HH lack FORESIGHT. and a clear VISION…

    infact HH has no CREDIBLE advisors but a bunch of of USELESS HYPOCRITES just after his MONEY(if at all he ever GIVES a handout)

  34. zamzam

    ECL will still rule this country for next 5years so u pipo from UPND u are jst loser

  35. One charisma

    Premitive hh still crying for spilled milk.

  36. One charisma

    Let us wait nd see this issue is going nowhere

  37. Hakaivotela himwine

    May God help and bless mother Zambia. The Masons will never rule Zambia

  38. K c binwell

    Lets just wait an see wat will come next. God alrdy knw who will lead us in the next 5 yrs ahead of us les not insult one another.

  39. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Formality should be done and in 14days we will be heroes with Chagwa the president elect

  40. masterone

    lets wait and see if this story is true. The winner is a winner and de looser is a looser.

  41. kanwa kawevu

    Date 19/08/2016
    Dear Mr.Edgar Chagwa Lungu-Nominated President of the Patriotic Front.
    I write to you sir to express my concerns as a citizen of this great country Zambia.
    Sir may I state here that I don’t admire your leadership, fraudulent and manipulative way of your ascendancy to power, firstly you know how you corruptly got the position of PF president, you left many citizens divided and hate. Now this big one where you forced yourself on the Zambian people. May I ask you to genuinely heal and unite this country. You have sowed bad seeds of division in the country and you will go in the history of this country as the worst president. Your humbleness does not match your brutal actions and abuse of the police to an extent of killing and shooting innocent citizens, I pray you receive a just reward.
    In the aftermath of any election, healing and reconciliation are ultimate aspiration of any serious and committed leader.
    Chimps and monkeys are very quick to have a sudden fight or aggressive episode, but they’re equally as good at reconciliation, I don’t see that in you and your CADERS.
    True security is based on people’s welfare on a thriving economy, on strong public health and education programmes, and on fundamental respect for our common humanity, sir I don’t see such in you and your caders.
    Development, peace, disarmament, reconciliation and justice are not separate from security; they help to underpin it, I don’t see you and your CADERS championing this.
    Given the scale of trauma caused by the genocide, Rwanda has shown us that however thin the hope of a community can be, a hero always emerges. Although no one can dare claim that it is now a perfect state, and that no more work is needed, Rwanda has risen from the ashes as a model or truth and reconciliation, if you and your caders continue demonising citizens for expressing their constitutional right, then you will take this country into delirium.
    The pattern of the prodigal son is: rebellion, ruin, repentance, reconciliation, restoration, you have committed a lot of similar mistakes of a prodigal son, the best thing is you to apologise to the Zambian people for the hate,division and pain you and your ministers have caused in our country.
    We are all one – or at least we should be – and it is our job, our duty, and our great challenge to fight the voices of division and seek the salve of reconciliation.
    Together we will act to bring about national reconciliation, secure Zambia’s economic future, and build a stronger, more united country.
    Last but not the least, stop mocking Dundumwezi people, go and take a tour of how you have deprived these people of the national cake. You can have your pajeros, GX etc, what my people from Dundumwezi need is Clean Water,Clinics,good schools and communal deep tanks for their animals.
    Find attached pictures of the Dundumwezians you were mocking at woodlands stadium.
    Yours Sincerely
    Larry L Mweetwa.

    • kaoche kathengo

      machendako Larry chikala, mankhundya Ku mfyono, m’puni!!!, nthoni yobe.

  42. Chadiza/Sinda

    Had the REFE/Dum gone through,citizens would have been at liberty to sue the government especially for loadshading,sewaspilages in komboni,now since it floped life continues,IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED HONESTLY BA UPND? It faild because where ever you stepd you campaignd against it.Since it has faild any achievement so far to you and the general public?the world has been wondering the kind of oppositions that we have.Failing to translat their so calld phds/degrees into practical for the betterment of the masses.God bless ZAMBIA AND FORGIVE ALL TRIBAL INITIATORS.my opinion%

  43. bs

    no what happens its ecl

  44. wilz

    We r just waiting fo EL’s swearing-in. Losers uko!!! Lets just finish with to procedure fo the desperate losers!!

  45. hopemirr

    After this maybe hh will know that majority Zambians doesnt want him.hope he will stop trying.

  46. Ras Gersh

    But abena Sunny Chintombwa kwena teti mucitefye accept defeat mwaya namukucema ingombe.GBM is a fool and misleading you.

  47. Kash B

    Tekeni imitima panshi. The second half of the game has just began.

  48. muggabe@Robert

    lungu must just accept what zambians want .the law must be respected by ALL people .

  49. bs

    We will shall wait patiently for the outcome……doesn’t matter how long???????

  50. Jacob Zume

    Zambian Politics. Love it or hate it

  51. Samiele


  52. barotse boxer

    only illiterate chaps saw credibility in worst theft 2016 foolishly announced election results…..

  53. Benjamin Muzed

    what if indeed they were stolen votes? there is that probality mind u..and no one is perfect. don’t be blinded by het and just spill bins like a crazy person, talk when its nessesary and with valid facts.Pss.. one zambia one nation, either ECL or HH stil zambian if u dont like one of them then vamuz.


    The fact is that Mr. Lungu did not reign himself to the thrown, either Mr. HH voted himself. I wonder why some people fight Mr. HH regardless his goodness, When look at Mr. HH I see a leader because he is accelerating from one point to the other, notwithstanding, people voted for him across the country meaning he is loved by Zambians. To Mr. Lungu I think he is a big obstacle for other leaders who think are better than him. when I recall, he is the same Lungu who was fought the previous year to the extent of reaching to court, similarly papers have been filed in (petition) this year against ECZ for declaring a winner, therefore, Mr. Lungu is the reason for filing not ECZ. However, to my own understanding and not to everyone, if God appoints, no one can disappoint no matter what kind of weapons might be used.

  55. Lomi

    Told you so Tongas don’t have experience in leading human beings but cattle. This has nothing to do with elections, but Tongas don’t teach their children that rejection is part of life. That’s why they bully their women. Get as many as possible because you are man. HH is trying to use his Tonga bull to get his way to the top

  56. George sakala

    wining is the sport of edgur he will always train to score this.

  57. agogo

    We hav comedians in opposition

  58. Bridges.!!!

    @Twanambulu of Kabwe Points well Put @ Kanwa Kawevu a Voice of Reason at last…….. May the Constitution Court turn Our Great Nation into a free Zambia

  59. Billy

    People of Zambia, let’s talk less and hear more. Meanwhile we wait for the outcome from the concourt. Avoid insults please. For your own information ECL is the Republican President of our mother Zambia.

  60. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    U will cry in 14days time just come to heroes to dununa

  61. Billy

    Sontalizing or Sontility maybe Sontalization

  62. kolwe


  63. MP

    No matter what ECL is on the throne for as long as Christ lives.

  64. chrispine

    Comment I disagree with u pipo who always mention GOD in this kind of things.does GOD drink wine or veer if ans is no then leave GOD out of these politics, GOD CNT appoint a drunkend in leadership go n Read a bible n understand it very careful GOD is love is not a thief is not a lier is not a murderer

  65. hopemirr

    This is getting more and more intresting.i forseee….upnd down hh forgoten.

  66. Galamukani

    Interesting! If the Concourt nullifies the election of His Excellency President Lungu, there will be jubilation in the UPND camp. It will sound like HH has automatically won and going to State House as a replacement for President Lungu. Yet there is a bridge to be crossed ahead. The re-run.

    If after the re-run HH is beaten again by ECL, that will be a big embarrassment for him and all his supporters. And if all provinces turn up to cast their votes in large numbers as Southern, Western and North-Westeen Provinces did, the possibility is that the second “beating” may be harder and unbearable.

    Remember that GBM, HH and their followers were boasting before the elections that all the strongholds for PF were taken over by UPND. Yet things turned out differently and GBM was beaten right at his own doorstep in Kasama. What makes UPND to think that they can win a re-run, considering that HH was rejected by the other 6 provinces? To make matters worse, these have the majority voters, though being insulted by UPND for supporting ECL. I advise HH, GBM and your cadres to calm down and treat other people with respect, including ECL. You will need our votes!

  67. Yacov

    another embarrassment awaits hh.

  68. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Crispin you are a fool HH is zambias worst thief,a free mason,who cant even confess his sin,who preaches black friday why ? Unama ti DUNUNA WAIT AND SEE,never say the courts sided.

  69. man mucho

    come rainfall come sunshine ECL is president for the next 5years.. re-run or no re-run… we are dununaling dundumwezi nafuti nafuti… hh is bitter hearted and shameless the majority said no to him for the fifth time.. how many times does he want us to reject him for him to understand that we dont want him as president??? hh we will reject you once again…again…again..again..again..and…again.. shameless loser

  70. Trospitute

    Lets all thank our constitution for providing such avenues. In Zimbabwe the President just says I havent lost and he continues to rule illegally.

  71. Memphis Shew

    Lies have short legs, more so about theft – it can never be a success all the time. EVERY THING THAT IS DONE TO VANTAGE A CLIQUE OF SELFISH INDIVIDUALS SHALL ALWAYS BE BROUGHT TO TAME BY HIM – THE LIVING GOD.
    LUNGU HAD EXALTED HIMSELF TO A god ABOVE ALL, taunting God in His face by calling for prayers and yet he planned mischievously against it(prayer). God will ALWAYS fight for the “subjected” powerless. LET THE TUNE PLAY FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE of usvTO DANCE ALONG AS FAIRLY AS POSSIBLE.
    As I am concerned Lungu’s ascenting to the amended constitution was a death warrant for himself – so let him abide.

  72. donald

    Let the will of God be done. One love brothers and sisters

  73. IJWI


  74. ndudumwezi

    Comment we worship a leaving GOD not a Masson. zambia is a christian Nation its not finny.your bitterness wil never take u to state house change your altitudes of self centred.ZAMBIA IS NOT SOUTHERN.wait and see you MASSONS!

  75. hopemirr

    I hope hh has valid allegations otherwise Zambians will hold him accountable for ourprecious time hes waiting.ECL leader chosen by God Not Man who can argue with GOD.

  76. ngandwe kaunda

    crier of the spilled milk, hh is.

  77. born

    Comment don’t giv up,we ar wit de winning party.our GOD wil shame de devil,bcoz he is a liar and a looser.don’t touch de anointd,hh is playing wit fire.he wil b ashamed again! pf members let’s put our fingers closed our GOD is wit us, our lord has already answd our prayers,let them spend more money 2 there lawyers.bakashibukisha

  78. Bongololo

    Hakainyela heka z hallucinating afta eating mabisi nd drinking blood of mapenzi..mh.s.r.i.p.

    • born

      Comment u ar right my br,alikwata ichika ichakuteka nomba telelo,our lord wil make him poor and useless.his demonic money wil go 2 de wicked lawyers.plot 1 is anointd

  79. Wise Words

    Even Satan is a god and he can perform miracles like God to the little believers and say God is with us.
    Remember God (Jehovah) has given Satan to rule the earth before Jesus to come and give us wonderful living.
    God is holy he cannot participate in politics because it is dirty in his eyes. At first God was dealing with kings not presidents and he was anointing them not these Sangoma anointed.
    Am telling you if Lungu will enter God’s kingdom then HH will be the first before him.

  80. chrispine

    Comment I mean he doesn’t drink beer so GOD will nva associate himself with anyone who do the feel things iv just mentioned. pliz once mo I beg u pipo to stop involving GOD of the heavens in criminal activity GOD did not appoint Hitler. GOD did not appoint AMIN. GOD did not appoint SADDAM.GOD did not appoint muslin. GOD did not appoint GADDAFI.Evn de so called humble one is self appointed not frm de heavens am defending my GOD my true GOD in heaven.those r BT a feel example go n lets read luke 4vs5-9/ JOHN 8vs 44 /JOHN 19vs 10/11 so pipo should also understand DAT there is a god on earth who is able to gv leadership if u obey him dis god is devil not.My GOD in heaven his name is JEHOVAH is love is truthful he will nva divide his children nva

    • born

      Comment have de spirit GOD,nt coping de versus frm de bible and b transformd plz dont pretend.waint and see wat GOD is going 2 perform 2 de chosen lungu.no under ocean fasting &prayers

  81. IJWI


  82. chrispine

    moyo BT pf .Did I insult anyone o am sying lets leave GOD in dis issues of politicsu can call me names BT DE truth is DAT GODbof DE heavens will nva choose a drunkend to read his pipo fullstop

    • born

      Comment those a fake stories u devil like yr hh.

    • diesel

      Iwe Noah the man who built the ark ws the first person 2 mek wine & get intoxicated by it & still God dd nt discard him. Tok of Paul; a former murderer bt a great tool of the gospel. Judge not ecl

  83. Kumawa kuchoka bazeru.

    Mwandi tionane naye ecl wamene uyo.

  84. chin chin

    I hate people who put tribalism in the topic of elections/politics. Why only Tongas should be talked about? why not Bembas, Tumbukas Lozis. Stop dividing people you ignorants. We all belong to one country and we choose whom we know can lead us. Only fools are those who continue talking about tribalism.

  85. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Crispin you are really a fool another failed education in you,check you spellings and if you are a christian how come you are judging drunkards! You are just like them so is your god

  86. Chalo kuwama

    People blaming the failure of the referendum on the opposition are saying something about the whole election. Could UPND succeed in convincing voters to vote NO and fail to get their vote? You see what I mean!

    • diesel

      @chalo kuwama, referendum is highly technical & complex than u know

  87. Hh Dog

    Hh Manolo yobe go to hail idiot fuck u don’t waste our time mwanawagalu you’re a cow .

  88. Hh Dog

    Hh Mabolo yobe go to hail idiot fuck u don’t waste our time mwanawagalu you’re a cow .

  89. Haakapaila

    Ask bangwe Navile who HH is?

    • Kankwebelepo G


  90. chrispine

    MOYO ht pf.U a failed fool coz u CNT even accommodate other pipos views.with o without beta education we o humans beings GOD is looking at u with shame

  91. Listen To Me.

    Wheather U “Like” It Or ” Not” HH Is Steping In State House, We Knw Beta How To Do It And We Wont Fail It Imwe 2pf.How Can You Hold Folish Ralies When He’s Not Yet Pronounced Winer Final? Just Wait And See How We Kick U Out!!

    • man mucho

      pliz you and your failed politician hh should herd to dundumwezi.. the majority voted for Lungu.. how many times do you want us to reject this hh for you to understand… the majority said NO to hh.. stop dreaming

  92. chrispine

    GOD is saying DE righteous will judge DE world with me so I can judge u if u wicked n evil

  93. Davis

    the rewards of sin is death may
    God bless whose who don’t know him.

  94. openya

    Chin chin u ppo are tribalistic big tym. Using intimidation methods to get votes isn’t democratic at all. Friends in southern tell us what goes on there. Isn’t it peculiar tht everybody else lebels u tribalistic yet u think u blablah. U are so shameless and dull bkoz lsk and copperblt have always bn strongholds of pf. We can’t be dancing to the whims of a lunatic power hungry man. But if it comes to a re run, u wl wish u had accepted ur decent defeat bkoz wl shall take it personal. Tooth 4 a tooth and an eye 4 an eye. HH must not impose himself on us bkoz we don’t like him

  95. hopemirr

    hh can not win by force his hunger for power will kill him.Abantu ni lungu balefwaya kwasila.hh has only been a leader of upnd.while saved minister of defence, justice, mp, ..great owner we know hoe he has performed.God givem for zambia.Those who wait upon the lord shall renew there strength may almighty renew hi strength as he wait.

  96. she

    Y y y y zambia

  97. hopemirr

    hh can not win by force his hunger for power will kill him.Abantu ni lungu balefwaya kwasila.hh has only been a leader of upnd.while ecl has saved as minister of defence, justice, mp, ..great owner we know he has performed.Ecl is God given for zambia.Those who wait upon the lord shall renew there strength may almighty renew his strength as he wait.

  98. s Chishiko

    God be with us zambian

  99. thicker man

    Ba pipo yhu want ECL and yhu hve a plan 2 remove in 2021 can’t happen he will even make one party PF as a real little tin dectorship ,zambia will be like zimbambwe ..

    I don’t think a person who haz chosen by God there pipo can safer,

  100. cardinal

    While we are waiting the judgment , let us all concentrate in devotions as well as intercessions for the presiders of this hearing and judgment that their decision (s) may not be swayed by the external reactions ( forces ) but by the concrete truth which they will come across upon hearing . Amen !

  101. precious

    Hh just accept a loser is always a loser. Just leave our president Edgar Chawga Lungu in peace. He is God chosen for mother Zambia

  102. Tidy

    Comment- dont worry mwana wakwesu- we casted our votes for hh, but it was multplyd for lungu….dont give up forward mooyo

  103. Lundazi

    Comment Lungu Is The Winer

  104. Tidy

    Comment- edgar is very poor let tell you, he is my nebar in chawama i cant see that fucker desent house…u ar fucking be pround of… Shane on you… The fact is that elc has failed to rule this country… And he has made it not to be called christian N….. Full of pretendace

  105. Lubbie Lubby mukelabai


  106. bill gates

    ECL was choosen by edgar commision of zambian..ECZ..God cant choose a drunkad to rule his people.shame on you who are saying that ka ecl was chosen by God.

  107. Lubbie Lubby mukelabai

    You won the elections through dubious means.

  108. bill gates

    ECL was choosen by edgar commision of zambia..ECZ..God cant choose a drunkad to rule his people.shame on you who are saying that ka ecl was chosen by God.this is bill gates and obama barrack from america.hh the new president of zambia.

  109. Rio

    Anyway, the concourt will rule in favor of ECL. Which z horable.

  110. hopemirr


  111. Salt

    ECL for State House until August 2021. HH and GBM polo yaba tonga.

  112. Lubbie Lubby mukelabai

    The issue of buying ama Jameson in a gvt money this habit should come to an end. if it means to take beer do it during weekends not during working days and it should be on limit because if you over your climax of drinking may end up lefting you out the road.

  113. Richard

    Imagine ECL election is nullified and the ConcCourt ordered a run off between HH and ECL. I tell you there will be a terrible tribal grouping gulfs. The votes HH got in CB, LUAPULA, EASTERN, NORTHERN, Half of CENTRAL AND MUCHINGA will be totally lost because these areas would settle for the Tongas led grouping revenge. The votes ECO got in SOUTHERN, WESTERN, NORTH-WEST and Half of CENTRAL would b turned into ZEROS. Then total chaos would engulf Zambia because HH would be totally decimated.

  114. Nelson Mena Chipaila

    It seems we have forgotten the essence of democracy.

  115. unza

    Everything is in place.

  116. Sam


  117. openya

    Remember u selfish tongas tht justice delayed is NOT justice denied. God lifted an ordinary man to the highest position of the land. That’s how God works. We shall sing psalms on the day of inauguration. U wl soon taste ur own bitter medicine, mark my words!

  118. We are one people

    The hate speech being practiced on this forum and various other social media outlets is truly disheartening.If we can’t tolerate each other even online, what’s to stop us from fighting one another when we meet on the streets.Neither HH nor ECL is greater than this nation us a whole.We should never allow ourselves to be used as tools of violence by any individual or political party.Whatever decision the constitutional court comes up with must be respected by both parties and their supporters. On a lighter note, if u don’t even have a passport where are u going to run to?? Are u telling me u would like to abandon your comfortable 3 meals for beans and cabbage in some refugee camp?? LOL .. Let’s all be smart and realistic about the next few decisions we make.We are one people.God bless us all!!

  119. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwaamba (GBM)

    pliz support us

  120. corinto

    let’s wait but l remember in2001 even Mazoka Anderson also did the same thing but he did not go anyway.

  121. no objection

    Help me to understand this,I thought wen goes to court he/ she is put on force leave why is it different to our presidency. A petition was filled and yet still running the country is there going to b a fair ruling?

  122. nankwe-nankwe

    the concourt, will rule that the evidence of the petitioner lucks merit as a result Lungu is the President as announced, thank you.case closed. then I will see the mushipe of this world.then GBM will answer to his pending case of inciting violence during his under five compens.

  123. Ziba Dingani

    God is on the throne for Zambia .Dont worry mr president u hve already won .

  124. no objection

    Anyone had a right to exercise his or her rights. Give them that right. Even in our religion you hav a right whether to choose God or not. God doesn’t force to b loved why should we b force to love certain individuals. Like it is happening in Zambia wen you in favor of one person and not the other u are enemies.Why!

  125. 2 band radio wailes

    Kanwa kwevu nyini yako o polo yako.

  126. kelvin chanda

    hh u ar a fool dont let ur foolish tuchulilemo .pf pamaka

  127. PAKA RED

    At the same time,we must continue with inter-marrieges becoz lozi women are more sweeter than sugar (UKULOWA),pantu balikwata efyo twita ati amalepe, elyo nama sako aya bulaki

  128. Samuel

    you who is tring to call himself as HH if you don’t no what is coming in future and how it affect you .And let us keep closed until next week tuesday we see if inaguration wil take place .

  129. Bongololo

    Pathako pa hh na gbm. They r demons who nid to be unlished to hell. Rip idiots.

  130. Sibweni

    You UPND tribalists, you are excited as if the Constitutional Court has given you the Presidency, you will be shocked, i can assure that from now onwards, we will also vote on tribal lines & let us see if Tongaland, Western & N/Western Provinces will win you the Presidency, Open your eyes Zambia & let us defeat these tribalists!!

    • pm

      sibweni. you are a fool what tribe is the vice and she is a running mate suppose ..she can be a president.you fool.tribalist..nja

  131. TJ

    UPND rigged elections is southern province and HH wants to impose himself on the people of Zambia. ECL is our President elect according to the will of the Zambian people

  132. kanwa kawevu

    The. book of psalms says “you. may laugh but your heart. is your witness.”

  133. Tristen Enock Mwale

    Viva HH zambia ni forwad (Tifuna free education)

  134. mukela lifwekelo

    May Gods will take.cause zambia is christian nation.and i dont think ma God,the creator of life,may let his country be devoured by the beast.due to selfish leaders who prentend to be doing things in a christian way.wat is done in the dark wil be reviewed in the light.

  135. DR TRUTH

    bafikala upnd we know u don’t accept but just know that u are loosed go ad do watevr u want u I’ll not win fuckd up tongas

  136. DR TRUTH

    idiots foolish tongas wait we ar coming for u fools u think we ar scared we ar ready u thief

  137. DR TRUTH

    idiots we ar coming for u fools u think we ar scared we ar ready u thief

  138. pixy me

    Zambians open your eyes… yo so called ecl looks guilty in that photo….shame that corruption starts on the top…justice must prevail…awe! Ni mayo fye EN for 2021…

  139. Madiba

    It can only be a Tonga to make such comments. HHS@COWI.COM must win with huge margins in Dundumwezi and ECL must not win with huge margins in Mwense. May God give all Zambians benefiting wisdom. We need to get to work now.

  140. Robert martin sakala

    don’t worry my president God said , you are the president not this satanist no.

  141. Maurice pf

    upnd supporters are dreamers.

  142. siza

    you want tribal wars like its during the reign of shaka. y do u persist on insulting we Tonga’s? hh is not tribal…ninshi?

  143. kadidi

    1Election results petitioned
    2,,Constitution misinterpreted by barrister Lungu allowing ministers to illegally stay in office
    3..Mutembo nchito fired,concourt says no ba Lungu wait
    4,,Referendum failed
    Hey whats happening in Zambia??

  144. shi bukala

    tikali kudununa beyond 2021

  145. hopemirr

    Lets go and worship the LORD KiNGS of KiNGS JEHOVAH, His Son JESUS CHRIST in the power of the HOLy.
    hes given us a great leader EDGER LUNGU

  146. VAGINA

    There will be civil war

    • S.W.A.T

      ther will be cival war mu munyelo mwako or kumakandi kwako?

  147. hopemirrn.

    Lets go to church worship the LORD of Lords JESUS CHRIST.king of kings JEHOVAH mighty GOD who has given us a strong leader EDGER LUNGU.

  148. Nellz sons mumba

    Hw cn sam1 b a father wthout bein a child HH shud start on councillor,mp den president if he dont wnt beta i vote nawakwi

  149. BILANGA

    Take it or leave it the president is ECL just passing time. Not the way ba cimbwi hyenas were protesting in Ndundumwezi us we can show you how to do it nicely and ruthlessly.

  150. acidic mwila

    Weather you like or not lungu is your president ,weather rich or poor he is still your president plz muletontonkanya pakulanda namukula namaso nayakotelakumo banyinwe mikongo do U think that idiot HH can rule this nation mwebwamwe,that’s y u tongas

  151. cosiver muwo

    The president Eject should start packing or time will catch up with him in state house wondering were he missed to drible the results.


    edgar chagwa lungu awine………….

  153. Stam

    Comment.when Anderson Mazoka the late stood on UPND ticket which he lost to Levy Mwanawasa,i did voted for Mazoka who knew nothing interms of tribalism but now UPND has been hijacked by hakainde hichilema whose true name is Sunny Chintombwa.Upnd can only rise when this man surrender the party to Gary Nkombo,Cornelius Mweetwa or any other member except GBM.

    • Stam

      Comment;i also respect Mpombo’s comments which must be recommended by every participant of this forum.

  154. M

    Hichilema is disabled in politics just like his name.

  155. LEEMAN

    SOTA……! HH

  156. Jechie

    ECL z our presdo no matter wat.

  157. LEEMAN


  158. LEEMAN

    Cows in town mamama hh and is popi pliz leave our assz only

  159. sawyer

    As for me,i c it irrelevant for this ceremony coz it will just missuse funds. U where already a president cannt u just continue? If was Sata the late,this could have been uncalled for. Ata!!!!!!

  160. Rosa

    when I look at kainde Chilema, I am every day understanding and appreciating the slogan umuntu ni Lungu! Look at Lungu’s submission to the constitution. Umuntu really ni Lungu!

  161. Duck-foot Johnny

    Now that de most and expensive ceremony has been put to a halt til de petition is heared. Now on what grounds is ECL stil de head as president elect when de consitution clares states dat in such a case de Speaker shud take charge. Is ECL heading on which grounds coz I stand to be corrected.

  162. Duck-foot Johnny

    @whatever u call yo name ati Umuntu ni Lungu ,and de rest is what ? I can’t understand how us Zambians can be dubbed. Another 5 years of chulis.

  163. FIFFA

    Atase mwebakulu bonse ifyabupuba, matako yenu HH z a great man.

  164. ruce

    When is our Tonga father HH gona resign from active politics after all the loses? Or is he Barotse activist?

  165. For real

    Iwe chi for sure mind your language kupusa. Have you ever been to north western province? Danda head

  166. ONLY SLIM

    Lest tribalism cause civil war u will regret.Bt let peace & unit persavere

  167. Duck-foot Johnny

    Blind pipo following blind leaders. I guese the ConCourt wil be solve it all coz some pipo are scared of losing Jobs and no bribing pipo in stations and markets as a way of surviving. Ati ba Cadre naPuloti yamaka tawakwata panganda ninsala yekayeka. Watch de space.

  168. jaguar

    If God is with us who can be against us?izula uyan’gana toilet.shame on guy scott


    Ehehehe akainde manson ichilema even yo godfather mazoka petitioned the2001 election what dd he get……idiots.Viva ECL

  170. Roman Empire

    listen to me u ma fuckerz lungu edgar is a winner whether u like it or not.

  171. heavenz

    I really doubt ….. there z no loser yet.let’s wait 4 da court to decide what next.

  172. God s child

    Dis wicked world remember ur creator as u aa insulting God s #pipo

  173. love one another

    CommentLCE FOR EVER

  174. Costango

    Thats why elelection in africa is full of coruption.

  175. salo

    Zambians !

  176. lamz

    let the law take its course

  177. C~Jakana

    Comment…..iwe cikala master i think u’re jxt a warwm blood bastard 4 supporting yo fellow idiot ecl 2 b pres of zed

  178. james dre kasam

    people lets keep calm only God has a way out…
    ECL for zed

  179. karen kasanda

    emotional politics indeed, tribal ,violent
    amean realy pipo.we cn do better
    ibet somewhere a colonialist is probably saying”thts why we ruled them,they cant evn colectively agree,we all hv a part to play in this.promote peace guys its yo zed…its yo egg,handle it well.i love my country and i pray for a true Christian nation.

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