Nortec Student Riots After Zesco Extends Load Shedding Hours

nortec-riotNORTHERN Technical College students on Wednesday night rioted over extended load shedding by Zesco which they say is affecting their academic performance.

The irate NORTEC students took to the streets, burning tyres and throwing stones on Kwacha road.

The students sang songs denouncing Zesco and the PF government while others took advantage of the situation to throw stones at the nearest buildings.

Motorists had to use alternative routes to avoid clashing with the students.

“This is too much now! Since after the elections, we can’t study at night because of this load-shedding. Power goes at 18:30 hours and only comes back after 22:00 hours. How do we study on empty stomachs? We thought load sheding had ended, but they dununa us reverse,” a student, Marcus Phiri, complained.” There is even no genset at this school and how do they expect us to study in the dark? We can’t blame management but we blame the PF government for cheating us. We wish we had listened that PF had no plans.”

He said students could not manage buy already prepared food under the current challenging economy.

“Now we can see the fruits of dununa reverse! They are dununaling us very badly. How can we be buying take away foods with these hardships? With this challenging economy? Life is hard for most of us the students because money is not in circulation,” said Phiri. “If this trend continues, we will be failing our exams because we won’t have enough time to study. So ba Zesco naba PF, be serious with our plight before we take further actions.”

Source: The Post

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