Kambwili Faces PF DC On Friday

KambwiliThe Chishimba Kambwili disciplinary case will come up this Friday with both parties encouraged to bring along witnesses.

Kambwili has been charged with gross misconduct following a report by Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda who alleged that the Roan Member of Parliament called him a witch.

In what is an all Luanshya affair Kambwili who has written an exculpatory letter accused Chanda of having submitted a dossier to State House that persuaded President Edgar Lungu to fire him as Information Minister.

The Roan Member of Parliament has been at war with his party with the notion that he eyeing contesting the 2021 elections on the PF ticket growing in the ruling party ranks.

It may not be too long before a full scale war emerges given that sentiments from President Lungu and Kambwili are getting bolder over the 2021 candidacy.

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