Exam Fees Go Up

exam-council-zambiaThe Examination Council of Zambia has revised fees for candidates for next year’s exams.

According to the new figures regular (internal) candidates at Grade 12 will pay K25 for sitting for the examination with K23 pegged for each subject to be sat for.

External candidates will pay K75 for sitting with a K120 charge for each subject.

At Grade nine level the regular candidates will be charged K5 which is expected to be paid to the examining body by the school from the user fees pupils pay.

External candidates for Grade nine will part away K70 while a K75 has been allocated for each subject sat for.


  1. mark

    Everything is going up .look at twlnpalm school next to kabulonga boys teachers there re a mess they cant even provide end of term time table.please ministry of education visit this sch.too many student teachers

    • kaiza kaiza

      Don’t say student teachers the problem is with the administration

  2. Mulenga Chishimba

    what about those in teachers training college secondry and primary how much a they suppose to pay for exams

    • egocentric

      Do not twist anything here. How do you find it difficult to understand simple white man’s language? That will be done later. You gat? Thanks!

  3. Umunankwe Waka CK Nash

    Dununa Regret

    • zamzam

      they is dununa regret here,it is just reality manging exam is costly so the need to pay some some

  4. Mishili

    yayayayaya..this ar getting harder and harder in Zambia. its complicated.

  5. ROKA

    outrageous fees for continuing education!!This is tantamount to killing continuing education.ECZ must think about this five times. Yes it’s expensive to to run exams but this is extremely unfair to the would be poor continuing education students

  6. vicky

    please, how about pipo from village who can’t even afford a k5..anyway God help Zambia pipo.



  8. Gabriel Angel

    Why Are They Doing These.?

  9. hydro

    atleast aawo ba ECZ

  10. Hacksgeo

    Elo nomba lwanya napwetete pweeeee! lwasula nokusula na pwiiiiii !

  11. Mule

    Boarding fee at hillcrest have been
    increased from K1000 to K2200.

    • Native

      Gullible zambians! One of the participating parties in the last election pledged to give you free education up to university but you called them tribalists. You even questioned where they were to find the money. In their ten point plan there was no bloated cabinet and neither was there provision of K1.5m per annum for an “unemployed” first lady. And please note that the K1.5m is three times higher than a serving Republican President’s annual salary and allowances put together. If the exams were set and overseen by an external institution like cambridge university or the like then the exam fee hikes would have probably been attributable to adverse currency exchange fluctuation.

  12. Joepi

    But zooona!!!! where are we heading to?everything is just going up…wat is the government doing aii,zambia wud hav been closed if it was a shop coz everything is becoming too expensive….government officials pliz put us into consideration we brought u in power always kip that in your minds.

  13. fred

    poor Zambia

  14. MJK

    Im also dissappointed and fed up with LUNGUS GOVERNMENT teachers are crying each minute over housing recovery especially doze who have loans on their pay slips,imagine a teacher getting k600 what can u buy frm dis salary pliz help us and help de pupil to perfom well coz yo decision will contrubute to the failling on pupils at school,teachers are not happy at all,if some chiefs can get K12.0000 who does nothing and busy stealing frm their subject what of civil servants,dont forget dat teachers made u to be who u are today and also dont forget that 2021 is near,u have distroyed de lency of MICHEAL C SATA

    • iwe

      @jmk u are a typical example of the ZAMBIAN system of education where you think only about allowances & what you can get from the system. JUST LIKE MOST POLICE OFFICERS & government officials. NO SHAME…LIVERPOOL DA JOB & create some for others if u are satisfied

    • BUGAR

      mjk ndiwe chikali micheal was ment for the poor lungu u ar making poors poorer

    • bitos

      Ba MJK, how do you get disappointed when these teachers gets loans to buy useless things instead of getting loans for investment? Plan before you get a loan don’t just join the bandwagon just because your friend got a loan and bought a car and you also get one. Get a life and say the truth, economy is really bad now and it is going to worse but to say a teacher is getting k600 because of a loan he intentionally got is no justification of poor running of government affairs but on an individual capacity.

  15. kephas mbewe

    Mwanawansa was a great man God help us 2 find another man like him cause we can alw this this z dununa regret.

  16. Moyo

    Do you think they print for free at government printers ?

  17. The Buffalo

    You can’t even manufacture anything and you expect things to go down. Be realist in your criticism bane, it high time you stop criticizing and contribute positively this is your country no matter what . Peace.

  18. Kaliloze

    When driving in reverse most objects get knocked down so expect everyhing to be in reverse gear!

  19. the discover

    good ba pf mwaona

  20. Mweene Loveday

    It is time for the poor to get baby. Is this education for all

  21. k-nashier

    5yrs is a long way 2 go. Barely few months after assuming office this govt has been hick in almost evry commodity on the market. Fellow citizens brace yourselves 4 mo dununa regret.

  22. dununa

    i dont know

  23. D. K. L.

    Austerity measures even in education. Things are not okay in this country. During the free education policy, we saw a good number of children acquiring basic education especially in the rural areas and able to sit for examinations without paying exam fees.
    These measures will allow more pupils to drop out of school as it has come without notice to the general public.
    ECZ should hold on to these new fees for 2018 as effecting it now will affect the general populars.

  24. Mweene Loveday

    What have ecz done over mkango gce july exams

  25. dununa reverse

    wapya munzi

  26. egocentric

    @chishimba, Zambia reports will only disseminate information available. For primary and secondary teacher’s fees I deduce that will be done later. You gat it? Thanks

  27. unsympathetic character



    HH Plz Wer ‘re U? Mr Chapona Alufyanya Zambia Nomba Utwaice Elo Tuleupwa Icupwe-upwe.Mwamona Ba Pf Amafumo Mu Zambia Nomba Yaaluka Ebwangalo In Order 2 Afford Thoz Fees.

  29. Craig

    kosangawali kosa

  30. hardman

    Comment yyyy zambia

  31. swiss

    you are not productive and you expect things to go down? ask yo grand par on how worthy a K1 was in his time problem zambians we are too dependancy its time we take an extra mile on how goods take to be on your hand remember that not every one should be rich if so who will clean shoes for the rich
    things are going higher due to there is low suply thus high demand

  32. mwebantu

    it is gud u can even increase the price again bcoz we deserve this

  33. alex muboyai

    this generation !!!!!!!

  34. Niza R@ina

    then why building More schools when no one is going to afford paying the fees, and all of us who don’t have civil servant parents will drop out

  35. ??


  36. Susan mikando

    Now y are fees going up?coz I don’t understand can someone expl

  37. sia's

    Comment imagine this president wants only his relative to get educated , when a weaked man rules pipo groam, mulibwa kumo naba kuvotele. stupid

  38. innoc

    Comment imagine this president wants only his relative to get educated , when a weaked man rules pipo groam, mulibwa kumo naba kuvotele. stupid

  39. FuManchu

    Austerity measures taken seriously would have reviewed the benefits accruing to MP’s who by the way are supposedly serving “voluntarily.” Access to good education is a basic right for every citizen! Now amidst challenges encountered in reaching the 12 th grade to wrap it all up a pupil taking 8 subjects will cough K25 exam sitting fee plus 8 x K23 =K184 totaling K209 or equivalent of 2 bags maize meal which is not small money to an average family. For arguments sake how much does a Zambian live on daily?

  40. upnd

    you have remember now this not good even if at the first it was showed there not manage to rule the country that is what we called bring country to be poornow for choose a reader of no vision.

  41. wise

    i think fees would have
    been ok if the government
    would have not hiked the
    price of other commod

  42. Dr k smith

    Zambia reports
    dear editor,
    When we were with Dr kk we nver experienced this.why are things going like this?
    Plz let the government do smthing coz almost evrything is going up! Including our own suger produced @ nakambala suger estate is now abnormaly interms of prices.let the gvment do smthing.

  43. vai j

    fyapena zoona twalemyeba ba nature. mwibwekeshapo rungu tamwaleumfwa mwamona nomba

  44. vaij


  45. vaij

    Comment fyapena

  46. Dericks Petsa

    Why are u complaning

  47. McDonalds

    what’s this naimwe Ba ECZ instead of reducing you are keeping on increasing

  48. Lolo

    ECZ what are going to do with some schools in Lusaka e.g Kamulanga High School who are over charging per subject they are collecting 200 per subject and fo sitting they are getting 120 for G12 GCE

  49. Emmanuel

    There Is Too Much Corapution In Zambia

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