Cartel Takes Over LAZ; M’membe & Nchito Allegedly Calling Shots

Linda KasondeThe Law Association of Zambia is now under the express supervision of the infamous cartel, a group of influential private citizens who seek to indirectly control state power. The cartel comprises Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe, his ally Mutembo Nchito, failed politician Wynter Kabimba and others.

Sources say the cartel through its connection to the LAZ leadership is now in charge and controlling the direction an positions the body takes.

LAZ president Linda Kasonde shares a very close relationship with M’membe, both having worked at MNB (now Nchito and Nchito) law firm when they were attending their certification at Ziale. MNB was and is still owned by the Nchito brothers (Nchima and Mutembo).

The vice president of LAZ Eddie Mwitwa is a partner to former Attorney General Musa Mwenye. Mwenye, speaker Patrick Matibini and judge Mumba Malila, are among the many cartel operatives spread in the judiciary, legislature and executive.

Mwitwa is now one of the more than 10 lawyers representing UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s in the Presidential Petition against President Edgar Lungu.

As if the firm connection Kasonde and Mwitwa have to the cartel is not enough, Sashi Nchito Kateka, the LAZ Honorary Secretary is young sister to the Nchitos and aptly implements the position of the strongest opposition the government has.

In view of the cartel connection, the independence of LAZ is being doubted especially knowing the motive of the men behind the organisation who are determine to unseat President Edgar Lungu and install a president they can easily manipulate.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has challenged the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to be objective when commenting on national matters.

ZRP president Wright Musoma said LAZ was allegedly being biased when they called for the lifting of the suspension of the licences for Muvi TV, Komboni Radio and Radio Itzehi tezhi by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and attacked the Times of Zambia for running an article on the violence in Namwala District.

“Of late, we have had organisations that are supposed to be independent but they are partisan and we can tell that this organisation supports this party but it’s so unprofessional for LAZ to be one sided when dealing with national issues,” he said.

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