Cartel Takes Over LAZ; M’membe & Nchito Allegedly Calling Shots

Linda KasondeThe Law Association of Zambia is now under the express supervision of the infamous cartel, a group of influential private citizens who seek to indirectly control state power. The cartel comprises Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe, his ally Mutembo Nchito, failed politician Wynter Kabimba and others.

Sources say the cartel through its connection to the LAZ leadership is now in charge and controlling the direction an positions the body takes.

LAZ president Linda Kasonde shares a very close relationship with M’membe, both having worked at MNB (now Nchito and Nchito) law firm when they were attending their certification at Ziale. MNB was and is still owned by the Nchito brothers (Nchima and Mutembo).

The vice president of LAZ Eddie Mwitwa is a partner to former Attorney General Musa Mwenye. Mwenye, speaker Patrick Matibini and judge Mumba Malila, are among the many cartel operatives spread in the judiciary, legislature and executive.

Mwitwa is now one of the more than 10 lawyers representing UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s in the Presidential Petition against President Edgar Lungu.

As if the firm connection Kasonde and Mwitwa have to the cartel is not enough, Sashi Nchito Kateka, the LAZ Honorary Secretary is young sister to the Nchitos and aptly implements the position of the strongest opposition the government has.

In view of the cartel connection, the independence of LAZ is being doubted especially knowing the motive of the men behind the organisation who are determine to unseat President Edgar Lungu and install a president they can easily manipulate.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has challenged the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to be objective when commenting on national matters.

ZRP president Wright Musoma said LAZ was allegedly being biased when they called for the lifting of the suspension of the licences for Muvi TV, Komboni Radio and Radio Itzehi tezhi by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and attacked the Times of Zambia for running an article on the violence in Namwala District.

“Of late, we have had organisations that are supposed to be independent but they are partisan and we can tell that this organisation supports this party but it’s so unprofessional for LAZ to be one sided when dealing with national issues,” he said.


  1. muntu

    laz approach to national issues is becoming worrying

    • Lunatic

      This article was written by a negroe suffering from erectile dysfunction, honestly who is this puppet president that is being referred to in the 7th paragraph if its not Lungu? HH can never let persons with mental retardation like Chama and chi son Bwalya walk all over him like we have seen with Lungu, the only thing I have learned in this article is peter Adamu’s envy for the cartel cos they are powerful and rich#longlivethecartel

      • james

        U are simply an idiot

        • Lunatic

          @James I am an idiot but one who can’t be brainwashed by Lungu and his thieving experts#good day buddy

          • BILANGA

            @ Lunatic even me cannot be washed by hh. The way you see Lungu is exactly the way I see hh in fact Lungu is far much better having been accepted by 6 provinces can’t be compared to a political Tonga nonentity .The author was explaining on the cartel iwe cikala cakutwala kuli kateka. Wabe lyobe mwanya wait each one Will be sonta uko wafuma.

          • Hammer

            Lunatic: Walasa, i concur with you, pls continue lecturing these idiotic maza faka bootlickers!

      • Katongo

        These are the works of Chanda Chimba III who is being sponsored by RB and now Lungu is his favorite. Chanda has scores to settle with the so called cartel because he believes that they engineered the fall of RB. There is no Adamu and Chanda must just come out in the open and stop hiding his face!


        Cartel is infamous and uselessly very corrupt. It tells other people as corrupt when all it survives on is nothing but graft. BUT Speaker MATIBINI though he worked with Mmembe is not a Cartel member

        • Native

          The cartel is INSIDE PF. Sata called his own MPs and ministers USELESS, He fell ill, died and they violently took over his party enroute to govt office. Currently their “election” has been petitioned but have yet to follow the national constitutional requirement that the Speaker act as President in the interim. Immediately after elections load shedding is back in full force while wages from public payroll are behind schedule. Who behaves like a cartel? Is PF afraid that the Constitutional Court will rule in favor of the petitioners should the evidential proof be overwhelming?

      • Marcel Joseph


      • Chilankalipa

        ln this country we have idiots who only think they are wise, how can a normal person only see a cartel in a logical analysis of legal matters? How can a normal person fail to see reason in clear articulation of the country’s statutes and attribute that to the imaginary cartel? That is why we cannot develop Zambia, any patriotic Zambian trying to expose legal flaws they are a cartel, those stealing our resources are the saints? Ifimafi fyeka fyeka Pa Fimafi.

      • Sech

        Lunatic thats what you are.You are a fool and a lunatic

        • Lunatic

          @sech am a retard, a psychopath, am insane, iam brain dead, I got brain damage, iam mad and I hallucinate .now u know why I post what I post, huh?

      • Beatrice


    • zamzam

      true bt we will not allow them to suppress the will of the pipo

    • ezra

      But that Nchito girl married to a tamanaga she couldnt and cannot attack the post many negative headlines but attacks she condemns the Times…grow up fatty

    • Bye Bye Polio

      It is a matter of time the cartel will be no more!

    • James bonde

      I first sited this jst before 2015 presidicial elections when president lungu dribled his pf team mate during a convention .Zambia wil be on fire if not careful.

    • Daywalker.

      Linda’s LAZ has become nkani yamu sisi…

    • Derick

      the is woman is weak

    • Peter Nkole

      Marabishi ! As always Zambia Reports always day dreams about some imaginary cartel. Why do you like tarnishing innocent peoples names. You really have beef with some of the people you keep mentioning and associating with wrong doing eh! Some of these people are some of the most upright, and brilliant professionals this country has ever produced. If you can’t match them shut up!

  2. Graham

    Same as Zambia reports you support PF, are you state owned???

    • Kobb Mina

      I agree with you. ZR is PF ‘s image builder. In my opinion ZR is a cartel supporting power retention within the Northern- Eastern Block confines.

    • rider of people

      Comment truely its why dont they show all the parts and when pf do soming they dont tell about it but with that picture from Rwanda which the all the time want to talk against UPND they show cause thats side there is no sach place in south and LAZ its same why dont they take the low the way it has to be mind you this is the frist time in the new constiution and the world wide is watch what ever u do so be wise and do the way the low says God be with u we accut on you LAZ for the peace of our country Pray at you on time every one be for u enter the court or explan the low God be with u

  3. banda

    no meaning

  4. man mucho

    unseat ECL… twapapata.. we the majority 50.3% voted for ECL to continue until 2021.. courts dont vote, alalila chuundu but linda isnt just cute, she’s a good lawyer hmmmmmm mm

  5. ks

    let lungu led.we cnt continue wasting time. try 2021

    • PS

      wasting time 4 lungu. come on guys let him ateke naimwebene mukateka ichichetekelofye nameshi yalakola

    • James bonde

      Zambia has money and will manage a rerun if not clear with 11 August elections.

    • James bonde

      All we want is a free and fare game,not riging

  6. barotse

    The issue 50+1 not the majority. Fuck you man mucho

    • man mucho

      ukainyelakela ni bukuba bwaao.. bantu ba votile Lungu… God bless you for the insult

  7. Williams

    what are you talking about ba zr, you also support pf and yet no one brames you, so leave the laz alone. And by the way ecl is not a president viva hh.

  8. Memphis Shew

    Zambia Reports are also a cartel, we know you very well. What’s good for you should be good for others, too.
    It’s a surprise how you support the breaking of law, with impunity, by Edgar Lungu. He signs the amended constitution at will, when it comes to implementations of its content he suddenly suffers goose pimples, and you’re there applauding – you villains. First, it was about ministers’ continuation, LAZ with others fought it and won for us citizen. Now Lungu has and stolen his competitor’s election victory – you’re there applauding, he is challenged in the courts of law, according to the laws he willfully legalized, but he can’t adhere to its provisions to step aside while allegations are being investigated in the courts of the laws he signed for legality -he breaks the very constitutional provisions and you’re there applauding…!!! LAZ wants to fight against such impunity – you condemn and blame them for fostering adherence to law.

    • mado

      you 2 fuck yo mam ass

    • Puungwa

      Easterners are well known for muzungu anikonde while eating all the bread with the master,yaa let them fuck their rats ass!

    • Electorate

      Commen:bane lets sober up in our way of thinking,our careless words may throw this country in flames.look up to G OD to give us a leader and he is always faithful.it wil be folly to look to God in flames.now is the perfect time.cartel or no cartel only Gods wil shall b done.

    • Peter Nkole

      I agree. The real cartel is the Zambia Reports and the Daily Nation. A bunch of eastern tribalists geared to promote the wako ni wako nonsense.

  9. man sover

    Comment lungu know change

  10. Lawyer

    Viva hh

    • MUZO

      Ka hh,ni viva in 3 provinces not by the majorit zambians.politicaly failed chiuundu denkete chaitwa.mwalilaba na Lesa? Is it becoz ur prayer of going 2 state house has not bn answered? Wikonkelesha ci gbm tawamona ifyo bacisula ku Northern,cena tacaishibapo ukuti LESA eko aba,cena lubuli,insele,amtaki @kuti naipika beans using ama k100. Nici leader chashani ico? Mu zambia ni wala .Elo imwe @ ba sda elder evryde kuma court? Ni LESA washani mupepa? I c, u ar yet 2 know the truth. Thats y the real God has not answered u 4 all de five times.Ne ng’ombe shine nimbona, mwatekela fye na juju.fyuma fyamulopa.

      • Puungwa

        You are a cursed little monkey!

      • Hammer

        MUZO: Whats this propaganda nocence by the pama fiii that HH only won 3 provinces when it is white and black he won CP too. PF, the shonongo party, party of shameless liars!

  11. Jamesbeezy

    uno mwaka hh tatwaluse po nankwe nankwe.ti jaza kumbele le me tel u pipo hh z president wach nd see.

  12. Mr P,d

    Comment,u Cant Claim Tht U Won On Stolen Votes

  13. kayzee

    How & Why Was Such An Interconnected Relatives Employed At Laz ? Let Them Just Finish The Case Then Those That Want Dig Over The Way These Pipo Are Connected Can Go To Court Even Lawyer Are Below The Law.

  14. coly

    Live laz a lone dont disturb them you were there yaping last time to kasonde for the isue of de minister remaining in office expecially f bwalya he even isouted her but she only said I wii not respond

  15. HH-Sex maniac

    ever since ECL was declared winner my appetite for sex has dwindled.pliz v.j help me with congo dust which u got from congo during your sexual trip to that country to tshala muana.pliz help!!!!

  16. well blessed man

    we want rerun

    • man mucho

      well blessed man what rerun? pf won over 90mps and in some cases Lungu did even better than the elected mps.. just accept the results or go riot in SP so that ZP can add you to those arrested for conduct likely to breech peace.. hehehehehe chizakubaba

    • mado

      stupid with your rerun u want govt just to waste money instead of continues with develment for better zambia

    • one dennis

      Rerun with who ure a suck ai!!! Mind u de concourt is about to kick out your Brury petition u will see.

      • Hammer

        look at the map of Zambia, more than half of it is in red-why cant we call for a rerun?

  17. Mwaluwa

    This has country is becoming frustrating to live in. We are nolonger able to tell a truth or a lie whenever journalists or the government release their articles. In as much as a private media station may be telling us the truth, it is usually exagarated. I am not in support of the ruling part, but I understand that there is need to put a lid on the exagarations from private media stations in order to safegaurd the investments that are currently in the country. No investor want to keep his money in a place of political instability.

  18. MC


  19. Apology

    There is not justice in zambia, i wonder why these judges are so corupt. HH won the election but they want to favour Lungu as a president. Am teling you people of zambia that Lungu Edger is not a president.

    • mado

      who was declared to be a pres betwn ecl and hh

      • kayzee

        Why Can’t He Be Sworn In? Explain In Detail If U Are Aware.

    • shoprite

      Comment! lungu is a pf president not zambian pre.he is a good losser.kaya a kanye kwabo abakabwalalanyina.

  20. Peter Shamasapo.Becks

    What cartel? What a pathetic article zambia reports

  21. one dennis

    They are mad

  22. one man

    Don’t you have some other issues to write about.? Mr. Adams

  23. Apology

    We want re-run, we dont want chakolwa. We want a normal leader HH.

    • man mucho

      viva chakolwa.. state house is yours til 2021… chuundu alelila…. #cryingchibwi

      • James bonde

        Thiefs in zambia are only pardoned when they have money to corupt

    • cm

      apology u are calling lungu CHAKOLWA what about you?

  24. savy

    Pa last pa zed fibishi. …….pipo are so shallow minded and shamelessly selfish. …..pipo voted what’s so difficult with the current results. ..

  25. stanle


  26. kabungo


  27. caster chimanga

    if its so ,God helps ,how can this individuals want to control states power indirect,and to that wat is the government doing about,?stupid report

  28. straight man

    mulandabwisha mwebantu ninshi moliso tamumona fintu ngati fyaluba. ECL is violating the law but you are supporting, and when someone does right you condem, have you made your decision upside down, so good to you is bad. that is why you are pregnancy each other you don’t know how to instruct. insited u help Lungu to be in law but u are praising him on violating the law, like what happened to Herod the wife told him to go and apologize to Jesus just because people praised him three times getting back on the way finally Jesus died that when now wanted to go. those who were praising him runaway he told the soldier to shek him unfortunately he was late. that is what will happen to Lungu very soon you are praising him you will runaway and leave him to answer the questions Alon. Lungu follow the the law before it will be too late for u.I don’t think your wife loves you because she could have told you to respect yourslf before, but you are interested continue but know this, there’s a limited that a man can bear, enough is enough.

  29. www.poloyakochikala.com

    Fucking Stupid Fools…
    Bunches Of CRIMINALS…

  30. kabungo


  31. Apology

    A normal person cannot support Edgar Lungu and his team. The death of inocent people especially mapenzi has bring bad result to the PF look at Kambwili now from nowhere he has fallen sick infact he is about to die and next person is father bwalya. Lungu and your PF you wont rule this contry peacifully because the inocent blood.

    • sam

      Indeed any only a confused person can support HH and GBM as self confessed wife batterer please tell HH buying a heifer and a bull and then leaving a caretaker (not kateka) to watch them calf and think u are a businessman is not the same as running a country oh by the way the wining margin was 50.35 takaway the 3 it will still be 50.5 WIN

  32. Sir Key

    RB cartel are now controlling govt state institutions such as ECZ where Assau Chulu the cousin to RB is, the Police and Zaf and Zambia Army through their colonies. The RB Cartel is the most corupt, abusive and talkative. It is very dangerous cartel coz it want to control the nations resource like their own private without anyone offering checks and balances. It’s the worst cartel coz it breaks the with impunity.

  33. man mucho

    my voting strategy was simple… vote for a satanist or chakolwa?? i voted chakolwa and he won… viva chakolwa… til 2021

  34. www.poloyakochikala.com


  35. Galamukani

    Bending the laws to suit one’s desire has been a common evil since biblical times. There were judges who twisted the interpretation of God’s laws in order to gratify their own cravings. But God had His own way of bringing judgment on such corrupt and immoral judges, who in our days can be represented by the lawyers and court judges. These people are not angels and their judgments are not always without fault. No wonder there are appeals in some cases.

    Why does it seem to be very difficult to interpret some sections of the constitution by the same law-makers and gurus? When both the Judges and lawyers interprete such laws differently, it is clear that there is a high possibility that the system of justice is sometimes compromised and manipulated. Look at how they point fingers at each other? That’s why there is no genuine justice that can come from these learned men and women in robes – because they are not immune to the devil’s influence. If you look at the family life of each one of these people, you will agree with me. However, let’s do whatever we can and let them do whatever they can. One Zambiaaaa!

  36. Mphangwe


    The behavior of some members of the Law Association of Zambia reveals that the Lawyers have ganged up against the poor who are in majority. It is crystal clear that most Law Firms derive their business from the (minority) rich people.

    The plight of the poor is irrelevant to some greedy lawyers. Therefore, most Lawyers consider a Government that is pro-poor is an obstruction to their operations and an inconvenience to their business ventures. It is in this light that the Cartel has taken over the management style of the current LAZ.

    We pray that genuine professional Lawyers who have long term visions must team up to defend the plight of the poor. After all the poor have masses of children who will some day contribute to the wealth of this country – in which a diversity of industries and businesses (plus law firms) will be generated to thrive for the good of all Zambians.

  37. www.poloyakochikala.com

    Muliokela were are you!
    You my president Now…

  38. Mphangwe


    The behavior of some members of the Law Association of Zambia reveals that the Lawyers have ganged up against the poor who are in majority. It is crystal clear that most Law Firms derive their business from the (minority) rich people.

    The plight of the poor is irrelevant to some greedy lawyers. Therefore, most Lawyers consider a Government that is pro-poor is an obstruction to their operations and an inconvenience to their business ventures. It is in this light that the Cartel has taken over the management style of the current LAZ.

    We pray that genuine professional Lawyers who have long term visions must team up to defend the plight of the poor. After all the poor have masses of children who will some day contribute to the wealth of this country – in which a diversity of industries and businesses (plus law firms) will be generated to thrive for the good of all Zambians

  39. Jefule Njobvu

    To Those Who Vote For Chakolwa Muzayamba Kunya Bear Ba Fikala, Like Wise.

    • eddiesanta

      jefule zina mongu ya cattle !naiwe uyamba kudoba matufi ya cattle !!!!

  40. Samfya PVT

    hw can u kp on suportng someone who was born out of incest? no wonder he bhaves like someone who suffers from akankulila.

  41. mwape

    useless article

  42. TJ

    We are behind ECL and come what may come he is our president because he won. People spoke through the ballot and the will of the people needs to be respected

  43. Mig21

    Comment:It’s funny how money can corrupt the minds even people who are well educated can go on nd defend such a case because of money with the overwhelming evidence the opposition has where we had constituencies like Chitulika which are not in existence nd votes given to a named party nd you call that winning.Bring back peoples votes nd step down,yes I mean you.

    • man mucho

      ba mig21 just bcoz u stay in kabulonga doesnt mean that chatulika doesnt exist… hh is aware that there’s chatulika and dundumwezi… tebanobe

  44. Samfya PVT

    u tongas in samfya jst wait for the petitions to be over.mukaponoka the whole night especially iwe we kakwata boutique mu market dont capitalise on our patience.mark these words coz there’s a strong move bhind this.

  45. bs

    looloo man politics no lubuli sivintu ba sata balesuminafye ati natulusa

  46. FBI

    Kindly be patient and wait for the court… Not silly arguments.
    Who ever wins will be our PRESIDENT

  47. FBI

    Not silly arguments.
    Who ever wins will be our PRESIDENT…

    • Pussy licker

      FBI ulicisushi wembwa ya muntu

      • FBI

        Pussy Licker wabetole satanyoko… you stole your mum’s pussy and you use it as your FUCKING name. Dullest Fool!

        • Pussy licker


          • Chinedu

            Iwe you are lucky its not rain season otherwise i could have killed you with lightening

  48. Ziggie

    Whenever the names of mmembe and mutembo nchito are mentioned ,they send shivers down the spines of some pipo in corridors of borrowed power.the cartel has tak en over laz! my foot.yu chaps are scared of yo own shadows.Laz is an association for learned minds run by an elected commitee so wats the scare about? Laz thru t he courts corrected ecl who misread,misdirecte d & hence misled chama ,bwalya ,kambwili, pf thu gs about ministers’s sta y in office into think ing that his interprentat ion was right.but alas Laz came to the rescue & caught them pants dn. the application by laz 2 the concourt 2b a frend of the court has not gon down well with them.wo ‘nt b suprised if it is de nied. viva laz,viva dem ocracy,viva independen ce & long live Zambia.

  49. Objective

    Absolute gibberish!

  50. kk11


  51. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    ECL won already..No weapon formed against ecl will ever prosper.we will defend him from the cartel

  52. biggo

    Pipo you should read the constitution very well in article 101& 103 on presidention petition says a president can only hand over instruments of power after the courts have heard the petitioners and pass over judgement that the election have been nullified otherwise he remains a president until that time I hope you heard very clear from SC Patrick Mvunga one of those who drafted the same constitution you’re debiting on the problem with us Zambians we don’t read and for Linda she is not a qualified lawyer she used her bottom power to pass at ziale so what she doing she is being influenced by the cartel and his man friend m’mbembe and if you want a re run then I am afraid HH will loose like hell I better vote for Edith than him because just a look on his face say a lot together with his running mate GBV or sorry GBM

  53. kabungo


    • TJ

      @kabungo. The number of votes casted in southern province surpassed combined votes of lusaka and copperbelt which is impossible as population is very low in southern province. PF polling agents were chased away during polling day and hence, results from southern province should be null and void. By the way ECL beat HH in 7 provinces representing 70% while HH only won in 3 provinces representing a 30%. If we look at constituencies, ECL won over 102 out of 156 representing over 65.38%. HH had 49 seats out of 156 constituencies representing 31,41%. Lets look at votes won ECL to your convinience had 50. 38 % while HH obtained 47%. We need to settle this scientificaly and amicably without a re-run which is to be and we now add up and make averages: ECL is 50.38% from votes won +70% according to provinces won+ 65.38% constituencies won which is 185.76 accumulative percentages which is then divided by 3 come up with the average which is 61.92% for President elect ECL. Lets us now found the average for HH: 47% from votes won+30% provinces won+31.41% seats from constituencies won totalling to accumulative total of 108.41% and find the average by dividing with 3, which gives HH 36.13%

    • ak47

      what about dundumwezi, can it really hv 30000 voters sure?

  54. HOPE

    Sometimes it is gud to be honest

    • Pussy licker

      Sometimes its gud to keep quite if uli namaso

  55. Dominion

    If you are in Zambia and are supporting what HH is doing after loosing elections then you don’t understand what civil war means. Ask someone from DRC or any West African country were there was civil war then you will understand. God forbid that civil war breaks in Zambia. You can not go to office, all the properties you have acquired will be destroyed without insurance, you may never see your family again, women are raped during civil war that includes your wife, mother, sisters. How heartless are you people to support what may push this country in civil war. Why is HH going to amend his petition on Monday. Your leader does not even understand what he was submitting and you are here saying he is intelligent, economist etc. Think of Zambia first before you align yourself with tribe, political party etc.

    • man mucho

      there will never. be civil war in zambia… no one can die for hh.. and those willing to die for hh. zp. army is. there to beat the shit out of them… ecl won and his presido til 2021

  56. Rainford

    That Cartel Exist At The Concourt Thats Y The Issue Of Ministers Was Mishandled, Coz As A Serious Court By Now That Petition Would Ve Been Thrown Out As Non Starter.

  57. Ziggie

    Rmember nchinto was prosecuting rb &other goons.ecl had a directiv 4rm rb. get rid of nchito & yu’ve my unflinching support. since his remo val rb’s cases fell apart. surely even the dullest of minds can deduce the forces at play, unless yu dine 2gether.wake up & switch on chap.

  58. sela tulandeko iwe kolwe

    Mutila lungu alaya ku church,mailo amibepa ati aya ku mfuwe mukupanga cabnet kanshi ele pa malawi mukumona ing’anga shilya aletele naku state house mu 2015 pakuti apokeko umuti wakuwina petition. Ala uno mwaka wena nendoshi shakwe shilemwibilafye impiya tateke nakalya nakalya. Hh euliko

  59. mado

    i think the seat of the pres is 2 sweet couse alot of pipo need to be in that seat but this term is 4 ecl and 4 hh wil came the same as it cams for ecl so hh must wait because is in hes destn to be a pres in zambia so he mst wait he must nt do the politics of bitternes he must wait i said he must wait take note of this God bless the mation of zambia

  60. wiseman mulinda

    Your hate 4 others is to strong,eeh @ jefule eeh with internet you have nowhere to hide. Landako fimbi. Don’t scanderlize innocent people. Anyway god bless you sir

  61. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    We are praying day after day,God of justice will never forsake the truthful.Chitulika village is 3 times bigger than DUDUMWEZI village

  62. Pussy licker

    Any Bemba supporting hh nimbwa staninenu bafikala if u are a lady chidodo chobe waba indofu ukununka

  63. Gui'de Mar'gel

    Dah e’kado dis ell ECL lad’e pe’h HH…

    • Pussy licker

      How many times do I have to tell u to use either bemba or English u stupifying fools fuck your black assholes.

      • Gui'de Mar'gel

        Just come and suck my PUSSY you FOOL…. @Pussy Licker dull ass

        • Pussy licker

          Doubt u know what a pussy is beta ask yo fucking mother either way she ain’t educated to know it.

  64. one man

    You win elections through the ballot not through the Court. Zambia decided already. Stop delaying the development. Get back to work.

  65. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Its next week God will give us what we voted for,the courts know already were we are going.the cartel are just trying their luck #Nchito fired.


    i think de cartel will upnd to get justice

  67. Ziba Dingani

    Congratulation ecl for yo calmness for God always rise the humble and bring down the pride.It is for this reason that God will pass judgement for those sauls killed in namwala innocently .

  68. vincent chimeko

    zambia ya dununa reverse. poli yako pf

  69. dununa Reverse

    ECL is president and will remain president till 2021, He is chosen and blessed. Things wont change. next week HH will be beaten the 6th time. He shld be patient enough, his time will come if its there. he shouldnt force things.

  70. TJ

    Each citzen has a responsibity to play in order for peace to prevail in our country. Lawyers have the responsibility to ensure that our country is governed properly and there is peace and not incite violence. Yesterday, lawyers from UPND applied to amend HH petition filled in the ConCourt. To me amend means to change which further means to add or subtract extra information to an article which has already been submitted and is in custody. Imagine you give a contradicting second statement from the first one given to the police. The police will look at you as a liar and throw away your case. Zambia voted and a majority voted for President elect ECL in 7 provinces and won clean, while his rival HH only won also clearly in the other remaining 3 provinces. During printing of the ballot papers and time of airlifting them to Zambia and receiving the ballots at the airport, all political parties present. Distribution of ballots and voting day, all political parties present. Counting and verification of votes all political parties present except that PF agents were chased away in southern province during the polling day. PF over the southern province incident has just kept quiet and WHERE IS A PROBLEM NOW IF ECL ALREADY WON? Last week as I was getting my monthly pension allowance from a ZANACO ATM since I am a retiree., a group of people described Zambian politics as dirty: in Zambia people look at things negatively where the truth is considered as a lie and vice-versa.

  71. The Voice

    LAZ critics: Assuming it’s the PF and others.

  72. amo G


  73. FBI

    Us Bembas are bunches of CRIMINALIZED Tribe. We love stealing.

  74. PS

    He only know how to keep cattle what else

  75. Qma


  76. kalumbi

    Laz- where there is smoke, there is sign of………
    Is LAZ, UPND, PF, Southern Chiefs and ECZ innocent?
    Is GBM, Nchito, Kambwili and HH innocently rich?
    Does the people who run our Universities send their KIds there?
    Poor people are in trouble!

  77. Mr peace

    CAN HH ‘s lawyers reverse the choice almighty GOD had made?
    What happened when saul was rejected as the king of isreal ?
    I can see that there are many corrupt lawyers and other institutions in this country who using their own power in order to unseat the elect president instead seeking wisdom from GOD. GOD Loves everyone even the sinners but he hates sin. Now the battle of this presidential petition is battle between UPND and GOD not the lawyers of the state . because GOD has already say I want this man to finish what he had been started. 2016 is for LUNGU WHILE 2021 IS HH this is what GOD SAYS. there is a time for everything LUNGU is not going to be at top forever please HH and UPND understand the will of GOD

    • Gui'de Mar'gel

      You are very dull… You think GOD can allow thieves…. You say will will… what will?
      Wake up! JANZA KUMBELE

      • DK

        Wait the outcome of This PETTION you will understand what I said

  78. amc

    Biggest sponsor of hh is African Milling. They should be closed down

    • Gui'de Mar'gel

      Close your pants…

      • Pussy licker

        Once a fool always an ass silly yo stupid mother and father who brought u in this fucking Zambia.

    • Mr Speaker Sir

      Busy Arguing them enjoying…

  79. kalumbi

    Above- Edit error. I meant-Do the people who run our Universities send their KIds there?
    Sininadwe 4give me. However, I changed from HH because bad people like Masebo, GBM, Mumba, Ophusa are the same people who have been eating from MMD to PF and now they wanted what HH has made. No ways. HH can win 2021 if only he can be careful of political trick stars. They hijacked old faithful members like me.

  80. DK

    HH and GBM don’t turn our country to be like syria zambia is a peaceful nation on earth .GOD is going to punish you like the way he punished king saul .

  81. kabungo


  82. time

    ecl & hh

  83. kabungo


  84. HH

    You people stop this nonsense.Can’t you remember what i said last time that i will never accept the defeat from Edigar Lungu? I have lost and this is what is happening.Stop quarrelling…you are putting me into so many problems.

  85. HH

    Let us leave everything to God.

  86. President HH

    Yu guys u are busy supporting nonse NSE lungu is worst and dull president Zambia has ever had this thug must go I ve no kind words to him viva cartel u are brainy that’s y they re calling u names zam frd

  87. HH

    For those that are insulting me let me tell you,i am trying to do my very best to make sure that this country benefits you.Unfortunately you are all brind and you can’t see my effort toward the people of zambia’s need.
    I am not worrying about myself,because i have much more than what you have.

    • Thomson

      Comment. which best .are u try to. do Mr?

    • eddiesanta

      persnaly I think it is you who is blind,for a simple reason you Rich fine , why joining a dirty game for poor people?

  88. ECL

    He is not going anywhere.I have already beaten him.

  89. Peter

    Yes my president has spoken.

  90. Apology

    This year is the year of DO or DIE. How dare you Lungu steal our votes. This year no more PF there is too much in Lungu’s head. We want wise leader no other than HH.

    • Party of Fools (PF)

      Am with you Analogy… He has spoken Nonses. HH is our president NOT ecl

      • man sover

        hh pension yamwikata chabepa sana state house apusa lungu untill 2021 chawama sana

  91. man sover

    new cabinet chishimba kambwili labour minister harry kalaba return same mlnistry lubinda agriculture finance mwanakatwe health chitalu chilufya mines christopher yaluma home affairs kampwongo stephen dora sill energe minister top ten

  92. Antu omwe

    My vote is for ECL ( chakolwa) and not HH ( Satanist) oh! My God can’t never.

  93. Antu omwe

    Can someone in a right frame of mind give a chance to a cartel (Nchitos, Mumembe and Wynter ) to run the affairs of this country? No ways, Wynter was involved in a scandal while he was serving as a minister under late Sata’ regime. It was something to do with his son he had with Masebo. The way the post remained quiet about it as if it happened in another country and it had nothing to do with them, simply because Mumembe opted to cover his mate Wynter.

  94. virgina me

    I am sweet.

  95. virgina me

    Please any one to go out with me?

  96. Biggest Dick Ever


  97. Pastor Prosper

    Why are you worrying about Earthly things? Have you taken a single minute to think about how God can suddenly change things in an amazing time? Have you tried to think about any distraction that may come at any time.

  98. Pastor Prosper

    This is the end of the world.

  99. Pastor Prosper

    If you want to forget something or someone, never hate it, or never hate him/her. Everything and everyone that you hate is engraved upon your heart; if you want to let go of something, if you want to forget, you cannot hate.

  100. Pastor Prosper

    The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.


    so if u want to bring confusion in this beautiful mother Zambia, that shall not happen…
    nd also mama Linda stop being corrupted cause u will end up losing ur JOB…

  102. Pastor Prosper

    Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow. Maybe for you there’s one thousand tomorrows, or three thousand, or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through you fingers. So much time you can waste it. But for some of us there’s only today. And the truth is, you never really know.

  103. patrick

    Comment. mado my dear tel yo mother to wait for 2021 not hh my friend sorry u are a idiot


    God help our country


    lololo ba pompwe reverse pakanokuya mu court mwalifika pa state hourse but mwapitilila mwaya ku court mwanya mulelusa

  106. Vivex

    I hate thieves.. Stole Sampa’s vote. Stole HH’s vote in 2015:Has stollen this election where even a zygote has seen. Will still steal in 2021 and this should be curtailed.

  107. CENT


  108. ba nature

    Just home sifted whilest waiting for you mothwrfuckerz to start a civil war

  109. Jb

    Perpetial thieves– Kikiki

  110. ba nature

    Vivex iwe y are u so bitter did hh promise u a job now u upset about everything ,,,,,,da petition is still in process ,,,,


    Let us learn to love one another regardless of our tribe. God loves all of us and he is faithful

  112. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    You wont accept the results,it will be armageddon,you have won all these before one vote is cast ? #petition failed
    watch the space


    HT PF u ar fool!!!

  114. chisanga

    Comament yea yes guys go go viva Jamason chakolw

  115. Bozo


    As we wait for outcome of concourt, it would be interesting to look at basic facts as they stand now, then we are free to speculate; 1. How many MPs from PF and UNDP have been declared?
    2. Looking at past elections, let us take 2011, when Zambians go to vote, how do they vote, is it like they would vote UNDP president and vote PF MP? 3. If we have more PF MPs, how voted into Parliament, how does HH claim that he has won elections, simple logic, no medicine, no insults, no bloodshed.

    This analysis does not need Rocket Scientist, our constcourt need not labour. The truth is in the voting pattern, in the declared political party MPs in the last election.

    HH would have done himself a big favour if he petitioned the whole election process; wards, MPs, Mayors before talking about presidency.

  116. kachiwanda

    Comment. I just wish a civil war could break our right now becoz am ready,stupid Zambians with no respect for elders.

  117. Nega Nega

    Hichilema may have the suport of the Cartel but Lungu has the suport of Zambians.Zambia is bigger than the Cartel

  118. David tems

    Whtever laz & so called cartel wll do lungu already in control

  119. Brock lesnar

    Ati hh is our president why isnt he in the state house nw? Kikikikikikiki mr edgar smart chagwa lungu is nw enjoyn in my home eastern

  120. Brock lesnar

    Anamu dununa back 2 dundumwezi.

    • Pussy licker

      Am flabbergasted u know Brock lesner because if am clear dstv isn’t cheap but still u complain that ecl ni chakolwa

  121. Me and i.

    Fucking writer. Who paid you for you fucking nonsense.

  122. Advocate In The Making

    @gui’de marg’el its like kale waumfwa bwino.Inviting some 1 to lick ya clit,u rili nid a real man who can calm yo temper down.Remember dat song by Danny “yama kwela ma temper mu li bakazi nga ba lacking’a”.back to da topic,time for dis illegally blonde to b dumped z near.as soon as ECL z sworn in da cartel will abandon her,she will b as useless as a fucked pussy.#Linda lacking da big one

  123. Advocate In The Making

    @gui’de marg’el its like kale waumfwapo bwino.Inviting some 1 to lick ya clit,u rili nid a real man who can calm yo temper down.Remember dat song by Danny “yama kwela ma temper mu li bakazi nga ba lacking’a”.back to da topic,time for dis illegally blonde to b dumped z near.as soon as ECL z sworn in da cartel will abandon her,she will b as useless as a fucked pussy.#Linda lacking da big one

  124. hopemirr

    Laz is now crap!! what wrong with these guys bad motives.

  125. Awa na Moyo HT PF

    Bwalinda Kasonde,Matha Mushipe,Lungu can never fall for your pussyz cause you gave already to mumembe and hh respectively

    • Pussy licker

      Away na wiso don’t talk crap stanyoko who de hell are you mutomba cousin.

  126. Pussy licker

    I can tell from this woman’s face that she’s hot in bed whoooooo I can lick her from toe to head.

    • asalasi

      Comment chi licker she she does not need yo stinky mouth to lick hr

      • Pussy licker

        Jealous uh son of a gun not just any gun but mulila one.

  127. alefuma pamupando

    HH won period

  128. Lungu

    Cartel are need bcoz without them leaders bcom too powerful,I love cartel thy are educated and rich !I wish to a member if can b powerful someday will join u

  129. Hachijika

    LAZ, from the onset supports the opposition political party (UPND).The NchiM’meMba (Nchito, M’memmbe, Kabimba) cartel if left unchecked will turn Zambia into turmoil. With the latest LAZ asking the Concourt as a friend to fight president Lunga. This


    Comment lynda is a hole who is easly fucked by any one with money

  131. 640

    let’s put everything in God hands & remain united as a country

  132. YAKUUU!


  133. pig

    come we burry your head in cow dung

  134. Babylon

    Sure the constitution court will hammer PF because they have useless lawyers who are G7’s they should not dictate to las to do what they want.keep it up laz show them

  135. Hh Dog

    Linda kasonde cinyo canoko fuck u waba puna don’t waste our time to bring useless issues wemwana wambwawe.

  136. chanda

    Let that person who says hh is a Satanist b the first one to go prey for him since you can prophesy

  137. chanda

    HH is the ryt person to rule Zambia achila mo ukukongola shonse nkongole twalipwishi na king cobra kena kaya kongola nashimbi that’s y I’m proud to support u mutonga nangu batume efye ni HH

  138. Derick

    so within Zambia there’s cartel, nawakwi women folk ve betrayed u now. so t ‘ll take 50 years for women to be President of Zambia

    • man mucho

      ba derick… ladies were more than willing to f**k for free when ECL was declared winner by chulu… they didnt betray nawakwi… coz nawakwi kuwayawayfye muma politics

    • Isaiah Kee

      The State of Zambia must work hand in hand to go forward people why ftin it is hard to make something more than dsty it we can not do it if we do not work together as one people

  139. chanda

    Apa ni HH apo tatulabika mayo mu office shilubemba wapwilika talolesha pamitundu HH fye

  140. hopemirr

    Ladies and gentlemen sorry i anounce this truth to u hh will never be a president of zambia not now not 2021 not 2026 not ever!!!

  141. Henry Mushili HOD,Senior citizen of Ndola

    Please people as we speak let’s consider the positions that these people are holding,for instance Lungu,is not a person to put in your underwear,please give him respect if you insult your father and mother,here not please.If you can here,then You are taller than your height.

  142. man mucho

    hh will never be president…. no rerun ecl is presido accept or go jump into lake tanganyika…. kaya if thats how you spel it… who cares?? coz i dont

  143. bravic lahood

    What is a cartel? What influence can Mmembe posses when his shida paper was closed? who is Nchito, when presi. Lungu fired him, ati Wynter, we not in winter, the cartel is finished, they do not have any influence because they do not have any media to use spreading their propaganda. As long as Edgar is president the cartel shall not survive cuz Edgar is one of the world’s powerful presidents..

    • Ziggie

      Yu mean weakest, vision less, drunkest & undecid ed

  144. cozmo

    Kulatalikana fye mpaka lesa Akese.

  145. obed mulenga

    Don’t think that you are clever you guys for wht you are doing to tormating your friends but remember God wil punish you there ( s/ province)

  146. chimba

    Brethrens i was just reading my bible and i discovered the, when God punishned his pipo it was bcoz of weak leader who lead them astray. Be careful it like there are writings on the wall the it was to Nebucadnezar. Corrupt, thieves and many more leaders have no blessings from God, especially hypocryts!! Please dont insult just put yo arguements. byee for now and lets wait and see.

  147. Pussy licker

    But this lady is something I even had a sweat wet dream with her mwaa. So am going to take a shower semen ya chifuma sana.

  148. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    BILANGA u r usless matuvi yako foolish. Usless like yo chakolwa jemason kawalala. uusuliisi ciisiyasangaasa toosoziisi ncoosowaasambasauusulaasa mbuusuyaasangaasa biisiyooso shiisitiisi!!!

  149. olismall


  150. hopemirr

    These bunch of cartel as far as im concerned they ar not powerful.

  151. Bridges.!!!

    Wonder if this ‘forum’ has ‘Bloggers or Useless Cadres..?’

  152. Beatrice


  153. Big J

    This article is utter rubbish.

  154. Dot.com

    catel fail,fail,fails!!!!!!

  155. Haakapaila

    LAZ from now on wards no one will take you seriously,I feel as if your days are numbered as well,already we’re beginning to forget about Post,Muvi and komboni and guess who’s NEXT on the menu PLATE. No one will miss LAZ,and Already M’membe has surrendered his GOLD medal to ECL. Watch this space,the HARDER they come,the EASIER they FALL, one by one,Come one Come all,with GOD on ECL’s side. CHIITA?

  156. Haakapaila

    LAZ from now on wards no one will take you seriously,I feel as if your days are numbered as well,already we’re beginning to forget about Post,Muvi and komboni and guess who’s NEXT on the menu PLATE?. No one will miss LAZ,and Already M’membe has surrendered his GOLD medal to ECL. Watch this space,the HARDER they come,the EASIER they FALL, one by one,Come one Come all,with GOD on ECL’s side. CHIITA?

  157. ak47

    Tongas start preparing for 2021 elections

  158. BOOMA

    you are not God boi

  159. Isaiah Kee

    God’s way is not man’s way



  161. Isaiah Kee

    We cnn’t go frwnd without working together as one people

  162. eddiesanta

    jefule zina mongu ya cattle !naiwe uyamba kudoba matufi ya cattle !!!!

  163. eddiesanta

    Comment are you sure

  164. jukebox

    A friend of the court. My a**!

  165. Mauden Shula

    Of late, LAZ has been portraying clear partisan and myopic tendencies which have put the very LAZ on a crisis trajectory. In the absence of any reform from the current tendencies, soon members of LAZ will begin calling for the stepping down of the current executive for bringing the name of the association into disrepute. It will actually be a mirracle if the general legal fraternity does not show concern with the unproffessional conduct of the executive of very body that was established to ensure quality legal oppinion. Watch and see

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