Standard Chartered Bank Freeze Accounts Of UPND Spokesperson

KakomaAn international bank, Standared Chartered, has allegedly frozen the bank accounts for opposition UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma.

Kakoma has since accused the bank of being manipulated by the Zambian government to victimize him for his political inclination.

“I never thought a reputable international bank could be manipulated by the Zambian government to victimise it’s political opponents. Today [yesterday] it happened to me. Standard Chartered Bank Zambia has frozen an account of a limited company in which I’m one of the shareholders because I’m a politician,” Kakoma narrates.

“When I went to find out from Stanchart at Levy Mall in Lusaka why they froze the account, one of the staffers, Godfrey, told me that they were told that I was a high profile person who was appearing on the National Assembly of Zambia website as a member of parliament.

“He also told me that according to their search, I was also a spokesman for an opposition political party . I couldn’t believe that in our country, it is now an offence for an opposition politician to hold an account at a bank .

“Mid this year, the bank asked me to provide the shareholding structure for the company. I did that through E-mail. Last month, the bank wanted the directors of the company to update their details. We did that by providing passport size photos, water bills as proof of residence, Pacra shareholding structure, etc.

“Why am I a suspect? I was being asked to disclose how much I earn as spokesperson for UPND and what are my other incomes after leaving parliament. I /we owe the bank no money neither have I /we applied to get a loan from them.

“There is no unusual deposit to suspect money laundering. Why has our account been frozen?. If Stanchart don’t want us to bank with them, fine. Close the account and give us our money. If I have committed a crime, please come and arrest me. I’m at home waiting for the police to come,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Stanchart has not responded to the allegations.

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