Standard Chartered Bank Freeze Accounts Of UPND Spokesperson

KakomaAn international bank, Standared Chartered, has allegedly frozen the bank accounts for opposition UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma.

Kakoma has since accused the bank of being manipulated by the Zambian government to victimize him for his political inclination.

“I never thought a reputable international bank could be manipulated by the Zambian government to victimise it’s political opponents. Today [yesterday] it happened to me. Standard Chartered Bank Zambia has frozen an account of a limited company in which I’m one of the shareholders because I’m a politician,” Kakoma narrates.

“When I went to find out from Stanchart at Levy Mall in Lusaka why they froze the account, one of the staffers, Godfrey, told me that they were told that I was a high profile person who was appearing on the National Assembly of Zambia website as a member of parliament.

“He also told me that according to their search, I was also a spokesman for an opposition political party . I couldn’t believe that in our country, it is now an offence for an opposition politician to hold an account at a bank .

“Mid this year, the bank asked me to provide the shareholding structure for the company. I did that through E-mail. Last month, the bank wanted the directors of the company to update their details. We did that by providing passport size photos, water bills as proof of residence, Pacra shareholding structure, etc.

“Why am I a suspect? I was being asked to disclose how much I earn as spokesperson for UPND and what are my other incomes after leaving parliament. I /we owe the bank no money neither have I /we applied to get a loan from them.

“There is no unusual deposit to suspect money laundering. Why has our account been frozen?. If Stanchart don’t want us to bank with them, fine. Close the account and give us our money. If I have committed a crime, please come and arrest me. I’m at home waiting for the police to come,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Stanchart has not responded to the allegations.


  1. Mjb

    They can’t just close the accounts, you must be a suspect baba

    • Nabs

      You are so naive!

    • James

      There is no need to involve Government on this matter.Mr Kakoma as a high ranking citizen in this country can easily arrange a meeting with the top Management of a Bank.Why depend on the views of a Bank teller called Godfrey and make an opinion from such hearsay.My opinion is that Mr Kakoma knows the reasons and he wants to scare the Bank by politicizing such a straight forward issue.Well Banks are never blackmailed so easily.

    • Fila

      @Mjb, You seriously need to mature. Mr Kakoma is innocent until proven otherwise. The Bank needs to operate within the law.
      I can’t get to figure out how guys like you are encouraging this kind of oppression of people with opposing views. Am not a upnd supporter, am a proud independent realistic Zambian

      • Kratos

        Knowledge is power. A bank doesnt freeze an a/c without credible info. Hope thats simple enough for you to understand.

    • Trespho Chitamfya

      You are right sir (Mjb). There is no need to seek sympathy from the ignorant public. Read the FICA ammendment bills of South Africa. Our colleagues in Zim have no international Banks because of high risk activities in the Banks. America has the same rules to curb illicity money transaction.” Read AML/CFT regulations. In south Africa the GUPTA’s Accounts were frozen by the South African banks because of the same risks of illicity financial transactions. The GUPTAS made political insinuations like Kakoma, until the finance minister of South Africa (P Ghodhan) revealed that there were about 179 transactions by the GUPTAS involving Billions of Rands. So this Kakoma must just own up. Standchart is an international Bank and would have nothing to do with this small fish who is just a disgraced politician. Please let our economy grow we do not need these guys floughting financial regulations in our country. Our neighbour (Zim) has difficulties doing business beause all international Banks have left for fear of being fined due to high risks of having people who cry political foul when the bank realizes their illicity financial dealings. Zambia is greater than Kakoma and his pay masters who may have only their interest not that of the Zambian economy.

  2. Itolest

    I think the bank has descovered something on you keep quite until we the aim of the bank do not involve government in every issue.

  3. Itolest

    meant to until we hear the aim of the bank.

  4. T cool

    a girl can gues the guy who gave her pregnunt but concernin this issue they really know the bank not even suspecting you mudala iwe jst be chil you wil see this is zambia an ideal christian nation

  5. Senior Observers

    You are a coward let the bank do it’s work, stop involving the govt

    • shali

      jst kep quite & wait 4 de court to judge. u ar nt de judge

  6. Benito

    they must be something

  7. kirk

    let the bank do its job

  8. Amo G

    there is nothing like de bank doing its job imwe bafikala those are directives from known idiots ataseeeee.

    • erick

      Comment. efyotamwakwatila amano back Amo G if u can’t reason keep quite and learn from others all else u look an idiot or a fool tamwakwata school mu brain

    • THE EYE

      stop insulting if he is inocent we will all know for sure that is an international bank which zambia cannot control seek GODs guidance

  9. ndindindi

    The face can tell,furious with guiltiness’,boma ni boma baba,that is just the beginning,expect more to come,you Tonga bull……

    • Belzo

      Iwe chindindi or whatever u call urself,don’t be a founder of fools.Is KAKOMA a Tonga? Why are you so tribalist like this if u’ve nothing to say better u shut ur stinking mouth.

      • McDonalds

        that’s how dull people with shallow minds can say,don’t worry bro

  10. lindy

    corruption yachilami in our country especially government yabenangu

  11. Uncle Marvin

    Wapya baisa,sela babombeko! No IMF deal Mr Kakoma so the Poverty Founders (PF) are thirsty of money to pay back their debts,the money they borrowed to print their campaign materials so they will do all they can & victimize who ever they can.

  12. Yaba

    At the rate things are moving by 2021 upnd will be broke and the sound of aleisa will only be heard on radio and to the majority Zambians it will be had to shout pabwato because they will have no strength to shout that again and there will be voter apathy.

  13. hwe

    Thats gud”

  14. Tom

    Banks have regulations & rules which every client should adhere to,wether politician or not.It seems you never submitted all the documents the bank wanted.Thats what they do year out year my dear do not show your dullness in public.

  15. chigadula

    U must have done something wrong yams, you are again too fast to respond wait for the bank to give us details

  16. Wise

    Comment.kakoma who ar you informing? you a dull.banks ar instution with rules just like your party you have constitutio n. so stop complain ing.

  17. tell em

    I used to have hope for zambia but with this new system of dictatorship I wonder ,
    It will take decades to see that ,probably.

    First the electrol system taken over , then the courts , the poor peoples mouth , the university students rights, the banks now … But only one thing they haven’t killed is their comfortable belly and their lazy rich childrenz comfort .

    A black mind indeed . I swear God will punish u and your double horned heads .

    U re all killers laughing badly with. A mouth full of human flesh . LONG LiVe YOUR CURSES!!

    Buh God still loves u

    Stop this please

  18. Busy Man


  19. Bilanga

    No smoke without fire you’re a thief.An international bank like Barclays can’t bow to GRZ it’s only that baba munachimwa

  20. Mr TJ. Lungu


  21. zambian

    Just ownup we all bank

  22. abu bad

    dont rush into acusing govt.

  23. James

    but let the bank no to with the money

  24. Panyo

    Fuck Lungu

  25. Anamela

    Mr TJ. Lungu, this one is “fire without smoke” baba.And right now the bank is behaving like ACC because ACC and police have not yet received directives to investgate the mwata.

  26. Yerrible

    Its like a thief upon realising that he is about to be caught he points at other people in order to divert attention from himself. Muzibapo cimozi imwe a bambo Kakoma, sontapo ifyo wa fifya iwe, not lyonse ati boma this boma that you donkeys… hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho…Yoy can hide from humans but you cannot hide from God….we know that you donkeys don’t pray or believe in God but for those who do we know that God sees everything and exposes in the most embarrassing way.
    For now I suggest that you borrow some cash from HH. Please spare us this nonsense of accusing government whenever you have diarhea after eating rotten left overs from HH’s table. Hiho hiho hiho hiho donkeys twanaka pafula!

    • Jaime

      Nevr Enxious,one Is Complaining,to U Its Victory,there Will Be another Day For U All Laughing At This Man,to Feel The Pinch.

  27. ka reverse ba pf

    one day at a time

  28. PF devoncee

    Keep your money under pillow guys. If you save to buy fertilizer the account will be frozen soon. Do it the Lyato way then your safe.

  29. medado


  30. Truth is

    Just sue the f00ls..

  31. Truth is

    Ubukopo mu Bank umu bwalifulisha. Too many dandaheads doing nothing but victimize innocent people.

  32. warren chomba jr

    who wait for the truth

  33. Rokis Kings

    Comment.Get Organised & Kill Those Who Want 2 Stil Yo Cash,


    Don’t involve the government in your back door dealings,you simple Dundumwezi.

    • samson

      Yah kwena ba still they must have spotted irregularities feel free to close your account if need be but this GRZ is powerful it even controls client dealings with International Banks. Ask HH your hero to call a meeting of diplomats at his house share red wine and he can plead your case so they intervene

    • Sage

      You are only portraying your ignorance and shallow mind!

  35. ndindindi

    Ba Belzo,its not(founder of fools)
    ..its (poverty founders)PF,any way,that’s y ukukopa its not good

  36. dununa

    My acc wz frozen on k90,what is so special of you not to investigate if something is wrong,KACHOKWE/KALUBALE wamupamba,similar to a bull.

  37. H.H2021

    if they can’t harmonize with just an institution, what more if given an opportunity to govern the entire mighty Zambia.. Blaming someone for your misfortunes is a clear indication of a perpetual development impotence!! Learn to submit your wrongs and be corrected


    Ba Kakoma don’t drag the gov’t into your personal problems.Why not asking the same bank if there’s anything wrong with your account?All what you know is blaming the gov’t.That’s an international bank if you have stolen you will be sorted out stop crying wait for it.

  39. yumbe g

    We have so many members of the opposition whose accounts are still active , why you….alone , tell the truth .Don’t bring politics into your personal issues and blame it with others. Sort it out .

  40. TC

    Next time it will be ati my wife refused to do me because of my political inclination; you know what you did, stop dumping blame on the innocent and learn to wipe your own ass when you have done business, nobody will do it for you.

  41. advicer

    Please leave our clean government alone.The problem is that mu party mwenu mwalingila ba kabwalala abakulu ,bamukukulu ,ba pompwe,bamumbimunda .
    Know that you are suspects in money laundering.
    You were not supposed to reveal this problem until it is concluded. Chill please.
    Everything is government .
    You are a big lier as your bosses are lieing that they are presidents of th nation.
    This time we have no mercies for you because you lie in the morning afternoon and night so shut your dirty mouths.

  42. Sylvester Kambowa

    He has explained why the acc. was frozen but we judge him because of his personality which is wrong. Why is it that most affected are always those from the leading opposition? whose then is behind this?” this is a ratm hiding in a hole leaving its tail outside”(gvt).

  43. Viper

    The problem with UPND leaders and cadres is that they always attribute whatever happens against their wishes to the government. But when things are okay, they never appreciate the government.

    Stanchart bank is a reputable bank that cannot do that without a good cause. Since you are trying to embarrass the bank and turnishing its image publicly, I challenge you Kakoma to give them formal authority to disclose to the public the reasons for their action.

  44. advicer

    You can’t trust his explanation .we are not judging him.His explanation is biased.Go to the bank and find out .
    The explanation by the bank will be completely different .
    The problem with your party UPND is that they cry everyday.
    Idid not expect chidumbo ukwamba ukulila but na joina.Crying like ababy boy namatobo kwati nibola yabomba.
    People will not have uluse kuli imwe bakabwalala.
    Compensate the people you owe money.
    You will never be trusted.
    We know your activities .
    You don’t have mercy
    Many are suffering because of you ,others are dead because of you without any compensation.
    God Almighty will never give you the seat because you are selfish.
    You will be in opposition until another opposition strong comes up.
    Change change change.


      Why should we trust you as a PF cadre.

      This cadre mentality by you PF Thugs is not helping you. That is why Zambia will never develop. You will be busy reversing when others are going forward.

  45. George

    some are tribalist, is kakoma a Tonga

  46. LeWis j Chilufyah


  47. Kams

    Today you can say de bank is right just bcoz its on someone u don’t like,be balanced wait for bank’s response coz tomorrow it might be on you as long as u hav business with banks problems do comes n go then u can just defend de bank or mr kakoma….just give good advise mind u polititians can be on whatever part they feel like

  48. Chileshe lovemore

    there must be something,no smook without fire.

  49. james

    Sort this 0ut with the bank not social media

  50. FED


  51. Mr Peace

    Get lost!Ask yo children and yo wife.Wat eva happens to u,u say Zambian Gvt,u’r fulked up.

  52. Imsoni. ebuntu

    Why bring gvmt in everything our gvmt must be respected there is only one party and it’s members that live in denial months are going and you still behind insulting hate anger this won’t help us

  53. jkalusa

    Straight forward issue kakoma is a thief if anything he wud have seen the manager and upnd cadres like hh,gbv,mweetwa,guy fikofiko etc wud have been making unfound police first thing monday before you open the charge office pick this offender who was hinding in this bank and now wants to use politics as a cover

  54. Herbert Nduulwa

    Relax bamudala thngs wll be fine thy re jst suspecting u 4 nothing.

  55. Kuenda ni Onyada

    Umulandu nganawisa, tufwile ukulolesha bwinobwino.Uko ufumine, ifyo uleenda nefyo ufwilo ukupwa other dan jumping into de ishu u ken c z strait4wad with empty heds, bupubo bu.Evry Zambian citizen has a rite to complng or express hz or hr views. Hu else dsnt no dat u hv started wt yr indimidations? Last month FNB NDL, I & my koligs, hd recived huge amount of money beyond equivalent to our salaries without us employees’s consent.My felo workers, almost took wat was put by de bank into our dffrent accounts where we thot mayb it was our new increments. 3 weeks later, de bank started sendng msgs 2 our mobiles regarding us as dishonesty pipo 4 we withdrew almost evrythng due 2 povert dinkling on top of our heads as poor pipo.Wen raised de issue 2 our personnel manager hum also submitted dis isue to our accounts depatments, only to be told dat de usual amount was deposted 2 our accounts wt de sem on our payslips…nw de 4 wad z dat de bank has startrd tkng evrythng in each 1 of us til dis credit wl b ova.Q z, wat wl we eatng, payng rentals & so forth? So de ishu of bnx shud b dne in ritiful & professional manner. Bupuba tebo elyo mwila tucusha ba fimbwi coz tecalo cenu mweka.

  56. Aristoto

    Whether u hide it in the graveyard, or Pitt latrine, under water, in the mountains as wrong u are using it to sabotage our national economy, will find freez it and grab it.

  57. Jacob Phiri

    Let The Bank Do Its Job Mukandeni Mambala

  58. antu omwe

    Stan.chart is a reputable company that cannot be employed to meddle in the political affairs of an African Govt, I can bet on this one. The directors of this bank are appointed from outside Zambia and pay allegency to the appointing authority alone and not the (Zambian Govt in this case)country where they operate from. That’s y Mr Kakoma if you are clean just keep your cool, give them enough room to manouver and will inturn declare you clean . Do not make noise to scare them away it’s no use at all.



  60. Kayz

    But zoona u poor fools r u unable to read or u can read bt cant understand? When he went to find out why they had froze his a/c he ws only told they did it because he is on an opposing side.Dnt jst comment blatantly.Try to reason.SHAH!

  61. advicer

    Iwe mumbwe lkayz Uleumfwa ichisungu wachinanangwa we.Abomfwe ichisungu batile kakoma no pompwe because there is no smoke without fire.
    The bank is independent ,they can be no political interference.
    Don’t just support blindly these are wrong guys .
    Remember that we may not know there plans for this nation.
    Take easy and wait

  62. David

    The magority wins

  63. Kayz

    @Adviser mumbwe niwebo.U hv said it urself we may nt knw their plans 4 this nation (pf gvt).U never knw the bank can be political inclined.Yes I’ll be waiting & I know kakoma will be proven innocent.

  64. fines mwwmbu@1

    Commentmr kakoma please go to main branch and talk to the magers not a teller godfrey at levy mall Dont implicate your self with cheap politics You re spoke person speak the truth!!!

  65. Dericks Petsa

    Now that’s how is it going to be everything that happened is to blam the gvnt? Baba u just have nothing to say maybe mwachitako ka botolo kamozi katu jili jili ka

  66. The Remnant"Saviours"

    Adviser,u are a quake together with yo fellow illuminate masters,u say no smoke without fire,today u are bussy protecting kalu,awe umwakulila indalama…….

  67. Aurent

    Comment: Freezing the culprits account is not enough but to make sure that the idiot is caged.

  68. Native

    Some banks now even seek disclosure from account applicants to state whether they are politicians or any close association/relation to a politician. In some cases compliance depts restrict transactions on given accounts depending on the scale of financial activity. It has become common place in africa and zambia in particular even for clients/associates of opposition inclined citizens to be covertly harassed into not doing business with citizens like Charles Kakoma. Ruling party cadres that sale “grabbed land” aren’t harassed however. Zambia the real africa.

  69. andrew daka

    Comment we re a team( zambia our motherland)

  70. big brother

    You can’t reversing a vehicle from Kitwe to Lusaka ,read this (doof )(food )which of this are correct word,Zambia never progress bcoz of Dununa reverse


    conclusions:Bonse tamukwete amano. bcoz answer z “Manje uza ba ndani iwe kakoma about ur money! Next issue pliz…

  72. msokoteni

    This time its a crime to bank your money just hoard it.

  73. maps

    former American President franklin d Roosevelt once made this statement”in politics nothing happens by chance for it happens then it was planned that way”.So all things are secretly planned even before they are publicized,these people bazibana

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