Lawyer Reports Hichilema, GBM To International Court For Crimes Against Humanity

GBM-HHA Lusaka Law firm has written the International Criminal Court (ICC) citing United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema and party vice-president Geofrey Mwamba for alleged crimes against humanity.

Lewis Nathan Advocates, with liaison Offices in Dubai, Johannesburg and CapeTown has written to the ICC on behalf of some Zambians who are victims of attacks in some strongholds of the UPND.

The Law Firm have alleged that there is a reasonable basis to believe Hichilema and Mwamba have committed, aided and abetted, ordered or incited crimes of torture and persecution and damage to public and private properties of Zambians.

Lewis Nathan Advocates has argued that the ICC has a mandate to handle the the allegations of crime against humanity by Hichilema and Mwamba because Zambi is a state party to the Rome Statute of the ICC.

Hichilema and Mwamba are yet to respond to the attempt.

UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has told ZNBC that Zambian Courts have jurisdiction to handle allegations of crime against humanity.

Lifwekelo also said the UPND leadership has denounced the violence allegedly being committed by its members in some regions in the country.

He further said the onus is on both the UPND and Patriotic Front leadership to restrain party members from engaging in violence.

Police has arrested about 300 people in Southern province alone for post election violence charges.


  1. giftmna

    How about Mapenzi chibulo?

    • Sech

      You as UPND sacrificed her bcoz you are a freemasonic organization.Look at your leaders do they look normal?

      • Chinganzule

        It is people like you and those lawyers who will one day plangue this divided country in bloodshed .Who killed Matapa ?Was is not the PF?Who killed that innocent girl a few weeks ago for belonging to a party of her choice ? PF vigilantes disguised as policemen. People don’t take this peace for granted.

        • mpombo

          No Matapa’s killers have been arrested that was a common murder crime while Mapenzi was killed by’Chuundu’police men those who posed in the post newspaper if you can remember to win sympathy for HH This is a tight case am willing to be a key witness because apart frm crime against humanity he has also committed genocide,holocaust,recruiting of child rioters & used rape as a weapon of political coercion towards Bembas & Easterners The gov’t should immediately provide security to all the victims coz i hear HH wants to eliminate them to prevent them frm testifying I urge the ICC to move fast & be pro-active instead of reactive The issue of HH & GBM appearing before the Zambian courts is out since this can be construed as political persecution moreover upnd claims that Zambian courts’re biased against them #Cryinghyena more pop corn plitz

          • Bozo

            HOW DOES HH WIN?

            As we wait for outcome of concourt, it would be interesting to look at basic facts as they stand now, then we are free to speculate; 1. How many MPs from PF and UNDP have been declared?
            2. Looking at past elections, let us take 2011, when Zambians go to vote, how do they vote, is it like they would vote UNDP president and vote PF MP? 3. If we have more PF MPs, how voted into Parliament, how does HH claim that he has won elections, simple logic, no medicine, no insults, no bloodshed.

            This analysis does not need Rocket Scientist, our constcourt need not labour. The truth is in the voting pattern, in the declared political party MPs in the last election.

            HH would have done himself a big favour if he petitioned the whole election process; wards, MPs, Mayors before talking about presidency.

        • lance kakumbi

          Let’s handle this in the hand of God coz Zambia is a Christian country.

        • F. M

          Be realistic Man ndiwe muntu wabwanji. PF have no problem as compared to UPND this you know.

      • bill gates

        viva upnd for life

      • Darma

        sech useless thinkng like a reptiles eg snake……………..etc

      • mwape

        Comment my brother sech giftma’s leaders does’nt look nornal I think u a right



      • mpombo

        We MBULU yamu Kabwe what kind of dialogue did you want where PF members beating ‘Chuundu’cadres in their strongholds Did you hear ECL promising armageddon or chaos after elections It was HH who needed to dialogue with his cadres they definately could have listened since they consider him a small god

        • Kevin johns pembere

          Take them on my bro

          • mpombo

            @Kelvin true bro’Chuundu’doesn’t nid political space he’s very resilient like the hydra you chop of his head(election defeat)only for another head to pop out in the next elections

        • Beatrice

          @mpombo the sti i infected you will never stop confusing you go for vct.

          • mpombo

            No @Beatrice the sti you gave me is the engine that drives my ernegy for PF i wont go for vct

        • Mpezeni

          HH for life and GBM the life saver! Nigga.

      • selasi


      • mazi mayumu

        FP min fool parent

      • mwape

        Comment we mbulu do u think zat request from your rongabull to meet his excellent ECL okay? no he is amagerdonist,HH just retire ,cow;

      • senior citizen 2

        Twawanambulu. Hh knows that his the one brought this violence now he wants to show the world that he is for peace thats why he wants to meet Edgar to negotiate for peace and it’s too late for him ,the crime against humanity as been already committed by him and his running mate bwalya, he just now start preparing for justice against him or the best he can do apologies to the zambian for declared armagedon .
        Coming to laz joining petition casse we all know it motives . This organisations is now controls by the the cartel the c
        Secret powerful society people who wants to control week government in corrupted manner . But let me tell you that it won’t work ECL will crush them like he did crush them in 2015 Because God is in control


      Comment giftmna who was the causer of that death. it was hh and gbm.

    • Zambian patriot

      A commonly known thief who steals a chicken from a neighbour while everyone is listening as the chicken is making noise runs through the street to his home, leaves the chicken and goes straight to the court, instead of the police station to report that the neighbour stole his chicken. Wow! Someone surely should record this in the genius book of world records.

      • Zambian patriot

        HH and GBM do not even have immunity and they are not in hiding. Why not report them to the police? Because there is no substance in the issue raised. Where is the tonne of bricks? Where is the big stick?

        • mwape

          you can imagin Zambian patiorn those 2 ldiots deos’nt even have hearts,why sparering them,after all they only have blood mney,especially HH

        • mpombo

          @Zambian patriot no ‘Chuundu’cadres claim that the Zambia police’re biased we don’t want someone to cry political persecution for your info the police wanted to pounce but i adviced against it So let them prepare to meet Fatou Besouda the ICC prosecutor how i would have loved the former prosecutor Moreno Ocampo to have nailed these war criminals anyway Zambia police will facilitate the transfer of these two I would urge the ICC to put a bounty on their heads in case they try to go into hiding

        • ethel

          You clearly haven’t read what the ‘victims’ have raised in the application you should then you will be allowed a moment to reflect ‘crimes against humanity are the very core of the Rome Statute’ ask the Kenyan leadership about that Instrument…don’t think its your usual cup of tea..

    • litulike puuuuuuu

      Pamaka kikikikikeeeee yapwa amaka hehehehe bafipuli nabakaka amabuleki,yangu ka celebration akaku hero’s ka chupa iyeee inkoko no m’punga nafisasa ,mbale jefwe kuku lamba kubwalo . Awe kwena na sumina nipakalitente bane cheniko panono lyalatulika.

    • Derick

      lawyers ve been fobbiden to post anything on social media. namu kaba mu breakfast

    • Geoffrey Bwalya Mwaamba (GBM)

      wat ablt her?

    • Pegasus

      The way of the attention seekers. Some parade themselves naked like that guy we saw perched behind a vehicle. Indeed how about Mapenzi or that fellow who got a double kick from those “WWE” policemen in front of tv cameras. A one-sided razor this is and I am glad he’ll not have to defend me in court.

  2. Animal farm

    @ hh and gbm please we want peace mwebantu not with want you have started doing and i have come to believe that you two guys, you don’t have the heart for zambians you are like now idiamin please just go to your strong holds and preach about love. its one zambia one nation but why do you want to divide us we zambians we love each other God will judge you over your deeds God bless our nation mother zambia.

    • Monze Police

      @animal farm preaching peace in Zambia .when your party stolen votes and why can’t pf go and preach peace

      • mpombo

        Its your party which stole votes in southern province don’t be cry babies Which peace do you want PF to preach when its their members who’re being brutalized

      • senior citizen 2

        Monze police can you bring evidence that pf stole votes your hh always crying in any election that his votes are stolen .wait this week for verdict from concourt that day you’ll star insulting even judges when you will be disappointed.
        ECL has won the election clean according to the international and loca observers declaration.


      Why do they rigg election if they no that one zambia one nation,ECZ has a problem they ar the ones in the four frant of rigging election.dont blem HH and GBM they are fightin for the rights of zambians we dnt want to be ruled by theives zambia is a christian nation.

      • mwape

        u are a foolish solder not a peace solder don’t u know that your readers HH GBM stored votes from PF in that coursed Land called dundumwezhi?

  3. Kabaso

    Please bapolice bakandene bashetani and their leaders will be the last when lungu swears in

  4. Hakainde Hichilema

    What matters most


      The PF Government for stealing our presidency is the most matter.

      • mpombo

        What’re you trying to say or maybe you’re high on drugs

        • West

          All pf cadre are still behind in the old age since all are blind best beggar

  5. bro ogonos

    Please let the law take its course,

  6. Prisoner

    Comment. Mwayamba u guys the game is over.

  7. Prisoner

    Comment. Mwayamba u guys the game is over. Let hh and gbm alone

    • mpombo

      No let the ICC declare them innocent not any Zambian either PF or upnd since we’re all interested parties

  8. Mr peace

    Thiz 2 businessmen should go bak to school and study politics.I think they nid to understand the diference btween politiics and buisness.They nid to learn more about leadership.Leadership is all about humblenss and tollerance bcoz God exaults thoz who humbie themselves.It is only God who makes a way where there isn’t.U dont use force in to leadership.Besides,the bible says there is tym for evry thing.HH has no love for zambians.All he can dream about is state house.NO amagedon in zambia.The law will visit u…

    • Belzo Chikango

      Mr peace, can you be humble if someone provokes you? did this happen in the past elections? The reason why this violence is because of what Mr Lungu did.Of course you be a good leader stilling votes,and has been proved when Lungu order the court not to take a recount of ballots.Your president is also using his commands to the court which is very unfair,the court should use it’s responsibility not to be told what to do by the same person who hs offended, this mean lungu has also corrupt the court like wht he did to the Electoral Commision of Zambia.Like that violence shall not stop.

      • mpombo

        In other words you’re insinuating that even PF members should retaliate in their strongholds to equalize the equation of violence


        Lungu is corrupt,ECZ is also corrupt as a result wil not stop fighting for our rights.if lungu continue to be our learder us soldiers we wil use force and we shall rule our country bcos all we want is peace in zambia.

        • mwape

          MWe solder ilipuba bushe mulatontonkanyafye bwino MWe chipuba imwe

    • nata

      BA peace BA mudala tamwatalaufwako isala&&&&&&&&&%%&

      • HH

        forward chabe … Am behind u my president and your vice

        • mpombo

          Foward chabe in perpetuity of losing

          • PEACE S SOLDIER

            Mpombo u are more like a dead dog all ur idears are dead and tok things that u dnt undertsnd so ask 4 wisdom frm God b4 its too late.

    • Dsmart

      Wat do u hav in life …….check yo self

    • Lawyer

      Mr peace be ashamed of yourself coz u never even studied what hh studied and he is rich than all your family members
      i think twice before u open your mouth

      • mpombo

        @Lawyer what has HH’s riches & studies got to do with his wisdom nuts!!They have not helped him in politics Its you who never studied @#i think twice before u open your mouth kikikiki

      • mwape

        Ka lawyer we as PF members we don’t admire blood money which HH has, and now is joining GBM

      • senior citizen 2

        Law hh rich? In stolen money from privatisation of state companies let me tell you that the man in question is not in peace of mind of that corrupt deals he did in 1991 the best way you can help him advise him to bring back what belong to zambians and apologies

    • jkn

      walasa especially tuuma leadership quality but i know some one arque @ ngaba kwanisha shani business but not with politics

  9. dr l

    Live hh and GBM alone

    • mpombo

      Yes we have left them to be prosecuted alone no interference

  10. Michelo ng'andu

    Comment;there is no smoke wihout fire.nothing wrong with hh/gbm


    THE 2RF (the 2 rich fools) are the ones inciting violence…..kaili they said ati nga ba lusa kuzakala amagideon…so kamata them.

  12. Diehard

    Immediately after swearing in of president Edgar Lungu, we want hh,gbm and there mooooo follower to go to maximum prison.

  13. Sech

    The police should arrest those two fools GBM and HH for committing crime against Zambians.
    We need peace and not their Armageddon.

  14. jBC

    Let the law deal with those culprit up to the end.

  15. Thomas Njovu

    HH and GBM should be punished when ECL starts ruling because what they are doing is bad.

    • ezra

      no need to waste time on them leave them they are irrelevant to society…we shall be too busy moving the nation to greater heights the Hague will deal with them and set an example of them

  16. MUZO

    Hh and gbm ar not leaders.They have failed to show us qualities of leadership.Gbm at once was a defence minister bt he left the position without proper reasons.hh has never bn councilor,mayor or mp,hw can he be a president? Hh cimofye naba sukuma baku tanzania.ukuteka/herding ing’ombe tebu leader iyooo,nibukacemafye.Lastly,Leaders ar born and nt made.

    • Darma

      muzo u ar behind livestocking z good what do yo presdent lungu hve ? nothng like u tribal creature u thnk that beef u consume comes where i never seen creature like u same as apes .

    • big brother

      Only God can manage to rule us not human beings no no no

    • big brother

      ECL is not the first or last President of this Country, remember one day he became formal president.Mr Michael C. Sata our beloved rate president, may he soul rest in peace, look upon our Leaders you left for our Country please they just doing parallel, God help us

    • junta

      did u jst say failed…… but how coz they ar not in power

  17. humble pf

    When Mr. Echi Echi said, six months before any vote was cast, that he was not going to accept the results of the August polls, and that Armaggedon was coming. I knew that the UPND was accepting defeat before a single vote was cast.
    The Armaggedon that we are in right now can be blamed on 4 people:
    1. Echi Echi
    2. GBVwamba
    3. William Tekere Banda
    4. Nerver Silly Mumba
    The group mentioned above are more dangerous than dang

  18. Quickly

    lungu is the most idiot creature on eath.

    • MUZO

      Quickly ur ar the most idiot.(1)u have no respect 2 our president elect (2) hatred,jealous are the things u know.Hh will never rule this country.Caluntunka imiku 5 awe tapaba icakwe mu zambia.@gbm wandalama,cisambila na axion casuba vestline natu diprosal tunono,infine pamenso kwati cikala ku Namwala.

      • Belzo Chikango

        President elect! when he used other methods! Muzo i think you have to repent of ur sins before it’s too late.Quickly, inform even ur fellow country man mr ECL that “papa go to any Church and pray for forgivenes” otherwise he’ll die carelessly if he uses force to be a leader of this nation coz he has done alot of evil from the time he succeded the late (may his soul rest in eternal peace) Mr Sata.

        • mpombo

          Ba Belzo naimwe praising Sata when you danced on his grave What method did HH use in winning votes in southern province still doubting TRIBALISM!!!!

    • TC

      God luks at the hut n not the out side.God bless you for insulting a leader.

  19. MUZO

    Hh and gbm ar not leaders.They have failed to show us qualities of leadership.Gbm at once was a defence minister bt he left the position without proper reasons.hh has never bn councilor,mayor or mp,hw can he be a president? Hh cimofye naba sukuma baku tanzania.ukuteka/herding ing’ombe tebu leader iyooo,nibukacemafye. Lastly,Leaders are born and not made.

  20. yoyo

    HH and GBM we love you but it’s not your time to be our leaders so leave ba lungu alone to rule us pilz.

    • big brother

      Only God can manage to rule us not human beings no no no

  21. chisanga

    Comment muzazimba kut hh and gbm the 2guys inmbapodo mwanjaila kumba bapf

  22. humble pf

    The group mentioned above are more dangerous than danger itself and the earlier they are taken to the ICC, the better for all of us.
    For them to be arrested quickly, the ICC must put a price tag and a time frame



  24. Zimandola

    Kill the 300 bastards u hav arested. Zambia is biger than those 300 idiots.

    • Mr Slu and Papa G...

      lungu jst answer the petition and leave HH and GBM

      • mpombo

        He’s too busy attending to national duties in Mfuwe to respond to such trash

  25. chisanga

    Comment pf u a very stupid kumba mavot chiinbaba maingi a so muchileke kumba

    • mpombo

      Another disappointed tonga not proud to use his magoye name

      • chain bee

        Comment 70% of tongas voted for upnd and 30% voted for pf and same to the bembas and nyanjas. so what do you say to those tongas that voted for pf? say no to tribalism. let us mantain peace in our country and love one another. zambia is a christian nation. we all bel
        ong to one family.

    • mpombo

      Another disappointed tonga not proud to use his magoye name

  26. Bridges.!!!

    Handover Power to Acting President Mr. Matibini who in turn can instruct security wings to deal with the situation… ICC May not the solution….

    • mpombo

      Living in dream land There is no acting president its just president ECL if not satisfied go hang yourself

  27. kayzee

    Lungu Has To Answer Clearly To The Petition Not The Way He Wants To Pretend That It Be Thrown Out That Is What We Are Against.

    • mpombo

      If you’re pained so much go & grab him from Mfuwe then see if he can respond to your trash

    • MUZO

      Ba kayzee naimwee,ulupato pamatako.Bushe ba ECL ebacitile announce ati nabawina ama election nangu niba ESAU CHULU? bt y hh n gbm want Ba ECL NA BA INONGE 2 B answerable? Thats rubbish.tym wasters we want 2 c development nt ayo matuvi ya ng’ombe yamene mupeleka muma court. However,14 days ar approching.we shall soon dununa u 2 equal the equation

  28. Bridges.!!!

    Syria is at War because someone is holding to Power like a wallet…. Zambia May be heading in that direction for as long as former President is not willing to let go….

    • mpombo

      Start anything stupid & its only your province that will turn into ashes


    GBM and HH ama politics yabakanga limbi besheko nesolo maybe they can do better, guys what do u think?

    • mpombo

      Its a good idea who knows they may excel in nsolo it doesn’t need any wisdom all it nids is a head fixed on a neck

  30. kaoche kathengo

    Elections are won in the ballot boxes and not in courts plz, just cage these two idiots GBM and hh, they are delaying our President to work.

    • eye of an eagle

      Stealing is a crime .
      Whe have had man presidents before lungu.
      Who has ever witnessed what we are swing today?
      Things like
      -delaying in announcing of election results,
      -The ecz announcing delayed results when there are disputes to the matter,
      -if one may ask how many days did it take for the results to be announced when ftj won the elections against kk?
      The same thing happened in 2011 when rb almost refused to announce the results in favour of mcs by a way of rigging,
      But rb acted wisely by accepting advise to announce the correct results and today he is the top advisor to ecl in accomplishing what he avoided in the bid to safeguard his reputation.
      And i qoute ecl saying during his thanks giving rally saying—
      “Natumfwa ati abalushile nabatu twala ku court, twalalolela kaili court echo yabelako”
      But today he orders the court to struck out the petition, what is he scared of?
      Him being true winner he should be nuetral ad patient to allow
      1. Ecz to be indpendent
      2. The court to be indpendent.
      But it seems they are alsp scared or are working under instructions.
      For the peace to prevail ecl has a much bigger roll to play than jus being fast in getting advise from people whose names will be clean after a period of five or ten years.
      We got independence in 1964 which gives us 50 + yrs of independence and we had
      1* kk
      2* ftj
      4* rb
      5* sata
      And we have never heard of tribalism being preached at the level it is today,
      We have never witnessed the rumors of war as we are hearing today, who is to blame?
      The problem with the Zambian youth is that they don’t treasure education but imfrustructure, without realism on how bad our education system is.
      Today we have a generation with a very bad reading culture hence a buch of dull youth who are not capable of distinguishing their priority,
      Most of the old generation are usin these dull youths who act without thinking what the next 50 yrs holds for them, today we woudnt be talking about who is to be leader/but but we shoild be embracing what the past leaders had offererd for our country by appreciating that by now our government would have already put up maesures to upgrade the way we get access to education, and not only access but affordable and quality education.
      Today for your child to be at a government school meaning that you want him to leave always struggling unless you take him to a private schopl or abroad which is also expensive.
      Nowarnder people are fighting for power to eneble them aquire enough money to send their children to school abroad.
      To them it does not matter how they make the money, wether it is by corrupt maens or by force as long as they will have $ by the end of the day.
      These are the same people who can leave you fighting and run away with yoir glory
      They can even kill just to safeguard the future of their children,
      But are you not someone’s child to die in place of their chidren?
      Especially the hungry uneducated youths are a problem to understand the truth.
      To be continued………..

      • WAMUSULA

        Shallow minded die hard mason worshiper. In Africa,rare are chances of nullifying results. Its wishful thinking that one idiot can hold the country at ransom, when he was voted by three provinces out of ten. How many Mps do u have you dogs ? Not less than 45 . The rest is Pf plus 3 independents who all supported Pf. So majority Triumphs. WENYO!

      • mpombo

        Imwe ba @eye of an eagle mukaye ku sukulu than wasting time on this fora

        • eye of an eagle

          Mpombo i always notice that you are one of those hungry uneducated fools, who are always against the truth.

  31. jay br33zy

    Leave th guys alone. Lungu watch out we r coming fo yuh!!

  32. DR STES

    aba bambuli napobafumine palishala palanukaaaaaa idiot GBM & HH

  33. kasambara sakala

    That can not happen in Zambia my dear. Syria is Syria and Zambia is Zambia. Mr dreamer. Uzavutisa bana bako nga bakukaka.

  34. moffat

    Comment Lungu jx answer the pertition nd stop pretending u idiot

  35. unknown politician

    you thief kalungu y did u steal votes to my president hh but you were also campaning a fake president with more credit .u re weak in yo brain idiot no. matter wat u will not rule us again this year z not yo year.if u were choosing by God u would bn a president already but y .God z for evry one.

  36. John

    Comment: U Knw Tht Tht Man Hh Z Very Idoit Ad His Bordug They Cnt Leads Us Becz Thy Dnt Knw Hw To Ctr Us Jst Lt Ecl To Rule Us Plz. And U Hh Yo Each President Hd 3 Names And U,U Only To Name Only Why

  37. Apology

    For stealing votes you thought things will easy for Lungu and his team, have you seen now the problem. PF you will reap what you sow. You steal while people are watching. Shame on lungu, no other way apart from re-runn. HH and GBM are good men. Lungu call mugabe to save you. Kawalala wama votes lungu you have embarassed yourself to your fellow leaders out there on the wourld.

    • mpombo

      Ranting like a rabid dog you’re even failing to write re-run & world

    • Frank Aziff

      If ECL stole the election y didn’t hh still again. rembr that u are doing camping and being voted only for 3 provinces. don’t make yourself happier. the results are very clear by the way vite for hh yourself again so that he wins from your own thought. swine…..

  38. Junta


  39. given siazana

    What about ba PF

    • We are stupid zambians

      Yes what about PF and the thugs they are using

      • mpombo

        As a ruling party we have got immunity from the ICC it only has jurisdiction on opposition parties

  40. marvel

    hh stop stop delaying our president elect nga politics ya kanga u can find other things to do coz u r just worsting ur time

  41. joyce mwaba

    Comment we will not accept defeat,that was before we voted,I will go for Lungu,s throat,and armageddon?kikikikikikiki too rich fools indeed

  42. straight man

    simple and straight forward HH and GBM can’t be responsible for these nonsense never. pipo of God try to use your head to think not batercos no. why you always get out of your mind. look they are not be worried about that just because they are innocent. your response will show your normalit weather you think or not.

    • mpombo

      Even if’Chuundu’cadres laugh at us that we’re kaponyas & not educated awe sure nabena mwaliba ifikopo kwati ici chi @straight man


    Ba lungu, icc tayatwafwe. Listen to the petition and then accept. Bafikala kwateni amano ba kapoli abalume.

  44. We are stupid zambians

    If that is the case then we, the citizens of Zambia, should also petition the following to the ICC
    Kiazer zulu
    Amos chanda
    Mumbi phiri
    Alexander chikwanda
    PF cadres
    As these are the people who started this violence and blame others.

    WE ARE truly stupid ZAMBIANS

    • eye of an eagle

      @ stupid zambians as said by kk, true.

    • mpombo

      You should pray that the people you have mentioned never appealled to Bembas & easterners to lynch tongas in their strongholds instead they asked for restraint

      • eye of an eagle

        @Mpombo mpombo mpombo,
        You are truly a stupid Zambian.
        You can’t think straight and i urge you to go back to school.

  45. Goodlucky ba ZESCO-we are behind you

    The action is long overdue because people were supposed to indited for same before last week.Our relatives have lost everything they possessed.It will be difficult to begin life from the scratch.

  46. kwangu

    @ unknown politician,yep God is for everyone but like the other blogger stated,politics are won through ballots cast not numerous court petitions.We all know how this will end so you better put your big boy hat on and accept it.

  47. straight man

    a fool is a fool you can’t change a fool to be normal, if the parents failed, who is u to do so? stupidity is from womb as dullness is from the family. so your speech explain who you are. you can’t blame HH when you are not a deaf because he always preaching peace unless you are from another planet you just come to give your contribution and back. any one who will say against me he/she more than what has saying.

    • iam 100%pf

      Comment@straight man dont cover for your inmature leaders. if i may ask u which political party promised armagedon and not to accept election results. leaders are born not made hh and gbm shudgo to hell that is where they belong please live zambians in peace not inpieces,u think 3provinces can produce a president upnds mwatolelya uma.live long my beloved president the chosen one ecl.

  48. mado

    dont argue with this grade 7s drop out which are ignorante like gbm a freemanson/satanist

  49. straight man

    what about your mother is she not a satanic, am asking you mado? foolish person, u have failed and you think they will all fail like u. what grade are you then? call me if you want.

  50. Democracy

    Y not reporting lungu who is refusing 2 handover power? lungu & his ecz are de ones who caused that NOT our presidents HH&GBM no! no! 100% NO! fake lawyers

    • mpombo

      You ‘Chuundu’cadres’re nuts just because ECL handed over power to Guy Scott so any fool who wants to become president has to just yell on top of his voice that Lungu hand over power & he will oblige It doesn’t work that way just do it the ballot way kwataaaaa!!!!

  51. Mwila

    Next time Hh should not stand for presidential bcoz this guy can’t be the leader ifintu ngafyakukana kwikalafyi. Don’t think if you are able to keep the heads of cattle you can keep Zambia stop dreaming mr Hh

  52. Patrick

    The 300 cadres should be punished .Job well done ba police, that’s what we want. Keep it up.

  53. straight man

    if you say she is not a satanic why she has bear a satanic ritual because you are a satanic why having too much hatred if you are not a satanic? the Bible is straight forward why a you doing what your father do? Satan do evil God do good who is your father all haters? I like Lungu in conjunction with all pipo including you who hate HH and Frank Bwalya the most hatred person in Zambia.

  54. Belzo Chikango

    Mado, which country are u from? and which school did u go to as compared to the republican Vice President Mr GBM? It’s like u didn’t even step ur foot even in any private school.

  55. straight man

    mwila you are an idiot why bring HH’s property in discussions foolish person me as a straight man I wish to tell you the truth if you have mistaken, foolish boy mwila.

  56. OT

    Candidates of jr president can do better in ruling this country dan hh n gbm

  57. forgive me

    may justice prevail in this case.

  58. ALLAH

    I pitty you ba zambia for ignorance,you know who is at fault and you keep on blaming innocent HH and GBM.

  59. rider of people

    were are the pf who did the same things

  60. Galamukani

    Lifwekelo and his UPND see that we have Zambian courts to handle such cases because It concerns the alleged crimes committed by them now. They don’t want to be reported to some international organization for such things. Zambia forward! Yet they have been crying like babies to the international communities in regards to almost all grievances they have against the government, even long before the votes were cast. They have been crying for the intervention of the international organization as if Zambia has got no muscle to handle such things. That’s why ZRA closed The Post and IBA has suspended the licenses for Muvi TV and the two radio stations. So don’t cry foul and rush to the international communities for issues we can handle on our own. Infact, the international organizations should not use their financial support to Zambia as a way for manipulating our system of governance. Zambia is a Sovereign State.

    With or without the appeal by these lawyers made to the ICC, HH and GBM will definitely be dealt with accordingly by Zambian laws. Let the petition case first be disposed of. Even if the Concourt nullifies the election of President Lungu and there is a re-run, the people HH and GBM have provoked in Zambia will show them where they belong. If HH and GBM were using words with restraint in a dignified manner, I don’t think that their supporters could have behaved in such a barbaric manner after losing the elections. One Zambiaaaa! One nation.

    • rider of people

      Comment tell the if the icc is wise it will ask frist that dd the country falled to handle it

  61. TJ

    HH and GBM have been talking false things about Zambia to their so called friends in the international community. Its good that atrocities inflicted on innocent people and property destroyed trials should be carried out by the international community court the ICC. Since the ICC has already been written by the law firm, I would suggest that the trial over atrocities allegations should be handled in this way so that Zambia maintains its position as a beacon of peace in Africa and beyond. As it is now, HH and GBM have caged themselves in Zambia which means that any attempt to travel to any foreign country these two will be arrested by the ICC and taken to The Hague to face trial for crimes against humanity.

    • mpombo

      But even Zambia police will arrest them & facilitate there transfer to the ICC we’re just waiting for the international arrest warrant to be processed then WHAM!! Off they’re carted & wisked away to the Hague & the shaveless Canicious becomes’Chuundu’president with Nkombo & Mwiimbu pulling the strings frm behind

  62. Giles

    foolish lawyr…even this chi zambia reports u av start bhavin mondangarous u bcumn 2 biased in da wy u r reportn yo news…u wethles cowards dont tel me you r also scared 2b closed like your frnds bana muvi

    • mpombo

      Imwe you should have written in tonga like a duck splattering mud on a paper

  63. Dollar

    those who support PF are fools nd dull cant you see that zambia is cold?lungu keeps on pretending to be a christian nd fools like you keep on supporting him.
    a christian never changes bcs of the positoin but lungu changed from muslem to christianity bcs he wanted to be a president.all this shows that he is not a resposible person,if truly is a christian y keeping on blaming GBM nd HH wen he is the one encouraging these fighting by not restraining his supporters not do the same in kitwe nd other parts of pf stronghold.

    • Pussy licker

      Ba Dollar u your self u are a fool stanyoko I don’t even know how u became educated

    • dununa revers

      ndiwe fwinti ikulu Im jus wndering he old you are t seems lyk you are a juvenile koz a normal person cnt write such grow up,growing dsnt min growing in height o getng fat bt growing up in the head be matured plzzz don’t be a fool for nthng

    • dununa revers

      ndiwe fwinti ikulu Im jus wndering hw old you are t seems lyk you are a juvenile koz a normal person cnt write such grow up,growing dsnt min growing in height o getng fat bt growing up in the head be matured plzzz don’t be a fool for nthng

    • mpombo

      So whats your problem if we’re foolish & dull Provided we deliver electoral victory i don’t care

      • eye of an eagle

        @ mpombo even if you dont care one Zambia one nation.

  64. Dollar

    Zambia reports is paid to support PF alwys there is no difference between Zambia reports nd Znbc they are all dog tails

    • Pussy licker

      Dollar u ain’t normal but u could have been if u were kwacha or naira fuck u.

    • dk

      Court case is wasting of time . GOD wants lungu to finish what he had been started .GOD reveals this to his faithful sevant prophet lginla a nigerian.if GOD says yes who can say no. The time is coming when u will see PF supporters again in the streets celebrating again because GOD is not man and he can’t change want he says

    • mpombo

      Just find solace in the watchdog no one invited you here

  65. AUZILE

    viva upnd pf tactics wont work

  66. jays

    God will render judgement against them

  67. Namibian city

    Ecl ulimubwa wababwa u are very stupid bcoz u can’t Think.

    • mpombo

      If a dog could defeat your hh then hh is dead wood to be outsmarted

      • eye of an eagle

        @ mponbo at first i did not know that you a polutitian?

      • eye of an eagle

        @ mponbo at first i did not know that you are a polutitian?

  68. Dabwitso Mwamba


    • dununa revers

      go to school and be a serious lawyer since these 1z are jokers

  69. Pussy licker

    HH AND GBM are faeces. Idiots they nid to se a psychiatrist pantu balikolwa kachasu. All those insupport of upnd are dogs or rather monkeys as whites say.

    • one muntu

      N’gnyi utoma lutuku btwn ECL&HH Mwaambako biji namana

  70. Rainford

    Whatever U Write En Say Over This Matter Wont Change Things, Let Hh En Gbm Start Preparing Their Defences Coz Icc Has Already Received The Complaint, No Bupuba Muleke Ba Upnd.

  71. Pussy licker

    I think nalatomba aba Tonga bonse and then GBM will be fuck by ecl hh will be given to lubinda G. What do u think, or should we include homosexual in our constitution.

  72. Daniel

    Just take it easy guys

  73. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    ECL is president,like it or not,LAZ has joined as friends of the court not the petitioners.time is ticking its within 14days no extending

  74. dununa revers

    ov o th things you are stl on that the matter at hand that evry1 z concerned with human lives idiots y shud 1 think pathetically let the ICC do there job that thing ov stealing I don’t get you expctd hh to win wen he only had 3 strong holds don’t be dul for nthng fools thts y thy say school z important go back to school fellers bkoz mwatitinka naupuna waukopo ataaah

  75. Giles

    u tik da intrnational court dealz wth tuma useles riotz jzt thrown a stone ati icc il deal wth dem..if u ant gat sumtik 2do jzt go pa farm u wrk

  76. Hakainde Hichilema

    You guys i am a looser.

  77. Pussy licker

    Guyz someone to insult me free of charge but only in bemba.

  78. Wise D

    If the government grant HH and GBM what they need,there will be no more violence.But if they keep on defending ECL,violence will not end,as a result,it can even affect inocent people.

  79. Buttocks

    I am enjoying this..i will never forget this cold war.

  80. Clement Chileshe

    Zambia Army must arrest HH & GBM and keep them in prison untill ICC resumes its chargement – Those arrested for Political Violence must be jailed for 15 years (Arson Case) _ CMC BUNGONI (General Mukuseka) Intelligence & CIA Officer – 0968-757608

    • eye of an eagle

      @ Clement you are right but you forgotten ecl on the list.

  81. HH

    Mmmmmmmmm international criminal court mmmm iyi yanikosela

  82. eye of an eagle

    Gentle men foolisness has no cure.
    If you call your friend an idiot ten its him that has never tried.
    The most foolish man is that one who loughs at a friend for trying.
    Failing is not falling but falling is failing to fail.

  83. Wise D

    This year’s elections have even denounced Zambia not to be a christian nation!

  84. AUZILE

    pussy liker chipuba kwena

    • Pussy licker

      Black scrotum fuck yo mama who no born you well I putty her baba indofu ukufita noku nena rubbish.

  85. ALSINA

    chi pussy likeR u ar very foolish fuck u cock sucker

    • Pussy licker

      Try sucking a cock feels great. Guys mailo gello natombele alilowa just like afunika sung

  86. Patriot Abroad

    Well done Lewis Nathan Advocates! Heros of our Nation! This is proper Patritic duty.

    It’s not true the Zambian Courts are engaged with dispensing proper Justice or Preserving proper Human Rights in Zambia. They are too slow and seemingly always postulating and wringing their hands in taking firm actions concerning the State. It’s appalling they have not dispensed with HH & Co. The whole UPND is not a Political Party as recognised in a Democratic sense. UPND are an interest Group with one Campaign minded only in bringing HH into power to service his ego and megalomaniac obsession. No where in the world do failed Party Leaders make as many attempts as he does at great cost. He is being allowed to twist the minds of millions of Zambians who are under the illusion that he means to be a President fir Zambia when he is simply full of Bile against those that Justly win elections. The methods he applies are all not helpful to Zambia. We can’t all stand by while our Presidential Offices are empty because a flawed individual wants to fulfil his self-centred ambition. Our Juducial system should immediately remove the offensive and patently non-meritious pending fake court case that serves only to allow an egomaniac to cry and wee himself before us. At the end of the so-called case they should be jailed for treason or all Patriotic citizens will also file lawsuits in the same Mold. Signed, Fed-up of Zambia.

  87. fisonga conrad

    this is not about who is who let’s preach peace weather shellfish Tonga on not its one Zambia one nation ata ka GBM naka hh


    Fisonga ulichipuba

  89. Joshua

    And, how come to say, the elections was free & fair. kkkkkkkk, zambians very corrupt mind.


    Really? Kuti waseka.

  91. gifto

    if your father stealing at your house what do you do to your people …. you people comment this


    we need a re-run

    • iam 100%pf

      Comment rerun for what? 70000d teikulu nd @whose expense, zambians let’s reson not ukwa lola umwela ekomwalola think

  93. MC

    sum of uu even if we whr 2 azk uu wat a refrdum is u gat no idea bt u here tokn shit az i

  94. MUVI TV

    The Hague has no time for such nonesense. It is a scubble within the country – GROW UP. CASE CLOSED

  95. Mr Does

    Comment hh and gbm are wizards and those men are not fit to be leaders coz they are bussiness silly men

  96. Robert Diaz

    i think the icc will handle gbm and hh against killing innocent zambians and for 300 people must be handle profesional.never hh

  97. dk

    Comment GOD’S TIME is the best .let everyone know that there is a time for everything .Joshua lginla is a nigerian he saw a revelation two years ago .he gave prophetic massage about 2016 zambian elections he saw the winner and the looser and also he saw the court case but will not stop this , because GOD wants the winner to finish what he had started .But he counsel the opposition leader hakayende not to resign from politics because he saw victory to the opposition .


    mc wat grade ar u doing…i guess u ar in pre-school who doesnt know about de referendum only u an yo farmily

  99. MR TRUE

    Hh 4life

  100. Lundazi

    Comment U Face Heavy Panishment With Yo Group Of Upnd


    kwena there z somethin in our black skin dat says we wr better off wen de white man ruled

  102. patrick

    comet. muzo am sorry u need to prayer had

  103. masuku

    Mpezeni is a Paramount Chief, I will stop him intertaining toma tifs twaku south. Those tifs in south were watching Bembas and Nsengas beaten displaced in Namwala. Where were they to wake up today? Talk to HH if you can not even apologise to the victims of elections. Moreover, Can any Tonga tell me which tonga was beaten in the east? Stop HH

  104. LLPT

    ZR where is my ealrier comment i posted? HH IS A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA zonda uzalema kikikikikikiki!!!

  105. big brother

    This election teaching some of us the foolishness of politics and how ECZ working ,presideng office, and Lawyers ,these i mention they can buried our Country,Please my fellow Zambian let us pray to God is the one who can finish this problems we have in this country please

  106. patrick

    Comment. .my friend why do u hat Tonga masuku

    • masuku

      Because they beat my sister despite our earlier support we offered HH, we as a family decided to vote for HH but, later my sister was chased from Namwala, sold out by neighbours who told others that she was partly from the north. Cannot comment more because the case is soon be coming out. Am praying for a rerun so that my soul can be happy if we can change our votes from HH. Patrick be in my shoes, please.

      • mpombo

        @masuku too bad but before elections i warned of the impending catastrophe in southern province but i got where insults & being labelled tribalist Hope our sister will recover from this ordeal keep us up dated in case remedial measures have to be applied sad indeed

  107. LLPT

    my first positing please!!

  108. qaziman

    Let hh and mwamba move freely ,bakoswe imwee.


    just arrest them all there are idiots

  110. BOOMA

    nyoyanyanko Lungu ad all poor foundation members

  111. masuku

    Patrick above please, be reminded that I also carry tonga blood, grand mum- Tonga/Bemba and Grand papa Chewa.

  112. realist

    Insults wil not take you anywhere, can we all be matured and give our opinions without insulting each other, its jus politics. Don’t get too emotional, let the concourt dispose the petition, then we can talk. About the icc, we have people that have been displaced, property burnt and destroyed & in some instances lives were lost. Instead of reaching out to ecl, hh and gbm must reach out to their overzealous supporters to stop the violence but to date we have not heard such a report, because they need to act fast but their silence over the matter makes it seem like they are in support of the violence.

  113. Henry Mushili HOD,Senior citizen of Ndola

    I think the advice that I can give BA HH is that please as at now just accept that President-elect Edgar Chagwa Lungu has won the polls,so just campaign boldly for the 2021 polls,same people that voted for Ba Lungu of PF and claimed You to be Tribalist will vote for You am telling.Us Zambians change decisions so to speak.Please form a party and stand since u have attempted 5 times.I assure U, u will be voted for,people won’t consider U as they do now.Leadership is given by God remember that.If u won’t win again don’t complain.

  114. litulike puuuuuuu

    Dununa Reverse at work now ,the country is being governed in reverse.Two weeks after the victory no minister,no president etc …where is that POWER? are we going to be governed by the ELECTS for the next five years? Chachine mwali chi dunwine numa.

    • MUZO

      Litulike uli cikopo sana,tawishibe ati we ar a democratic nation? Us,We ar following the ne consitution waunfwa?

  115. Inonge wina

    Being a vice-president 4 pf i knw how ignorant lungu is & i see no quaity leadership in our pf party & we have no vision, i think the best way we(pf) can do is to withdraw and support these boyz HH,GBM & upnd at large

  116. kalumbi

    Imagine asking Chitimukulu to go for fact finding in Namwala. Who do they think they are? We all know the Police have already arrested some law breakers, so what do they want from ECL and other Chiefs. Bane just stop your bad behaviours with HH . The ball is in your court. Do not bring a gimmick of persuading the Government and other chiefs to force police to stop arresting those law breakers. Just bail them out using HH’s riches.

  117. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Protocol observed awaiting the court ruling,which states H.E EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU is zambias president

  118. kalumbi

    If southern Chiefs and HH can not apologize for beating other tribes, you should forget a Tonga ruling. We have close relatives who have been beaten and we are all related to police officers on the ground. No APOLOGY no vote for you till Jesus comes back. Most Tongas are good except a certain element of not wanting to be corrected. ie HH is very good and clever but ka pomposity, if he can cool down he can be marvellous.

  119. frank chox

    Comment is hh & gbm zambia forward ma niggaz upnd 4 better life’s

  120. kwakama nehi

    Brethren, let not your heart be troubled for God is in control of everything situation in our lives. Let’s keep our lips on mouth of any of our body parts committed since to the lord for that can let him turn away from listenining to our cries.together we can unity, divided due to tribalism we won’t progress. May God hv mercy on us. Let’s learn to pray without ceasing to be delivered from evil.

  121. Simon.sikalumbi


  122. dush

    Mmh but whoever this lawyer z,i bet he z sponsored by these zombies Lol hahaha…….pf jx …u make me puke mostly ,y behave like zombies sure saht

    • mpombo

      Zombies’re tribal morons who vote using tribe as a yard stick nothing else

  123. kayzee

    Icc When From Concourt A Case Can’t Go Anywhere?


    ka re-run kalefwayika we want hh not ba lungu bakumawa

    • mpombo

      Re-run these new words you have learnt who change your illiteracy level you’ll still remain dull

  125. Babylon

    Go back to sschool all PF members,,supoters ,you seem not to understand even simple things because of illiteracy.that why we as UPND wanted to give you free Education when we form government but you have stolen our votes

    • mpombo

      No you could have given us tribal education the way you done with your relatives

  126. Apology

    Lungu Edgar are you safe? I doubt if you are really safe. A fake christian from moslim to christianity shame on lungu. Yakosa bola ba lungu. Lungu was biz campaigning in churches. He combined politics and the word of God. Lungu where is kambwili? Let him come and say something before he die.

    • Zack

      he wasn’t campaigning bruh!he was fellowshiping,showing humility and leading by example.

    • mpombo

      @Apology Why do you idiots rejoice in misfortunes when Request Mutanga was hospitalised we didn’t celebrate but instead sympathised with you sad indeed

  127. MR TRUE

    Me am confused about this petition. Why  lungu is refusing to handover the power to Patrick?

    • kalumbi

      MR TRUE above- ubukopo kwati ni GBM. You think your lawyers in UPND could not have first rushed for that ku con court. Problem, wenze ku thaba ku belenga. Na kazungu at me am. 4tin iwe.

  128. dush

    Lol ati (icc) intensive care concourt yaba….

  129. Pussy licker

    The issue is about hh na chi GBM how come ecl is in bafipuli.

  130. Zack

    let the rule of law prevail,Kwasila….elo I know those lawyers bena Lewis Nathan…siba seka abo…

  131. hopemirr

    Those two fools hh and Gbm are not POLITITOANS THEY ARE BUSINESS MEN. they luck political qualities.they should be aswerable for trying to breach the peace of our beloved zambia.hh is so inhuman he cant control his dull people in southern province.

  132. kj

    It is Pf that are true murderers .. so many nasty incidences to sonta.

  133. T.J. Banda

    When Jesus came on earth, some accepted Him and others rejected Him. He did not force those who rejected Him to accept Him. Rejection started way back as Noah as Jesus times. HH must accept rejection and don’t force people to accept him. The problem is that, he doesn’t read the Bible and I don’t know the type of spiritual book he reads which deceives him of rejection. I hope ICC will act quickly about the alleged crime to him.

  134. MR TRUE

    Please people where is lungu?

  135. mado

    lungu is in mfuwe and he wil be in katete tomrrw 4 gule wamukulu ceremony

  136. obed mulenga

    Let God fights 4 zambians plse

  137. Mistook

    Pussy lung

  138. kayzee

    Let The Lawyers Deal With The Case Accordingly If They Are Fearing, Let Them Subcontract Other Lawyers . But If They Want To Risk, Let Them Be Corrupt Themselves. To Me The Only Flat Way Is For Them To Be Independent And Not To Listen And Act From Directives Even When They Are Promised Large Amounts Of Money. Right This Time Their Private Numbers Are Busy. Lets Just Go For A Re Run Period Those Min Meetings Will Lead To Big Problems And U Fail To Enjoy The Money. Your Friends Are Still Holding It Coz It Is Hot Money! Just Remember Judas After Selling Christ.

  139. Lewis&his group are very stupid,these idiots have failed to control the rubbish happening in their country Dubai,jouhansberg,capeved.mbolo zanu ma layers

  140. Mano

    i wish they realised

  141. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Foolish people ,God does not fight he commands everything

  142. Lundazi

    Comment Let Us Just Pray To Our Lord

  143. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    The other idiot talks of JUDAS,no Judas no REDEEMER.thank Judas for jesus

  144. PS

    upnd MOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  145. kayzee

    Eye Of An Eagle U Are Right Educate Us Please.


    we in upnd killed mapenzi for blood rituals

  147. Hakainde Hichilema-plunderer and widow-bonkwr

    i like fucking widows in my party

  148. petuk

    imwe talema nabvo vaupuba who is to control the situation court or the president elect kapena tiuze masoja manje?coz they are waistng our time to do busneses coz rich pipo have stopped investing .no sence

  149. HH-Sex maniac

    i urge all my members to join pf

  150. HH-Sex maniac

    i concede defeat,only 3 provinces like me.oh shame

  151. My Zambia

    Guys my President HH and GBM declared themselves losers even before they lost….what do they want now in court?

  152. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Usless chakolwa lungu fusek go to chawama foolish

  153. mutintajonathan

    bakabwalala bachabeche imwe ba pf.mwanya mwalafwa kunsala for five solid years.

  154. PS

    Bakabwalala imwe muledilinga nabachechebele, abambalyuda na abapondo. wapya baisa selako babombeko

  155. PS

    weunyele niwebo upnd. waluntuka fyafula

  156. PS

    Imagine you are going forward then ukwisa kuma Dununa Reeves. uwaufya shani?

  157. cools man joshua

    HH for life

  158. BOOMA

    Let us keep peace ad unit in our nation b4 we go Zimbabwe way. let LUNGU be arrested with his supporters. foolish POOR FOOLS WITH yo chikala Lugaa

  159. Obama junta

    loadsheding his been stop ka

  160. man mucho

    please let them be found guilty then jail them

  161. king jaymes

    hh and gbm i’ll die hard 4 thm

  162. malambo siadenda

    We re tired of this mwe.,,==

  163. Awa na Moyo HT PF


  164. Benson Chalwe M

    May God Forgive Them

  165. rudo cmr

    ecl dununa revse

  166. PF die hard lady

    hell hell (hh) mwaana shetani alimuchibe! Our presido ECL is favad indeed! Pf mpaka tutwalilile,twabomba akale.

  167. Mbolo Zanu @ You.com

    Now people think like chickens… WOW!!!!!! Stupid Idiots….

  168. Frank Aziff

    u are just dreaming and thinking that u can be President for Zambia. u can go to Zimbabwe maybe u be a president not in Zambia it will not happen. so don’t make yourself happier.

  169. Frank Aziff

    these animals (cows) from southern what the problem with you?are u telling me for sure that with 3 provinces u have can make yourself be a president? tuli ba ku Eastern fwewo ka.continue keeping your animals and stop dreaming to be a president of zMbia never.vimanyowa mkhokala mwa Ngo’mbe. atase

  170. Chipata 4 ECL No Ng'ombe Mu Town

    Most of the UPND Cadres are dull and selfish…. very grid

    • Kobb Mina

      You tribalist. Even your pseudoname is tribal. You are the people cultivating and funning divisive propaganda in Zambia. Remember to spell “greedy” correctly next time or use your stone age dialect you wizard.

  171. chif

    pliz let’s enjoy the peace Luanda left for us. ngati mulinakotabila musatipaise. Be reasonable and give comments that will bring peace amongst Zambians.

  172. Galamukani

    Neither UPND nor PF is clean and free from violence completely. But so far it seems more violence has been reported in those areas deemed to be UPND strongholds. It’s unfortunate that chiefs from Southern province including the “Tourist Chief” could only come out in the open to talk about it after realizing that the violence was making things worse for their “son of the soil”, and after the Ngoni chief had expressed his concerns. To make matters worse, these Chiefs for UPND were even refuting the violence story, accusing ZNBC and the government of twisting the truth. But ma “gifts” nayo yamathamangisa Mamfumu ai!

    Meanwhile GBM is crying foul because of some Bemba chief he accuses of loving “gifts” a lot, instead of condemning the violence in Southern province. GBM, your “gifts” could not influence people to vote for your party and your daughter right within Kasama, your home ground. Money is certainly not the answer to all things.

    No matter how much money people spend to try to hide the violence in Namwala and other parts of UPND’s strongholds, the truth will still be known. Similarly, the violence perpetrated by the PF cannot also remain concealed. The law breakers and violence promoters must face the wrath of the law. One Zambiaaaaa!

  173. kaf kay

    you talk about one person when you are still killing innocent people imwe te.Do you have hearts, I wonder. fima vampires fya Bantu.

  174. ECL

    don’t worry coz in Zambia every three years president dies I hope you play well coz ur president is going after all he is not ok take care of him

  175. Patrick

    no one has come alive in that court ICC so pliz let us unite has one

  176. Bozo


    As we wait for outcome of concourt, it would be interesting to look at basic facts as they stand now, then we are free to speculate; 1. How many MPs from PF and UNDP have been declared?
    2. Looking at past elections, let us take 2011, when Zambians go to vote, how do they vote, is it like they would vote UNDP president and vote PF MP? 3. If we have more PF MPs, how voted into Parliament, how does HH claim that he has won elections, simple logic, no medicine, no insults, no bloodshed.

    This analysis does not need Rocket Scientist, our constcourt need not labour. The truth is in the voting pattern, in the declared political party MPs in the last election.

    HH would have done himself a big favour if he petitioned the whole election process; wards, MPs, Mayors before talking about presidency.


    Nomatter how much you run away the blood of mapenzi chibulo(MHSRIP) will be on your forehead crying for peace.

  178. Jefule Njobvu

    Chi E.C.L Chili Ku M’fuwe Ku Eastern Provence Chikudya Mbewa Na Achimbwi. (hynas)

  179. ng'andy

    mpombo do u hv parents u ideot u ar jst cometn widout a vision u ophanage go and unburry your parents to guide u me i dont care okay how
    mpombo satanyoko wabalya banyoko stupid fuck your we do.
    nt want your president in southern province basokwe

  180. ba nature

    Fya pena once da international criminal Court gets involved not even L.A.Z it self can save dumbo na kachema,,,,,hehehehe thank GOD viva lungu

  181. Kayz

    Bozo point of correction: For ur own info HH will win since he’s in “UPND” & not “UNDP”

  182. LEE

    Der is nothng 4 upnd continue stragling wit yo hearts whie we pf continue smiling wit our hearts jst wrk hard nd mind yo swet talk 2 the nation o it wil b the sem olwez cryng y lack of swet talk dnt b rude 2 the nation coz we r the 1 electng u coz a leader shud lead by example nt ben violence no

  183. Kayz

    By the way,my leader HH cannot be intimidated by ICC when in fact he knws he never did anythn wrong.The pa fyamba (pf) r the ones who r violent bt u r putting the blame on upnd.Pliz give him a break guys stop yapping!!!!!

  184. cris-bris star***

    foolish Bozomazi! if we dont understand da hiererach frm chancellor upto president better u shurt ur bike up.we r nt talking abt mps bt presidents.learn to wash ur face b4 u poke ur big nose into da truth u no not chikala iwe mbuzi.

  185. cris-bris star***

    ECL is a stupid vulture who dont undestabd wat polics iz, he z bhaving as if he wz born 4rm da state house 4geting dat he z a simple mfuwe residance chakolwa osauka kolwe.tachili chabanyina pe.which sku dd he went? useless chawama graduate.

    • Robert,

      CommentBwana respect is needed,the man you’re insulting is your president so be vry careful with your hate speech.

  186. frenetic drul

    Zambia please keep the shame of dirty politics within and stop embarrassing the whole Zambia ..
    Have u wondered why no global media is covering this nation’s electrolyte or current political issues openly ? its shamefully!
    If u want to sue anyone concerning those dirty and pathetic issues do it in these same” politically controlled courts” of zambia .the entire international world is looking at Zambia with a shamefully eye all because of the stupit system being done here were the media,the army,the finances, the electrol system, the legal boards,the courts and all are controlled by a political forum …..
    Please .don’t publicise these stupit political rangos .I want to fly around the world with pride of where am from not feeling ashamed because of history made here .

  187. Robert,

    CommentThe UPND have useless leaders WHO don’t have plans for our country,he wants to kill our president if he meet with him! good thing he was denied that chance of meeting him.

  188. @true com

    all pf suppoter u ar moron thy is no way you can supporte lungu who has no mercy to his always driking alchool driving wl drivng is not aloud

  189. COMBAT MULENGU-$-®©¢¤

    PF reader so now u ar saying thy is no water in kariba dam do’nt be moron stupt stupt reader be good readership !!!!!!!!!

  190. obed mulenga

    If you think you are crever by tormating your friends you there, God wil see and react in you guys!!!

  191. iniesta

    umu zambia muntu twaya….PF won thru leaging the even want to add more problems if we re nt carefull our country will hav civile war

  192. iniesta

    emu zambia muntu twaya….PF won
    thru leaging the even want to add
    more problems if we re nt carefull
    our country will hav civile war

  193. Nomani Kinsman

    Mpombo Ndumbi Yobe Mukala

  194. dush

    @mpombo ine i don’t like u……u tok too much,u want to be found everywhere sure saht uchinje

  195. Batiger

    Only people without eyez can say boma kulimbe bveicita

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