Mwamba Peni II Linked To Fake Kamanga-UPND Video

Mwamba Peni IIRuling Patriotic Front cadre Mwamba Peni II has been linked to the fake video recently circulated on social media purportedly showing FAZ president Andrew Kamanga attending a press briefing addressed by opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

The is the premise on which Kamanga was on the receiving end of Patriotic Front cadres’ wrath at a church service in Lusaka on Sunday. The cadres were allegedly acting on instructions from State House permanent secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama.

According to sources, Peni II – a former State House policy analyst – employed through nepotism when his uncle was President has been working hard to tarnish Kamanga’s image from the time he became FAZ president.

Peni II is still shocked that Kamanga, the person he insulted and decampaigned, still won the FAZ election.

When the video was brought to Kamanga’s attention, he denied being ever attending Hichilema’s press briefing

“It’s fake. I never attended the briefing and I am not the person in the video. I do not know the motives of people circulating the video and claiming it’s me,” Kamanga was quoted saying.

“I have said consistently that FAZ and I are not partisan. Article 3 of the FAZ constitution is clear. Neither I as president or the association can take sides in national politics.”

Meanwhile, police have confirmed Kamanga has lodged a complaint about the attack on church grounds.


Lusaka 28th August, 2016 – Mr. Andrew Kamanga, aged 49 years and also Football Association of Zambia president, reported at 15:00 at Woodlands Police Station that after attending church service at Saint Andrews United Church of Zambia as he was coming out at about 11:30 hours he was attacked by suspected Patriotic Front party cadres who he can identify if he sees them.

Fists are alleged to have been used.

He has since been issued with a police medical form.

Rae Hamoonga
Police spokesperson

THE FAKE MWAMBA PENI II VIDEO BELOW (At 22 seconds is the man they allege is Kamanga)

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