Kasengele: It’s Too Cold To Camp Zambia Under-20 In Spain

Kasengele-DestombesIs Spain the ideal destination for the U-20 to camp for a tournament being hosted in Zambia. The weather in Europe is cold at this time of the year.

Why not the excellent Aspire Academy facilities in Doha, Qatar or the Marcel Desailly training facilities in Accra, Ghana. Both facilities offer excellent training and boarding facilities.

Ivory Coast and Ghana are camped in the UAE for this week’s Gabon AFCON away from Europe.

Bayern Munich were at the Aspire Academy during the last winter break in Germany.

The camp needs to serve its intended purpose of a good training camp coupled with gòod training matches and should not in anyway disadvantage the host.


  1. shabby lex

    You what to go shopping. Camp in sa

  2. Matsauso Mwale

    I coast are in UAE because Gabon is a hot place. Zambia should be in S Africa or Brazil

  3. Chibeza Kaunga

    Looking for a place to seriously spend alot of money…

  4. owen ngandu

    Even in Dundumwezi we have alot of training facilities,eg training grounds for voters,Let them comp in Dunduzdale

  5. Naccio

    It doesn’t matter about the weather of Spain. There are going there for exposure to European football of which they’ll gain some experience which is very indispensable team.

    • Coach

      No sport is not like that. Acclamatisation is a VERY important part of training. If you dont acclamatise you will find yourself running uphill when everyone else is running downhill. You dont train against European opposition when you will play African teams. One time in the 80s, Tunisia went to Europe to prepare for AFCON which they were hosting. They came back home and lost all their games.

    • Raymond Himooya

      The weather should at least be almost the same of where there going to do the competition from hence Brasil or south africa to my option

  6. Naccio

    It is very indispensable to be exposed to different type of football. They are not going to Spain to acclimatize neither for vacation but to enhance their skills. So it is imperative for them to train with Spaniards.

    • Coach

      No sir Mr Naccio have you ever heard of the saying ” for a music exam you don’t practice on a piano when the test will be on a guitar?”
      Spanish soccer is different from African football. Zambia needs to prepare for the opposition it will meet. South Korea played Zambia to prepare for African opposition at the world cup

  7. Louis

    y all the negativety remember in order to achieve something great in life u need to be positive, every success or failure has to do with mindset.

  8. Zambia pipo

    be wise

  9. Zambia

    be wise

  10. Zambia

    go ahead

  11. Simon sikalumbi

    Let the cam hre in lusaka

  12. Simon sikalumbi

    Let them camp hre in lusaka

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