Mahtani Loses Court Battle He Attempted To Use To Extort A Financial Expert Out Of K1 million

Dr-Mahtani-with-Dr-Scott-in-Ndola-rural-5738Businessman Rajan Mahtani, widely known for his fraudulent activities, has lost a legal battle against Lusaka-based financial expert Simataa Simataa. This follows the decision by the Lusaka High Court to dismiss a claim by Mahtani and his former business entity Finance Bank Zambia Limited which aimed at grabbing K1 million (K1 billion old currency) from the veteran banker and former employee of the institution.

Simataa was paid K1 million by Mahtani and Finance Bank as a separation package after the matter was taken to the Industrial Labour Relations court where the two parties agreed for a settlement. Mahtani had included a clause in the settlement which indirectly sought to gag Simataa, but the court has interpreted that provision in the agreement could only to the material labour dispute.

According to a statement of claim filed before the Lusaka High Court on 7th April 2014, the plaintiff (Mahtani and Finance Bank) alleged that Simataa as a former employee of Finance Bank breached an oath of secrecy signed between him and the bank and received K1 million to buy his silence.

They said written agreement was signed on 23rd May, 2007 with the bank undertaking to pay Simataa K1 million in six monthly installments. Simataa, on the other hand, contended that he had not breached any agreement in the cases referred to by the plaintiff as he was only testifying in an open court against the bank with the full knowledge of Mahtani.

Simataa further told the court that the said sum was payment of his separation package with the bank. But Mahtani, who has used similar tricks to swindle people, sought damages for breach of agreement, a refund of the said K1 million and also interest on the sum.

Justice Prisca Nyambe dismissed the Mahtani’s claims with costs saying the defendant did not breach the said agreement. The crooked Mahtani will now have to pay Simataa for the legal fees and all expenses on the matter.

Apart from suing Simataa, Mahtani took to scandalise the financial expert on his websites – Zambian Watchdog and Zambian Intelligence News, where through his surrogates he called him a mercenary and failure. Furthermore, Mahtani excitedly published the intent to seek legal action against Simataa and recover K1 million on his personal website.

The court has however laundered Simataa stating, “It is therefore the finding of this court that since signing of the agreement dated 23rd May, 2007 up to date, the defendant has kept confidential its contents.

“It follows that the plaintiffs are not entitled to the refund of K1 million which was given to the defendant as part of the ex-curia settlement.”

The plaintiff (Mahtani and Finance Bank) had contended that Simataa had gone ahead and testified in several cases against them thereby breaching the said agreement.

“Therefore, I am not persuaded by the plaintiff’s agreement that in testimony in cases cited herein the defendant breached the agreement under consideration. To hold so would be outside the ambit of the said agreement and tantamount to a global gag on the defendant to forgo constitutional rights to testify in a court of law which can have no legal basis,” said Justice Nyambe.

The court dismissed the plaintiffs claim with costs but reserved their right to appeal.


  1. kayzee

    What Has Made Him Loose Is It Not Law?

    • Mary Shooltz

      What happened to money laundering cases against the Great Dr. Mahtani? He steals big and looks after politicians big and walks to London bank smiling.

  2. JIN

    its just a shame

  3. Animalistic

    Don’t like long articles fuck ZR for dis


    shi mataa shi mataa….well done job. let us finish thia mwenye anya nya na bu punka bwakwe…..he think he is a master and king maker wapa zed….finish him ninshi you have finiahed naka mmembe and tu loya tubili, mutombe nchito and nshinya oh sori, nchima nchito….pamo na useless loya winter “mezi” kabwamba.
    bola naikosa. ni dununa chabe…kula ba dununa fye.

  5. Cornie chawa

    Congrates big sam let him pay you he is a crook


    Yeah pa Zed naikaba boma I bombeko

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    Dirty game play


    Comment…OK DATS IT


    Comment Read 2Timothy 3:1-5.Bible said on last days people they will be dishonest so mwipapa.

  10. Tiye

    Hmmm. Isn’t this the Judge who has been botching cases against all the Banks?

  11. Gadi

    Lozi Judge. Lozi Sumata. Lozi . LOZI lawyer. Suspect.

    • Z-Joan Craven

      Money laundering cases shall be re-opened and this Mwenye shall be tried and put behind bars once and for all. Finsbury Investment and the pseudo owners Mary and Gabriel shall be charged for money laundering and being conduit to externalise billions of Kwacha without paying any tax.

      What lozi judge, lozi lawyer and lozi claimant? Put an Indian Judge and the judge will find a life sentence to this mwenye too short.

  12. Yommy

    But Simata has not won….

  13. Robert Diaz

    send this mwenye to india bcz he has lost the case to the big man him self simaata simaata.never hh

  14. Z-Joan Craven

    Send this Mwenye to India when he was born in Zambia. Let him be prosecuted in Zambia and pay for his sins in Zambia. Money laundering cases shall be re-opened and this Mwenye shall be tried and put behind bars once and for all. Finsbury Investment and the pseudo owners Mary and Gabriel shall be charged for money laundering and being conduit to externalise billions of Kwacha without paying any tax.

  15. G wise

    dat crook by da name rajan should b jailed

  16. Gowero

    Insulting the guy who brought you Prudential and Atlas Mara for Simata who has been publicly disgraced at FAZ. Bena Zambia. Mwaba shani?

  17. Taffy

    Ba Mahtani-Can you appeal fast. How can we allow Simata costs? Simata is a hopeless chap. You made a mistake to ever hire him.

  18. Nayo

    This is how the justice system works. 2 more Courts to appeal to. Tiyeni nayo.

  19. Panya

    Did Simata not steal from Finance Bank?

    • mukwanya

      Comment he didnt steal but he testified agnst his former bos and bank when he was called by state as a witnes but becoz matani is a mafia he offerd him 1billion to keep quiet but he choose to reveal now mahtani wants his 1bilion back

  20. Zwa

    Thanks for always standing up for your rights Rajan. Harder nabena

  21. prophet daniel simfukwe

    lets love one another b honest GOD is lov

  22. Isaiah Ilumbela

    1 Thessalonians 5:22 it’s Abstain from every form of evil.

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    No man can abtain a station unless permanent godihood..

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    Meanwile kalu lost a house. Education is vital

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