Pres. Lungu Declares, “2021 Am On The Ballot”

pres-lungu-returnsPresident Edgar Lungu gave a monumental statement on landing on the Copperbelt by declaring that he will contest the 2021 elections as the constitution allows him to do so.

The Head of State who is on the Copperbelt on a working visit also warned members that were thinking that they were bigger than the party to leave.

Speaking on arrival in Kalulushi President Lungu said he had read the constitution and came to the conclusion that he was eligible for another term after 2021.

This may set the stage for debate given the various interpretations that the amended constitution brings about.
“I am eligible if you want go to Constitution Court they will tell you I am eligible to stand in 2021 and God willing and if people allow I will stand,” declared President Lungu.

The Head of State who won his second term after having completed the late President Michael Sata’s term through a by-election may have ruled for a little over six years once his current term expires in 2021.

He has challenged those thinking otherwise to seek the interpretation of the constitution at the Constitutional Court.

President may have subtly addressed the Chishimba Kambwili conundrum that is eating at the PF soul currently with the Roan Member of Parliament declaring war on former MMD members that have been accommodated in the PF.

“I know there people on the Copperbelt who think they own the party because they were the first consecrates or recruits of the party it does not happen like that. I want to make this very clear that even in the scripture in the bible we learn had 12 disciples but how many are we today if not for recruitment and growth. We welcome new members,” he said.

“I want to sound this very clearly, this man Bowman Lusambo came from MMD….But it does not matter what matters is what value are you bringing to the party. If it was not for partnering with MMD we would have not gotten the 50 +1 to win elections.”

He added: ““Umunwe umo tausala nda iyo (One finger cannot pick lice) Let us value the people who matter, people will determine who will take over me not an individual saying no nebo fyabufi……. So if anyone thinks he his bigger his, better alebepafye, only when people say you are bigger and better….. I know what is going on and I am in charge”.

The Head of State also extended an olive branch to Independent Members of Parliament that had crossed paths with the party that he had made peace with them and would work with them.
President Lungu proceeded to inspect maize fields that have been invaded by army worms as part of his work visit on the Copperbelt.

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